SMOKE A LOT RADIO Ep. 27| Juice WRLD, Lizzo, Nick Cannon, Wack100, Zimmerman Sues + MORE!!


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takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
hey hey come back they go get smoked a
lot what they follow 17
that beer you can log-in smoke baby are
we going on another episode of smoke
light radio episode 27 with the most
could smoke mouth with the beautifulest
co-hosted again simone teller in the
building and the illest nigga nebraska
kato phone yeah
oh my mama you ball hit you yeah it’s
good to be back man we see each other
man he’s giving man Thanksgiving man
simonia how was your motherfucking
Thanksgiving me well I’m back vegan so
it was very depressing a lot of
vegetables but it was okay to do stuff
in all the little sides and shit the
cranberry sauce
all that shit yeah all the pies
you crazy pies no sugar no sugar
vegetarian vegan no that’s a big no
sugar that’s some shit you can’t do
sugar us Caesar salad with turkey
dressing no I had cranberry sauce I had
gems I have mashed potatoes
I had stuffing oh you got a chance to
get some right if you no no see the
vegetable making shit is too fucking
demand and maybe is to just demand is
too much I couldn’t see is like it’s
like changing your gender food what you
know you’re real nigga my nigga tissue
with the jacket with with the vegan shit
if that nigga ain’t sick you look lame
like in Niger world our homies let us
down when they turn vegan we feel like
they gave up it’s a lot of athletes that
nobody eats that are vegan that would
knock your none of my friend
friends Africa I’ll tell my mother if my
primitive pot Anelka and me and my
niggas on the block and I’m like yeah
man we finna go get some chili fries
and somebody shower you know and I
didn’t I ended up liking it so I
couldn’t do this claim but it was good
no niggas would take you to simply
that’s your mommy shit but I’m not
fooling y’all understand when y’all
about 50 happy birthday thank you
Sagittarius in a building site you’re
really fuck a black don’t crack Jack um
how was your yoga he’s not doing a lot
of cooking yes turkey gang was beasting
you know I’m said we did gumbo and
Turkey for everybody had different
tastes you know that was nice yeah you
know what we did we did the Yakama meet
you this time but you went exotic wood
to meet some so I felt like I went to
Jack’s be strong Three’s Company with
the Lambs that kind of one steak man
stay for everybody go meaty bones very
buddy’s gonna be lamb chop Gillis
population yeah we chopped these goddamn
slabs down nobody knows about berries
for real yeah so used to get into pizza
I’m gonna tell you where to get the dope
lamb chops from but they only give you
three and a he’ll expensive gotta order
little ones late a little that is the
regular Italians you got go to a katana
they got the lamb chops yeah lamb chops
with a little small ass scoop of
potatoes man they give you three lamb
chops and a little small ass man dip did
you see this by the size of his top rich
type of meat so people that you read me
lamb is considered white meat right I
ran a poor
a lot of people don’t know that it’s not
red meat right I know it’s funny facts
I’m smoked a lot read as good as fuck
though I tell you that man um yeah I’ve
been on lamb chops for a minute man but
I definitely had two lamb chop game
going because like you did the gumbo
thing we have a gumbo for Christmas
let’s do a gumbo for Christmas and shit
so we didn’t well I want a gumbo like a
mug for the last year we did the seafood
Thanksgiving so I’m going to go back
like we did a roasted son just had a
whole house smelling like heaven this
dude nobody wants the same food
everybody they don’t like a hell-like
vegan vegan chili got them yeah there
you go this is what does vegan chili can
it have beans in it what animal does
beans come from beans is in a meat group
just like peanut butter nigga don’t play
with me the question because beans are
in the meat group out of the four food
groups so when you vegan is of eating a
being considered eating meat because
that’s the group that is saying protein
anyway we have to have protein
I don’t know nothing about it but I’m
trying to gain some type of interest so
if I can make a fake ass vegan chili it
got ass amazing yeah and you can use
beyond meat I know how to make it taste
like I took something for my mom I made
her beyond meat tacos she thought it was
ground beef the way I mean it’s cheesy
I mean eating healthy is great but why
is most of the vegans I know fat bottom
got damn starch and they love a Diet
Pepsi I don’t know any vegans that are
fat what I don’t I know big vegans for a
big boy fat I’m talking about just you
know I mean I got some weight on they
came on our show mr. fat boy you gotta
tighten it so money from the Tennessee
Titan we had okay but his coach he was
getting hurt a lot or his vegan diet and
the coach was like your body it’s when
you go vegan your jeans they read they
they basically like regenerate it’s like
a ten line in the UGG boot it made him
bonus which I’ve been doing like there’s
been a few weekends that I had a wild
shit that went down no there’s no
interviews and watched all your lives
and shit you guys lives are spectacular
ice won’t let you guys know that
especially you
to blob in this interactive TV yeah but
it’s Mona she sees a whole nother and
come on man but I missed you
motherfuckers I had a couple bullshit
that shows man
because I know people came out
themselves you know I was in sack so we
did the little dragon uh me and me and
brush it but he promoted it ya know what
Gatlin okay I ain’t never did it showing
sack it was so empty the double joint
was empty brother I it’s all 50 people
stop tucking the promo money shit to
these people that she can get problem ah
I don’t know but I never perform a
second it was so empty but these
promoters they want the artist to
promote it sometimes they do you know
you sell tickets and promotions
people come in you know cuz I did I want
to show of course somebody was still
there no no doubt but uh yeah but is the
lower energy was okay so in the whole
entire building with just 50 people
there how many people could the building
holes only I got 200 people so um 50
other bought everybody a drink off the
$10 special who get everybody would
don’t give that shit of make me look
like the footage look good that’s our
cue we don’t fear I see they already
lost money cuz only 50 people came
they’re not thinking about spending
that’s why I’m opening young acts is
very important yes no I said me like
about a day and a half to get my shit
like I had to really hit the bride and
give my back
yeah yeah oh you fucking Russell and
I fuck with a regime nigga man Gatlin
that nigga dog was up here that we did
interviews a promoter nigga go oh yeah
it was all cool you know I mean even
though the turnout but I ain’t never had
a show like that in sack man sack
usually turned up for motherfucker man I
was dead on man Simoni love bring it to
you first things first I want to talk
about this Nick Cannon situation oh shit
with him coming at Eminem I mean you
know it was it was bound to happen but I
didn’t think he was gonna really come at
him like this with a diss track two of
them two back-to-back you went back to
back on the nigga bag the back what I
want to ask you two is do we actually
take Nick any serious right now with
this rap shit that he’s doing well you
want to go first
oh I don’t know first thing I can’t take
it’s serious if you’re not rapping on
the motherfuckers for real on one of
them you just spit a hot ate it in you
got some bona fide certified battle rap
legends handling the candle now what’s
gonna get spicy is when but see I don’t
think Eminem’s gonna say shit I don’t
think even fuck with it for the simple
fact it kind of like far as Nick
Cannon’s rap style it takes Eminem down
if he actually goes in there and trying
to rip Nick head apart when Nick when
Nick on the rap part of his whole career
