SMOKE A LOT RADIO Ep 28| The TRUTH behind WACK100 at ROLLIN LOUD, Kanye & Joel Osteen TOUR + MORE!!!


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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
hey hey come back they go get smoked a
lot what they follow 17
tapi look at all this book a lot baby
are we going all in
it’s the host with the most could smoke
motherfucking mouth with my beautiful
co-host Simone Center in the building
with the illest nigga Nebraska potato
phone yeah on my mama this is our yearly
rap you know I mean it’s the last show
of the year you know I mean so we’re
gonna do a big for the Christmas and the
holiday people out there for the Happy
Holidays all the listeners you’re not
leaning on fucking hey hey are you guys
and girls out there yeah they’re out at
a small and then dealing with that
traffic come on yo that takes dedication
man traffic is fucked to get this
motherfucking sweater today he got the
fucking alligators you say what hike
I did a Miss I’m in Christmas spirit
gonna mean to single bills what’s that
hope except for me gonna guys smell like
a powder we dare you I go yeah that
smell crazy shit man
besides Christmas shopping man last week
I forgot to tell you that I did some
real big shit ok yeah I mean I closed
escrow my condo no Hollywood you know I
mean I gotta go down at night you’re not
me measured on the fucking uh classes it
should be placed in the closet shit
renovating shit getting ready to run out
you know spectacular year mr. Roper mr.
Furley you know Farley come party would
you Roper was nosiest fuck just wanted a
peanutbutter sounds only know about that
company man definitely gotta diversify
your portfolio yeah other money and shit
so well muggers don’t know not to go
deep into that shit don’t ya FHA I got
done on the FHA okay yeah definitely so
okay and it was like right when his shit
got closed mm-hmm in LA so they shut the
shit down in LA no FHA no mo they won
ten fifteen percent cuz there’s been
running a half a tray shit through the
mud out here like hitting house licks
and shit so I was one last motherfuckers
and barely because they blame me like I
say pull my fuckin alligator teeth here
to get that shit done because it was
like right beep like a week or two our
escrow was in motion like a week or two
before that should stop the September
hmm so here’s our lucky B got in the
most she gave so yeah
you know I may not I don’t know because
she using our FHA to go downtown
mm-hm grab all that downtown shit in
this guy’s great position a day you feel
me because even if every building got to
take at least two FHA’s at least like to
you know I mean like at least two I
don’t know what’s the number but each
building got to take a couple a few no
matter what here I mean I was lost so
them field I was able to wiggle in was
doing they stuff
alien being shit all type shit the
building like I didn’t even Airbnb
motherfucker how you gonna be you know
me some get mad hey stop that shit now
and stop the hella quick me I try to get
some downtown shrink with Airbnb die
motherfucker I was my home purpose and I
ended up having to get some shit North
yeah they will kick you definitely man
and my new spot they like they got rules
against that shit is in the the HOA shit
like you can not air be gonna be fine
Lisa’s mother fuck out let it pay itself
off grab money out that motherfucker get
another property because that’s what
people do at the end of the day man
nobody got millions and millions of
dollars just blowing their own property
okay I grab one get the equity out or
get a second loan out that motherfucker
grab another one do the same thing with
that one grab another one and that’s how
they play master huh that’s how that’s
how the white-collar play monopoly money
I just figure this out so we don’t grab
the money out of that every man you know
we doing a real estate thing right now
how was your motherfucking weekend oh I
how was your weekend Simone you look
like you just came from the fucking like
Vegas like fucking some oh you got
makeup on you crazy well how was your
weekend Oh besides that my weekend was
cool you know I hung out with some
people spent spin days at the spa get
massage you like just taking care of
myself for yourself right yeah yeah I’m
gonna start doing that a little guy
wait for niggas to keep the notion
beyond play you gotta treat yourself ya
hear your fuckin vessel D I’m in your
temple your soul you gotta get them hot
body rocks on the back of saltwater shit
when they hit the bottom of your feet my
bottom of my foot ain’t never been hit
besides walking on that motherfucker
they hit the bottom of the first pillow
for women massages it’s like a pillows
and then you put your boobs you land on
your breast and it feels I see them that
girl be doing all the splits and she got
our whole ass like tail for the brush
this major
man this bitch be doing splints on all
type of acrobatic shit with her legs
tied to the ceiling and shit doing
splits and shit but I so perfect she got
ass pillows that’s crazy shaped like our
ass tacular yeah she’d be laying on the
motherfuckers everything’s crazy anyway
running around Las Vegas drinking a
leader tequila just with the Costco got
that big one and you know since you
could walk around Vegas I wanted to get
you’ve got a high level just to be
ignorant hella man you had just the
ignorant moment was you thought he knows
what that bitch yeah just walk Alemany
so everybody got that big-ass drink yeah
and I got the ignorant this nigga here
type shit my I do had a big-ass drink
with longest row you know I’m saying I
kept it for a real 100 went back and
forth I just really wanted to get drunk
and run around me and celebrate my shit
privately so you know it was real smooth
dough oh good looking
you got a Mego jacket anywhere Vegas I
got a crane well yeah I had a good buy
at a good birthday I just couldn’t wait
to get back to the show cuz I already
knew it was so
talk about it Oh gang of mercy let’s get
to that shit you know the way let me
land on my weekend in Texas in my San
Antonio once old man goes old flower we
killed that motherfucker turn to them
tonight yeah yeah yeah bones was boning
everybody when there’s no next day at
Denver it was us bone and diamond old
man domino still kickin this bit they
fucked up cuz they gay domino 45 minutes
by nigger did he sing banging on the
