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motherfucker no more you father fucking
bitch we going Arlene Hey
yuck motherfucking mouth with the most
beautifulest co-hosting a plane II throw
some on Taylor in the building y’all
remember that print shit come on say
test the mic security shit
Catalonia oh hey welcome
there’s New Year’s salute man I can’t
see the rang boom is it rang we took a
long guy’s vacation made it feel good to
be back man I called us specifically the
times I knew anyone to talk oh yeah just
to get it right I see it you know I’m
saying yeah yeah let’s get the life
going me already knows welcome back
everybody from vacation happy christmas
happy new year – happy new year with
some oh nice
we zap my homie last crib you know when
we shot that our episode yes that was
that was some shit I didn’t know I don’t
know if you’ve seen her but she was like
eNOS she had like the blonde wavy hair
and she was I think y’all had left she
came over to the section where we was at
and she was dancing with me right
nice big booty bitches I wanna see it
and then she hit me on Instagram this
driver phantom and everything I want a
brother man head of marketing man so
it’s money work I want a brother man he
do all the auto cartoons and shit all
the daughter shit doing the whole
promoter doing the pro my thing promo
fuck your Toy Story all that shit so
yeah he does that
yeah he’s a boss you see his crib yeah
my moves but yeah we had bought it in
that last crib you know I mean the big
homie from Warner Brothers yes
what’d you do Kate oh no oh yeah man I
just set up there and got everything
ready for the new season of this show on
the next show and you know John’s game
but it was holiday season so you know I
kept that motherfucker pipe down
chillin but uh they better get ready for
some bullshit this year you know saying
my holiday shit was filled with real
cheer and you know I’d be doing all the
cooking so I get tired you know I’ll be
able to wear Crocs and shit my foot
biertan oh I know I know
what I have been doing over the holiday
season is answering a motherfucking
bunch of calls on our show now which is
it’s crazy because I’m the one with the
tea I’m the one saying everything know
everybody know me nobody called me sir
man I’m waiting for a motherfucker I
wish a nigga would call me my thing is
this man just claiming man if
shit hit the tabloids and hit the
motherfucking dock man we gonna chop it
up about it period man so if you don’t
want to be talked about spoken on stereo
ass out the newsman period yeah I mean
like this shit going we’re gonna have to
speak on our peers sometimes yeah you’re
gonna have to speak on people that we
got relationships with we called your
way we do business with all types of
shit but stay yo ass out of the tabloids
man period so we don’t have to talk
about you yeah Perry I straight-up us
knowing certain people we go light times
like we’ll go like we really do we’re
gonna go hard but we’ll go light like yo
man we gonna start burnout cuz we know
yeah I mean but we still got a report
cuz we are show man we are not rappers
no more she’s not right you know I’m the
lawyer in law school no more he’s not
the comedian on stage no more right
you’re talking to Simone Taylor you’re
talking to Simone you look like but at
the same time everybody has an open
invitation to come on and clear and say
whatever they want to say off or
whatever is going on exactly you know
I’m saying you can defend yourself and
you can pump yourself up whatever is
going on just Rockwood us cuz this is a
media outlet and we don’t investigate we
report that’s it and at the same time if
anything is going on within the facet of
your emotions of things that was said on
our show
you come fix it because I know it’s
three sides every story
yo side the side and the truth when we
report everything is allegedly right if
you want to clear some shit up come on
the show you clear it up yourself we got
a lot of you other podcast using the
legend man a lot work I got a few
follows which is really really
I got all the new followers what you
doing all right mad at me no they mad at
me too sorry wouldn’t be no one they
might try to be nosy I think that I got
a follow from voice 59 mm-hmm just
because of you took up for him anew
mm-hmm did I mean like on that cop yeah
yeah yeah you you took up for man I was
like yo he’s the bar guy we didn’t go
hard on him we just said that he’s a
guest and he’s a hell of a gas yeah I
mean period I’m gonna end this one on
the good one I just wanted to give a
prime example how a motherfucker will
really feel how shit is cultural okay
remember Bruce Lee was going through all
the shit when he came to America by Hong
Kong by teaching Americans karate the
secrets the only you know Asians and you
got me Chinamen supposed to know the
secrets then he was bad you know I man
bent from Hong Kong for giving out the
wit cause it’s their culture made here
so Jim Kelly Chuck Norris nothing to say
they make karate even though you did
you’re a guess mmm-hmm that should come
from Asia yep and they made it and we
respect her you think of karate or say
Asian so when you say shit you know you
got all the fly guys that would mean
it’s from 2009 to 2013 no – yeah
basically yeah so number one is
definitely going to be Beyonce
oh yeah definitely
one beyond sec yeah number two is
definitely gonna be Kanye West
definitely number three is definitely
going to be Drake
definitely number four is definitely
gonna be Kendrick Lamar definitely
number five you guys made me shocked by
this but I’m not it’s gonna be Bruno
Mars 24-karat man you right
what yeah that’s a good that’s a good
time five I love that Bruno I have to
think about it but we’re not putting up
new compartments we just and there’s no
order has no wrong answers okay so who
you think um listen to a little of her
list you know I definitely want
definitely I definitely want to give
money to Bruno some luck hang on line
act like this shit ain’t popped up no
parties and bar mitzvahs and barbeque
music um I’m gonna say uh Kendrick for
show mm-hmm we tell about ten years
yeah a motherfuckers rockin and rolled
mm-hmm you know saying the game he ain’t
none of his lately shit not now probably
before yeah um damn I had this
motherfucking shit from you disgrace I’m
flirting with nipsey cuz I’ve always
been because he came up and I tell you
because that’s the King years you tank
came up and it’s not because of the
victory lap is because shit that’s my
Chris Brown
is an excellent dancer instruments his
own music he sings everybody he was
supposed to know she was Bruno was owner
because I you know DJ mama some R&B
niggas okay that’s all the goddamn
should I listen to
okay great alright imma go I got it we