is not shit so if M being somebody that
legends and upcoming let’s call it the
treats him like he is shit it doesn’t
help him on a rap tip well let me say
this I think that this will be a chance
for me to get back out there with his
music rip this nigga up man this is my
bar that we know
and their drop a fucking album boom
it’ll rip them up more on his music if
he was going against Jadakiss or
somebody but going against another of a
person that’s more of a personality and
a star than a rapper no okay it’s
rustling in they should do that you do
this shit on WWF while it out let me
interrupt man oh that’s why em ain’t
fuckin around cuz he don’t want to get
Wilin out no love come on there must a
brand open but like I said on there’s
some business shit what they beefed it
on my live is that Nick is doing a Power
Move that’s why I got the black squad on
the song cuz he want a real immense
Wilin out to be on the red squad right
you know yeah but that’s why wow you got
Nick are hella rappers he fuck with
white and and then nick is a season each
businessman so try to promote the show
and I’m not mad and I’m a so now you got
beef with the wild out nigga suit I was
man I don’t wanna get interviewer say he
gonna make me bring out my gigolo Jersey
he stated that really fucked me up was
he said that em got caught sucking dick
by his bodyguard over his chauffeur but
em didn’t denied he just was defending
the guard he said it never happened in
the back seat and the gardener and I’ll
never chauffeur a child that’s not his
talk about how he’s taking a page out of
Drake’s book man fuckin address elephant
of room reading a city of all types of
coke Nicolas yeah I want apology Nicolas
when ETA the Gartner is hot right yeah
so he does care about the gardener
yeah yeah he cares about the duck
guarding his best interest yeah right
now the nigger said my wife fucks you up
my baby mama fucks you love you see my
weight upset whenever that song was you
say you still trippin my baby mama shit
it on you you damn near so that you know
I mean i forbade them but something like
that yes all started off the Fat Joe
song or when a man in that song so we
make a blast on the song together
ambhi’s go crazy on on motherfuckers man
he slid up Mariah and Nick don’t lie
still hold on this shit
hey my thing is this man go back to
shock rap you know I mean not just like
you know I mean like personal like you
really feeling this because now I feel
like a personal problem are you still
holding on this Mariah shit Nick ain’t
Nick did an interview make anyone
interview with the lad TV and they
bought this Eminem shit back up nothing
from the black TV interview debt and the
black TV shit was lately was yeah okay
and he was like Eminem is whooping all
this black people don’t rock his shit in
this time the first I think okay another
elephant a rumor I don’t think Nick
should lean so much on the racial part
about Eminem because that ain’t really
was the meat of these beefs and these
motherfucking rap little shit so okay
okay I know yeah and I noticed I noticed
that you know some of the dialogue and
some of the UH the to diss records had a
lot of the racial shit so it’s like we
doing it was the rapper’s especially to
do with the dreads to do with the jury
on the second oh no no on the second on
the second verse dis record rather when
Nick was rapping like Eminem the one
that supposed to be the one we kind of
rapping like a man inside sorry for that
pray for me pray for him but on the
second yes so I’m like that let’s let’s
keep the racial dialogue I love y’all
keys rattling please be racial no no no
some of the bars like to you Terry
you know Aryan such-and-such you don’t
say it’s always like comedies leader
pussy or Elvis Aaron Savior real-life
penitentiary white boy right the mob KKK
I mean right now anything else to fuck
with anyway except for Kanye having all
that silver on so just Kanye and silver
Jesus said you know what if you send mr.
sixty-two motherfuckers on the Guinea on
church next thing I’m gonna get into his
juice world first of all I want to say
r.i.p to the young king condolences his
family everybody at home he’s everybody
pray for his family to his death he was
going into the Chicago Airport and he
suffered from convulsions and went into
cardiac arrest
what is allegedly said was that he had
some percocets on him and he swallowed
all of them because he didn’t want to
get caught with him and that’s what led
to the drug overdose also they found 70
pounds of marijuana in his luggage
anybody could say him really we’ll never
know you know what I’m saying but I just
want to talk about these young rappers
in the industry with this whole drug
obsession who made it cool what made it
cool why do they think it’s cool and
these kids aren’t dying and they’re
seeing it let me land man I come from
with niggas selling the dope right yaagh
new era the Millennials I come from
where niggas is doing the dope it’s
totally opposite yeah I was taught not
to get high off your own supply make
money off the shit you know I mean I’m
gonna keep it a buck I started smoking
weed and I started rapping getting in
the studio because it was a week coach I
was telling my niggas like yo you’re
gonna be a dope fiend again that’s the
gateway drug I’m selling hella crack and
we and nigga might Blair that’s a
gateway drug and a lot of my niggas end
up smoking crack doing heroin doing coke
after the week cuz the weed was enough
for yeah I mean so I don’t seen it shit
I’ve seen the biggest kingpin start
doing hair on and shit you know I mean
the fuck they hold you know I mean
Empire over you know I mean don’t think
shit so we was taught and we had
examples in our neighborhood what not to
do you don’t want to fall off like that
motherfucker making millions and shit in
the neighborhood nigga he can find out
from you you gotta get this nigga credit
it’s you know I don’t get the game-day
don’t want to raise like that one thing
that one thing one thing juice world
don’t come from Mars my Center thinking
because he never sold shit so blast
seventy pounds on the plane I don’t know
okay okay
in the mind of a hustler what’s the
first thing you flush it but I was
working in the line user that’s why he
chose plane take the motherfuckers
before get destroying them his mind went
that of a panic of a user not a hustler
because it’s that one to get rid of it
right it was the hot rather take this
shit rid of so the mindset of paranoia
and plus he’s a tease minutes he’s been
a millionaire for a few few years and
he’s been grown for a few years so we
can’t give him a gang of expertise in
the art of being a criminal and for that
looked like they just came back from
reopen with 70 pounds they wasn’t
smoking smokers a mouth at all and this
is not blamed this is just factual
actual just coming up in the
conversation between colos alright so we
plan to blame God I don’t big as him but
you guys need some real niggas around
UNESCO site niggas in your squaw
wiggling so you don’t know what the guys
are official niggas that do stupid shit
and remember no the real cruisers to be
like that you don’t know what the record
label was doing you don’t know what the
niggas is doing all that take it’s a
whole nother
why would you book the private plane and
put 70 packs on it you booked a private
plane for a reason you could have just
flew first-class because you don’t know
the rules of but she’s swimming hacks on
the plane them guns on the plane we need
to do something you have faux guns and
you have fucking 70 packs money I’ll
give a fuck about the pills what who had
that who that belong to right like who
the fuck was trying to move that from
wherever they flew suits in Chicago on
the night of his birthday of all the
shit that’s going on right now like come
on man somebody in this cool was
wiggling period like address the
elephant in the room I doubt if he
wiggling but you got niggas from the
hood you know me you hire bodyguards
need a ride instead of just saying flush