shifting banging on whack 45 he did all
snow songs our duty
now see that’s when you have the og you
get some young and the instrumental play
so he could sing a rap over two
motherfuckers know that no man that’s
why I was doing anybody else own like it
was a mixtape like a karaoke I don’t
know what topping on my og but that’s
that’s my boy
shit period so uh we get up there right
we got 45 minutes Oh which I got the
counter medication right below me right
ready bed down without the e let’s rock
rock phone turn I mean we had to film or
wheezing dim right to film Oh sold-out
show can I mean I think Snoop Dogg and
I’m just did a shit would but eight
thousand boy going I mean so it was a
Snoop Dogg and I’m showing a day before
it in his art show the next day so both
shit was sold out out there and Denver
towed that shit down and ten nothing but
I’m mad at Denver man so we showed up
y’all to perform nice walk through walk
through yell cut uh Texas was the show
but it got pushed back okay push the
shit back man so they weren’t prepared
ain’t do enough shit for so it got
pushed back but we are already half the
parties lined up okay
kuan just walk wanted on that still cash
bag records you don’t collect the bag
records and shield mag Amati but yeah
beyond that it was lit we end up going
to some after party right this is a wild
shit right we come to the after party
so we having a motherfucker over a pit
after party right flying their mind some
chicks flying my DJ has some chicks do
overlay no I can’t do it I can’t do no
no I can’t do we like bro it’s a million
people out here but take us to our
mother fucking hotel man period I can’t
do I can’t do so anyway the nigga drop
assault man we love no tip you Maggie
Tok how you tick okay cool won’t drop us
off right nigga let believe his phone
and the motherfucking over I left my
phone and over take a drive home they
got on the with my phone and I’m looking
for my shit everywhere I’m oh shit
but I just ordered over while I was in
the car we end up getting a nigga number
man we got to call another uber man of
my DJ lost his phone too so yeah so like
last month
lilian the same club we went to nigga
they know they loved us think we went
they bought us behind the bar and like
nigga drink whatever you want so we
behind the bar drinking on types of shit
so we live period lettuce fuck man I
made some eggs I lost a motherfucking
phone you know I mean we found our
phones though quest track this shit down
on Apple boy I found my phone and a walk
you know I mean so he is good after that
but it was alone so Texas wasn’t like
Denver no hell no Texas was cool chill
out you know I mean get your bag Denver
was high tech we had to get a lot of
shit man a lot of shit man find them
goddamn phones man was meny but losing a
fungus like nigga losing your life bank
account niggas and everything why you
son you know Apple I can’t rap I can’t
rap track my shit down to verse two no
I’m saying you can still use those as
your phone Oh Devon if you lose your
phone let’s go so yeah like I could get
a call on this right now okay first
thing I want to talk about it’s cardi B
gifting offset $500,000 in cash of
course I’m totally all for that
I just been peeping on the internet
certain things that men are saying like
Oh cardi B doing this for her man and
y’all bitches ain’t doing Costco hot dog
fuck about 50 with the soda this is what
I this is where a lot of those men who
are saying this is what they fell to
realize he cashes her out too I mean
damn rings she got a ring on her finger
that’s over a million dollars that’s
ensure she got another ring that the
first ring you gave a finding it down so
baby mama exactly but I’m just saying a
lot of men they’re not taking into
consideration that all set is looking
out for her and doing things speaking of
what cardi B did for offset I have a
question for you too okay your entire
life out of all the relationships you’ve
ever had what is the most expensive gift
you ever gotten from a female um shit
my wife she does go from a feet from the
day like I said this like so much so
many yeah
my wife is mainly with the sis she’d she
dealt with
I got thanked gonna go near my wife
crazy you know
CUC crazy but I ain’t gonna even name
all the shit cuz it’s personal okay it’s
personal shit
but I say this man she put a down
payment for my Porsche okay yeah I mean
exactly okay I was 15 Rex
okay wifey coming through concert with
the bad okay that far therefore what
about you Kaito not all of it most
expensive gift for female a lot of money
on me was bought me a whip just
basically like him put some money on
women out there who do look out for men
and I like because you together what’s
the most expensive thing you got for you
Oh trip trip to where we went to Jamaica
oh shit oh you yeah oh oh no I’m gonna
that’s just how I am but if you don’t
really look out for me that I’m not
gonna look out for you so it’s kind of
like it’s like you do you do chance with
me I’m gonna do a hundred for you like
that’s just how I roll but nah I don’t
do that for everybody
you don’t saying it just depends but
probably Jamaica and I think the most
expensive I think I have bought glasses
some limited edition sneakers long time
ago there were some Jordans they came in
a case okay and yeah
people may walk through the racks like
crazy and I just the other bitch man it
was a Miss angel sinner for the name
shit shit Ali was a white bitch named
fucking when I knew him I knew him okay
the aftermath she got him she got you
yes she got him cash money so that’s why
I own other Network when we had him on
the photo he was giving up so much
attentiveness it was already rock and
roll I’ve known him like 50 I didn’t
know that back then right you know what
I didn’t know you know what I don’t know
what I became Santa’s Little Helper this
year elaborate because the nigga said
y’all two been doing good y’all you been
naughty this year yeah I’ve been doing
good on his last 27 episodes he told me
to come bring you guys something
let me see
you’re Brembo they got the ground with
the ramp
you know I’ve been great men smoke light
radio congratulations coming back a
formula votre these motherfuckers you
know I mean all radio Apple music
now Himalayas brothers a new explain it
to me do that knows another check coming
a check finally coming started man more
news please next thing I want to get
