SMOKE A LOT RADIO Ep.25 | RIP Bad Azz, Alicia Keys, Lil Reese, Blue Face, Drake, T.I. Drama + MORE!!


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This Episode Is Dedicated To The Memory of (Bad Azz) REST IN PEACE my WONDER TWIN Brother!! the Crew Also Taps In on The Latest Topics, Things Get REAL & HEATED MUST Watch!! <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
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oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
hey hey come back they go get smoked a
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chillin log is smoking live radio we
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it’s a host with the most cash most yup
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get back in the game now Hollywood a
sensor sees a pitbull Walker yeah she
back though I see a lot she’s doing her
Holly whatever anyway we get that before
we are matter of fact we don’t dedicate
this show to badass man recipe Sebastian
please man as much as a couple days ago
man Monday actually you know I mean in a
Riverside County Jail details are still
sketchy you know I mean people are
saying that he died in police custody
mmm other people are saying some other
shit you know um but that was all our
home did you know badass no well yeah I
was on nigga man got family that was
just one between man God is the one
between I don’t know one of the West
Coast niggas out here man yeah he was
one of the ones that we third-generation
West Coast snoop little homie we’re best
where my crew yeah the coldest flow my
nigga on some young niggas man
yeah fuck come on jump he’s as first
won’t have his verse right on crazy bout
plant that bitch quick Annie came witty
they’re just sad man cuz I was just with
that do man it’s crazy I could just be
with somebody man Adair next thing you
know they day out of here bro so you I
really appreciate when you see your
homies you know I mean I really like you
know I mean does anybody know how long
he was in jail for since like November
so a few days a few days he was told to
go to court and get out Monday the 11th
whatever it was a holiday Tuesday but he
went to jail over a domestic violence
incident so you know I mean y’all know
how the police react to shit like that
so you never know what happened once
they got him in its custody I mean once
they got him in their custody
yeah man went to some official autopsy
shit come out for we really get on it
right right so fresh but I don’t know
that’s what gets my information so far
with nobody he probably still
investigating policing well you know
dad’s put it on his page like you know
crooked you know fuck the system you
know I mean like cook it off this is a
shit and he put the docket up the police
document his arrest and all that so
everybody pointing their fingers at the
police on this one so it could be
crooked officers man and if it is it’s a
lawsuit out this world man so
condolences to badass kids you know I
mean I know he got kids I know he got
baby mothers I know he got family and I
mean it’s homeys condolences to
everybody this shit came out to blue
well yeah for real we convinces the shit
with the negative right well his
backpack burning right right no don’t
man we all say May so really have
motherfucking like you know even if it’s
not hopefully is not nothing you have to
do it often and feel some hell for lady
shit you know motherfuckers better tap
in with a motherfucking shit man that’s
us old 4000 young face nigga see what’s
going on the master cylinder man you got
any uh badass stories but first time I
fucked a bad as I was fuckin with Sookie
firing she took me to the studio so say
I think we wanna fuck with rhythm D or
something Michelob had me fuckin with
him a lot when we been truck me badass
mikkel always fuck with Jo everybody so
you know niggas always at Studio to
studio with it and I fuckin why so we
run across from during shows because we
all about of the tree fucking with
corrupt right and you know dads and
everybody like that so um just a gang
rap shit but I never got a chance to no
song with him a nothing you know I’m
saying I’m gonna get Coco Loco my nigga
tiptoe I grew up with them lowlife
niggas so you know I fucked with a
mon-sol you like more Street shit than
the industry shit Frank he did some he
did some cool footage for him yesterday
was spitting all the songs
you know you know yeah yeah yeah so uh
that nigga definitely was a
motherfucking comrade we built all the
weed fuck sure the guy just posted a
picture me him and booby-trap who’s that
one table shows the shit backstage he
had did a little snoop I’m in a corrupt
corrupt new moon rock I’m alright
because he lose that ambassador for moon
rock his sister is one of my followers
on one of my social media so you know
she had confirmed cuz you know I know
some other people he’s he taking care of
some business right now but it was all
of his building we’ve functions together
man no marijuana world right no you got
some stories don’t make no you know that
a adult when he helped me get her dumb
ass back man a dumb ass bet he was the
first to take me to Detroit you know I
mean to hook up with the cheddar boys
man recipe so uh the big wipeout you
know I mean but he took me to Detroit
fuck with these bosses out there you
know I mean in Detroit man I came back
and copped a CL 500 oh yeah I mean dumb
ass bad came back you know down payment
ain’t buy the old car you know came back
with thirty stacks
down payment took it straight to the
Benz dealership with 25 stacks down
another five on the rims many but bless
you little Barney yeah home oh man we
went out there to Detroit for about two
weeks man we cleaned house me a badass
man shot on my cheddar boy niggas man
and then this was one of night before
nigga so to be MF it was like cheddar
boys in Detroit like yeah man and then
it didn’t other niggas the Street Lords
so the street and then the chatter boys
are there you know that’s then BMF came
after that so there was a big boys out
there so that’s why I came back with
that big money like that but yeah man
badass introduced me to them and we as
our Detroit man killing shit man and
Detroit is just like Oakland or Watts
Nami Compton you know I mean yeah how
look you feel like you and the
motherfucking middle of Watts walking
down the street at East LA I know the
fucking West Oakland Sam
Boulevard that shit looked just like the
slums everywhere period and they with
this shit but they it’s like this it
looked crazy out there but they got
hella money right they got me mink coats
and shit it from Rolls Royces and
business and shit all types of flash it
rollin New York big-ass pieces you know
me but got it in a motherfuck out thing
you know I’m a saw me ain’t my lane to
shit the hood a seven-mile the strip is
go here go here Alliance game with a
seven-mile money but recipes a badass
man we also need a lot of other shit man
he is point mentor in the direction of a
lot of money man he was always a dude to
had the connections man here pull out
here pull up with a gang of Mexicans
that is ready to spend some money on
verses and albums and shit and
compilations and sharing videos like him
Thank You badass so he always had a
hustle man that’s what I loved about him