gotta kick it off with Drake yeah
yeah we got your car
you gotta give them egos and we
definitely goes it’s 2005 he came out of
no five though man beyond stop it he did
he probably no no he was palpable Obama
was popping in OT no now I’ll talk about
from 10:00 on up migos had a hell of a
decade what are you talking about go to
a 20 me go song right now not amigos not
2015 for popping he’ll be getting money
and okay
okay there’s no millennial Bank the
topic is in the know millennial I choose
I just get a disclaimer say the noble
somebody’s reppin like the game me all
those 22 a great one but future won’t
pop the morning the fucking me goes you
were out show mother fucking mind
he wasn’t popping morning race rumor
right and we go my for and let me get my
fifth man I think Gucci man had a hell
of a comeback man he did like a couple
years in jail but before that he was
shit no never liked his his his flow but
his his presence man he would eat oh he
put he discovered to me goes he
discovered Russ
my top five motherfucking communities on
influence there will be a lot of new
niggas it’s gonna be them TK Kirkland TK
oh yeah my Kipps
yeah the motherfucker uh Kevin Hart of
course Tiffany Haddish
yes had a great day I gotta give it to
Tiffany Haddish mm-hmm
straight up who’s your number 5 number 5
Eddie’s comeback Eddie Murphy I like
that he’s come back but that ain’t no
yes it is excitement that he did shit
this whole decade no I don’t mind one
thing y’all was mad at me saying that
Mego was having a seven-year bruise no
wrong answers just as was matter lady
was wrong to one year don’t mean realize
he’s only funny to me when he’s playing
characters hmm
okay whoa what you want me sit there say
a little rail or some shit like that
right okay Norbit was funny as a
okay so what so top fighter killing my
boy that was fun fair enough
froggy said Kevin Hart y’all seen what
they just did to him heart he said Mike
Epps yes said okay Chappelle he said
Eddie Murphy
that’s fine you want to know what
nonetheless one year but he been
wiggling Katt Williams Chris Rock Quarry
ah Chris Chappell
Thank You Pierre I don’t care that’s
what it is
I still watch Three’s Company so Jack
Tripper is the best comedian in the
world fucking he had two bits man let me
guess I say I ain’t growing Kevin Hart
cuz I don’t even Rock would do like that
I say Katt Williams luenell I say Dave
Chappelle mm-hmm I say my caps and I say
you gotta go with Tiffany Hattie’s I
mean L know I can’t go for Jota Jota I
can’t go for ten years some bitches own
and got she really had to three-year run
you saw about the migos head but it was
her no Tiffany um I think a nigger that
they really don’t be really giving love
to his motherfucking um Cory hope Corey
Holcomb is my boss yeah I’m here for
show around like glue on the ass
I see your face over there one more
person you gotta give it up to my fat
Nagila Veil the veil is the boy Crawford
I love the veil no Frank Ocean boy that
man who got skinny you don’t know the
barrel of that no ocean spray no ocean
smells of mine is not yang fucking with
my list Neela
I don’t know what about Deon Cole
yeah cold like his special blackest no
no no but his co-star game he got he
gonna be a good co-star Oh foot on the
shit I’m in the movie good co-star you
said he stole some shit from my captain
with the Dyke that was my gammon Harden
in there fucking man Kevin Hart he get a
negative vote okay he stole my cab you
know dude I was watching Netflix one day
I watched Mike Epps special then I went
to his it was the same exact fucking
material for the white comedians man
what’s up with my dude Gary always be
the one to be on a sports show they’ll
be talking that shit
let’s get bailiffs no no me be planning
everything to pop in the white- who
you’re gonna stop it he went to the
plastic cup Friday he be on ESPN
hurry cuz he got three more to go
LeBron LeBron deaf scary gotta go Tom
Brady then they get 1,000 goddamn got to
woof woofs got some you know I’m saying
Tom Brady baseball time buddy
even people don’t fuck with baseball
like that but motherfucker a decade it’s
got to be the goddamn I don’t fuck the
baseball like that basketball we go
around crowd didn’t
know all the niggas that make the money
Nikki she knows that make the brass
I bet hope Kobe Kobe retired but I’m
gonna give him his decade
that’s a LeBron yeah Kobe my Serena
Williams back the last ten years and
then we did win masters come on win no
Lashley we finally came back shit but it
took no goddamn body whoever that is all
my nigga no I meant my dick Appa he’s
like my five years half a decade ears
definitely Steph yep defconn except papi
I’ll fuck around and show your name on
this damn live less via a fucking uh the
nigga Houston Mayor Harden okay
Floyd Mayweather and dan Serena Williams
Kobe did plate like nigga he D in place
it’s the middle of the decade good good
this time around I said Odell Beckham
you know you gonna get blocked
hey man I only have five we only get fun
million Bob we want to go to you I want
to stretch it they only got five oldest
I mean time members top moments of the
decade oh the top mommies go will you
make a royal wedding everybody was
watching oh yes they was watching the
top moment the me to movement that was
major hell yeah we can’t say nothing
about right now say G word Donald Trump
was actually elected president that was
wild this is like only three years ago
how’s that of the decade finally getting
an Oscar now we really give a fuck you
no one cared about that no one week this
is like that’s just like when Bob Hope
died I thought he already died I thought
they’d make already one you know a lot
of the Cabrio something nigga already
won he ain’t like Snoop never having a
Grammy except for the gospel shit we
only know wish of the decade shit maybe
snoops album should be the decade shit
cuz that shit got a Grammy the church
that nigga got a Hollywood Walk of Fame
on the dogs they gonna Starsky and Hutch
he on is it a vampire what type of
vampire movie yo do one goddamn vampire
he had us all scared
I don’t know what the fuck that would
talk about dog my uncle was the cook
without q-ball yeah you got shit on a
dog got a good 20 cute he reinvented
itself like he’s still moving
that’s a nice dog yeah no I thought you
and some tea on the bullshit that went
down with the goddamn internet bitch hey
man hold us what are we talking about
the motherfucking black before
we’re about to get your chance to come
back I ain’t gonna go this rock fuck the
moment my mom is with this motherfucker
coming on the air this motherfucking
pissing people off and this
motherfucking my motherfucking man cuz I
had me on the movie boy alright man
gotta give it to Jordan pill period you