into is Kanye West and Joel Olsteen
religious tour that they’re going and
Joel Olsteen church makes seventy
million dollars annually yearly that’s
not a double man one of my cousin
singing the choir with Kanye I know
mmm-hmm they have fifty thousand
attendees and majority of them are
pretty well-off they got money and they
don’t mind spending but then when you
tie Kanye to it it’s like really
submit hip-hop ripoff yeah it is this is
a tax-free motherfucking money glass
tapped in
it’s a tax-free money grabbing you
playing with motherfuckers emotions
because you can’t go against God you I’m
the little booty change oh god I love
him and he’s doing all this shit you
know in the churches shit but the
preachers are the biggest husband in
America period no I just heard that one
of these porn bitches is a preacher who
Carmen Hayes or something hail mother
fuck they said the bitch is a preacher
right now yes I’m not I know the nigger
from Kenan & Kel is a motherfucking
preacher Jazmin what’s her name
Jazmin Kashmir is a fucking preacher so
that’s a hustle she’s a preacher that’s
a hustle man just think it’s a bona fide
rapper Pippen I like you know massage
opens up the door for you to be fucked
with two of them demons to see you got
to be careful man listen man real for
real fuck what big money is there for
you they have big money you gotta fuck
with them demons boys with big money
there’s some wild shit be a new hmm you
know I mean not all but a lot you know
me right
but that Desa tax-free hustle that money
Jesus t-shirts for one hundred and
seventy dollars at the church what
colors do tax free t-shirt is he black
no I think he’s just some right Oh cuz I
know he be having him Caesar bored Gio
looking motherfuckers on his put
pictures tax free money generating from
autumn tour no Oh John Conyers tapped in
that’s the ultimate hustle man he killed
it shit’s crazy Hilda that’s genius like
you said it’s fucking genius I can’t
knock the house
it really is paint knocked a nigga bag
bro would you would you do it hell yeah
if I was Kanye that tight Kinkaid on
Church hold on if I was kind of yeah at
the height of my career and I just said
some shit the fucked up my whole career
I’m definitely bringing back with God
hmm especially if I made jesus walks and
all did a little he know me so he been
real gospel type songs you know I got
history with that anything like I just
did this shit today
I got history with you know I got the
number-one gospel rap hit song which is
jesus walks everybody listen to the
ladies I’m like did you like it
abba-abba-abba did you like his live on
it is the number one we saw that Jesus
walk is the number one gospel hip hop so
you stomp biker Franklin is singing you
know a lot of this just what’s the word
I’m looking for man not rejoicing but
spiritual no no when you when you
praising conspiration when you praise
God it’s a lot of singing yeah a lot of
Jovi rejoice bring you answer the
motherfucker congregation man hold on
bring your ass to the booth so I can get
loose man we gotta get this nigga
Charlemagne man I did now you see my
post man I just did it my my new shit is
when the motherfucker hating I bring
them to the motherfucking the podium
mm-hmm you know I mean enough baptized
they ask you that I mean exorcise the
demons I hate demons out your body okay
come to the motherfucking wolf and let’s
perform an exorcism get to hate out your
body the demons is bigger
yeah I mean you know think of
Charlemagne said on The Breakfast Club
we gotta perform an exorcism to get the
hate out your buddy the whole line the
whole shit shunda no no that I said love
and he watches Brody why that nigga hit
you with your body my sugar look like
right after okay run it with this shit
like I got it let’s perform exorcism get
the hate out your body what’s the joke
is that it says something is that same
shit but going back to the church I just
wanted to bring that up with since we
saw my church to bite us next thing I
want to talk about is Diddy’s 50th
birthday party baby
I mean everybody would allegedly though
you still live in a video amazing shit
don’t they go up yes
they lit electrons always healing but
other than that it was our people
they’re like Beyonce jay-z
Kelly Rowland Mary Jay Meek Mill I mean
everybody you could think are Jim Jones
to get the invite he probably did Jim
Shella the glass though but great Gladys
would they had this gamble shit that the
rock salty right now but anyway go ahead
man you fucking with a mutt Beyonce was
dancing with sweetie the rapper that’s
with quavo from the break yeah and some
do pull his phone out it was recording
Beyonce dancing and jay-z grabbed his
phone it was actually about to throw it
like no record my wife my motherfucking
oh yeah you know as celebrities you
y’all know that’s how it go but when
you’re at those type of functions you
not even smoke you’re not supposed to
even out your phone out this is supposed
to be a private like you know but the
man who did it wasn’t a celebrity you
know I’m saying so you know how that go
but it’s like them you’re in the mix and
you gonna pull your damn phone out but
my thing is this I got one question Joe
you should have snatched a nigger phone
that was filming all this shit because
it always film what he did now it’s
another nigga filming he didn’t see that
and it was wet so it was a lot of niggas
film and not just the nigger that was
right here like a patriot caught the
action what no jay-z affiliated is by
Stan it sure was it was a lot of phones
filming he just caught that way
having a wife like how was the feel of a
niggas recording your wife slap the shit
out his motherfuckin fall fuck wrong
with you and you recording from the
backside right and she dance with
another female what you trying to do I
think is I would have had my security
handling because if I had lady would not
need us I guess everybody was a take
that on a change suck ass cameraman is
someone a helper but he’s in step
overload you know how private she go
right you know like I’ve been a private
events when celebrities is like you’re
validating your phone like they give you
a ticket from yeah they don’t play about
that phone shoot yeah that shit too and
you’re going to Tyrese house you got a
Starbucks you got a big the driveway all
the way up to the top because he got his
own shit this nigga had a boat Rhonda