not only was he a dope ass rapper but he
always bashed it to the table
mm-hmm always far as me I don’t know
about nobody else before he was going
back chasers like Trick or Treat trick
or treat like be popping up and getting
back it was it’s like how how JT the
Bigga figure and dance was doing a
background yeah yeah
then with a Bay Area nigga at Long Beach
nigga yeah same thing
Oakland nigga done long beach naked man
me and bad as we is bad grab me straight
that’s my bad guy that’s why we like we
don’t want the twins we slide through
that motherf er together hey what’s a
Birdman rub hey hey
that’s gonna do a show with a quick and
skull and corrupting them on the 23rd
footage bring my motherfucking negative
you upsetting us do the whole show was
just on the ticket and then look at look
at the energy man like that I was in
Riverside the day he died I shot a video
out there that’s when I had the gene
codons with the warrior hat on his shit
I was out there so I was off and I’m you
know driving out there hella far doing
the video drive it back but before i did
the video before I even drove out there
I posted to Jesus piece and I posted a
change I said god bless the child
what about my day come back and find out
bad ass got killed in the same city I
just left from you know I mean so look
at the vibes I don’t know if I sent that
if my spirit sent that out to him and I
mean when I posted that you know I mean
I don’t know I don’t know why I posted
it but something in my heart said post
something about God right at that time
and bout time I got home I’m hearing the
news you know I mean so that was kind of
funny to me we don’t know how you got
no no no no yeah we’re saying you got
killed but what whatever happened then
he could have passed away a medical man
you never know what happens we still
trying to figure it out but I rest the
piece of bad ass we lost the real one
Ross I love my man Long Beach finest you
know I’m a lbc death we would have been
up here yeah I mean it up a little bit
November niggas guys are sick oh no not
November well now he broke the rules so
I can’t participate anyways but I am
curious about what the fuck what the new
fucker in the new fucker he is let’s
just just be home back
I just know that’s like a nigger version
of realest bitch give a fuck about it
nigga I’m please hold a shine giving no
bitch no giving no bitch no dick come
pull the runaround like that niggas out
here Maggie with that reason if you know
late but what is the real what am I
doing this for and I need to know the
dialogue behind this bullshit nice like
steak and blowjob day on Instagram that
was a good holiday remember too baby
Palmolive palmela
haulin bitches Hamelin I’m just saying
other niggas pussy pussy pussy
this time of year around each other arms
and shit to serve together type of nigga
like these dress suits of shit like
Amish niggas I’m sorry but I gots to get
down with all the pearl tis the season
my wife has tell my wife I’m not fuckin
for a month you got your bitch
ship is not supposed to be about saying
it is it’s always you ain’t got no good
sexual we got a relationship man I’m
sorry you can have a good conversation
well we’re speaking on everybody’s
desert pussies and desert dicks we’re
trying to get ours in right and this is
the season when the chileans in the pie
fucking man this is my nation see tis
the season hibernation cease this is a
lot of fucking everybody in the house
calling cupcaking oh man it’s cold it’s
the winter everybody fucking are you
guys swingers street the other day and I
was how he was shuffle Winky dinky dog
funny ass movie though look man before
we get into this black report man I got
a shower question man and we I think we
touched on this last time man but I want
to say this again man it’s hip-hop the
most dangerous business to be in my
nigga it’s really like everybody that
left the kingpin dee Boyer or what else
they graduate to what are they Swain to
yes fine either from being an artist or
managing artists or controlling or
extorting the artists they gonna get in
this game because of the bag that’s in
his motherfucker in the longevity and
how you can cover it up clean it so yeah
listen sport and sports is getting like
that when you get certain talented
niggas in there and they get the leaking
in and then they make them want to be
niggas on a team
they get they look at period it’s always
been dangerous it’s been dangerous it
was back in the day was dangerous with
the drug arrow heroin you know cracking
shit but now motherfuckers is night and
coming up missing there’s more danger
dosing it’s like it seems like it’s a
period in time when this happened that
having this happen now motherfuckers
just snitching and going to jail and
being killed by the police and all kinds
it was a time where we used to like to
listen to gangsta shit right and the
story to behind it and the tales now
these motherfuckers want to exercise
actions behind it right and wrap a body
right and get mad somebody and
understand knows what they doing will
you on number 17 you say I walked in the
house and blew the bitch out investigate
yourself 26 3 somebody walked in the
girl let me correct you don’t pay don’t
actually been going down since the
beginning of the rap you know I mean yes
that like nigga shout out x-rated you
know I mean like niggas that unwrapped
about shit then go to jail for what they
inner rap them out and got come later
went to jail with the gun he was on the
cover with these little boys from these
cases and that’s sick all these niggas
catch a hell of bobby schmurder still
ain’t even home right blossom so it’s
like it’s a different way they doing it
cuz of social media on it so acts as
much access to all this info and footage
cuz footage is what they about we wasn’t
taping our shit ok you know word of
mouth like boy you don’t say they plan
on a different field think man like like
the D the rap game is a new deep dope
game you cuz y’all just both y’all just
broke that shit down all the Street
niggas been converted to music yeah you
know I mean but it’s still the same
rules yeah if you disrespect you fucked
up you still gonna meet street
consequences you know I mean
so that’s why it’s dangerous in his rap
shit’ because it’s still Street niggas
involved with it you know I mean so it
is what it is and this is just for black
artists or is it for every artist
because I haven’t seen a couple demo
tapes on a couple different artists that
ain’t black
I got seeing someone do get beat up in
the streets like in New York it’s
starting to adopt the same rules and I
mean you know the same tactics just on
another level and it ain’t getting
televised Russ Russ doing demo tapes
every way throwing out all types of demo
tapes beat niggas ass everywhere so it
ain’t just black hip-hop it’s all
hip-hop Russ you don’t know Russ
the bitch killing it man anyway more the
story back to just white rap now let’s
go into white background while I was
mainly saying shit about the Eminem shit
because I seen tec-9 just really took up
for him
Tech was like yo what this to rock and
roll other stuff I listen to rap and I
incorporated all that shit in my culture
vulture so Eminem’s nobody said Eminem
is a culture vulture tec-9 you my nigga
you’re my nigga regime like um tech
watch itself my nigga all rappers watch