lend him to sing crush crushing blow
anything to six or 4646 of circuses and
he swell how much is the Parker set on
the street $20 or something right but
how much time can you give for having
them I have no clue and I’d really don’t
write I think people are popping pills
even people y’all ladies probably so
some do so can we say he OD door made a
bad decision he OD OD OD is getting high
too much that nigga greed gluttony
fucked him up and a bad decision you got
too much on paper yeah
hey man address elephant in the room
though like I said on my lab man fuck
that pilot man that found it was hella
nosy now you got a dead rap little pilot
you got he called the fares Odom that’s
what made him pop the busybody seen him
going so so it was a rev up before the
whole situation we need to thank anak
because of the fucking police why they
would have been in the carpet but the
party but the pilot called the fucking
police are warned there now in there in
the air now baby come on that
motherfucker with the guns
the pounds out I just came regular
luggage hmm this nigga cut on the
speaker whatever and listen to what they
probably talking to whoever you gonna
give it to whatever
so was it wrapped up so we got four
bangles now he’s on with his million
dollar as he said fuck that
no but the fucking pilot said old it’s
going down the drug deals again
but they didn’t seal not safe and he
called the boys and when they landed
nigga they see lights and motherfucking
cherries and blueberries
fuck that pilot man up I ain’t saying
fuck the pilot man you could’ve let his
image that the motherfucker just land
with a little you know I made a little
shit they weren’t harming nobody
the pilot was being too fucking nosy man
made that call the man that boy reacted
to the fucking pilot calling him boy he
probably knew what was up when they was
bringing a fucking plane with it open
like you know they still go don’t you
still get a skin even though you go on a
private plane no it is in Van Nuys or
nobody scan right through that
motherfucker straight to the plane for
people that own planes it was like a
parking lot like were you own a boat you
got a park on the fucking hood yeah our
main dock and you got to pay for that so
they pay for this shit to be at the
hangar the private jet hangar they got
their own little little though whatever
the fuck little monopod knows whatever
the shit but on a positive note trippy
bridge say these and I’m gonna use
nothing else because it is bullshit so
that’s somebody shots not to tribute
video with new double cups of lean and
shit and come on it’s that Morton’s yeah
man that shit was good
well who died bricks they’d be back on
that move that man Joe yeah
yeah but I mean that’s a date man it’s a
fucking drug culture man it’s a doping
culture right now with the rap music
everybody talking about this shit that
you should not be doing right it’s
almost nipping cold bad Joe on Wendy
Williams said when they use the smoke
crack it was cool because at least they
knew that was smoking crack
Oh Fat Joe said on the weed weed smoke
right Fat Joe said on the Wendy Williams
Show when they used to smoke crack and
do things Fat Joe said on the Wendy
Williams Show back when they used to
smoke crack at least they knew it was
crack these young kids don’t know what
they’re doing but least we knew it was
crack when they used to use fucking at
least they knew it was crack so Fat Joe
is skinny Joe that Josie back when they
knew it was crack at least they knew we
was crack that was a disclaimer so these
kids don’t know what they doing because
blah blah blah blah we knew it was crack
I get what you mean
thank you hey man don’t get help your
own supply don’t be cheap money keep it
Nino Brian yeah nobody is fine though oh
he was fine anyways I want to touch
bases on this call and this whole
situation motherfuck establish center
set on the motherfucking would turn
around and twerk and have her ass
showing out show him the footage
oh no she wasn’t
Oh Tusker Delhi let me make you
Tuscadero that would have been cool dove
she was at the Grammys or the AMAs with
anything to do it a fucking basketball
supporting me turn around all of us dope
but it was a sport even with children
bottom a $1,400
to sit on a motherfucking fourth floor
go over to the floor now and all I see
is pancake juice she was at the Grammys
or the MTV Awards and AMAs that’s
appropriate because cutting-edge and
she’s the highest-paid rapping oh man
she’s get 500k per show nigga nobody
getting that as a rapper Nick she’s a
hospital and that but uh therefore she’s
a high Spade and if she don’t have to do
a problem with the ass being out because
people do shape and you got niggers
wearing Cinderella dresses
I got a problem what you’re doing at the
basketball game when children I’ll play
for $300 for seat and I got a look at a
big leather skin curtain in front of my
motherfucking you know cuz at the
Grammys yeah and MTV’s and ain’t all
that that’s what they do cut man shit
let me okay so let me let me discuss
this the Staples Center is now trying to
yeah yeah oh shit Fredrik secret it’s
like small medium large is not my bbws
cuz I love my smile of all the chunky
for Funky’s but it’s a it’s a time and a
place for everything it’s all I’m saying
public events and I think I’m gonna do
it that hard on business decision yeah
man stop disrespecting these big bitches
bang big bitches is live right now I
never call bbw big beautiful women
motherfuckers and they winnin they got
cat-like got friends only assholes so
they don’t have to be subtle
they don’t have to resort today no more
Fox right you just been ignored affects
you shout or shot a car Anthony town and
then stay at the whole game why not why
he probably tackled a big ass you know
NBA players like big shit because they
are MA
nothing wrong with Liz oh but of
decision-making and that mother but
sheep she got the fucking train going I
mean she nominate 752 Grammys she met
not at the sporting events but sure your
ass at the Grammys Donen get your shoe
leather Temperley motherfucker my thing
is this if I’m getting five on the cash
show my ass too man I want to tap into
George Zimmerman right now attempting to
sue Trayvon Martin’s family for more
than a hundred million dollars four
hundred more than were they yes well
this is all financial Grievous’s he
feels like like they defamed him as a
they’ve been malicious towards him he
feels he can’t go out and get a job and
work because of the murder and all this
and all that like how dare you ain’t you
living off the money you may be selling
the damage on night nigga and the book
or whatever packs of Skittles right for
white people yes he’s doing that yes
none actually died out he ain’t poppin
no mo yeah they got new killers and shit
new school shooters
yeah they got new school shooters this
shit that they sent him money to he’s
out of here new niggas money I don’t
know dr. ghost but now you want to sue
motherfuckers but my thing is this what
happened to all the money you got you
got millions of dollars and
motherfuckers that’s what’s fucking me
Hispanic like a motherfucker and they
put the KKK GoFundMe behind his
motherfucker now he broke two GoFundMe
is out of funds right
nigga gotta sue motherfuckers like this
they need to sue your bitch ass joy
famous Bank bitch ass nigga for selling
a gun making a motherfucking spectacle
out of a murder nigga hit any magician
so mouth slander defamation of character
nigga you sell the skittles wood and you
soak the gun like nigga this promotion
for you why is he with you why
somebody’s Florida nigga not Miami
Florida niggas need to step down shit up
yep period but then it’s like this shit
like that gonna always pop because we
have we a weak-ass solve generation I’m
gonna keep it a buck man where I come
from when we had the Black Panthers we
had Malcolm X we had Martin Luther King
you know I mean we have real serious
motherfuckers that that made you know
spent that know moment fuck respect to
