Snoop Dogg: 2Pac Confronted Nas in New York, Nas Had 100 Guys with Guns (Flashback)


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In this flashback, Snoop Dogg spoke to Arian Foster on his Now What? podcast about inducting 2Pac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The conversation then turned to 2Pac’s legacy, which Snoop feels like was put on steroids when he joined Death Row. He also shared his thoughts on where he thinks Suge Knight steered 2Pac wrong when he was out on bail. Snoop also spoke about 2Pac and Nas running up on one another in New York and Nas having 100 guys with guns with him. To hear the full story, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

like when you look at artists right and
this is why athletes and artists there
they have this similarity there’s just
huge synergy with it within the
community of athletes and artists
because they change in a move culture
you were culture
for a certain amount of time and to be
culture for a certain amount of time
it’s like who said it Bill Parcells said
at once
he said if if at any point in time you
were the best player position he’s
someone football he said you belonging
all the fame I sound careful for a year
for two years if you were considered the
best of your position you’d blown the
Hall of Fame because I want pointing at
you the best in the world
so like the Hall of whatever the Hall of
Fame is for music rock and roll BAM just
barking in W way there’s no just crown
Tupac I send him in with the speech yes
he was beautiful by the way and that
helped me what’s that like he’s like
that’s it was so hard for like what that
was that was like probably the best
feeling I could ever have is to but I
just wanted him to be here but even
though he wasn’t even still was a
beautiful feeling that they respect him
enough to put him in the fucking Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame he toes it nigga
music was so fuckin I mean he touched
his music was something definitely
worthy I’m here I’m saying slow death
row of course I say befo death row he
was doper because he wrote DJ’s on
negative nigga rope dear mama and all
them records that just had you thinking
and shake it the death row shit was just
I’m in pop my flavors Elroy so we that’s
true how much do you think not to pivot
but I mean part is one of my all-time
favorite humans that have ever walked
but how much do you think that the
culture of no you straight how much do
you think the culture of of death row
influenced Park in a negative way
wow that’s a great fucking question man
Wow and I hate to say it but it was 60
40 60 negative 40 positive hmm because
we did a lot of positive shit show
tonight was a smart great motherfucker
I’m gonna say that and I’m gonna really
mean it he had to pod doing Mother’s Day
shitting and giving back to the kids the
community he was always a brilliant
motherfucker for that kind of shit
working with the community
but he was a ignant motherfucker – all
right meaning that if you felt we had
issues with people people were so afraid
of Suge Knight to where he could have
squashed the beef on a conversation but
to scare motherfuckers and be Godzilla
and King Kong eventually David gonna run
up on the life and that’s what happened
instead of you using your power for the
right reasons and teaching two pots how
to be a peaceful individual you’re out
on bail
let’s live man that’s not getting the
controversy and get into it with people
did y’all ever bump heads about that
like a little bit we bumped heads at the
end when I was in New York for the MTV
Awards and on why doesn’t one of the
biggest hip-hop moments of all time yeah
and Pike has seen nas in the park in him
and nas had words but nas didn’t want
none but nas had a hunting niggas with
guns might so listen to what I’m telling
ya by me saying he didn’t want none
didn’t mean he didn’t Punk out mmm it
mean he just didn’t wanna go there all
the way there because we was in New York
and Central Park when a hunted goes from
New York circled us pocket even seen him
I did cuz I got a gangbang mentality I
seen when niggas start circling right
putting their hands make pie this one
pocket is in this nigga ear telling him
nigga I think I made a song nigga
dissing you jay-z Biggie and Nikki and
motherfucker I ain’t got no problem with
you puck all right nigga well if you
ain’t got no problems with me nigga when
this song come out you better not say a
motherfucking word I love you pop shook
the nigga hands down that’s a rule
that’s why I love nos it is that’s a
rule and pop walked off Jimmy he’s like
yeah and nigga all right no idea no no
clue that’s insane it’s the truth right
and these are certain things that I’ve
been holding on to because they’ve never
been axed right but you know it’s
appropriate now to speak on it cuz it’s
like this is the right time it says so
more folks can know the intricacies of
what that relationship was
you know Pok was my friend before he got
on death row records I met him at the
party just his wrap party and when I met
him we was like sort of kind of like
battle rapping against each other first
time I meet this nigga man if you look
at Auto old clips they all the auto
goetzmann at each other man it was just
like that
that wasn’t personal was just right it
was a wrap party and he was on the mic
and my nigga Ricky Harris rest in peace
was in the movie and Ricky Harris knew I
could rap so he’s like Snoop come up
here when that nigga finished I got on
and it sound like he was saying some
about me so I was saying somebody me
then we shook hands and walked outside
or something I’m stoked dog what’s up on
pot and nigga rolled up a blunt that was
my first time into blunt
got that nigga number store name would
you are we on a blunt shout out to pop
man all the blood I was smoking zigzag
straight zag they broke up with Swisher
nigga I’m know it was a Philly bloody
broke up a filler job Billy blood got it
mm oh fuck out and fill him up ha ha I
hit that mofo car – he’ll be here
Russians level who the fuck is this

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