yourself because we didn’t seen it
should happen a thousand times now I’m
address the elephant in the
motherfucking room man you know I mean a
hundred years from now fifty years from
now they’re gonna say rat was made by
white people just like they did rhythm
and blues jazz everything else Elvis his
shit they say Elvis create a rock and
roll whatever blues and it is totally
false but that’s in the history books so
if you let this hip-hop shit keep going
and you keep telling these motherfuckers
that they made it instead of a guest
nigga it’s good and the history books is
gonna be Eminem made hip hop 50 years
from now post Malone infinity panel
because you know music about you is
right that
yes they could rewrite history just like
they did with the Elvis shit yeah Elvis
won the fuck rhythm and blues the first
motherfucker but they rewrote history
they made him famous now he’s a you know
I mean the face of the blue so it could
happen with hip-hop – everybody’s doing
this shit
so don’t let motherfuckers take hip-hop
away from us man claim that shit this is
all shit
period Jaffe’s and claiming Jasmine’s
standing up for jazz so I got took by
the white people yeah rhythm and blues
indoors so it got took by Elvis you know
I mean and so on and so on we can’t let
motherfuckers take hip-hop that’s why
I’m so that’s why they like to pop it
out so much like come on you gonna let
these motherfuckers take it over and
they gonna say we never did it it’s
gonna be post Malone it’s gonna be
motherfucking Eminem and what about city
easy but that’s my god but still it’s
gonna be it you know no disrespect to
them because his office for everybody
but it came from us a black culture man
you feel me
just like motherfucking country music
they ain’t gonna say that it really came
from black people slaves cuz all
actually came from in a slave girl blues
country music oh that shit now we can’t
even get in country music billboard us
country that’s how tight they keep they
shit until the old boy got on the song
right if they gave on accolades oh boy
yeah yeah oh boy made the song getting
up you know I mean so at the other day
they will not let us in a coach but we
let all them in our coaching then well
once we let them in down the line it’s
filmed they made it all of a sudden
Elvis mating this white guy made it like
come on we can’t keep falling for the
fucking banana in the tailpipe without
coaching to fly should we bring to the
table E we created pop the first pop
artists did they made all these other
knockoffs and shit but it is what it is
pop and rap against each other in the
90s when they would make that make it
look like the rappers don’t like the
other niggas that’s pop people that was
really niggas didn’t they stop doing
that shit and they start just turning
rapping the pop turning rap part and
making him do a pop like I was something
that Nicki Minaj shitting that Drake
should be sounding
then the ones that be banging you’d be
like what the fuck but we can’t let them
take us a like they took all our other
music breath that’s all I keep saying it
ain’t no I gotta get him and I got shit
against Eminem I got an under Gibbs for
that I ain’t got nothin against nobody
else we’re doing this music but don’t
have a problem with us claiming this
shit cuz we made this shit period don’t
be like oh fuck Lord Jamar oh like with
the flood so Elvis can say fuck a Little
whoever he got his Chuck Berry chard
shit like come on fuck Chuck Berry like
why you know where you got it from I get
love I got stupid man I don’t think that
shit is right man and tec-9 I don’t
think it was right for backing that up
you know I mean include music that we
black people invented and you try to
hack like white people have it I listen
to rock I listen to black people
invented rock – and they only do rockin
them all the rockers is rattling come on
my nigga like don’t let the but I’ll
let’s get to the black man the blackest
motherfucking hat man oh shit man the
first thing I want to address is Alicia
Keys over the week oh she made a post
about taking her four-year-old son to
the nail salon and him asking could he
get his nails painted in a rainbow color
okay and she said that she told him he
could and once he got it done he was
like you know what Mommy I don’t want
this on my nails no more she said why
and he said because people are not gonna
like it and she just went on a rambly
stating how we judge people and why
can’t people just be themselves and just
whatever feminine energy they have as a
man it should be able to come out or
whatever masculine energy a woman has is
to be able to come out now this is my
thought about it I feel as a mother it’s
your job to correct your son he’s too
young to understand what’s going on you
should never let him paint his nails
rainbow you should say no this is what
women do this is not something for kids
you see why check that and then when
he’s old enough to understand let go do
man he’s only four years old
you know sitting in and this Swiss beast
goes off to say you know this is our
child and if that’s where my my wife
wants my son to do I’m fine with it
etc there’s so many words this is his
nails pain but I’m just saying like I
think that she suggested that he get his
nails painted he agreed and didn’t
realize he didn’t like it I don’t even
think that was the dialogue you know
sanidine for her to come on and put that
shit on blast like that like on a damn
near PR stunners type of shit and now
you’re so hurt so what you didn’t know
straight men existed but this is the
planner notice she’s going to be hosting
the Grammys this one has got to be
something going on forever because
that’s an intimate family issue
conversation I don’t think we all needed
to know that you know I’m saying that
that how you feel until you address and
fix the problem in the home of why he’s
feeling confused and whoopty whoopty woo
because I feel like you use that now
that was a good one who’s your who’s
your publicist I was it going that’s it
is done she’s trying to promote shit you
didn’t feel genuine because I think I
you and swear should be talking about
that at the house and fixing that like
well son you shouldn’t have no polish on
your nails you know that’s like you know
saying not even the clear shit cut the
little motherfuckers clean the cuticle
go about your business go play that’s
what you’re doing you know but I don’t
think he should have no color y’all
should teach any sexuality or any gender
ISM it doesn’t matter if it’s left or
right up and down teach them none of
that shit right that’s fucked up you
shoving it down their throat then y’all
then you already got this new shit
called toxic masculinity where if you’re
too much of a man you you you you know
now I’m too much real news like you know
come on my nigger like I said before the
things that y’all are motherfucking
complaining about y’all can’t just
invade us that’s the classic regular
people right and then all your issues
and everything I can’t say shit a
certain way because you know airwaves
FCC airway you
so y’all understand it’s like come on
money just running your lane and do what
y’all doing we do what we doing we you
know say meet Nick in the middle but
don’t be shoving that shit now
four-year-old throw like that just the
