SMOKE A LOT RADIO Ep. 26| SLINK JOHNSON interview (Part 1) talks Monique vs Netflix, ManCave + MORE


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takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
17 my mash you up the river if Netflix
off its you 500k for a special would you
do it run it so what was their problem
that’s how much they offer 500 but
Monique track record as much right now I
need allegedly her DeRay got some from
like two to four million for his I don’t
think dear a like he’s more popular but
I don’t think he’s on the level like far
res accolade and I mean accolades as
Monique yeah it’s no way D way she guy I
think it got too much his stance his
stand-up uh grind is heavy you know no
my guy but I could watch monique
introducing him Shack shows autumn shack
shit that she did was way funnier than
that whole motherfucking deer a deer a
stand-up was bullshit right I was
bullshit I heard him say that should at
the Empire Oh half the shit he said to
the uncle it was cool I’m saying you
can’t brought to meal for that monique
is way just as funny or funnier
well far aunt got more accolades as far
as deer a I haven’t seen it dispersive
and I’ll just say God bless them they
get your money to rock the same chick
ain’t no hate banners I’m back max
wouldn’t be in the America
‘we are you ha see how you negotiate
your shit that Grady right hell of money
i should have got early the same 2
million i think cuz she’s way yeah and
just as funny if icon of your man theory
but let’s get to you my G so yeah I just
did one season one season hot shit how
would the dynamic of that motherfucker
being if that tank shit was on the air
that shit but did he call tank and ask
him about that did you call I brother
yeah I honestly I think have we been on
the air
he wouldn’t even say things when they
got things coming out like albums when
they’d trying to release people we love
your life man tank look man he fuckin
with people’s life right now nigga just
go get this out you want the new tank I
think changes you know keeping his name
poverty was treated like gee I guess in
this day and age it what’s important on
the internet that shit like that so are
we gonna fuck that we need the same
protest that you did for black Jesus for
the motherfucking man came yeah the man
came out yeah I got a sign in my studio
that say the man came I’m either being
this well
we go she like a whole name so my little
studio is the man cave so well yeah mate
that then I had to make a sign for hello
I’ve been head must have been a man
cases 90 but I had to make I’m like
nigga yeah layout yeah the bar you had
oh shit – hey that was a I was able to
hold your composure what I think they
did show time bitch our niggas minute
when got Matt Barnes and I go up and
smoke man and that’s the new man called
smoke yeah that’s the new decade they
took your shit right
period you don’t think so I’m saying
that’s it I’m gonna say this man nori
nori no Jager you took our shit man
because we smoked a lot radio niggas
been doing that now you could be drink
champlain tripping on that but now he’s
smoked champs once and then the nigga
just said and hold on hold up let me get
this one the negatives told he just did
an interview with somebody and said get
I’m smoke a lot I’m gonna be a character
named smoke that shit yeah cuz I want to
side with them I want to say maybe nigga
though he’s sometime things be black
does he Robbie rap with us he better I
was shit he rapped with the station
because he shouted out gangster
Chronicles welcome in the station okay
so see what you got right now you said
sir smoke a lot you know what I got the
other day now your smoke champs of shit
no he was talking to fabulous come get
the real smoke champs you got a smoke
champ in the building and a smoke champ
and the motherfucking building of yours
alive I wanna go and drink that ain’t
nori come get your nigger man let me
slide up there smoke yo champs we need
to do the first episode of smoke chance
if you don’t have you and me he fucked
it’s nope he fucked up period straight
on or you see that got no problem no
he’s my guy man he had me on owners on
the shitter they notice it but yeah man
if you really won’t smuggle out man
highlighters birthday boys smoke smoke
smoke a lot crazy smoke straight up this
intimate man you can fall asleep in your
seat but stand-up comedy I seen you do
it yet what are we gonna get stand-up
Tommy here well oh man I’m looking to do
a special man maybe summer 2020 I’m
still getting my chops still you know
comedy is a science it’s difference I’m
a nigga that’s funny
now you know translating it into chatham
comedy a different journey than just
being a funny person right so you know
I’m giving my chops up you know putting
my rep seeing this shit man hopefully
around the summer I’ll be ready to get
some special boy you know how cutthroat
do that shit get on the road though
dinner with other up-and-coming comedian
sits like rappers
shit I’ll text without niggas again I’m
getting it again I’m getting deeper but
you know at this point Cato all fucking
weird shit man I just do what I’m
supposed to do with niggas I don’t know
what once it oh I don’t know beyond the
show or to stay here weird niggas you
know I’m saying not to say any anybody
in particular buzzes I kind of keep to
myself I’ll fuck with niggas oh yeah so
I can stay away from the weird shit in
the cutthroat shit you know you got some
up-and-coming comedians and look at you
like maybe you made it what you got on
the phone you own goddamn we are here
together if I’m over the bill with you
nigga yeah so what I might be up a
little higher on the fucking marquee but
if we on the same goddamn bill because
we made it damn quick pocket watches
nigga how you feel about black making 6
billion dollars last year