respect yourself
pussy ass kids that’s the scared of the
police but they’re not scare today nigga
they pulled up on a nigga the whole
block shoot the whole block with a ak-47
but this police pull up with a pop gun
on your ass you got heavy artillery like
a motherfucking not promoting that but
you’re scared oh I’m gonna pull over
like what you just ready to shoot up the
whole block sign and skittles running
yeah I’m the Sandman the no Milenio this
is soft and if they was hard and now
some real shit that boys would’ve been I
know hang his hat on one that would have
been a rap man here you sign an
autograph get a fax you hanging your hat
I’m a black dude did that to a white guy
that black nigga will not even made it
to court
hmm he would have been dead digging yeah
he would have been a rat and they would
have been unsolved and nobody know what
happened you know I mean period so I’ve
been a day man I shouldn’t go you know I
mean we got to step our shit up and
protect our people and my day without
detect our people we letting too much
this shit’s like yeah
– my own shit’s like literally like this
is like that besides him by after him
and before him with the police and other
people that just you know I mean Tom are
they could be the dude that was at the
store remember the dude I don’t know
what the name was but it was some white
guy came arguing that a dude girlfriend
yeah and they shot shot the dude got out
and and protected his girlfriend he
pushed him he just
to me like nigga get out moon your nigga
pulled out and shot him killed him and
they let him get away with it
self-defense but he came talkin shit to
my wife and threatening my wife now get
out of here fuck I did just a shove he
got killed the targets on your back and
you’re afraid I’m saying man we gotta
check this shit man I even if we got to
do with with the government shit like
boat new laws in the action you know I
mean because okay your physical and shit
that’s gonna be more people going to
jail you know
government rules these fucking police
rules how they able to you know I mean I
think I think should be like overseas
man I think police should have batons
and shit know they have batons and all
that shit and stun guns and shit but
when it’s real crime they get to grab
their guns when it’s serious crimes you
came to this patrol with a big-ass
chopper in the back seat or big guys
gauge in the backseat grabbed artillery
you know I mean and there is no no bike
I have a gun that’s why in London
everybody gets stabbed and shit it’s
knives and bats they hit you with a
billy club cuz you ain’t got guns and
ammo out there so at the end of the day
Brooke have these police on some rules
where you only could use excessive force
when it’s needed okay now don’t a
jaywalking motherfuckers right say if
they will make a law saying oh no guns
if so many niggas got good on night no
guns no no girls no big guns they could
have a gun a little gun I’m talking
about big guns big artillery and shit
when it’s for a problem you know I mean
I did bring the army tank in the battle
RAM on your ass out just on the a riot
like niggas analyzed I got the battle
RAM out the tank out all day you only
need that for no fucking riot and you
got guns and aks and shit like the big
pistols this year right well all that
for people just standing so it should be
certain protocols for certain weaponry
for police I think that’s about being
bombed by motherfuckers have
much artillery as they have now how
would you disarm
Jemaine disarmed people got brick got
some guns nigga actually who how will we
be disarmed if the laws change let me
land how if all of you niggas got
choppers there’s no secret today great
why let me let me finish the point first
name one let me finish the beside the
Black Panther let me finish the first
point four we get to the Sailor cool
what I’m saying but as a people already
being armed up as it is on our so-called
primitive form how will we be disarmed
if the law came can you every law come
but it takes such a sense amount of time
for it to go in effect during that
course and that law going in fact
they’re saying oh oh you had no guns or
this kind of guns what you gonna do with
the guns that’s already been acquired
right I’m saying the police the
authority that they got but you
shouldn’t have that much fucking power
period you shouldn’t you shouldn’t be
able to just shoot people just running
period you got a stun gun for that you
got a motherfucking walkie-talkie yeah
that’s not it oversees us in America
already armed but okay locked and loaded
who cares you don’t have to come with
the army tank they get a battering ram
the helicopter all the extra shit when
it’s just a domestic violence a domestic
disturbance or you just got niggas
rolling dice on the corner you don’t
have to come so aggressive my G pier
that’s all I’m saying they could they
could do what they need to do when it’s
time I think they even though these
sacks of shit I really think they’d be
fair for they life too there’s people
out there that kill police they don’t
know what they walking into but name I
mean black people just have shootouts
with police with aks now you’re talking
all this shit that all the black people
on who’s actually killing police I’ll
wait but you know now you have some
Aryan like you talk about or some other
race people that are really gonna walk
they mess up when you say how they’re
not armed like us in London in America
all don’t but they did they get it it’s
protocol the car should be some of the
people are law enforcement okay that’s
what that’s what he got
because I was speaking on a lawn on the
people tip they still do they lost shit
nigga a putana so they don’t enforce
wood burners like okay that’s where I
got caught in major dated today no I
want to make sure I get some
understanding today I’m not trying to
make no ride against police we talked
about Zimmerman a period so I just think
people should have nipped that in the
bud fuck kill him he should have got
slid on his wallet a thousand times he
should have got an ass whoopin every
time he hit the block ya up don’t like
Jesus nigger like stones or rocks or –
but he know the Empowered ever been been
so empowered by upper power that’s why
he’s a motherfucking comfortable yeah I
know we talked about this man a few
times on our show cuz he’s always up to
some shit wack 100 basically oh do we
talk about this nigga every episode lady
seem like it well you live this is
what’s going on so as much so Gabe has a
new album out called born Iraq he put on
a song called hug the block and in that
song you know big face which is his
older brother took some official certain
things that were said and he took to
Instagram to post certain things about
gaming said how game was a liar how he
lied I said that he spoke to his father
before he died and how face had to
basically arrange the funeral and game
all he did was pay for it he didn’t do
shit he would come like come to the
funeral and let me just touch your bases
on some cuz I’ve been around for a long
time around this family I’m really close
with games sister I’m close with face I
I’ve been a part of whole movement
before it was even big so I know how
this goes
I really think Jayceon has a mental
disorder now I say this because of my
psychological background I do have a
master’s in psychology I believe that
his issues stem from childhood I believe
that certain things that he does is just
who he is I believe that like you know
we had a conversation you said something
about his sister not saying he was
disrespecting her but just just how he
does family sometimes yeah it’s not cool
you know saying like you know you didn’t
know nothing about hip-hop your brother
introduced you to that you didn’t know
nothing about the streets like your
sister really more her than you you know
never said that’s just really the truth
but at the end of the day you know
everybody know why games does what he
does but at the same time I still can’t