know I mean not just for us but the
other one that he did before they’re
actually funny too oh yeah he’s a
definitely so gotta give it up the joint
pill I think um I think another top
moment was Obama being the president the
first black president
Evelyn mmm that was the top moment now
the wait that was alright yeah ok second
time was in the new millennium mm-hmm ok
cool boom Obama fuckin with 2 times 16
okay what’s that
whatever orange man got in that’s in
this whole new shit right okay so Obama
being the first black president I mean
the second black president happy fucking
for ham Lincoln we already know your
fuck ease up yeah yeah okay cool name it
man you got name cuz you want the combo
Chinese partisan on two dollar bill
sitting on back rolling a blunt okay so
the third black president but that was
big because I thought I’d never see a
black person seventh alright so Abraham
Lincoln was black yeah yeah motherfucker
the half-breed he was like Obama happy
he was both yeah yeah any smoke bug he
was both you tell about that nigga beer
that he’s black motherfucker Nipsey
Hussle beard naked I was that reach me
and B reach me and boy Gordo period but
okay man let’s get off the pilot takes
um big moment I think fucking just nigga
taking motherfucker Iran the war if
that’s a big moment Nick we’re in the
middle of we had the Brinks of World War
three you know take your bases on that
that’s big we don’t touch bases soon but
I think that’s the big moment
nigga this nigga come into office and
niggas go straight for the head of the
motherfucking snake nobody play with us
though that’s the thing okay cool
that’s what movies moments would fucking
manga when I suppose that nigga
literally his death his death took over
L biggest moment it was supposed to be
April Fool’s Day cuz he died on the
thirty thirty first of that months so I
remember the first came so that was
devastating holiday over a way against
it wasn’t that funny so no disrespect to
nobody but know so nip after that after
that and then there’s one more I think
the biggest motherfucking like you got
to go to scandals and shit man I think
that okay we talked about the
president’s car yeah Kim Kanye saying oh
maybe was a toy and that I was a moment
my nigga
no play that was a moment slavery was a
choice moment Daniel stood down on it I
tweet them we know cause he was opioids
we knew that Nick was a clone then it
came back fatter than ever getting
surgeries and shit data but I won the
real Kanye I think was walking down the
street don’t fuck no I just seen that
nigga don’t believe the world
fuck you nigga died clone the chicken
and shit that we eat make sure you a
nigga dead we clone let me hit let me
tell you let me tell you as this bro man
I went to the tech convention right at
the beginning of last year man they had
bodies nigga that you could put your
motherfucking soul or your something
inside of a computer chip and put you in
a young body nigga for your old nigga
you know they got that right now you
went to something like that I went there
and they had the bodies and
motherfucking motherfucking plastic and
they get on that motherfucking brand-new
youthful bodies and you can put your
shit in the chip and being that body
nigga you don’t know what type of shit
we twirl we live in there nigga that
motherfucking watch that AI technology
they did they cloning people they taking
people memory and a brain shit and
putting it in the chip and put in a
whole new body nigga yeah man look up
look at the shit up look this shit up
but it’s going down y’all niggas be so
caught up in all this hip-hop shit don’t
see what’s goin down and check the
nautical world you just seen them got
them drones they’re negative sent one
plane I was flying with you just fucking
my whole ship I ain’t got no room in
here naked body nigga laid up in a
motherfucking bag nigga and Vegas nigga
and you can put your chip in that neck
nigga and become never oh wouldn’t even
ship come from like you can like did you
know they do it should they do a surgery
on you it’s for old people they could
just bring you back as a new
motherfucker you could choose your body
and everything and they’re all you so
all your memory everything so what’s
considered old because I want to go you
want to go
young woman the other Cato so anyway
Cayenne the motherfucking clone but he
acted weird as shit man yeah yeah Gucci
man might be a clone now that’s a real
Gucci cuz he said he slapped the shit
out of DJ Angela Yee they can prove a
nigger that’s all goose
that’s goose Kayne down ain’t Kanye I
don’t know who that is the other Kanye
was hella black power grew like he was
on some other shit didn’t his new car
yeah it’s all you know I mean Trump is
the leader we got to go into this whole
extra shit it’s like Kanye he’s under
control my nigga I’m sorry anyway man no
put him to Sunday that’s a moment that
is it such as a moment that’s a goddamn
moment it didn’t I think the Colin
Kaepernick thing that’s the biggest
moment of the decade
that’s my last year yo mama yo moma gang
was beasting come on you you so mama
Terry Terry
let’s get you the black bad enough of
the bullshit then most definitely
let’s get into this French and 50 cent
beef yeah
a French coming that color he with the
bullshit I don’t know man
Pete it’s a nickname pistol peach I’m
better niggas went all types of fake
in my hand me children nigga come get
him by the French was yeah he said he
used to put the nigga to sleep chuckle
man he had to chuckle man in Miami man
make sure he’s safe
so that’s his lower hmm boy Miami where
hell if a guy’s very scared cuz he was
drunk man peek I’m getting me man I’m
drunk in the club man come get me yeah
anyway man smoke
here’s my intake um I respect 50 as a
business man hmm but French I know him
personally French is a great person
he just wants everybody to get along you
wanna make his money that’s it he known
this hope you’ll check beats this hole
cuz it’ll puffs you know the puffy
jewels yes fucking fucking uh he had a
deal with puff flavor was enough the
coconut rocket was french vanilla french
vanilla so he had him later french
vanilla so he should know stomach hurt
and this nigga you you know actually
French Montana because he took hella
$0.50 F if I can’t do that shitting
trash start coming at him I think so
right now French has posted fifty cents
paperwork oh I’ve seen that paperwork
why you playing fuck no God day old up
swole up but I say K don’t got my glass
on my way so don’t read it you can
Department William Fitzgerald in which
can intent to serious physical injury to
another person and a tit of two or more
persons actually intent of serious
injury another person call such let me
get some names Curtis Jackson state to