choice alone is wrong just I think she
suggested that he do that and he said
okay Tommy and Johnny and DMX uh know
every shit like this you know say you
know be a Mexico what my had this with
me so right yeah yeah you know DJ Clue
Sam probably ain’t doing that shit they
always do it I’m the same me being a
father man I’ll nip that in the bud
right when it happened yeah you know I
mean check this out made a post about it
check this out I think kids are innocent
you know I mean why they little so you
need to let them know what’s wrong when
eight was wrong right you know I mean so
check that nip that in the bud now as
they get older like they teenagers shit
okay they got their own little decisions
or shit they got their own ways and shit
bones yeah okay I understand that if you
fourteen of you I want to wear a rainbow
okay you really thought about this
really how you feel four-year-old that’s
innocence like he don’t know no better
so you got to tell him this is wrong and
this is right Peary and I said you gotta
nip that in the bud don’t be like oh
well everybody has painted nails and
shit like that like she was like
everybody does the rappers like no she
was supposed to say no shit like that
right you weren’t supposed to let no
four-year-old think that men can wear
fingernail polish
I don’t even give a fuck if rock and
roll people wear it that’s what we’re it
and now in the gay people we’re – you
know I mean a damn letter people to
alphabet people wear it but I’m just
saying I don’t like her exploiting a
flip I don’t like I don’t like her
exploiting the parental issue my bad you
I don’t like our Swiss bees man Swiss
wizzy a new which we exploit that type
of instruction because you drop the ball
you have a teenage kid that’s thinking
that way today man think you know that’s
different back in the day in willows we
expect that from Willow sniffing in the
TI getting backlash over saying that he
checks his daughters this is so
disgusting to me right that’s spooky man
he goes with her to the gynecologist to
make sure that she’s still a virgin
making sure that her hymen is not broken
now you can break your hymen horseback
riding riding a bike exercising working
out too hard you know it can yep it can
happen so my thing is right yeah but
here’s my thing right this is this is my
thing about it um this is disgusting to
me how would you feel your father did
that to you what
I would hate my father oh I would hate
him why why you need to be checking on
my kuchi to my daughter expeditiously
your daughter is getting InnoCentive for
being a virgin now that’s a different
no our dad is like look huh I’ll give
you a hundred thousand if you remain a
virgin oh you want that new level okay
well let’s go check okay boom
I understand incentive for man who talks
about fucking bitches and all this kind
of shit you know what I’m saying what
you checking your daughter’s hymen you
cheating on your wife what you’re
checking your daughter’s hymen no there
is no alleged expedition no your wife
and Danny and damn you putting the shit
on talk shows and and certain the host
and then at the age she is that really
affects her for real you gonna make her
go side with the poor start I’d never
had vaginal sex all she knew was anal
that’s my home goddamn once was Macaulay
got black eyes huh that was fucking the
nigga with the head that was like mr.
Marcus Marcus that was his bitch a man
on the show we need to find some hair
ties out the store while he was with her
and got caught and then the people came
and rest was like hey you’re still in he
ended up paying for it he had to pay to
get out watching porn bids we need to go
we need to go get some of them mr.
Marcus how about a dope here to talking
shit man cuz we’re talking live shit
about that man you need to come up here
talking shit man we give the light up
here fuck that shit we W against
Chronicles Adam we gonna get him up here
for my sake
go for it let me let me tell you what I
think about the team amen yo man I got
it you know I got a daughter mm-hmm um
the only thing I do is book her or
medical appointments you know I mean
drop up yeah because I take care of her
I schedule her shit yeah schedule it
kids are kids kids don’t have no clue
right now period you got to keep on
schedule so I booked a appointments my
appointments everybody appointments
booked their calendar yo shit is writing
my check up yo check up this data third
but I don’t go in there without you know
I mean and he had show me the results of
paperwork if she wants you know she
wants to show me the results cuz he
gotta sign some paperwork to with the
doctors or ti his own copy
let me tell you this I just drop off and
pick up show her my wife talk about
results the girlie thing yeah I mean
they do a thing like that I don’t get
involved I just make sure she go pick up
and take a drop off that’s it as a
father should do I don’t think you
should be that deep you know I mean now
you should be inquisitive like if your
if your daughter’s out there being loose
yeah now you don’t want your daughter to
be loosey-goosey so I always have talks
like hey hey hey hey now you what you
got you know I mean don’t give it out
make a muhfucka work here I mean period
well she just hopped back in the car at
the ti in the parking lot say how’s your
pussy doing I think I think I think it’s
too much you know mainly I think that’s
what the daughter will want to tell you
if she wants to tell you you know I mean
like if she get a check-up and she want
to tell you I promote his new radio show
he’s gonna say any motherfuckers just
say shit just to promote shit but that
wasn’t on his daughter followed him with
some shit
the little light-skinned niggas doing
his daughter matters for I know she she
aint fuckin with it she’s crazy
so the next thing I wanted tap into is
Drake getting booed at Tyler the
creators music festival world record
inside on what happened okay so you know
Tyler and Frank is real cool so
everybody was expecting Frank now you
got to think like everybody’s like 1821
no older than 25 on earth hmm and so
Tyler brings out Drake what Tyler says
look Drake I want you to do specific
songs that I want you to do right so
Drake ends up performing these songs
that nobody knows that’s why he got
booed he didn’t get to come out and do
new shit exactly because Tyler was
trying to set a tone he didn’t want
Drake to overshadow him or more so like
steal the show or change the tone of the
show so he said look dude I’m a put your
songs and this is the type of group that
discord my sense that dry ended up
landing a contract with them he’s gonna
be there for a little festival yo man
give it up to them niggas boy Tyler
created the whole motherfucking how
future they got festivals ticket like
this is just poppin but we need to get
on tour and their mother fuck man I’m
gonna get my shit together me I’m gonna
do the five on the festival I’ve on the
fence we can you watch this weed of it
my nigga I’m about to put that together
while my nigga brought that in the
Denton then write that down
the next thing I want to touch base is
on his blue face right now oh yes
face basically made a statement on I
believe it was Twitter he was just
saying like y’all expected me to say
something about nips passing and ice and
the niggas die everyday B word but let