mink and talking all that shit one he
used to come on Instagram first on no
you didn’t even with the drink know when
the nigga was like here’s a club
remember doing that time he was like
walking through the hallway I relieve
motherfuckers hey man what you think of
her I think him the tank was arguing
about some shit over internet around
that time him and tank will come
everyone away no I don’t even tell you
it was the mother wouldn’t it was a
facet of furious yeah
he was mad about the daughter the
daughter here the facet of furious
always having a crazy change right we
Nazis because about child support nigga
is real living like a motherfucker but
wait don’t you want some year-in-review
for your ass shoutout Tyrese man and all
the baby daddies out there that’s going
through the shit man I should ain’t fair
but the illest shit is when you able to
reverse it and charge a baby mama child
support I didn’t did that before you
know all the child support now you see
what you guys are both father’s how do
you guys feel like do you feel like it’s
okay like for example if for a single
father to ask for child support of each
taking care of the child
fuck that I won’t even a single I had a
hell of kids and still I need child
support from you period because you had
my son and I gave you child support so
what’s the difference Washington be a
question if we won’t it needed or asked
for but I did it because she did it to
me I was paying you directly and I cast
you out to shut the whole case down and
pay you directly I was doing it mmm and
you took it back to the state you know I
mean so since you want to get the cash
out in bitch now you gonna fill this out
so check just by being you know I mean
on some petty shit because she was petty
hmm I’m keeping it a buck I’m pairing
you directly and catch you up a Saturday
all those bitter
so now I got my son and I may help a
period bingo for me and go check me run
me my chain yeah throw me my money all
right now y’all know I gotta talk about
this wack 100 situation cuz I have
scenario deal scoop Oh
name the situation first well what’s in
the tabloids is that he got knocked out
but he did not get in that so I’m gonna
talk about where it all stemmed from cuz
a lot of people don’t understand and I
don’t give a fuck y’all don’t y’all
don’t know what’s up but I’m about to
tell y’all this up so if you tuning in
you are getting the real deal scoop
right now ok ok ok
yg it’s someone from my young gangster
let me elaborate ok so not to let go
whack posted a photo of yg he used to be
from a clique full of Crips like oh shit
so whack is like nigga how you claiming
you Piru this and you tree top that in
you used to run with some Crips like
basically put nobody really knew this
right so basically putting them on blast
so yg and white kind of been beefing a
little bit so it rolling loud now this
is allegedly I’m not gonna say what did
I’m just gonna say allegedly just you
know protecting myself yg had a couple
of people who wanted to press whack yg
knew where whack was that and told them
where to go okay now this was slim faux
honey and this was j-rock from grape
Street which is nipsey’s bodyguard who
used to be gangs bodyguard okay so the
grape streets didn’t know what j-rock
was doing nor did the Pyro’s know was
Slim was doing they didn’t know that was
going over there to go check back but
them two niggas knew what the deal was
so they go over there and j-rock sees
I was like yeah they go somewhere all
that shit she was talking about hits way
Wak stumbles he did not get knocked out
slim is over there and with some other
dudes and they they hit whack – whack
got hit by more than just one person
okay so when j-roc start seeing in melee
he just left from the situation and then
the the guys I was with whack that’s
from PI rubles like slim you from Piru
what the fuck is you doing over here
with this disc ripped nigga like these
niggas killed y’all homeboy you over
here with this grape Street nigga so
slim was like yeah with j-roc makes is
like fuck what okay
now the situation with milk now the
situation with milk milk is my homeboy
milk is also from gross Street okay milk
is very close to game they played in the
Julie together like you know milk is
always around milk even rolled on the
Sprinter with wack and the whole crew
right put milk is from grape Street so
when the melee broke out with j-roc and
whack milk goes on j-roc side because
mang the grapes but that’s a protocol
one fight they all fight you can’t get
mad at him for that so that’s why I
whack is like milk we’re milk heir so
cuz he fell nuke setting the whole thing
up milk just set it up cuz milk didn’t
know what j-rock was coming to do just
win it with transpire he like what nigga
he’s from grab my from Greg this month
I’m over here whether I came with you
niggas or not
okay so milk basically like you know
whack was calling out like nigga oh well
yo homeboy took off on me so we gotta
get in so now nuke is like I didn’t have
nothin to do with it so he took his
jacket on like he was about to fight but
then a whole bunch of pyro niggas was
behind whack so milk ran okay so so as
far as people saying he got knocked out
whack did not get knocked out he did not
get knocked out j-roc did what he was
supposed to do I feel like yeah nigga
that’s what she was supposed to do since
if she had to slap then they got to be
tea Wars you didn’t do nothing about
they do nothing about that but but now
the situation is the grape streets are
mad at
j-rok cuz they didn’t know what he was
doing now they they feel it’s gonna be
beef between the Pyro’s in the great
no nobody knew what he was okay but how
can it be beef with the powers and the
grape when one of the first infiltrators
in the story is slim 400 which is from
the LA Compton Piru and young man that
got hit is from Pacoima because are they
together like women like the heat fucks
with Westside pyro he’s technically
under shoot and so is yg so basically
they’re looking at slim like nigga you
from Piru – why are you sitting here
siding with this grape Street nigga you
supposed to be on our side that’s how
they’re looking at it but the level of
Slim’s pie RunAs have to have been
validated by somebody like you we got
you if this happen and he didn’t get hit
over gangs he got hit over you saying
shit he’s a real nigga cuz he took Missy
down and not even so much the legend