be informed by jicama do overs dress
known as blah blah blah district
attorney that in for me to observe each
of the problem to sort of definitive
concert acting in concert which such
blah blah blah individuals repeatedly
punched about the face body of informant
such-and-such Jackson’s Marvin snacks is
somebody got studio however the case may
be whatever we’ve seen this pad board
when he was before with ja Rule that’s
oldest fuck it still exist
give a fuck about this paperwork right
still see in the day and age we live in
a sense this is the year of the snitch
so snitches get paid they get rewarded
you know I’m saying that shit as a sport
now so I’m not saying that man as a
snitch I’m not singing nobody snitch but
no one cares no more about that shape
because that that style of discipline
that would happen in the old days
doesn’t exist so really don’t matter if
anybody’s because everybody like one can
have a hard-on each other about fucking
Bugattis that’s rich nigga talk so what
would have some so series of paperwork
when it was bagging on each other man 50
don’t put the shit like nigga you are
renting that motherf I mean you are
financing that bitch you ain’t gonna be
done paying that motherfuck off until
2025 nigga and your car note is what the
Whooper month nigga and he put all that
shit I think you’re fucking with each
other because everybody know that’s what
50 do not I know fuck with each other
because French posted some fucking
footage of power and fucking stars is
about the C story did they about the
sudras nigga french montana for putting
a footage different country that’s how
he got it he don’t care they don’t care
they because he aired it before it came
out United States on the United States
that’s a frat infraction whatever the
fuck but that stupid it’s a loophole
hmm I think they just trolling in this
man they played actually all day on a
fucking uh need for speed delete that
shit but they burnt their motherfucking
Troy or something like rotisserie Oh Dre
you got some snackies you should she
need something those snacks come on
everybody do that car no you think
okay so next thing I want to talk about
is the Trump Trump how I feel about the
shit I’m gonna get my boo but I want to
first already win when I voted when I
said my top five moments a man so you go
you don’t hate oh you go how you feel
about this the Iran nigga I feel like
this is like a fucking bad episode of
The Simpsons you know saying one of the
Netflix things because he’s really like
the mean he running this muhfucka
lightness and everything you know I was
one of the biggest when I was younger my
grandpa’s to have me looking at Meet the
Press and all that shit early in the
morning on a political shit you don’t
talk like none of that actually this is
a whole nother type of thing so I feel
like everything is planned everything
cuz member all that bombing that just
went down another day the Iranians do
you know there’s no Americans got killed
so we don’t know anything if even that
was a facade something to make us all
scared purpose they want their country
to believe yeah we’re gonna fight but
they don’t want war with us however
basically then people then around one at
that man dead anyway
now all the visuals at the scenes and
his funeral is this big then people did
not like him like that some people did
some people didn’t so at the end of the
day you fire shots or blow up the
embassy we come in for you man blow it
up they burned it up okay yeah Barton a
bride and then shooting it okay back
away didn’t blow it up they hit it with
a minute we have any casualties one
person died okay even from that doe it
was okay well for the rating of the
embassy they just burnt down
motherfucker down and made them in the
back I’m gonna do a fuck if you burn
establishment opposed to the states they
don’t care there’s war but I’m hearing
this about this whole Ross house shit
with the banking system
Iran’s not a part of that so anybody
that’s not a part of what why should I
want them to be a part of their hmm you
know good one the part of it to that
goddamn Gaddafi got killed too for
trying to bring that gold in you know he
was like niggas got cash me I will go
for my oil they won’t have an F but
California has so much oil they just
don’t let us drill for because we got a
oil spill so long ago they don’t want to
they don’t want to relive that again
Trump’s nany Trump said we got our own
resources we said that shit on a brief
in the day like only they shit we
self-sufficient you need to stop backing
like we need a shit we got our own shit
we don’t give a fuck if they stop import
or whatever but I don’t believe you
Trump because the bagasse just went all
the way up we got our own shit why the
price go up the sound kill BP BP and how
many company gas company anybody know
where you I paid 389 a gallon for my
guest today you’ll get ready to pay for
nine you ready pay $5 Sing Sing niggas
gonna buy electrical cars man come on
get your get your test of the game they
didn’t win up times them went up as far
as Trump I don’t agree with everything
that he does not at all but that
motherfucker bully China got the
motherfuckers to pass all that fucking
money back all that money back they’ve
been taking around the old China
trillions of dollars they just paid us
with like eighty 1 billion dollars back
back for what
please read the sanction
oh so they cast out put more sanctions
on I not fucking with yucka yucka meet
you name yeah but China Russia and uh
what else it’s another one that’s that’s
connected where Iran that’s really just
Saudi Arabia it’s Russia China
so you agree I would from date as far as
China shit no I’m thought my period the
Iran shit here’s my thing cuz he tries
to say Obama was gonna do that he did
some type of Obama was a puppet we know
that I’m just saying I should looked at
cute it was a puppet
it’s like if you fuck wouldn’t seem like
let’s go I like that I might not like
everything else he does but I like the
fact that he’s not allowing motherfucker
fuck okay tell me what did that general
do cuz he said that he was allegedly
planning something but what did he do
before planning attacks um what attack
on what and then dad got him killed
laying there what did he do to get him
killed before a long of a fuck we gotta
address the elephant in room what did he
that’s the question nobody knows okay
nobody know what this nigga did but be
to general alright I know he stopped
Isis we was mad at Isis he helped get
Isis the fuck out of here right we was
like Isis is Tara was we scared Isis he
got him from honest we want to see what
the actual he was a spy and a commander
Maggie got Isis the fuck out of here
then we’re scared of Isis what did he do
he C okay wait no no American media see