get with the fact that wack 100 is
dissing nipsey and this nigga game is
right for nipsey doing the frig Freddy’s
name and his clothing line prolific
doing all this bullshit but you ain’t
speaking out against 100 about him
disrespecting this man she already
defended it saying you know for us he
got his opinion I got my opinion blah
blah blah we always be down to
everything be disclaimer doubt may be so
many disclaimers I’m wonder if this shit
as an accident claims something because
like every time I turn around
none of his provably with the puddin
straight up like you said he’d been
tipsy fired like a motherfucking FC
you know saving with the nips off’
occasion for a long time and then he’s
strong enough to just be his goddamn
self but he chooses to mystify itself
accountable for his actions of his nip
suffocation then we looking like we
fucking with him and he like throwing
disclaimers on when he’s tough man when
you been tough so long with your little
image we expect you to at least say
something of substance that makes sense
it looked like all that shit is
wrestling between the whole Ocampo what
I truly believe is that when whack is in
business with these rap artists he has
something over their heads that’s why
they don’t speak out against him that’s
why they don’t want no beef with him but
we know I’m not asking you to speak out
against wack I’m asking you to speak up
for Nick fucking like you said a great
point say she said a great point I’m
landing with she what she just said
that’s the elephant in the room right
there mm-hmm that’s the other thing
right there Barry
you’ve been outside so let’s just get
into 100 and big-face how it started big
face had basically made some post and
was talking about whacking then you know
they went back and forth and then I
guess a hundred ent basically big face
started that from Brazil Street okay
after black Wall Street went in to try
to put whatever right
this nigga wet went in trademarked 100
ent and said yeah nigga let’s play you
you want to play let’s really play he
just did it yeah big face got a 10 all
the same tactic that game got to do
prolific to accepting if he died yeah
damn I didn’t think about it that way
he’s playing his trademark game there
was the record label fate that his hat
it was way before house is now when you
trademark something you have prolific
record nobody knew just listen nobody
knew about it but it was there however
would give me a famous artist when you
trademark and you have to basically
state what type of trade market it’s for
like okay prolific record label that’s
that’s different that’s clothing so he
knew what he was doing I’m not just he
was mark
he was fast Ricola yes different rate
but like okay I’m gonna just speak on it
for real one thing I did not like I’m
gonna speak on it game has a friend
named Lola okay I’m sure if you follow
this grammar whatever you seen her or
whatever he bought her a brand new Jeep
I mean with all the things just let me
elaborate right and his sister like 1999
Toyota Corolla honor breath but I can
feel that like my sister like everybody
looking at my sister like she’s supposed
to be baller like me both my sisters
like I’m not no dude hundreds of you
know me millions of dollars and none of
that shit not even tens of millions of
dollars you know I mean so when they
think you’re celebrity I think everybody
supposed to be balling your grandma your
auntie your cousin everybody supposed to
be having it that’s just the stagger
that come with an artist bro
period they come with me my sister
brand-new GI do that my wife like beef
dinner parties right I’ll come everybody
up here sometime siblings don’t get
along man especially if you have a
different father a different mother like
really but dad is a different kind of
day family got a lot of energy that’s
not going on far as with the dad again
was mad because bfly did an article
about her father raping her and she
never said anything that’s a different
family dynamic than the average Joe
phrase when you got that type of dynamic
going in that’s a whole nother elephant
that’s a giraffe in the wrong my thing
is why the fuck is wack 100 in the
fucking media every fucking week yeah
rocket alert yep he’s doing it for a
purpose you know y’all niggas relax I
got this I’m gonna do all this shit get
them when they want to interview me that
gonna interview y’all too now notices
run every time he’d have been on the
other interviews he do when he got game
there he got blue face there it’s not
just him buddy I’m 7/3 if you don’t
motion Lord he is hot way harder than
blue face but it’s a promotional run my
why have your artist there with your
wife you know I mean they wanted hey I
got this you ain’t gotta talk shit on
ya’ll entered that’s why game they had
to reply that’s why i blue ain’t had to
reply he were playing for them he got me
I got but as long as we know one game he
never had people speaking for him no
that’s why I believe wack has something
over his head I think wack is like I got
this I think it’s cool let me be the
motherfucking uh enemy I could be the
bad guy I don’t think so
now again at Arapahoe cos debug find out
real deep I would disclose something the
streets is talking streets nowhere to do
what I you if I tell you what I do you
know if I tell you if I tell you what I
know okay we’ll talk about it off air
then nobody what I know man
the game is cold like damn
everybody knows rhyming you know some
sausage it’s crazy now that we spoke
about walk 100 I have to get into games
new song he has with Chris Brown on the
board a rap CD and he’s we all know he’d
be trying to sound like everybody but
he’s really trying to say you heard this
song right the Chris Brown song yeah
yeah yeah why is he trying to sound like
Neffe paying homage emulate deceased
that’s the part of his rap style game he
does that with all her up any song he’s
on with you he’s gonna rap like you and
he not erupted like Drake factoid facto
you can sound like dr. Drake nas nigga
that’s this thing no that’s been his
he’s voiceovers yeah basically yeah that
nigga dead nigga dead niggas always
sound like he knew I’m selling glasses
him glasses and jay-z for one at one
point also that’s why he’s the game he
can sound like whoever’s hot in the game
I remember when he tried to sound like
your glasses right sound like the game
hell no no no
when he had the honeypot rusong you
don’t like that raspy cigarette smoke
flow yo la yes and then then you bring
you swing words and did you gently and
then abrasive why glasses gosh silence
address the elephant the room faces he
was a knocko he was like a low sodium
diet game it was big guy he’s the next
game it wasn’t
oh man fucker you said that’s the low
sodium no when he first came in a game
my everybody liked when I heard the next
game and no cholesterol bro he dope as
fuck when he came man come on yeah I you
acted stupid are you a party and I used
to listen to him when that’s what spotty
locals down with the crew talk the buzz
he the next game and they say all that
that’s why I just use that joke oh that
was the trap game period a like we put
money up for this man we got this is the
next game on start war day come on yeah
yet that they had the same cadence with
a flock all their ass me Swank time but
it was so weird go safe but no I used to
try to be in PMC hammer that was before
my time okay
well end it on that woman however Miss
Universe right now we got this a female
you have to pay universe they’ve already
fucked it up again no I thought I was a
reward for last time he did it again
fuck I love Steve I don’t care he’s gone
through with his daughter
oh no man held on there
his daughter his daughter’s a fatty but
ain’t no how you fuckin up with pay too
bitch is from South Africa her name is
Rosa beanie tunze oh shit you got that
Murphy told us years ago that Oh feels
gonna rise on that zebra
fucking shit and she’s here
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh Street I’m saying
this because she would they do the