me elaborate ouch
you know he his father’s from schoolyard
crib okay now school oh man like what
made him say all that shit
what made him say that I’m gonna tell
you what made him say it right wonder
what I come from his father’s from
schoolyard crib okay okay so back in the
day the school yards in in in the
neighborhood sick so they got into art
station at the Wordle with skating rinks
so ever since then niggas been beefing
for years the school yards and they’re
sick so they don’t really they don’t you
don’t give a fuck and I know a lot of
niggas from school yards that that they
want to kill niggas from sixties so
that’s that’s the temperature basically
no they do but that’s that’s that’s the
temperature and a lot of people don’t
really understand the street politics
but cannot tap in on that what you think
well you remember quick kill it Swan
then tweet saying you know niggas
talking that shit I squabble up blue
facing a head of faith mmm-hmm you know
I’m saying it so blue face Vitale with
some shit like y’all niggas been letting
it down you know such and such you know
it was on the streets a few a few days
after he killed noted a he like well
that’s when he left what you wrote right
you know I’m saying you know niggas die
every day I because I remember I know a
couple episodes back I said I said have
y’all noticed ever since nipsey dyed
blue fade me and some of my my loke
stalk about that all the time we knew
why I just never thought it was gonna
actually come out meet in the media of
why far as the street politic part but
now you know it’s kind of like he
antagonists a antagonize situation and
nigga telling you I feel
at all keep that to yourself I’m from LA
so I can’t even speak on this shit man
la shit like you know he never left a
rest in peace thing because a lot of
people didn’t do that you know I’m
saying yeah well don’t say so no Wayne
never did it either that’s a different
topic but he brought a hero no code
saying the fuck shit for saying weird oh
shit Davey took them off as out I think
right now the powers that be can stop
this shit or before it really star
because that she can get real ugly
because killer Tuan is from bounty
hunter blood that’s all another ball
yeah Wow lucky me to da moon
oh that’s bitches hardest ed he sank
that’s when the nigga sent one if she
was on an on a Metrolink with him and
you know saying with all people from the
Knicks and you know so that’s a
different type of demon and be stony
streets when you playing with them
fellas over there watch oh wow not
taking nothing from the neighborhood
sixties and shit like that but this
ain’t about that right he’s talking he’s
in response to a damu nigger that’s from
all money in and blue-faced is kind of
like why y’all riding on me y’all could
have rode on a nigga that’s such a such
a such that’s and he that’s his rhetoric
they all him all them niggas like same
age he ain’t he ain’t 22 but the nigga
pot about 26 years old by now
no he grown me personally on the outside
of looking in I could see both point of
views I could see that you know blue
point of view that his neighborhood
weren’t rocking with them he just say
silent I stay away from it and turn out
to see killer point of view you know I
mean mad at the interview like the guy
had a squabble because that the other
day like and it was some resolution tax
focus ahead of squabble but even though
they okay soon even though it’s it’s
just a continuation of the the topic man
like whack is keeping this shit going so
he’s mad like that like okay everybody
been to blue in them and beefing yeah I
mean like they neighborhoods that ain’t
you know I mean
secret so what made killer wanna fight
was it interview I was it was it was the
interview of like you know stuff when he
was laughing saying little shit and Dana
I guess he liked basically standing up
like okay look enough is enough type of
shit shit about the homie
yeah and so young man blue face response
was y’all should have been getting mad
Nicky he’s mad at me I ain’t never said
nothing about oh my y’all trying to
attack me that’s like that’s position he
taking but niggas die everyday be the
steamer tweet was taken down but not for
the outsiders like me I’m a bay as I
feel I’m a Bay Area dude I really I
understand but don’t fully understand
because this is shit I don’t understand
now this is crip on crib right yeah the
crib car split up in three different
categories how that’s just how it is
it’s a whole nother like you have to
interview me it’s three different
categories you got neighborhood Crips
gangster crips and you got Hoover’s who
used to be Chris but they not Crips but
certain sections of them are but they
groovers they okay but everybody to
split up factions at a Crip car yours
are not sisters but they all against
their justice I thought now supposed to
be get be against blood you got a little
me finish okay cool it goes into a
separation of its soul many Crips you
know I’m saying and when the crip car
split up for different situations a lot
of the new the new generation a lot of
crip gangs rock with Diamond gangs now a
lot of yeah like you got a Milan’s rock
with peplos you got a trace rock what
IMG’s you got you know saying you got a
lot of different dynamic with the new
generation because they changed this the
platform kind of hottest shit go now
back in our day year but
now it’s a whole new thing because then
these youngsters are dealing with so
much money they’re not on the Block
selling rocks and grinding right and
everybody got bread all 17 to 32 of them
niggas is pulling up and shit and they
got chunky shit now so money run the
hood not the actual person
so it’s sorta gang okay like that’s what
talks now on this new dynamic but
doesn’t it water it down it’s been water
my thing is this that’s what I always
asked like okay that I signed up to be a
Crip not not me personally you know if I
was a dude that lived out here and I
pledged my allegiance to the
neighborhood that I meant and it was a
Crip hood and I go to another
motherfucking hood that got the same
flag and I get shot what the fuck did I
sign up for that’s why I didn’t give
money cuz you saw it for the hood
natural cut not to color so much so why
not the community because y’all common
enemies need a hood yo pop that’s why
that’s call right there it might as well
be the hood like we doing Oakland we
bang our hoods we don’t bang colors we
don’t bang flags we Bhangarh black you
feel me so if it’s that then why had a
flash you got to remember we have way
more gangs and dealing with way more
people involved so when you got a Los
Angeles County alone is what do the flag
mean something if you God bless you God
blood against blood and crip and get
script only touch the flag time is
really there when you get to jail yeah
hope y’all got to come together because
the Mexicans and is a race war and
they’re the Crips and bloods got to come
together so what do the fucking Flag
really mean that’s my question
if crimp does killing crip blood feelin
blood well y’all go to om we all go to
jail y’all gotta come together or get
demolished by the Mexicans in the heart
area Knights because the the platform
and the stage a gangbanging change from
more set let me tell you what changed
the game for the game that’s the real