him 600 Americans before – when hmm was
that right now did he do it like today
before because they said only one person
from America died it was not a good guy
huh and he took out wasn’t a protocol
that trumple supposed to go to to do
with that they have some agreement on
but it’s nigga to talk to the mother
fucking Congress the government he Windu
cheeto face cheeto when with his cabinet
and called the army he didn’t call the
guy called the army and said drop that
shit and they dropped it like it’s hot
that nigga didn’t get no fucking they
dint you know you gotta have a meeting
with the UN nigga and NATO to do shit
like that
you got to have a fucking meeting and
you better bring it together everybody
this nigga this nigga fucking bomber
they take out they top coming down
countless going up he had he had a
say-so on terrorism shit but that’s not
what happened she talking like Iran
killed some Americans and Trump was like
hold this hold my beer because I know
that the people of Iran raided the
embassy but shit
Chino we’ve been in we’ve been in war
for about 30-40 years anyway this is
first time just putting in America is
always in war
it’s just now on the news we’re always
in there well he was going to be in
everybody who’s sitting there waiting
waiting waiting to Punk him man anyway I
know I ran the Escalade tensions with
Saudi Arabia now they heard it was done
because every president they’re getting
a motherfucking wet the bed they want to
start some shape so more fucking good
sir from getting impeached facts facts I
think you’re going to water your reelect
it just playing I think he goes that’s
why Iranians like we love America we
just won’t cause they got a bomb but
fuck dude brutal American that’s like
fun they like fuck America they don’t
fuck what am i awesome show onset
Americans get out Iran ones over there
get out of anybody leave our country so
they don’t give a fake hate them there
nigga ain’t no but and the motherfucking
a goddamn cheeto face they want him dead
they put 80 to 80 mil on that nigga hit
allegedly alleged they say the 1900
American dollars man 80 million in a
American Iranian money is $1,900 in a
month I can clamber to USD that is damn
it is $1,900 you think that’s all cute
box pinkie I wouldn’t just say this on
our show look knock knock knock knock
knock Muslim brothers man look come on
so eighty million so money shit that’s
what you’d pay us per week we can eighty
million a week
it’s oh my
a ribbon around right it’s all right
somebody action rekindle a relationship
push your team no no we can I said car
gay no push deep car because Kanye gave
motor information
push your team much respect you played
that very well
oh we killed them he did but nobody’s
going out to buy pushes the album you
don’t push it push it take up push down
the beef because so nobody couldn’t talk
no more
listen Drake will always have one man if
that beef was allowed to to embellish
and give us some more music before big
dog jumped in we don’t know what would
happen because everybody had to bow out
gracefully am I right or wrong
that brave got called off never in the
history of music has any beef been
called off my person most niggas jump
over that shit like nigga fuck that was
a fucking clear white flag we can’t do
Rankin’s s Simone was going what a
comply can’t get that but look Simone
was on some record sale shit beef is
deal oh it’s about who goes to heart
it’s today about
selling the most records now we talk
about comparing album sales of course
Drake is demolish them but no that’s how
are you talking about me coming from a
nigga that’s been in a thousand beefs
with Nancy money over beef would you
come from a nigga I’ve been with beef
that with niggas I had way more money to
me I don’t give a fuck how much money
master P hat I don’t go forgot much
money to short hat I don’t give a fuck
how much money Scarface had no fucking
money how much money gee you in the head
I still went to war you’re not me and
fanny and then loose didn’t lose yeah
you can say lyrically nah now you could
go with the game should I suppose game
they still use the dishes that I said on
my response today because I aired that I
suppose that nobody knew that nobody
knew to change the heart nobody knew the
other shit but they took all my lungs
till today so I won that one period with
niggas I had more money to me so it
don’t matter how much money you got I
don’t matter how much sales you got it
matter about the beef nigga did you win
or did you lose period right so you
think a mill on it won the battle I got
a mill owner was better than
motherfucking you never hit your hip-hop
yes never been a CEO that’s saying you
know what don’t say nothing back because
whatever push it’s he say at that arrghh
drink nerve it calls
big dog jay printz tell you about jay
printz jay printz want all the smoke
Negi ready to drop by him stop beef he
may do ec told ray stop beefing and d
jane to handle it and stop it Shadis
would ever push a say in her drink so
they have a problem when we stop because
jay princess stop no because this rich
said stop nigga you expose me with some
bitch I don’t know bro
no he was a phone call he’s 98 it who
gonna talk overdue breaks it white flag
I sort of drink to it whatever Jay
Prince made a call to stop that beef a
nigga net wasn’t involved in the beef
stomping fuck all right I don’t know I
know that Jay printful j-roc we go to
niggas for the gold and then Bob some
dope ass rappers
this was at least three four songs I
don’t know man you’re all your
conversation right now with the
motherfucking uh alien Elliott Elliott
Nelson interview that Dre just did Drake
said once
niggas start talking about his family is
you went too far oh the secret son you
went too far
it’s nowhere else to go but the streets
and I’m not trying to do like everything
America from Canada that’s what he said
though he didn’t feel like wrapping no
morning and it’s time to get loose nigga
bye see you was on period that’s how I
felt that’s what he said if it goes to
that it’s old so he said I’m a squash
green from put beef we push your T and
I’m a I mean I must stop people pushing
Tina I’m gonna fuck with Chris Brown and
make some heads and go by ass back to
pop he said push the team went too hard
on me i’mma start shitting on there’s no
he went too hard on me no Frank Ocean
I’m starting on Kanye on every fucking
song I can from now on that’s what he’d
been doing period he’s going on hey head
off the body but fucking fall period he
got the head doing Church music my nigga
so the body is falling nigga here you
don’t charge the music is the dip is the
biggest monster you can do oh he hit a
genius plan he didn’t know he’s gonna
hit on with that he played chess on that