sponge girl she got the sponge curly
she’s beautiful cheap on games yeah yeah
she’s a dope he always were kind of ever
for real man that dress is amazing
beautiful motherfucker played on the
movie that movie was alright last but
not nice on this block report I have to
talk about Billy Dee Williams yeah you
fucked off all my mother fuck let me say
this before you start as much as I still
I slit smart like a bull you fucked the
whole thing up Billy Dee my grandmother
had a crush on you mother fucking nine
you gender fluid in the fuckers gender
gender-fluid is known as help me with
that gender gender fluid is when you do
not basically adhere to a sex like you
wouldn’t consider yourself a man I
wouldn’t consider myself a female to
open minded Lando Calrissian
so yeah look sweet okay gender fluid is
denoting or relating to a person who
does not identify themselves as having a
fixed because he waited to come out and
save my motherfucker 69 years they have
Oh diggity you don’t even make sense
Billy cuz he went came back to a week
later to my man I don’t even know
disclaimer of sound even know what I did
say know his PR tell him this letter
people shit got niggas out of pan letter
people shit got people out of pocket
baby baby a whole new gender but a
letter P what are your name that what
that is that gonna be so see let’s see
pansexual PG pan CPS pansexual salsa P
so when he claims himself to be in
sexual a pansexual is basically not
gender or gender identity
the nigga added another letter to the
alphabet my nigga to alphabet people
like music too much music about sound
sexual it’s too many sexuals out right
god damn you you put a lid on to now
adjust the letter people is making it to
where they want all outfit they want the
whole fucking alphabet bro they’re gonna
have a new gender for every letter in
the alphabet but powerful
can I be a Z that’s great sexual nigga
y’all make rules
y’all got all the cartridges all in
Nintendo game yeah one and they blow no
no fling go on they blown on autocar
disease no Franco before we get out this
motherfucker man before we get into the
what the fuck’s the shin oh no we gotta
get to the one that’s straight to listen
what the fuck gather one err what the
fuck right now yeah let’s go
Kid Rock bring your bitch-ass to the
table but how dare you talk that shit
about our motherfucking industry fuckin
fuck shit fuck the queen of this shitty
race he had things to say about Beyonce
many years ago and jay-z supposedly
checked her money he does not care he
runs his mouth off that’s just who he is
but he’s from Detroit Motor City a lot
of black people he came up and rap he
was a rapper exactly it was fuckin with
all the rappers I thought it was Run DMC
but it was actually another group that
put him on then I made and he’s been
rapping his ass off now he did the Miley
Cyrus soon that shit died off he went to
it you know I mean Confederate flag no
thing or whatever rock and roll trying
to be a rock or whatever but he was at
some type of Club it wasn’t in Vegas or
something he probably was trunk injury
was really drunk rent he sent out doper
you know he said she could suck my my
dick sideways so she just couldn’t suck
dick regular sideways decided that
multiple times like this and then she’s
on the side he’s doing like restless
dick sad why are you doing the low yeah
I mean like the macho man right whatever
the wrestlers do he don’t know that
theatric and then he start
seeing a bone in the USA like it was a
song sideways I’m just curious like in
actuality I’m confused
that’s what the fuck you said you asked
them sideways Simone so I don’t know
take it in a Johnny hit in the jaw and
set it to mouth just licking the side of
the shaft oh you just want to be shaft
tasted Walla bitch mouth Oh turn upside
down and do a back flip all your dick
and that’s our soup have you ever had a
bitch like do a wobbly man overdo
wouldn’t matter Oprah fuck
I mean Oprah is doing a lot of key
things in the world right now I mean
you’d never know I know Oprah Thomas
trying to get Russell Simmons now he
said that she tried to have him on the
show he refused fuck Oprah she wanted me
Larissa I am there I’m bigger than Oprah
like it started off like that yes the
fuck is up that’s enough a rock what the
fuck nigga he was a lot here a bottle
because rebuttal was hella main I’ve
been a Detroit resident for X amount of
years and I did this and I did this
fundraiser and I made this Medical
Center and he tried to talk about made a
move along 9 mile tax a tax write-off
and again is most mostly government
government fucking rock we don’t call
you right back
that’s a hustle we don’t call you right
right now I spend your money on some
nigga with all the millions they play
these games like you just did it out of
your batter broke nigga use all your
money you a nigga motherfucker
and then we’re looking out
shit you know I mean like come on mate
you ain’t getting taxed for it period
like we know the hustle my nigga we know
these millionaires do but Piron and if
he was really down for black people man
you wanna use that was a black card no
my friends are black how can I be racist
my friend what about the one that said I
know uh the fuck she said you know talk
about the bitch the bitch did white now
I got another bitch man
that’s the hell akimichi and then she
talked about Kapernick the fucking
receiver got how did it receiver get him
up like a deal not cat that’s the real
what the fuck cabron eats workout video
they submitted that the nigga was
throwing passes okay it features of
other football playing that he brought
that he brought that he broke his neck
to get them in yes he fucked off his
chances yes to make that point so he
should be happy and he should know that
his efforts did benefit somebody other
than itself and his old mate that he’d
been rocking with something that’s came
out of that be that you brought that the
NFL didn’t even want got a job before
you so you should be happy that all your
answers got somebody a job and you and
Nessa korat off in the sunset no sports
do you let’s just take all the political
shit out the window is Colin Kaepernick
it’s his game tight enough for him to
get back on a team yes I’m hearing mixed
reviews I’m gonna take you the fuck do
you know let me say it is how the fuck
do you take the nigger you throw in the
passes soon the past had to be accurate
for mother to catch it so how are you
taking them up like that catch the past
that’s like when in football they
celebrate the quarterback nobody who’ll
catch the touchdown
always Tom Brady is the fucking king of
no matter how me motherfucker be handed
the tool to get the touchdown alright
Tom Brady Tom Brady we don’t hear shit
barely about the receivers and shit how
the fuck did it go from not being about
the quarterback to the fucking receiver
that was a motherfucker that he bought
in for just to catch my ball they
smacked and they’re gonna fade fuck you
you might wanna feel but you’re looking
at it half-empty up I’m gonna look at it
half-full they pick that young man they
picked a young man he cuz we showed the
athleticism of catching an inaccurate
more that’s why he got picked because he
can catch an inaccurate ball but right
now an inaccurate ball athleticism got
him that job of stretching out and
catching that shit tell you is why his
game cancer I said to the NFL because
when he was 2 and 10 and they didn’t
want him no coordinators was formatting
them plays around his staff now you got
cam I mean not cam you got a little more
all the time fire quarterbacks are black
and they play like the old Colin
Kaepernick and the old Tim Tebow so that
type of balling is in the NFL now so yes
it could have rocked and rocked that
muhfucka NFL because of how he plays
because they play like that now when
when they was call him sorry they didn’t
play like that you don’t say they play
they do the shit so yes he would have
made it before years out the league and
your body is not football ready I don’t
