Smoke A Lot Radio | Tay F 3rd interview, Talks about inventing The JERK Movement, Skate Boards+ MORE


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takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
17 motherfucker host with the most
smoke yep motherfucker mouth beautiful
co-host Simone Taylor and endless nigga
Nebraska P Cato phone yeah oh my that
point we got a special guest in the
motherfucking building make some noise
but eight-thirds say what it do make my
young one
hey I know you a long-ass time my nigga
so we go back like wave caps my Jeep
look man you’ve been active man I’ve
been here you’re on the radio like a
motherfucker man but I know know that
the fans don’t know you know let them I
mean they do know you but let the smoke
a lot nation you know I mean and let
muhfucka do so so box of world
know who you are my nigga but but sit
down I’ll mr. um a brand new wave of the
West no way yeah mr. King throughout mr.
Long Beach himself no nigga put on like
nigger like your whole shit I give you
know I mean I’m from here just when I
got on these um I think I start rapping
in like 2010 2011 oh and I was a young
boss first out of high school
oh okay somebody had ditched me on the
music and whatever side to come back
well so you went there
I mean I’ve been watching better after
like all my life I was watching like
read dollars and shit like Margaret
Mitchell I know
mm the east side you know I’m the
creator the quote-unquote jerk Mooney I
guess you could say so before
yeah I wasn’t the dancing nigga like we
just talked about jerky was talking
about pills and stuff with a section of
West Coast yeah motherfucking culture
being in my day that’s the reason I’m
just which I made a statement for what
created the transition from it being
would you just talk about to hip hop who
was the proprietor to hip hop artists
because it became a musical oh yeah
we got snoop of course but um I was just
like the yelling nigga I was making the
most noise at the time so it’s like it
was inevitable like you had to listen to
this the reason why actually that’s
because most our fanbase is little older
yeah so this is very informative shell
for the ass because motherfuckers have
y’all fucked up we didn’t even know you
know dancing shit like it came from my
skateboarding and clubbing to get honey
like you’re not wearing skinny jeans
that I skateboard Holly are some
magazines you gonna get caught by the
board and get nutty or something like
that yeah that’s well me like this is
just like this is like a lifestyle when
I started doing the music I kind of like
yeah until each other like skateboarder
clubbing popping pills being from Long
Beach being skinny being having long
hair like I just won like little
category narcotic target yeah that’s a
good way that motherfuckers our age
respect the motherfucking outlook y’all
got cuz you know us oh niggas you know
we quick to talk that shit out of name
but then when I rolled through
motherfucking long we should go to the
wrong Eddie’s nigga digging that skinny
jeans pulling out those yeah shoelaces
so we were skinny jeans Disick you tango
yeah yeah all nigga stop tripping on
baby nigger not me and my partner yeah
Cambodia’s name is Cambodia Cambodia
and I’m Bodhi yeah you can gamble
I live in Cambodia town right now oh so
what we did was I told they got a
Cambodian town yeah yeah uh-huh
anything from like Anaheim an examiner
all the way down to like Anaheim I mean
like I said Polly that’s all kind of
audience out man I’m from the veal man
we had a number of Vietnamese and
Cambodian yeah yes a fashion into uh
like a Cambodian community so we caught
in Blanco no I stepped up to be to know
so you asian and black young Kareem and
black my gosh sorry my mom black you
like Tiger yeah and I’m like Tiger Woods
let me do all the lose big boy let me
ask you a question
basically the development what what are
you working on with him like what made
you sign to him and not anybody knows
what the label was like I feel like they
would try to take control of my
situation I felt like there take a lot
of money from me I felt like my whole
life were they changed if I would have
signed to a label whoa big boy
he was hands-on sort of to the accident
but he let me direct how the music way
like what I wanted to do I didn’t have
to really like take lesson or take
action from older men or somebody that
was like older elder bossing me I guess
okay I he let me just have like total
creative control of the whole situation
okay but do you feel like you’re where
you want to be with the meal no not with
him well that’s a tricky question but uh
with him I could say yeah because
everything I asked I get better as far
as music I could do more no I can’t do
more mm I have to do more but I feel
like I’m not
then do you feel like it’s your fault
yeah cuz I’ve been fighting all these
years and shit but it was a learning
process for me you know like I was
somebody who never really had like the
NRS or like the label execs or like
anybody really telling me don’t do it it
was just the whole time for me it was
just like me becoming an adult so I
guess that does take time so I do
appreciate the process for sure my thing
is this we’re a label like that so they
treat you like the big labels is it a
360 where I get a piece of all your shit
or you just you know I may get to do
your one too when you decide to them I
get all the money of my checks
okay no.36 I mean I’m good my boss is
making 18 million dollars a year
oh man just off of what he’s doing do
you get in creative differences with you
know saying nah a big less mean he
leaves he leaves it to me he leaves it
to you my ear to the streets like it was
some time that young nigga ego can
impede oh yeah but you understand food
oh I’m still like a grown man so I was
raised about oh geez like I was raised
by Snoop I was raised by C style I was
bred by DPG I wasn’t raised by like
things that’s really doing it yeah yeah
so you always in sorry I already knew to
be hands-on with the business so when
the minutes go bad only person to blame
is you what direction are you trying to
take your sound um to be one honey it I