million of you niggas I don’t want to
pocket watch that was a lot of money off
I say salute the flag get your
motherfucking money it’s the American
Way and you dumb ass niggas get up there
talking Hawking that shit
I don’t give a fuck who it is look some
shit ain’t meant to be spoke ok and you
think it’s got to be just bad enough you
niggas rap about it then you just gonna
fuckin uh just map it out on the goddamn
ladder now the latter now he ain’t the
face but the judges shouted out his
motherfucking website for helping them
in an A or AB and honestly if you ask me
in a black Vlad doing what a
motherfucker in his position with
– no it’s the niggas that’s talking next
question I told niggas man you gotta hit
valera with the matrix neo go to all you
kids out there they taught you
youngsters out there man look here if
you say them people and watching you
think the people ain’t checking you on
the mom so she made this is so easy for
the police they never got to do a
face recognition ah let’s take a look at
your post no right to your shit they
make any pages private thinking it can
be seen the police are posting up as
it’s the bitch’s Madam’s with big ass
you oh let’s followers and shit it’s a
big Brazilian big big booty this she
don’t want your right to follow with two
pitches watching from a bitch you see
how what’s the nickname for my whisper
call it man listen niggas name from
Florida with the hair and the nigga made
all the money I’ll make it fake profiles
and it turn that shit into it like a
promo promo shit spectacular okay
female profiles getting all the
followers and shit did chop it down to
make it his profile way yeah
records oh great company off that shit
now he’s good he’s the biggest thing of
making money on Pretty Ricky off Vega
fake profiles 5:00 in the morning
you niggas need to quit snitching on
yourself Meadowvale a TV man um I heard
little reset he wanted 1 million dollars
I need that but especially if a nigga
getting 6 million why not not a million
but nigga something I think all these
big hip-hop a podcast need to pay
artists for them stories and you
snitching on yourself nigga you you
better get nigga some some low play a
couple people he paid real important
people but I think everybody need to be
paid because if you make it six million
you got a lot of money there’s a given
they got a thousand dollars something
here I know man knowing that each
interview you probably make it 15 or
20,000 just like motherfucking uh Adam
22 did off a motherfucking another damn
– so at least you’re giving they got
$1,000 you made 20 to 15 thousand Adam
22 didn’t want to pay $500 for a fucking
game – writer
yes I got another writer I need a
haircut I need some weed I need you know
champagne whatever $500 but you made 15
wrecks off that interview look at
something out dope-dealing anybody
hadn’t been in the Reagan era talk about
dope never laugh no he want to ask you
who’s your supplier how long was you
doing it how many niggas you shot how
many niggas got right I mean he’s got
pounds you’re a saint if your ass ain’t
smart enough to say they’re fictitious
they would make it right for him to ask
those questions magazine to ask those
questions if the blacks only people to
ask their questions at the fair magazine
and Don Deaver my nigga let’s be real
man nobody ever asks no criminal fucking
shit Don diva and fucking fair magazine
real street kingpin legends now no
fucking hip-hop artists unless tables
attached here do like BMF because you’re
the blue and on them and try to but
that’s the closest they ever got to some
hip-hop shit speaking of be a madman
freedom i original is meant my freedom i
ago but that’s the closer that you ever
got to a rap you know i made on owner
down diva like this nigga come on every
nigga that he put from the starting
orders to the big artists is the next
BMF it looks like now thinking of
motherfucker that’s in japan think the
people that’s in europe think of the
people that’s in fuckin of Australia
Russia whatever it’s thing yeah look how
he look at us like oh man the people
that I looked at like you praise these
motherfuckers now you got that DeHaven
on there something bout jay-z was
selling dope
but you got these deep intricate stories
coming from people that was there
firsthand that’s pain these pictures
like I love jay-z Beyonce did and it
fucks it up it takes it back to the
gutter no matter how many fucking
accolades that you separate it from that
shit we separate we all set we all got a
criminal past not even a crew in the
past we all got a past it’s like a bitch
when you get a girl don’t think of the
first when I fucked it she has a past so
are we gonna every time you get a new
boyfriend bring up your whole fucking
past every nigga fuck I never had a girl
differences how many niggas you fuck is
the difference is this jay-z jay-z in
particular is actively making making his
distancing himself from that lifestyle
but you know is still still legal to be
dude why did you have to give the Haven
a fucking interview when he did that
interview about jay-z five years or six
years ago four views why did you have to
do this recently when jay-z doing all
the new shit for the NFL and shit
fucking I’m gonna get the boy that could
talk about jay-z again seven years later
like come on you Stern a motherfucker
pop what the dirt but the dirty Mackin
trend is and far as content now with the
with the new means you know
that’s a lane now and that’s cuz you you
get so getting alive and hit though the
dirty you hit okay like say hey yo get
you gonna get some slimy nigga come out
of the crawler now tell me well you know
I don’t no one used to and that’s that’s
a Content Lane now like you get to
mountains right so that’s what’s poppin
I don’t like it broke

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