know no more I think he should have took
that shot and showed them on the field
and left all the politics to the side
okay with a cool to canta canta canta
cool t-shirt that momentum is how you
two showed up and he practice he told me
never play football because he lost his
foot goddamn it the whole point Aang is
I would’ve rather him see him show and
prove because you knew it wasn’t gonna
be fair and how much can you really
fault the NFL for covering their ass
from you double suing them when they
already just paid you that’s my thing
I’m telling you I’m a I’m a Gaeta Tang
sign this cuz you can’t sue me if nobody
want to fuck with you never understand
exactly so it’s like I wanna do the fist
bump shit but that’s not a leader I can
fuck with for one II don’t talk and for
one this is a movement that got out of
hand he didn’t know this was gonna
happen like this because before he got
with Nestle he was not standing for shit
man he was naked on the front of SPM
with the football on his balls it’s just
a super ball with the short haircut it’s
like I should attempt to sue and then
settle settle and then get after the
tank and call him racist so I’m like why
you even want to fucking play for they
got an exit bill coming up or you could
have showed us in Canada an NFL became
and got your ass new two years of
whining and talking that shit he could
have played in Canada for half a season
and then it came and got his ass like
they went and got Court Warner and they
wouldn’t got warmoon back in the day
yeah but your body ain’t even football
ready no more so the waiting game not
when you calling them racist and the
words using okay so now that you guys
are saying this but I think this changes
how you guys thought about Stephanie
Smith’s common sense no or don’t
remember on one I never wasn’t against
Steve a nice comments all the one
getting my ass whupped in the comments
on YouTube like I feel like oh oh I feel
like – yo motherfucking uh max is more
blacker than fucking of Steven a
but also devil’s advocate shit you need
that other voice that’s gonna tell you
you knew when they offered you that
goddamn tryout it wasn’t gonna be fair
you not dumb but down let’s let’s let’s
really stop and step it up down yeah
even thinking outside the box
everybody just looking at what’s in
plain view you don’t want a game he
wanted to stunt
period I’ll show you niggas I still
could play and now I’m really doubling
down on you motherfuckers not hiring me
cuz I still could play but don’t try to
play cuz I got twenty fucking million
out y’all ass nigga so you you you you
you II called them niggas out they need
to step up you don’t give a fuck he
going to his 20 million about you trying
I wore my motherfucking O’Connor I’m a a
black panel man your Lester can tell you
last 12 games fuck he did that to start
to show that he still could fuckin
complete a pass so we shouldn’t be
defending them that’s it so yeah I think
he started back on him they started on
him for how is he show you I don’t need
no tryout or your team let me show you I
can still throw and show you how
motherfuckers that you were playing
fucking games hey you have my
motherfucking receiver nigga the nerve
of you I can still throw and you
motherfuckers man your receiver you got
your man’s got a job you day you didn’t
you to bring him receivers you wanted
some money for that you want some more
money first hiring your nigga
they got made them catch the ball do it
precisely to I feel good you know it’s a
business and it fellas not like working
it let me tell you fucking bored company
let me tell you this is a bitch imma
ended on this we know it’s a business
broke we know it’s a business but we
know motherfuckers races like the
plantation don’t be going like that bro
to NFL I mean and be like whatever use
then fuck itself over when the girl put
the Raven picture up
let’s fuck him off he had a job
technically on the top of the gun right
but let me end it on this one man
I just seen a baseball player get 300
and for 28 million for nine years
forty-two three hundred forty two
million for nine years fuck fuck fuck
football how about that next subject one
player get three hundred and forty two
million for nine years fuck everything
baseball is it smoke a lot Red Hill baby
crow okay in the last what the fuck man
what I really wanted to do man bat Bobby
bring you acid baby baby baby baby bat
Bobby be a bad baby man what the fuck is
up he’s saying that now you gotta
respond in it she said every black girl
with a we want to be white no no she was
responding to people in her comments
talking about her having box braids in
her head but huh is it true that black
women want to be like European women cuz
they got straight let me elaborate okay
people should be able to where they
heard whatever way they want to wear it
I see so many Armenian bitches with baby
hairs and shit I’m just over it I don’t
know right but however you know she had
the box braids a lot of african-american
women were going in the comments like Oh
Ellen our style again you know honey on
a black girl magic shit and then she’s
just like well y’all tryin to be white
wearing y’all hair straight that’s what
she said trying to be white wearing
y’all hair straight now do you feel that
that’s true
no because you can have naturally curly
hair and press it out and wear straight
doesn’t mean you’re trying to be white
what black woman really wants to be a
white woman let’s keep from you I mean
in in the world
but not to look like one or to actually
be one no no I don’t think there’s one
different texture here huh that is one a
different why people here this is this
is a motherfucking Malaysian Malaysia
bitch I don’t know what what black woman
want to wear some white woman here they
don’t sell white woman here in the
goddamn door
Brazil yeah they sell Indian they sell
Malaysian motherfuckers from East Asian
she they don’t sell wine
what’s my Caucasian weave I never heard
it been sold so that’s why I’m saying
like how can you and then on top of that
you got Indian and I mean black your
knees you know me the real Indians yeah
I mean that’s
you got a Eiffel Latins AB straight here
you got afro indians whatever you want
to call them or real Indians they got
straight hair so any like the first time
has ever been seen you’ll have cousins
that’s an Indian half indi and they all
got straight hair
black black into me and you straight
hair no chemicals and none of that shit
so you know to say that it’s like you
really disrespected the history of shit
like you know a period now people could
be mixed to but they still have straight
hair you know I mean yeah so like it
ain’t come up just from people trying to
be like you know I mean the magazine
models or whatever emulate a black woman
she been even when she was on Maury or
whatever show that was when she was
trying to beat her mother that’s like
black ghetto chicks be irrational go
clamps on your braids and talking like
this like you got that for black girls
not no white chick we not water what are
black women doing to emulate white women
what a hello John are we twerk we’re not
doing that the credit score that’s it
well they bleeped today skin like a
and do I even still sell that type of
shot doesn’t work I’ll fucking white
guys but they’re not trying to be white
women because they’re fucking with white
okay I gotta get what to do they know
$40 below Vicky won’t argue meter has
wove it gr than B – so that family cash
me outside bitch person yeah begin
confused so my thing like you said man
you trying to be black black chick
zombie white went weaves and you try to
be black
we’re not trying to be white well you
know we wearing the blonde weaves with
the blue eyes and on it you you know the
Oreos y’all know what I’m talking about
but I’m talking about real
african-american sisters no white woman
let’s get let’s keep it a buck it was an
every time where everybody had our
phones and shit you know I mean and even
it you could have your afro and press it