that’s what changed the game for the
gangs was when motherfuckers start
lettin niggas that wasn’t really from
that particular neighborhood be from
your safe yeah so you got people that
still let a crumb off they live over
here such as such they’re still letting
Mama’s first apartment and then
our friends and you start integrating it
in one nigga star flop doing a certain
crimes together a lot of times you’re
doing crimes with niggers for motherhood
because you kind of can trust me more
than your own niggas then you develop a
money ally and now I don’t make seven
million with you seven hundred thousand
with you and I just been knowing my
nigga for 17 years but at the same time
mean you got so it’s a different ball
game they plan that doesn’t have could
see these little young isn’t man even
have to bang they made a choice they
didn’t get pushed into a curse society
and had no options they went to bang we
from our generation was like you know
this is your community you protected it
they don’t run off them rules so you’ll
see us such and such running with the
whoopty woo because about the bread now
and then I see not no more that that
should are you think now I get it
not why you think you see Crips wearing
more red than a little bit in the same
thing with blood no one gives a fuck
about no colors no more unless you under
the old law it’s a new law now and being
solid doesn’t really mean anything and
that real niggas shit has been remixed
into who got the money nobody give a
fuck about all of jail time you did how
long you been here with money you ain’t
never taught me nothing you ain’t my big
homie you ain’t never showed me shit I
don’t know you nigga
Lucy started to wear it B oh jeez yeah
it be oh jeez against young young niggas
ain’t gonna let no nigga D boat in they
gonna kill it oh that’s negative fact
yeah another 15 minutes on them look
agree mmm and now you got it to where
you got a generation these niggas
walking the streets that’s why I say
it’s not called snitching no more it’s
called telling what happened all I’m
doing is telling what happened wait
think 69 is getting rewarded uh-uh
Sammy boy getting rewarded outfalls
getting rewarded we want to make more of
these niggas they want more stories and
more crimes and more more things you
tell us what’s been going on we know and
yes what we don’t get you or get you a
movie nigger fame is the new place you
go get you movie a book or law to sit
your Oprah down and you and Donna you
ain’t even stopping
hey you’re honest Donahue man my nigga
ya know Sam I’m just sayin next subject
Marika’s that’s kind of really against
the clock
Trina’s on vacation in Walmart bitch
your real one just for being in some
patty pies she was in Walmart and a lady
was in the corner like crying and it is
like don’t talk to me you you nigger
bitch and both of them niggers and
bigger bitch oh so like everybody in the
crowd is like you know this walking
person just let her just say well we
think she’s like she couldn’t believe
what she heard right so you know typical
black woman like bitch what the fuck did
you say say that shit again the lady did
not say it again right you know I think
if the lady said it again do you think
Trina would have hit her no just what
she would’ve did she would have been TMZ
I’m happy like Trina’s I don’t wanna I
got a fact check you don’t saying but I
think something happened with Chino so
she going through something right now
anyway sing she ain’t got time for the
bullshit man Trina would all – shit look
at that on your sister mom or something
something just happened doctor yes sir
Sweet Chin Music
come on yeah it was gonna read y’all to
bitch me fuck out what city was she
we’re gonna read our mom just died her
mom okay so let’s get into this whole
Instagram shit Oh Instagram is going to
start removing likes maybe starting next
week because they feel like it’s it’s
causing depression relationship sue it
making how people have suicidal thoughts
this is my whole thing about it fucking
like the followers are still gonna be
there if you ain’t generated no income
from mother fucker
we are argue see of check-in our shit to
see how many likes me I see the bitchy
view I see the bitch-ass niggas that
don’t like my shit but beyond my story I
check all that shit and I saw your
motherfucking name’s booming on that
picture yeah i dial the one I want to
hire Oh mother fuckers pop in any way
some make the like that the average
teenager the good above fucking thousand
likes like fuck yeah
motherfuckers that be having a million
likes you may be buying them likes know
it really get a million like in kids
thank you by following game body likes
what I like about is likes is the kite
because companies get behind you because
it’ll axe you got here monster ship and
you post a shit they want to see the
like what about the followers now my
focus got to create that content to rip
up the files okay you see a likes and
other people can’t or just we will be
able to see our like it’s our money
niggas ash okay no more but if you
self-made it don’t fucking matter
I am sponsored by royal blood shadow
Roya below us we want to get them to
smoke a lot ready okay now it’s my ship
shadow you bless the first ones baby
first black oh tobacco company and a rap
company in America yes ma’am anyway yeah
man I want to see they view a chance to
be a new press thing nobody likes me I
don’t want to ever hair like this maybe
I should put my fingernails Brainbow
they need to motherfucking pages but
cover do you want no bitch
recipes badass LBC cruel video or nigga
like man hit me up with an artwork man
what wolf digital graphic like bro
be mourning over the homeboy you don’t
post that under recipes badass like I
need to have no remorse
using the badass hashtag under day music
know that – yeah you didn’t see the
motherfucker say recipes bad as they got
the old music playing I’ve seen it too
I’ll get up from the gang of bad ass
shitting they a Snoopy bad ass face
jheri-curl he’s the other nigga to
jheri-curl like G for Rico and they get
that nigga name under to shuffle a bit
yeah that he got that uh flavor so next
thing I want to get into is Kodak black
being sentenced to forty six months so
he’s gonna get out fo years so he been
gone about nine months of in here right
he been gone slots he left right after
that shit he said about then Lauren
slick shit he was before day after day
nothing we two or three weeks after that
he was gone so that’s the girls in it
are you fucking with music are you
fuckin with crime which one is it going
are you fuckin they got some guns
charges man you gotta protect theirself
well y’all bodyguarding yo y’all niggas
should have the guns why are you getting
caught with guns
just be smart record side man let’s hear
from Coderre black lab on the phone call
kodak amen when i seen is uh I told him
that I love Lauren and uh your whole
woman out here you know out here you
know I got a fool my libera I got for my
lip and I don’t be uh I don’t be a cloud
chasing and I don’t do the uh the
Rainbow six nine but I really got here
nice treat breath and I’ll be back I’ll
be back for here in a dime whatever bro
I’ll be back I did my time and I taught
my shit I backed my shit up I did what
the fuck Laura Lundy and I look young