shit so he didn’t get hit for Crippin
blood he got hit for disrespecting a
man’s friend but so we want to make sure
that’s still on the table no it is with
all the players Rock didn’t let it be
known what he was doing this you have to
think about how he’s down them you got
it see that’s what I’m saying so the the
passion behind J ROCs retaliating was
the love of his friend nipsey dying
night more or less great verse PI rule
but here’s but you got to think about
how the grave streets are looking at it
like nigga got units going to take
somebody named mean to like the track
tomorrow G power homies in apologize so
they don’t they don’t they’re not gonna
do anything just don’t want to make
people think it’s gonna it’s a power
great thing because everybody know right
if anybody like okay everybody would
expect it to be some six oh shit the
grapes are there mad at the sixties too
because they like why nigga some grape
had to go listen
listen what they’re saying is niggas
from his own hood ain’t even got that
whack and this nigga from a whole nother
hood why did it take a nigga from Grove
Street to sock on this nigga and all
these 60 niggas is here at rolling loud
and didn’t say not one motherfucking
word and he disrespected Joe on board
from yo good let’s really talk about
that let’s really talk about that yo
cousin was there you the only one who
could really talk on that shit
I know cuz on stage rocking with young
Doug I don’t know the timeline between
because I wasn’t that rollin now
bullshit you write a lot of people
knowing this is a la event anybody could
be just at any LA event everybody knows
that that’s the open rule right so you
write anybody could have got it that
nigut right but that nigga got at a
garage D you don’t saying because like I
say he probably got a difference he has
a different type of passion I’m gonna
say it’s different from my cousins cuz
it’s you know the same type of shit but
shit bodyguard got at him bodyguard
should have got at him should have been
got at yeah but why ain’t nobody from
his own hood you got all money and
tatted on you nipsey face nipsey name
cuz good you wearing but y’all niggas
ain’t press wack got axel rollin 16 but
I’m just saying that conversational
piece like why you got as a game the
game yeah because he got prolific brave
why game a check
so that’s the funny let me talk about it
respect him for having his own opinion
and he is own man oh you got nip seat
like you got to nips you got nipsey oh
yeah let me got a nip see dedication
with j-roc like and you wrap it like
neck see like that nigga tonight like yo
man that ain’t cool my nigga pump only
more disappointed in milk for milk like
are you disappointed at milk doing
disappointing that wagon that’s a Dean
that’s what I met you on all your
interviews your whole promotion run
talking about how you then did this
Philippi you did a tour with nip and you
did this that in the manga
thank you for coming on yoga and the
same shit you talk about nip you got the
nigga right on the side of you that
disrespecting the nigga right in the
next interview like okay yo get
interviewed now is this interview like
that shit don’t click my nigga it’s
sloppy mozzie like game you alleged you
know I mean like you should be able to
just speak you know I mean your mind if
you really rock with net you know I mean
Rock because what kind of rock is it
right period mean halfway or fully you
know I mean like it’s political like
it’s like this you gotta be able to
check your niggas man
yeah period when your niggers out of
pocket you got to be a friend should be
able to tell me when he got apart it’s
the reason why he ain’t saying nothing
to way it’s a reason why but I’m just
saying and and situations like any if
one of my homies or one of my managers
was to do some shit like that
disrespected a you know I mean people
that I’m close to him people I respect
instantly nigga what’s it now fire your
ass boy because I gotta deal with this
shit bro period ain’t like that man you
work for me I don’t work for you
right so the image you put out there
them and viola why you sitting out here
frontin and all some celebrity shit and
you just supposed to be focused on me
and the other good artists that you got
under your umbrella now that will calm
down on that one right now a young man
and just be the motherfucking dope ass
manager that you could be in his
patterns he would have been press way he
would he would have went again swag like
nigga fuck you you being disrespectful
but he’s not doing that it’s a reason
why what if he didn’t disrespected Trey
know what I’m saying
what I’m saying is did he he’s not gonna
go away even if he does disrespect Dre
why not because he saw was his wack
umbrella what’s this ceiling with that
way I got something over you right now
whack said it didn’t happen nobody
touched him yeah he biggest sucked yes
he did you sucked man but no
disrespected what do you know what his
comeback was clearly seen our nigga like
in the heart I’m say I say oh no not
seen blue place bull face laughing
with a hoodie on yeah while wack was
pushing around security saying you
didn’t see your niggas don’t feed me and
he said we’re homeboy yet whatever is on
board man Hey look know what milk
what milk incident nigga where would you
add when they don’t feed me here we’re
not doing a fat bitch just a j-rock Nick
and j-rock with milk we’re milk yeah
they just don’t feed me
don’t feed me a nigga see the internet
it’s so fuckin ancient mm-hmm I mean not
ancient but no you know I mean like a
lot he’s no Millennials some about dough
feed me he got hit like a fiend or
something like it was like a thing when
he got hit
don’t feed me you got blinds
unexpectedly right you know I mean
that’s what you do to a dough feed when
he owe you money
you know I’m a yo you but motherfucker
was hardly broke with that money yeah
yeah homie a come from the back that’s
calling the dope fiend that’s the setup
but nigga talkin to you somebody come
knock you push him in the bushes are you
serious so obviously you got no fee
because he probably something somebody
that’s my case don’t is dope fitting not
a good thing I mean you hang your hat
all because you knew that they was gonna
get hit and sneak so if you want a real
fair one you know I mean but like nigga
come on let’s go write a dope fiend is
like nigga I’m talking you and so I just