out make it straight mmm-hmm even with
your press you know I mean to make it yo
shit straight you know have no chemical
whatever you just pressure hot comb hot
shit on the motherfucking I’m talking
about seventies we had to put on the
grease on the goddamn stove heat up
mmm-hmm that is May it was no chemical
then it came to the chemical Jericho
ever now is the black dudes getting
Jheri curls and shit trying to be white
cuz I know was a Michael Jack no Kurt
they never curled up like that it was
always straight right I’m just saying
but we went to a erudite we went from
afros to like cosmetics like overnight
meeting with their own hair and you add
water to summer black people’s hair he
curls up even white people they don’t
like this is straight they banjo
everyone to spike my fuck
it been happiness
dan was frying ahead like Malcolm X and
Duke Ellington them to get to conquer
Laney not a that’s when they want that
Ray’s looking Frank Sinatra Cab Calloway
everybody wanted to emulate what he said
was at a time when niggas wanted
straight air know at the time when
niggas want to have white hair I’m gonna
tell you they’re not I switched over I’m
gonna tell you this man ended on a good
note everybody had their error it was
the area when everybody wanted to be
white it was the era when everybody
wanted to be Asian
the comfo era when Bruce Lee was popping
everybody wanted karate
oh my buddy ever want to be Mexican or
hell yeah they wanted to be Mexican
Nakano to see what Pablo Escobar look no
fuck that
well in jail with all these tattoos and
shit on a face in a head that’s Mexican
yeah got motherfucker I started with the
Indians not the Mexican it’ll be
technical but who made it face okay but
who made a famous in hip hop in jail the
message was tight now everything on a
fuckin body man every day don’t help
with everybody get into three dots on my
crazy life it started off with the my
crazy life and in an explosion to the
face and did we get to shave heads and
to you it looks green never understand
what’s up doc you wanna shoot I will
never understand I bet fuck that face a
semesters shit and fuck a bad Bobby a
bad bad baby bad Bobby whatever bad
bitch shit let’s get to the gas of the
trash and get the fuck up out here man
guys to the trash to the game born a rap
man how y’all feel about the album the
album cover everything interesting cuz
all those girls were actually really
pregnant in the picture right it’s
creative it’s different we’ve never seen
it done before I haven’t I got to do a
boring rap because he’s basically
stating born Bob but any any baby in
those bellies could be him hmm
get that as though yeah as though the
bitch rolling the weed the bitch yeah
it’s all ghetto like you guys should
just look at the faces as they could
make money
oh your birthday birthday faces their
Jayceon don’t lemon let us down with
your motherfucking Kanan said no and far
as the outlook I hide to us music you
know I didn’t really like the wolf album
but this one was better than the wolf
out returner to woofer he had a wolf or
something like that
I wasn’t buddy off that was just one
cool it’s 89 but it’s not better than
Jay stones
89 gasoline it’s not octane because he
oversaturated as us having 26 goddamn
song rap yeah
production-wise artistic wise and every
album has to have timing timing wise but
yeah forest by listening if I want some
freeway she’s smoking my blood running
around imma run through Jay stones
I can’t run through 26 goddamn joints 23
what did I wax 89 but in 1991
yeah yeah he defeated certainly with 15
numbers and gave me a little more care
album wise cuz it sounded like a
compilation not an album cuz when you
can put it up to against the
documentaries and stuff like that is his
worst work some of the worst work was
the year to wolf to me cuz he was
rapping all too many other niggas shit
when he had all the answers on and shit
out that was cute but it wasn’t a dead
boy boy
I really gotta say – but you shit but it
ain’t trash no but he has a different
but he has a different because you got
you got a judge them on something
different because you got a judge them
differ as an iconic rapper the niggas
iconic rapper he ain’t a motherfucker
he’s we know what you can do it didn’t
feel like you gave a show shit it’s like
you gave it some gamertag felt like it
felt like he gave us some music not an
album he gave us some music now I don’t
give us an album a jewel of thank like
some music came out some new game when I
first heard it I was doing a two hour
drive our up in an hour back so I was
able to hear the whole shit first time
around like this should amazing cuz it
sound different my second time on the
way here he got some shit like the beats
is immaculate okay yeah I mean a beats
his dope but it’s on some some shit on
there where he’s just rapping and I
couldn’t guess what he about to say next
he never been rapping like that where he
was just simple like that like short
like shit about no no no not being like
that when you said yeah exactly
he might owe somebody an album Gobbo
very sunny one listen inside he want now
my mom what I’m gonna tell you three of
my favorite songs on an album I like the
one with him in 21 savage they love
fucking late I like the one with him in
it that bitch lick I like the one with
arm what’s another one man the one where
they did to uh God I like the light when
he called niggas out
because I’m a rapidly rapidly nigga so
far some rapidly rapping shit I was kind
of my life but uh other than that it’s
like you know I mean he has some dope I
like the one with uh mozzie when I can’t
make up the fucking belly I like that
one I like that remit that auto and
separated that shit so we can marinate
on a good 1315 it was a puzzle they
pieces that didn’t belong in a puzzle
because when you set yourself at the
president that he’s set on because of
his past work you judged on your past
work right right and you made a hit
album without Dre that second animal
still gonna be like Dre that’s why he
wrote he said no come on what I’m saying
is on the second album when he had to do
it without the joy production and he now
to help that shit still was banging so I
know you can do some music he needs to
put out album when you set your
president to five million was back on
your own back a rumor there gotta be
donors that he has writers that uh the
nigga got used to be with great other
artists that was signed to trade I was
on the chronic 2000 he writes with the
game I heard I believe it he can still
represent unroll my song fucking Adam
twenty-two time are they right for the
game allegedly so
or is that who puts the punching buttons
I don’t know but it don’t sound like how
we used to rap more the story to me like
he inquired trying to find the right key
he come back here that grandpa rap he
ain’t gonna come back the way he was
he might come back better if he’s fuckin
arrest okay so you was mad at the one
that he sounded like nipsey won’t you
elaborate when I first heard that only
game in Chris Brown or his born to rap
my nigga I said I know game is not about
to do this and I just got quiet I’ll
pull it over just to hear it you pulled
over this nigga Nipsey all through the
fucking song and then niggas from
sixties is bumping this shit oh my god
you niggas for real for real are you for
real I mean that’s a homage song he does
that’s along that’s not how I was mad at
the UH creativity creative that’s might
they don’t sound like radio brother I
want to play that song happy holidays
all the listeners man I hope cyber
Mondays and black Fridays I hope y’all
got y’all shit together you know I mean
definitely did it for the kids and
anybody else get out me my radio episode
27 27 do it on stitcher do a little
Spotify do no radio of cop cop do it on
doing one fuck Apple music brother what
you gonna do with smoke about radio blow
smoke on you on your mom yeah mouth Kato
fuck phone titty Taylor simple

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