want to be armed B singer right now like
did I can’t sing
the lines of genre like a music yeah
lines of genre and music I’m trying to
like make it like a grey line like I’m
trying to make it like I cuz you know
you could do bubble right that’s right
Thanks that’s dope you say that cuz your
generation has spend a lot of Lies from
yeah they should be thanking me for sure
yeah cuz it has crossed a lot of
motherfucking bridge y’all just got your
own shit yeah you know I’m sayin
so what are your top five influences
with this shit artists are device
artists to be 100 which I start from my
favorites to pot trading there you go
21st with the worst on earth anything
else crazy goes the future oh my mom I
expect that jerk to me because all of
them may like like they carve their own
yeah like you know to part was a
revolutionist big it was hilarious
thank you yeah and I said biggie for
oh yeah
trade trade trade II represent my like
so legitimate every single song he did
he represented where I’m from right way
just because he blended genres like a
month yes nice it’s nice what you got
going you could do it but bill yes can
come on you’re playing games which is
the name
he’s one of dopest niggas in a game it’s
all good you know you can have a pasta a
shit this sandbox you’ve been recreating
and recreating this this whole entire
sandbox mixtape situation right where
did the name derive from the sandbox
what made you say you know what I’m a
name my shit the sandbox easy that’s
long beach
I think about it long beach like beach
beach is like the to go deeper into it
it’s like all the artists I come out of
Long Beach like we all played in the
same tape like playpen like all the
artists me solving dwp nice etc etc like
I knew these people since they were
little kids like I was I was juggling
noon right so I called it a sandbox cuz
like he was babies result in the same
babies never
you say my next album is shrimp but the
next one’s gone because of your and your
style and shit like that who you who you
think that try to fuck with your style
and carry that type of torch that you
think kind of misrepresented nobody
right now I think the German kind of
died off but I could see a lot of people
like they taking what we did that’s what
I’m talking about culture folk can’t say
nobody who did it wrong but I could say
somebody did it right sorry I love that
nigga that niggas I’m doing right
because what he did was a ticketing he
put it into like a good story yeah like
you do this like you know being on the
bus stop what you’re gonna owe my mom so
yeah that’s what I’ll say how you feel
about the new era of that’s still a
gherkin is still there I think is it
still sound the same dance tradition
ain’t there I mean I’m never gonna do
like a bunch of french fries in five
days I think everybody is though
everybody party jerking music like we
was listened to but even before that
like is out here we was we was dancing
sort of hiking movie for sure like you
know a 40 came out with timing when it
going all of that but we wasn’t really
influenced by and so we start going to
the club before that we listening to
like gang documentary I was wearing
Dickies green Davis
Nikki suits of shit like that because I
was about the bay and the same amount of
bait you know what you said at the same
time dr. Dre NWA aspire gangsta rap and
we all went so we can’t be like West
Coast that narrative need to be shut
down it’s baby bail for new around smoke
coming up that’s when you know you dare
when you focus on his album his new
album cartels from the shrimp it’s close
it’s supposed to be call it tell us from
the Crypt shrimp yeah touch me scream
the fuck out of it so I salute what I
did for this album like I did but I
didn’t do for all the other albums and I
just talked about how I was before I was
rapping right like through the whole
album like I’m literally talking about
how my mom wrote a bike to work how I
when I walked to school like three miles
everyday type Felix said I went through
transparency yeah yeah so tell us when
the shrimp that’s all we’ve been focused
on but we are doing how do the West shit
on Friday
and when October 10th we’re doing a
Halloween show mama but listen look out
for tales from the shrimp get us a meal
so give me fucking all your social media
handles all the shit I’m just Google man
cuz you know angle I’m one of them
Millennials when my life was on the
internet it was one chick that kept
standing in BO that’s what I noticed me
I had to go there take a piss in front
of us waiting her turn she was just in
there she just watch me piss like she
just stayed in there doing her makeup
and shit I’m like yeah go get out like
if I get whip it piss and got about it
but I think she was the one service to
like a three-man bath to the plumbing
system diaper oh fuck third for the turn
that should I like the volume the
inventor the goddamn jerk jerk movement
if you don’t know now your mother
fucking know we’re gonna have to say
that then are the new museum like
they’re the new way I think all y’all
still be wearing Dickies creasing can’t
push out you really scary Kennedy how’s
he doing
hey listen man I hope he better watch
his goddamn mouth I was before I was a
gangbanger far as a rapper holiday I was
a little high oh when the twins that are
DPG yeah and it had the twin wives when
they have C style
Lucy’s down on ya know
I think he’s going through something but
I got this news thing and I opened up
tear you notice for people that’s going
through I mean I want to know you
regardless is your music is still
popping you know you’ve been on the
radio check this out man
we got motherfucking tape third in the
building man yo check him out yeah I
mean at the new show this weekend
what’s gone how the motherfucking West
was won
guess in the building
yeah what’s happening hey another
motherfucking day I smoke all that radio
mate there’s no soapbox me get invited
man you got to go to Spotify brother you
got to go to extension calm brother you
got to go to motherfucking love for the say friends eat your vitamins
longer fuck off put it put the log in
brother buy back down

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