hit me like in the side the new
generation done like you don’t matter
and bring back that type of Satan that’s
probably the best thing you gonna have
to do cuz you been demanded when you
fight with a motherfucker it’s hard to
diss knock a motherfucker out just
straight boxing
don’t feed is the only healthy look
unexpectedly you got buys and another
thing to ask for faith means you have
some respect for your respect situation
so you getting don’t think you have no
respect for the
you don’t get some of the Sweet Chin
Music gotta get set up
yeah because I don’t respect that due
respect niggas like em I think I need
that right that’s a yeah agreement yeah
just made that other shit was with
regardless for real so that’s what that
was that was a major my thing from
outside of looking at i’ma let and we
could just move on after this from
outside of looking at man from a being a
Bay Area nigga man me moving to LA I
knows that LA when they move it’s a
setup type of like they date they whole
spiel was setting motherfuckers up and
lining motherfuckers up y’all next verse
that that said motherfuckers up in line
and eggs up period especially at these
events so when you come to these events
and you ain’t cool deep deep yeah you
know I me because every other photo and
they would land way no wax no better
with him but what the tiny a lot of
young niggas regular og be having would
no disrespect if we handling them with
them but you know at these type of
events you better come ready and
prepared because la is a setup they’re
gonna catch you’re slippin no they can’t
wait the Sports Arena today day day and
the professionals that catch you slip it
slide when summer come out a snitch the
best like diving down that goddamn
nigga on the ground with the horn the
villians call it Bank at California
Sports Arena but the streets call it
king and fig the fodeez but they got the
bank of a California shit and his big
and dope so they had to fuck so that’s
really caught the 40’s in in layman’s
term yeah so gangs are coming it’s right
off every freeway for your mother
so Anderson wanted me Vince it’s an open
event it’s not a concert so you know you
don’t have to walk past and browse pass
everybody because everybody trailers and
everybody’s so that nigga know better
because he is a motherfucking California
kid you know how to shit go so you know
la classe we can see you were saying if
she had when he let oh boy walk off to
come back and kill him let’s say
naiveness that show has had by not
having the real mother around she was in
Los Angeles and you know better against
countless you don’t know scale Y and
everything got here on these streets you
know better young man because if you had
some older niggas with you they not in
there to have fun in there to do their
job so they’re gonna see it coming or at
least enough to trip the nigger when
they run respectable that could defuse
it before it even happened is the thing
now even what happened not security your
real niggas even what happened was sure
when he got knocked out you know just a
lot of nigga start trying to try yeah
like a lot of niggas gonna start coming
see how he’s not untouchable like oh if
that nigga could doping you and hain’t
nobody see none and nobody did nothing
it what else can we do to you you know
it’s not a good look yes not a good look
man Leon the footage show him like going
up the people said his crew really
regulating you’ve got blue face laughing
and the people I was holding in back
wasn’t even as boys it was security but
why is blue face giggling him cuz huh
he’s a kid I think he’s already get
active let my manager get not so I don’t
think that that’s their relationship I
think it’s just a business relationship
that’s what I honestly everybody out the
nigga blue face giggling improvement
thank God no you don’t have no
obligations to get involved he’s all
like shit but no no no no turbo because
every show I haven’t seen his nigga do
he’s ready to jump in a fight with
his niggas was wanting to open the axe
or nigga you know I mean he’s ready to
jump in a fight now like we could pull
it out right now how mean fight see just
hold on I mean fight see just try to do
with all these little jerk pants niggas
know but you know skinny jean niggas
need a child jumping every fight jumping
off stage you see let’s go now your
manager get some funky you get an
important notice that real gay man you
know that no no yes inspect but that’s
why it’s too serious and they’re gonna
get shot after this yeah true now that
little jerk pants shit you’re doing with
your little skinny jean again ain’t
gonna come back to your dad he didn’t
show no aggression like cuz it was it
was hysterical because wack was just
really nobody personally knows wag know
he a clown just like game day your
fuckin clown Wow took his – I’ve been no
way I’m no whack the same amount of time
I’ve no glasses okay
I know wag I don’t see why I took his
I really whack with signal somebody
couch okay no disrespect that’s just the
reality like what he’s he’s building up
this character wanna be the next shit
but nigga no you’re not gonna ever be
the next year cuz you are doing some
clown shit what shit was smart and
intelligent you know I mean and then he
had people my before me ain’t had to do
the work and to his right final days
when when he lost shoot shoot shoot when
he’s shot in a rolling loud show one
less he was on it soon that do shit with
you so much putting himself in the
mixing he’s gonna be open for lawsuits
all this money that you make it with
blue face niggas can take that money
away from you doing all this bullshit
that you do another artist and
blue-faced only got savvy Tartu he ain’t
fucking was so so dare it was there but
he do cash money West shape
artists suddenly know that sabe third he
got a female singer – I forgot her name
gaming Blueface my thing is this man
being a manager you supposed to be two
behind the scenes Nick yep how’s your
manager more on the scene than you are
they fighting generating income from
doing this shit but he’s more viral than
his artist by gaming viral like whack –
you’re absolutely right
like they’re only interviewing Blueface
cuz they want every wet and game – yeah
don’t you see we’re right next to my
they running the whole shit game got to
do his thing but they whack what do you
bone right after that so I didn’t today
oh my god waters a catch ya hear he had