nigga H he did a little phase Omarion on
that little fizz don’t even got April no
mo don’t never mention that nigga Maura
how you feel about the beef cuz you you
you lyricist
who you feel one and who you think
tapped out Drake of course tapped out oh
my mama no he did yes he did no cuz he’s
drunk on hard
what happene Drake one pushy pushy loves
on my him and push but it was all green
light on Kanye is great like niggas it
pull up and left without know we had to
find our you know there you talk about
that shit what oh damn I’m glad y’all
said it all because so much
investigation notice but let’s be real
Travis is fun Kanye’s camp yeah Adam how
you gonna give this nigga that alley-oop
against me yeah it was a setup
you think Travis will let that shit go
that’s what do you think Travis gonna
let some what Travis was really with
Kylie at that time when that happened
Kanye’s controlling his father’s with
the bullshit you act like he’d be
putting on the long draws don’t get it
twisted off room space look like a real
nigger man
good night nigga some lotion man period
i nigga ashy who look hellishly in his
video oh well nigga ashy with diamonds
man because he couldn’t they told him to
not to talk no more
not because he just the skills one right
there and drink and put out no more
music was a bow out but he have just got
to body and meat meals at that time so
that’s why i’m like with damn you just
put out a couple of songs on and fuck
meat meals off so why couldn’t you just
do two jay printz came with the gangsta
shit and everybody do they both shut up
when they shut up and when Drake quit
Jay said I bet I’m gonna make
Jeffrey says shut up they all shut up no
J is below so when is it cool I’m
telling you nigga I got a big ass rapper
like chain on right now I’m telling you
they got it with deep beef with mass
appeal nigga you doing business with
they do a homies you know so this old
what are you talking about they doing
business together nigga why I’m befit
their door homies and thugs with
Scarface niggas talk about me Nicky Jay
Prince what are you talking about
because Jay Jay ain’t bowing down for
shit period happy for everybody
niggas he was doing business with and
all of that and he still was like nigga
don’t do it I’ll fuck you over P
remastered team come fuck with me period
they fuck with him see he won’t know rap
a lot at the time they tell him at the
hotel room but I said right now you said
Jay bow now I’m a little plate Drake
down Chris’s call made history has ever
been called off by one person
James : B for Haywood said of my niggas
to keep it lyrics Oh Master P keeping
lyrics if you touch a hair on my nigga
we going there it’s when that sir she
came out I said drink it so
motherfucking powerful worth so much
drink that’s what’s fucking it up
Drake was so powerful motherfuckers out
to shut up cause everybody’s eating off
that nigga but he got bodied by Pusha T
fax back to it and I said gosh
shut up okay yeah sure I’m sure
that’s cool that’s a rooster when a dick
is heart is cut right is up so where do
you get pussy from cock the
motherfucking the the proton and the
limb she fucking look like a son
have you ever looked close to a clitoris
it look like the eyes of a bird or type
of shit with a be coming out in the
black real nigga community a cock is an
aggressive clitoris is bigger man listen
that’s a cop my bag but did you guys
know that the clitoris is a baby dick
we know that’s why I said it’s a fucking
cock crazy ass but no the dick will
always be a fact because the pussy is a
baby I don’t know where the fuck you
been hanging but a dick and when I dig
harder stance up a dick stands up I
didn’t know that because in my in my
days of colonization oh my god white
boys say that shit on pornhub that’s the
only time I’ve ever heard a cock bitch
i’ma tell you this have my nigga to
gangster a fucking porn whoo Wesley
Pipes house worth bleep I’ve ever said
take this car wow man you know don’t
smoke most cigarettes period but yeah
man okay man enough of that man that’s
food talk mowcher in my back in money
from the club he mad at you niggas he
said man could talk about my little two
days in jail nigga I’m backing again
yeah you need some eye drops the eyes
are so red yellowish you look like you
know when you make the deviled eggs I
with yellow eyes red eyes I don’t that
she is unhealthy niggas need to when I
read that means you need oxygen when
they yellow the baby watch yourself man
they own you
nigga get you some motherfucking shit in
order because right now you want them
niggas you’re gonna be under attack take
these private planes and bring all that
shit Wayne plane got hit so niggas
planes is getting hit and then hitting
y’all for personal shit Oh cuz you’re a
rapper in the private jet and you up
there smoking weed so they assume that
you got all types of the shit on a plane
– oh you can’t smoke on the private no
moment they’re gonna go get high before
they’re you know in edibles and man
drinking drinking flavor if you ain’t
doing no dirty shit man it’s like man
quit putting niggas on a plane with
extra they see in this day and age
accusation is very motherfucking
important to discredit that extra money
you can get and it’s only so much you
gonna glide we can get some accusation
ok yeah yeah I like weed it was what we
got them on something the accusation
alone when you that high-profile you
know that
what no no Cameron I think is this man
it’s no motherfucking way the head of
the company should be on the same or the
boss the plug should be on the same
motherfucking vehicle with the Wayne or
anything with the fucking work you gotta
have somebody doing that yo nigga was
gonna fly with 70 fuckin pounds
allegedly itself
you should have flew first class in
another plane alleged man or even flew
motherfuckin public that’s their first
class in the runway right if your nigga
fly private let him to handle that by
his side you know I mean he’s wiggling
niggas be hotter don’t be thinking
straight I don’t give a fuck why you
wanna play like that now you got a
little ass to be still and start
listening but you guys my father pills
of shit and die cuz of some shit your
man doing that’s why you got it I don’t
know how the fuck you the top one or top
artists in a gang trying to smuggle 70
pounds do you think some nigga just die
per se a lot of rappers doing a lot of
shit that we don’t know about you think
your nigga gave him 70 pounds more verse
you know how much a pound costs never
know you’re not for no fucking verse
from novi it could have been some shit
somebody owed him to do something any
kid can pay me cash you never know you
never know you you never know what you
owe okay okay let me just ask you a
watch them niggas this close question