but y’all niggas better respect my
hustle but I’m taking out taking you off
a mile and daddy in my Davies my coat
everybody I’m taking you up now coated
black ISM is you got a record respect
the new Millennials he’s like one of no
like boss boys like a dirtbag ass nigga
next subject I want to Simoni
anyways being shot in the neck and in
the head with an ak-47 Draco who is now
in critical condition this this incident
took place in Chicago I think fucking
Chicago not even together I’m not going
to the taste
I’m not giving I’m not fucking fucking
with Chicago my boy my boy is a cocoa
ever no Buddhist I gonna give annoying
nigga but I’m fuckin with Chicago let me
tell you about these motherfucking
grapes they got a motherfucking they
call Athens right
these motherfuckers field of grapes
would like some shit in all fuckin great
the taffy great they fill it with like
cream in like nuts or they could put
cream in there dip it in like I go me
Mom if you connected out there you can
wiggle oh come on you coulda been a
Capri Capri knee green bought weed
before I got fuckin knocked down
I knocked out my dad but I went all
through that motherfucking breadless
yeah rap like a lot of love in Chicago
you know you know me was good out there
good luck man is really getting to feel
like 17 niggas at one in one spot when
they do they don’t be bullshit you look
at the CNN fuck Channel seven and four
go look at the other news would shit me
spinning at the bottom of it 42 people
killed at the party shop for one what
barbershop got that many motherfuckers
innocent bystanders walking around yeah
they blowing up chicken spots and all
that shit I don’t know about to think
that little Reese let’s let’s rewind
let’s do the time log remember we seen
like footage like last year of him by
getting robbed yeah
mm-hmm allegedly you know some happen to
them people that did that to him there
now you have this situation so you don’t
know what’s going down in them streets
all over that rivalry or it could be
something else allegedly but you got to
the timeline of what’s adding up my boy
guys I had to shitstain in his drawers
you know I mean you know getting robbed
you know I mean period allegedly and
then you know them duels end up some end
up happening one of them dudes I don’t
know but now this happened to him so
Chicago politics man just like la
politics I think everybody should stay
out of it I mean Chicago niggas was mad
at academics for the war on Iraq when he
was putting you know I mean a little
recently on be phone on blast and I mean
Chief Keef all the biggest be phone
blasts that nigga’s shoot you know I
mean like you know pulling up on each
other then niggas was ended up getting
killed after that so that I think we
should stay out of that business and let
that be what it is you know shit let’s
impress a little mean and hopefully he
recovers ya know I mean everybody rockin
would help you know I’m a man that’s
y’all culture bro yes that gangbang
culture bro you know I mean you got the
gang bang shit up there’s your child
going to like a motherfucker
you know I mean um Jesus you know I mean
it it all come from
P stones I hate to say it I hate to say
it you know it it’s a black eye but that
should all start from the Black Panthers
let’s be real
hey yeah you know it start from the
Black Panthers it was it was a black now
or a black protection right you have
protection for black neighborhoods oh no
Chris was a spin-off for the Black
Panthers yeah at one time
bloods didn’t even exist everybody
listen to me you have to learn we give
you a lesson
at what being a Christian trip was a fad
it was like everybody were
it was like at one time and then so
something happened where a group of
brothers started being brims that didn’t
like certain shit that Crips was doing
so that’s when it became a colored thing
because that’s why I original blood is
really a brim
then it’s blood then it’s PI rules and
for two years
Piru for Crips that’s some real shit you
acts in the og Compton nigga for two
years but all that showcases blacked
around always Coretech the shit
community revolutionaries you had white
people fucking people up in the
neighborhood out here in LA and in the
bay you had white people fucking people
up so the Black Panthers or the
community’s revolutionary and progress
will protect the neighborhoods in LA the
black families you know I mean pretty
mothers go to Hollywood like black
people to party and get tea Rogers will
show you don’t come explain it like
mothers get fucked over by white people
in Hollywood I am police don’t make it
back from Hollywood yeah I mean people
go out Oakland don’t make it back so you
form these protection groups to protect
the neighborhood against white people
you know I mean so it started with the
Black Panthers then it changed to
fucking gangs you know it start from
protection to flex it for real right up
and even in Chicago Chicago was a
division of the black pets you know I
mean the piece don’t like see stones can
be stones so that shit tilty Rogers in
box it turned into the same color so you
ever seen colors remember to fat nigga
in the yard or give it to the shit’s a
pacman oh yeah Oakland from the Black
Panthers trying to protect people and it
turned into this flexing against each
other from protection the flexing – yeah
I gotta be sad around his bobbing
Crawford who’s allegedly supposedly
wouldn’t you since ex female lover
supposed to be doing a tell-all book
look in regards to
nice lifestyle certain things she’s seen
and she goes on and talks about how when
he was really in love with Eddie Murphy
Murphy Eddie Murphy like distance to
know he was a real-life Marcus Graham
like he was playing gangs Whitney
Houston in and then when she was set to
marry Bobby he caught her up like you’re
making the biggest mistake of your life
let her take every little step you take
fuck with Tomba you should got my nigga
Bobby high man yeah just what my weed at
first fuck out of here man New York
niggas like I think I think it was uh I
think it’s who cuz it man it’s somebody
from Queens that you decide served by
being windy
they’re using front these niggas like
Annabelle Bobby out one night and said
shit like it’s a real Street niggas from
Queens assume that Bobby was demand
what’s my nigga named Billy Billy a busy
man it’s Nicki Minaj no it’s Waka Flocka
cousin be me baby was selling nigga
Whitney allegedly his crew I’m selling
Whitney Houston and Bobby it was
fronting um nigga shit Bellingham ah
hell of shit Queens allegedly man I’ll
fucking watch what’s up to be me the why
waka waka flocka yes uncle yeah Benny
meant that I had a count how to add a
credit you don’t credit how come he’s
one coming in with some chicken show
last night man Whitney and Bobby
allegedly was doing that shit in New
York and then they came to LA with the
city they start doing all that shit so
they’ve been active right
but here’s my thing you want some money
bitch ain’t nobody buying that
motherfucker man shit the letter people
she took Whitney down but she already
told him I told him give us some
intricate bullshit oh you know she went
down on me and she lifted my leg like
even a deuce who do they BIOS right they
say it to a nigga a nigga spill it how
you wanna spill it the rider yeah so
yeah everything is my ass some extra