the 48 laws of power and I told you I
told y’all niggas last week he using
this shit to promote his heart is broke
y’all niggas don’t gotta show I’m a
troll for you and once I get an
interview we all come or once they want
to do this we all come in if I follow my
lead I’m gonna stroll that end up the
motherfucking demise the yo ass yeah
it’s only so much because I can say
goodbye the point mm-hmm ain’t no 60
made a move yet no no these kind of
things make people feel empowered no why
would you open yourself to some
unnecessary UNT’s you can’t see where
it’s coming with the game you playing
with the nipsey death and spitting on
his whole shit you got stands man we
ain’t go I can’t let y’all keep say that
nobody rolled nigga yaki forget BH went
on god damn much you know what that we
hate talk to you we was off that week he
talk to shit from that cam let’s be real
you ain’t see a black Sam nobody say
nothing Sam don’t talk I’m just saying
he often 60s I’m just sayin
really nobody from that campus really
spoken this is the only one okay you got
Jay stone but this one there’s really
like really like really talked about it
like man niggas go man I liked when he
said why game never talk about his own
home boys don’t fuck with you but his
heart shouldn’t be so invested in
south-central business all of them be
8-spoke nobody was even speaking let
alone cuz some say no talking on me
period let alone doing active shit like
but a lot of them hold on y’all saying I
got I’m just outside looking in now
y’all both elaborated and you know
delegate it mmm boom being an outsider
looking in y’all keep saying it’s a
great Street situation got nips the
crude and do nothing I’m kind of slur
came his bodyguard did something that’s
still part of the fucking crew you know
I mean now even though he’s from fucking
watts that’s the way that bodyguard
wouldn’t it did that if that one that
came from nip he ain’t got no problem
with Pacoima swell secant so away from
the news he right so that’s the homeboy
that’s what strike two then give it to
watch so you could give it to nip cuz
that’s net body goes no niggas don’t
this is how they’re looking at it
they’re not licking it as oh it’s jera
he did it I’m coming here man looking at
he from great show some shitty hot and
we go against him the grips don’t go
against us that’s how you to keep saying
that they didn’t do nothing they did do
something his fuckin bodyguard is
something okay so I said it’s not a
bodyguard beer from grape Street with
him doing anything to protect nip would
I say a man 60s do nothing that’s why
I’m the one said to shit I said it
wasn’t it’s not a great
Piru thing it’s a bodyguard
wasn’t in the name of gangbang I’m
saying people from his own hood didn’t
do anything well and that’s a factual
statement how you know because stepped
away said a few things on an interview
allegedly recipes to egg heir gardeners
dad but they dropped lifeline who the
egg holder hold is that but they
dropping like flies but if you don’t
hurt but they dropped my father talking
about what I’m talking about the people
who whacked knit shit allegedly streets
is talking about wack streets 100 niggas
that most really would say so it has the
streets funky and ain’t doing none
that’s all I’m saying
nobody step to whack that’s blessed
lesson that’s troubling like you gotta
let there what do you say let it go
Peter goofy but this the peas I’ve been
hearing in the streets nobody has
brought it to whack the only person
who’s really stuck to him is j-rock now
however they doing what they doing with
Eric Holder whatever situation I don’t
see that energy we don’t touch on one
more time you said I was talking to
interview right all Wieck has been doing
his interviews hey
we’re not talking about what he’s doing
we talking about the fact that it was
not even from Missy hood to get at wack
that’s that’s that’s my sole purpose of
what I’m saying but he’s a testament is
his bodyguard so I I never said it was
wrong what he did or that I say it was
wrong it was just timing note I was a
bit that kind of a let’s just say stupid
you say that didn’t come from his
neighborhood but it came from
Mississippi who have the most to say or
more emotional about his death any my
came from my nigga wearing of all money
in chain
that’s all i’ma say it ended on that
right cool let’s go to the next all
money in shack oh my god right sis hi
did slow down well we know these streets
but hey it came from all money you know
I mean a politics is weird to me I just
I know that it was Haiti buff
slim fault honey yes that’s the shit
that me um antennas radon the rat hole
gets deep mm-hmm let’s get some other
shit yeah these things that go out out
there man
okay the next thing I definitely want to
touch base is on his junior Smith okay
his wife caught him cheating on her okay
with an actress hey Candice Patton oh
yeah your wife a man would know right
he’s married no no no no oh he may have
now you don’t know if his wife is the
the you know the one from junior high
elementary daddy the first one I ever
loved oh my it’s not bad-looking and she
just had a baby a premature baby but she
straight you don’t say anyways case
maybe she got her edges so when she
found out about it everybody starts
swarming her Instagram your husband’s
out here with this actress and you know
how it go how do I dress look let’s see
let’s see the actress man you see if
famous actors are up-and-coming actors
good I’m an actual Channel four and I
sound like nobody
be on the bounce network ESPY Awards and
alive gotta turn the channel 13 and
didn’t push you and then that you follow
she’s a normal really pager black hair
more soy milk man that’s like a
cappuccino that’s makeup come on I need
to see you it on Wednesday your face
they hold marriages with pussy money
school that’s how she linked this is his
wife Instagram okay she gets on
Instagram with a video of her own and
she prays she prays for she prays for
Jairus miss she prays for herself as she
prays for the side piece she’s hurt you
could Tim I think I fucked up back in
the day o receive look like one of my
he’s broken God did you know praying for
the side piece now y’all got here that
part got a big heart
so he knew now what do you do at the
house I just want to hear her print it
for the side bitch they’ll put Jesus in
NoHo Situation Room for business Candice