right everybody ain’t smoke purp I don’t
know yo crew ain’t making money let’s
smoke let me ask you a question I want
you to name three reasons I want you to
name two reasons name three reasons why
a person will have 70 pounds of weed on
a plane go sailing picking up dropping
off up and off same thing sell it
picking up driving up what show three
dumb dumb and dumber I got another three
looking out for the community trying to
help the community about to feed the
community that’s all that shit was on
the way to shot town so I need all the
people that kill me to calm down and all
Innoko the shower town so they can sit
there as down somewhere but still you
shouldn’t have been on that goddamn
yeah you right I should have went on
watch blow a thousand times man we’ve
seen good not one Pablo Escobar hop on
the plane right no no that’s all Boston
all the little flight negative had to
give the pictures for his family and
shit I need a family two kids every day
man well we can’t do this three million
dollar deal so you gotta have your
workers work now the workers it alive in
my shit was for personal use
I don’t know personal shame by pounds of
ten pounds that’s personal
the mommy Simone do my favorite no come
on come on come on just do me close your
eyes and say to yourself 70 pounds and
once you say seventy pound do you feel
like it’s a gap a gallon bag is one
pound yes
71 it’s a game bag a gallon bag bail its
22 pounds in a bail is 22 pillows in the
veil so you can go six bales and my is
it 22 pounds of bail or not yes that’s
three full bails so when you break them
off like that day in Calvin bag that’s
how you do that’s why your boy you lucky
bag boy 22,000 one day that’s a thousand
pounds my nigga a bail you said 23
pounds I said 22 you gone but don’t talk
about to have a gimmick it’s a one-day
only too long so like four or five bills
there’s a ton my nigga oh we got a whole
new whatever you smoke you crazy if
y’all can see what we got y’all lucky we
got I’m not about dope don’t think about
dope bro
that’s too loud to be wrong 22 a box
that’s a box the 20 but they come in 22
sacks so 3 3 5 4 3 2 4 name is that
wouldn’t come up the bail man that’s a
box a bail is a thousand of turn 22 is a
man she’ll turn my nigga 22 pounds let’s
what the fuck’s a detailer going to
detail with the draga 23 pounds 22 is
the bail
I gotta research this money that’s the
Metro ton in bud not talking about it
first we talk about 23 pounds
I said bail is 20 Tyco in the ground by
see man fuck that nigga nigga with the
Walker he gotta walk with the Walker
Black he was there right now yeah
chillin he probably had the gym you see
now anyway uh
you never know uh uh Oh some funk going
down okay we good shit fucking Street
like you said 23 I said 20 to show my
bro that I don’t because I be something
some bullshit so much some time y’all
know different nigga I know what I said
a box nigut they put go man go ain’t
gonna even reveal what I know about it
that’s why I say it for them we’ll bring
them 72 it said ten to forty four bells
like you saying I agree just like what
it said so bad what we say making
another motherfucking special call the
breath no nothing but disrespecting us
the Harvey Weinstein she was doing
they’re gonna work the wig on her and
she being silent is she Catholic
allegedly oh man so why is she putting
all these black people on blast but her
best friend is doing it Kevin Spacely
his it secures that all of a sudden dies
nobody ain’t talking about that
Kevin’s basically it kills it dies he
can’t go to court and charge him no more
it’s a wrap
and Charlie gave everybody a and said it
and she still come she’s worried about
never Neverland right and then you
notice that they just said all the
accusers could sort of pseudo estate now
it’s ooh Michael Jackson estate even
without winning a fucking case you see
how they try to take a nigga money away
he’s dead let the nigga rest
peace but he owned all them got their
masters re mad at the beetle shit the
beetles Beyonce he all have a son from
the mold
remember the Elephant Man mold we little
he bought that and made the home and a
half of Sony publishing in the grave
nigga they trying to take that shit tear
you that part
sewers estate I don’t know if he’s still
only allegedly but when he before he
died he own hands
you don’t have money yeah that’s faint
ain’t giving that up that’s the bulk of
the money coming in my G he still
beating they ass dead period so Harvey
Weinstein fuck you you know I made
everything and the dog shall be brought
to life a lie it will always show itself
yeah I say that shit I lie it will
always show herself the fucker does go
he could defend all the day it’s gonna
come out my nigga Tunku I think what you
think they’re gonna put him under the
jail or they gonna let him buy self out
he gonna be able to make movies like
nothing happened like motherfucking
bitches that was playing with the
college shit he’s not going to jail
that’s why cuz it’s a simple case yeah
it’s not a criminal they gonna made it
just gotta dangle do you think they’re
gonna Bill Cosby him cuz God got
convicted for less now because he didn’t
get to do diligence
then again Cosby because the successful
moves that he’s making an awareness that
he’s lied he’s bringing and they not own
do Harvey because of his friend that’s
so high and powerful people were
probably witnesses to things that he’s
address the elephant in the room Rock
now a boy that died let me touch on what
she said
I think Oprah knows a lot that’s why she
ain’t able to do that because if you
know it and then report it you just as
guilty you know everybody want to come
out but Chabert knew what the fuck was
Dain – doing on there he didn’t even
know Ali an age when she hooked over the
nigga shit like she was 13 he like nah
15 whatever matter the Lear to tell him
she was 13 fuck the world knew damn well
hey say you know what I don’t care cuz
it don’t matter what you mean it don’t
matter that age do matter even though
I’m still teen and you said she was 13
that’s a whole different from 15 15 30
really yeah it is because bitches get
pregnant at 15 but this is the 90s that
were the world mentality wasn’t all that
to go down it was already going down it
was going down before word ever since
Elvis motherfucking presently because
that was a thing that was going down in
the game what about the nigger from the
Beatles it was it was a thing going did
he marry the girl that he adopted
embrace what about Woody Allen Mary and
we was young when that happened we was
young me and Hyuk was young when that
happened Elvis Presley come on man hey
boy hey boy boy but they gonna keep on
throwing that to that mic that’s so they
tell sex into damage control but they