spin on it ain’t actually what the nigga
I say the only nigger that’s probably
like that is monster Cole because it
sound like he wrote his book in jail
okay that should all sling worse my
nigga come pick me up
go shoot this nigga man that whole book
oh he wrote this shit in the middle of
the cell where’s it where was monster
kody from a trade gangster you read that
book so how’s Kid Rock tied into the
book who say monster Coley they were
rivals hmm I know Bolton brothers now we
are turn to gangster Chronicles man hold
up swelled up I just talked about the
nigga book freaky freaky to rock next
shit me you know she don’t call man we
gonna have to a Carla no no I’m gonna
see how about called I was
but goddamn minutes to get into games
for me I feel gangster crap shit me
bribe a baby that’s that’s some darkish
I want to see who won nobody know who
won who won the bad baby birds bowl
Vicky fight cuz everybody said they fuck
yeah it ain’t viral dough so must be
weak it ain’t like it ain’t like a
chicken fight but I look like a papaya
chicken drive to fight it really ain’t
no fighting in white folks is fight
Naldo this new formula my thing is is I
heard that bad Bobby lost bad baby bad
another bad Bobby cash me outside me I
think she deserved it as karma because
she are she beat up her mama some beat
up whose mom her oh mama
I believe in cussing out that’s what
made her that’s what made her like
famous like going against her mama they
got on the talk shows and shit and then
she became a rapper and she put hands on
her mama so that’s bad karma coming back
if she got hands put on her she deserve
it yeah I ain’t really up on that little
bitch no no whoa Nikki bitch I think
she’s slow definitely but the retarded
bitch is not to fight the best one just
slowly like the head like the the bleach
is like the fucking portables in the
back and you seen him up for life like
fight fight fight I did it like
everybody walk on fire three o’clock
move we don’t meet in the background
maybe the retarded motherfucker to
everybody and everybody was fuck away
the nigga the main off in that class by
the main office
know that motherfucker take punches
don’t cry out to pass out you choke get
that big long go down his neck they
could take pain brother take pain
knowing failure causes mando choking to
end up choking a hole bully to school
out brother illest nigga Nebraska B – E
– E – name he wasn’t in school was the
gas or the trash it
we know dunno what the fuck’s because
we’ve been owning this whole shit better
what the fuck no show buddy what the
fuck was they on today what the fuck I
do got one what the fuck I go give it up
good enough
you show mmm ya want to go we already
talked about anything else
what the fuck is up when he’s got that
Popeye chicken sandwiches babe what’s in
it it’s a new formula to like this
formula got the white folks trip what do
you need
I tried to get a bitch to steal me some
of the batter and grease to see if I can
figure something out and I was trying to
come in with results but they got to
have seen all that bright ain’t I just
had it again it was my first run I
didn’t do this new run my wife I had it
on new run twice it ain’t the same Sam
that shit Garbo no theory because the
first one that shit was a go let’s do
the J stuff all right guys the tragic
Gates told me much to my pants
I see anyway so fuck guys are trashing
me based on uh uh the definition of
whole album gasser the tragic I’m gonna
go to first my nigga 89 gas classic
hip-hop joined it really surprised as
gas with me I’m using bathroom it really
surprised the motherfucker but uh cuz I
was thinking you know under the
circumstances that went down that you
know he might have got extra emotional
but he did and he got some bangers on
there and of some of them your boy gasps
another motherfucker GI Joe yeah II gas
and on that motherfucker I like the one
with currency well I don’t know that you
got to tell the people that telling
right now
tell the people right now GI Joe is your
motherfucking baby yes okay shit
Joe Joe hey baby bring you a sauna show
nigga but ya know uh I fucked with it
I’m fucks with I gotta sit back
I don’t smoke backwards so I guess I
gotta roll me a bunch of swishes up and
drink – tequila and vibe and I’m gonna
just go live and review that
motherfucker again but uh he didn’t
disappoint me though I hope you do you
playing gang so what do you and your
baby be doing a dial Johnny but but no
motherfucking time with all them goddamn
songs she but anyway yeah oh we fuckin
around no I like the song while a while
I saw no nigga while a Stones dope I
like the one with motherfucking uh he
had one with nip on the hook with GI Joe
that was Manny what was that one well we
heard okay we just told Mike that was
Manny he got one with wild ladies crazy
he got one with motherfucking Casanova
yeah yeah nigga got one with uh who else
but that shit was banging to me it was
grooving I it was better than I expected
I’m saying I guess what I say I came in
that motherfucker yeah whatever and he
surprised me that mother it was dope
eighty nine yards
never really feeling his music listen to
this album he surprised all right I got
some motherfucking gas nigga surprise me
I heard his whole album like what the
day before yesterday Conrad got some get
some gas man shit like nip is hella dope
so we ain’t got a jack as artists like
who gives it you know I mean who really
but putting next about of that sector I
believe it might be between Cara and I
stone shit that’s only ones coming up
right I think it’s a lot of niggas we
talking about the ones that’s releasing
shit right now he probably still working
on his shit again so when you gonna have
more so he can tell us whenever okay was
that he don’t tell us what he got going
on man on some other shit your man’s is
released huh
your peeps on our peeps right you don’t
know but you don’t know that fuck ever
went in oh I thought it came and got him
I didn’t know that you know sometimes
people say things for the pink right but
I you know bitch is still in this crib
he knows okay well you know welcome that
man you know body Jesus I heard he beat
the case actually fuck III I heard his
drop for someone a fair case got dropped
I don’t know man that’s difficult I
don’t know that’s a federal case yeah
that was a federal case J stone dope ass
album man everybody go get that man go
get it on iTunes all the shit man but
fuck that man coast beyond getting that
get us on iTunes to you know sum up like
a spider five out of five give me my
motherfucking motherfucking what
you gonna do when you get to podcast
motherfucker running through you let’s
the test on the way to work because we
that’s when that’s when their
motherfucker really fuck’s your soul of
man but Google goddamn apple music
stitcher Google Play Pandora
all that shit fuck with us and we’re
gonna fuck with you oh my mama boy
pre-order some only love else nigga
Nebraskan is Catoe phone yeah on my
momma and oh yeah mr. guy sealing
himself the Ayatollah yuck mouth from
the motherfucking building man we out
this bitch may episode 25 deep you got
crazy oh yeah and we out this bitch man
yuck mouth man subscribe to your
motherfucking guys your boy random nacho
Man Savage

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