is my prayer to you go about your
business candy candy fucking up your day
oh that’s why he cheated on her that
bitch is mind blown she’s crazy you can
look at her look at a passionate prayer
about it she accepted what her husband
decide bitch first of all second of all
that steep ramp for what she might do
what she might do that
she praying for what she might do today
ass and that’s our disclaimer for they
don’t know they own a path for
destruction you fucked
that’s the disclaim all right crazy lady
candy that is think about a good scratch
the window you know jr. made a statement
he basically is saying he was separated
from his wife for months right now I got
prayer sounded who gives a fuck that
prayers can be better going by the bills
that prayer sound like they still live
together take care your child or whether
y’all got going that sound like they
still there together don’t mean shit for
like much that what the fucking do it
matter but if you still live there
here’s a prayer oh he definitely got a
damn is gonna take offering in this
motherfucker to pray she does that
afraid to make it today town business I
heard the passion in her Christ and if
all my business don’t even work they
don’t know about your instruction that’s
a pond that he playing with you right or
wrong it’s just too much energy I’m out
so next thing I want to talk about is
this lyrical or and um what’s this nigga
named cute your quality control to pick
out all the money money make you fly
here but this nigga look like he look
like my toilet not my poop look in the
toilet that’s how he looked come on up I
don’t know
but anyways um I want to talk about his
he white fuck the bitch anyway but go
oh now this would this was crazy which I
don’t know after wrong her pregnant and
her past from pregnant of the same
motherfucking Menezes man oh it was a
menage a z’ oh this wagon he did some
outside shit so that you already knew
what’s happening to you is fucking one
before you was fucking with him but he
had that money so he was blinded by it
so now you got a baby and now you saying
the nigga was beating on you you trying
to solve for 15 million dollars okay
30 milli yeah 15 15 you got it 50 Ejim
is the one portal for B not for B not
smear 550 we can Germans for being a
mean millions em Jimmy yes what’s now I
had already heard about situations
between him and her and how he would buy
her like Chanel bags and take them away
bar shit take away take away bruises
like cuts on her face in her hands like
she’s taking pictures every time and
probably aggressive man aggression meets
aggressive well he whatever there you go
so the coke good you thinking that you
see Superman is a Supergirl and you get
the throwing shit at nigga the fuck do
you think you are all right man I’m
gonna tell you this man i’ma tell you
this my G we gonna end it like this man
my ex-wife to a pot at me when we first
start moving together you don’t think I
cried him up again to a right back at
her no at her leg not she threw it at my
face Wow
I threw that shit at her leg and a
handle broke off oh I’ll do it I threw
it so hard that she broke off and then
she hit in the back of the leg and
may her bleed I went to jail
she nearly I yeah I mean but she hit me
with a pot in her motherfucking hair she
thought I said blow with a nano hot
grits on it
no it’s an empty pot okay yeah empty
parts our green had to go do hot but you
don’t know how aggressive more the story
you don’t know how aggressive this
situation could have been and my wife
hit me in the head with a fucking pack I
caught her out of pocket yeah what me
out of pocket yeah fuck you Bob okay
focus here and why she burn I threw it
out actually hit her in the lip laughs
Tom brother fucked up football pass
straight tin my hand no but she hit me
in the motherfucking head that’s why the
handle felt longer to bite me in the
motherfucking head it got loose by I
grab the shin do it that’s just a
football football and a little part
that’s sticking out the handle stabbed
ass in the leg but PE you know how much
I think it rebuked oh oh my god baby I’m
oh no you don’t know the damn is you
doing to it and that prayer sounding
like they I felt like oh my god like I
just busted her face or something it was
only on a little piece of leg I feel
like oh my god so I don’t know how
muhfucka hit on a woman you know I mean
or feel good about it you know I mean
like come on man like I don’t feel good
I actually felt like I got hit and I
never did it again you know I mean but
it was out of anger you know I mean
motherfucker bitch hit me in the head
with a pipe I’ll bitch fufufu hair by
using moment you know i mean but that
let me know stop drop and roll
house arrest house arrest
yeah we lived in a
that’s a real injury though I said this
is my girlfriend at the time yeah but
that was not favorable I’m in my life
know the trash you know saying but if
you ask me something I’m saying which I
wish it wouldn’t know Simone you have a
nigger oh you told us about to run
around a bedroom never been like you
like to fly nobody know cause like we
ain’t gonna be able to do the show
I don’t play nobody should ever put
hands on a woman and we’re gonna end it
like that but I radio happy
motherfucking holiday got the impressive
face I mean a goddamn a jido face it got
me but fuck that man we can’t divide and
conquer over us man we Luigi Thome the
trash it sometimes shoot out three no
boogie he is not a dresser this fabulous
man I think he was just wrap it too much
like niggas nowadays I don’t get no real
fan yeah and he proved that you can rap
just as good as any nigga now today and
do they music but I don’t want to hear
that from you know be like shit use the
site’s phenomena no we out that make a
show with 85 Vegas gas that shit what
even no gas big I shouldn’t have a pump
nigga yeah yeah yeah oh you know got
radio episode 8 episode number 28 all
right happy holidays have been Christmas
I hope you smoking like I do you know me
hope you get everything you wish from
Santa include you too yeah I’m getting
the money next year I’ll get my son
let’s get all my mom yeah that mean we
out this muhfucka smoke a lot radio boat
give me vitamins then stitch your
brother Apple music brother Spotify
brother what you gonna do when Himalayas
come on you soap
fucking box rather on my parents

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