not throw the media bro it’s like this
Trump shit man all you seen is all Iran
it’s ready to strike back they’re not
they say well this won’t come hey I just
seen a boy got up there like they said
we love y’all but we want that nigga
hey dude I said we ain’t gotta go
nowhere yah station where we are we
going here we got child in our shit and
America is pumping like they about to
come to America and drop bombs because
it amazes their Gators you know whoa I’m
gonna stay with me a political shit yeah
we got troops out there and they can
fuck them troops up
why Trump trying to get the troops out
that motherfucker right now cuz we send
ducks and that’s exactly what the duels
say yeah in our countries we ain’t in
your country we go fuck out up here when
you gotta go there they’re gonna buzz in
our plant court period let me give you
this bar um yesterday that strike Iran
knew that what nobody there so we can
get our own people scared everybody at
the end of the day no matter what
country you from we’ll race you are it’s
a thing called politics and that
inference every color and every fast and
i’ma leave it at that
politics all of them is exercising it oh
wars money ain’t no ain’t no money in
peace huh all the money is his Quabbin
facts war look all these niggas puppets
including Trump that nigga came today
they read a teleprompter prompter and
fucked up about hate survives believe it
no he couldn’t read anyone read he was
fuckin up reading a teleprompter yeah he
worked in little George Bush nothing
negative every goddamn one little George
Bush couldn’t read but who warded that
out it wasn’t him all right there so
they all puppies then they probably read
an inbox from Twitter bullshit that
nigga man enough for that bullshit let’s
go to the UH what the fuck man what the
fuck is up with Kanye would he
influences chemistry with him hi
I see kill me no silver body and paint
no that shit that fake-ass booty and was
walking around with this still got a
fake booty you got that should take it
out okay perfectly somebody waking up
k.michelle anyway yeah man I know is
they booties the like after they get
that shit takes fucked over man I’m glad
you natural you
oh and that’s like Oprah they have okay
this is that they have a scar up top and
a scar on the bottom Oh yuck
it looks all that to have a ass and then
the bitches that do got a little baby
damn you fucking boy up we out here
there no I thought it was this one
oh that’s that bitch what about it he
had her at the club birthday she walked
in and her body was really soft though
anyway okay so look the other what the
fuck is this is serious what the fuck
man I hate to get political again but
what the fuck is going on with
Mississippi prison system you know it’s
hella riots jail riots going on
gangbanging shit going on it’s unhu’
main living situations man somebody from
the prison was walking through that
motherfucking Sean like they do
everybody like under the jail and that
shit had bad sewage paint you know I
mean all the shit coming off the wall as
shit I’m no match no blankets no fool no
working water these niggas is riding
escaping what the fuck is going on a
Mississippi man with the correctional
system with the prison system
I mean Mississippi is you know allegedly
and the cool thing about that shit is
they sent a lot of California inmates to
Mississippi a few years ago and
everybody took that sweet deal to go out
there and get Playstations and T this is
what’s going on and all the systemic
type of thing man because you know you
know he’s genocide genocide all
tendencies man that shit is out of power
why haven’t they vacated it makes
vacating itself like a motherfucking
prison riots they’ve been the prison
Reisman so crazy out there that they
locked down all prisons in the United
States it’s on Oh super lockdown so
niggas that you know I may be calling me
ain’t called me in a minute
that shit is on lockdown niggas will
have fun because of that they thinking
that it’s gonna be a reaction you know I
mean like everybody gonna react and it’s
gonna you know I make us gangs there’s
gangs going at it and they saying that
the police is starting it because they
are gangs the police are gangbangers and
they starting to funk the police a
gangbang and not the police but the COS
mmm the co I wish you hadn’t
California a piece you said a few years
ago nice at that concert now senator
Ganga California niggas out there oh
thank you treat it better and write a
contract is up oh it was a contract oh
so it ain’t getting funded no more so
now we gettin despair you know saying I
had a nephew up in there my nephew Alec
Alec Alec Alan was up in there and now
I’m a reach to call me he’s like yeah we
gravy up in here but I was like Oh mm
got he got sentenced in Old City that
mother but that shithead they had a
contract the contractor roller cuz you
know about penitentiary shit they be in
the contracts on the inmates you know
like when I got out when I got out of
jail and o4 they got a five-year tag on
you somewhere in you time you go to jail
and get in trouble again you go back to
the Sanjay I’m never gonna sit to his
clothes yeah I know yeah I went to
prison for breaking the law and I’m
never gonna break the lock in how about
that we can’t look like we criminals
yeah I’ll tell y’all the shit while I
went to prison that we definitely ought
to talk we can just go to the county I’m
with the prison but it was all smoke a
lot radio man we’re gonna do the gas of
the trashing man Griselda WW CD what
with motherfucking uh what would uh what
would watch McCauley do what is called
what we’re Crips amen anyway you know
Benny the butcher you don’t know what’s
I gonna you don’t know motherfucking
kind way to machine all right man next
little guys a thrashing new guy that’s
how we was going gas to the trash
motherfucking uh rowdy rich no
smoke a lot radio champagne
yeah we are fun this first kickoff show
the champagne shot baby New Year’s man
everybody man we hope y’all bringing the
new year live man I know I’m bringing it
in with my family about motherfucking
albums they got forgot what New Year’s
no because then stay and stay homey man
and he died so they they they dedicated
the album to him like what would they
homey name do and he was the cybers of
the cruel man
yeah bullshit man goes out it is the
illest niggas in Nebraska beat I don’t
know man fuck we go man let that shit go
ahead somebody died I’m like Apple music
oh my mama on your mama on your auntie
well fuck you fuck about hitter so box
digital motherfucking soap boxes in the
building like the bottom stairs bathroom
brother it’s like water and no
more me cheese I smoked light radio we
are to y’all

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