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takbeer Bigelow get smoked without radio
we going Arlen Arlen whole log in
smoking lock ready yeah we going on huh
the squad making sure we all wear lock
radio we go burn Arlen Silla I’m the
host with the most slow rolling up the
most soon Cato got the most oh come on
Taylor keep it sexy for the grown folks
up OG tone Low Fell turnover go smoke
smoke weed a number one podcaster mother
shows all trash and burrows all that
rock cat’s alive from the costa
committee with the jokes come and get
jazz take a fool you nigga review my
foul show up on the net you up the
niggas clamp the niggas cars bullet hole
shirt I’m the king of one – yeah got
what the fuck
stepped up on the sea we got the haters
descent only bosses on the set you other
niggas it’s meant for your best for
interviews nigga boss up your business
nigga fuck you’re ruining a hole coming
through with the black reporter the real
spill cuz niggas know i got report about
to give you what you’re waiting for some
okay toe
I’ll be back like we never left the
other radio show they didn’t put up on
the show every time we step out you know
be fresh to death what they go running
follow seventeen
hey taffy help me login smoke a lot
ready yo we goin out in host with the
most cush smoke yuck mouth in the house
with my beautiful co-host some on the
fuckin both the voice of the streets
make kettle phone yeah oh my mama put up
and we got a special guest in the
Builder tonight man the legendary
handyman make some noise what’s good
what’s good y’all other legs Dave I’m
syndicate man I see you know I mean the
whole thing man
we gonna get to you in a minute you know
I mean but so honored to have you here
thanks for stopping by bro to give us
that game that history my pleasures when
we when we just did the show like last
weekend right and I was on in Arizona
memories talking that shit may use up
and me up on a lot of game some I need
you at the station man so you could
really lace everybody you know write
down the bluff in the house man straight
up I’ll rip that show by the phone oh
yeah man you gotta give them some new
shit man so that you know the loop
Millennials it relate to your city you
know you got old school people in the
crowd and in the you know I mean so you
gotta mix it up
but anyway man um how is my host weekend
man how the fuck it was joke weekend
said Mona Mona oh you already know doing
some fly shit all the time every weekend
every weekend exclusive Dubai Dubai
super nah I was in Malibu over the
smells like he was adopted by some rich
white people so they own shares they own
shares in Nobu so we went to the
restaurant a lot of people don’t know
Nobu has a hotel it’s right next door
and it’s 2009 you have to book to nice
to stay there yeah is you can’t even
book it online
no but without seven months
online like know somebody just to stay
there so we stayed know somebody to get
new restaurant night that you write you
gotta set up yeah rose petals they had
like blue chopped up exotic food like
you know was a dear daddy young he’s
like 22 yeah yeah I had a good time what
I thought that count man lows you made
sure my sis had a good time good how
shall we
a man look man I just kind of watch my
brother coming home so we gonna be with
the family this weekend because my
brother come on from twelve straight my
little brother why so I’m gonna just sit
up and uh make sure I do compress and
help clean up and get the menu ready and
have my boy right man you know I’m
saying and uh next weekend no my getting
as st michael j fox right now hey what
about the same man disrespect you guys
the football numbers but he got a
quarterback ah
twelve feet as a quarterback girl he did
twelve pieces he had living pepper
barbecue and motherfucking original high
my nigga put twelve straight maybe put
about that bread man money I don’t gotta
say allegedly cuz he already did max out
he’s really a hoodie rough I tell I
might let the motherfucker come on for
two minutes shit eat the news fame crime
so honey want to tell them what crime
was my brother cuz they’re not attached
me to other motherfuckers no
fingerprints no thing how weekend was
oh yeah it was amazing
the whole fucking weekend yeah so
Halloween I go to fucking damn near
Humboldt County they had me there for
some exclusive fuckin Guinness Book
World Record party where they’re trying
to set the Guinness Book World Record
for the most pounds rolled in the
fucking bun at one time so to direct
right now is five pounds these
motherfuckers broke ten pounds and it
was yeah motherfucker fella piece of
what hitting and there are some action
laws really you know get to get held a
way from over there to right you got
some loves anywhere sweet him up like a
fall apart okay well we wasn’t a
motherfucker though was a gastric acid
that motherfucker’s I got asthma man I
would have been struggling quality
couldn’t been to shit like motherfuckers
be giving us these big gigantic shit
butter some ruts joint recreation Bundy
pre-roll because yeah definitely one
nail primo you know you did but uh
anyway went from that alright then go to
the fucking ku stop ah me fo d uh
fucking uh complement is you know I mean
the alcoholics everybody performing at
that motherfucker so it’s like
motherfucker the whole weekend was for
20 periods and Halloween weekend was
folk to a yeah yeah good stock dumbass
you know my gas coal dudes they’re doing
a stuff showing up without me showing up
and showing out you know I made all
types of exotic weeds but on top of that
I won when uh when W okay
number one yeah yeah you shut up my
dad’s cold house competition there’s a
lot of competition man you know I mean
motherfucking growers and breeders and
shit is in that motherfucker meant for
me to come number one out of all the
hybrids to the trophy case
we’ve been racking them up man straight
up and we got another trophy so winter
o’clock at night you know I mean so my
weekend with highs fuck man
and live as fuck cuz I got the trophy
how long no you need to plug you up
Thanksgiving show Wallace the day before
Thanksgiving uh so old-school legends
Oakland show got MC Hammer that invoke
Tony Tony Tony to be Union at him cuz
they were separated so reunion or Tony
Tony Tony there’s our underground people
don’t people don’t know that mopreme was
a nigga rapping because it rains the
northern train out here so they met what
they mone anyway man yeah we’re gonna do
that shit man the day before
Thanksgiving a November 27 May a buddy
Barry you pull up to the or vodka is
that the like day Friday at the right
the day before Thanksgiving as the
Friday I thought Friday or Saturday one
of those this is a weekend okay day we
need a mob cast kidnapped okay man uh-uh
now this shit man who why spiders we
good man
Oh know who shot though because we don’t
know if he did but what about the shitty
run on IG we hear from people from my
source Oh people that fucking my sin
supposedly he never died Kanan
supposedly didn’t die and when 50 was
talking to him in that hallway it was
really him
ha Kanan if not bad
the youngster the body got poor I don’t
mean moto man they had the little nigga
I didn’t find right but anyway hmm oh
top of that Tyreke is a little liar I
don’t think he left the building
hmm Tyree yes I read the leader fucking
village no because they showed us still
of him outside
Kanan because that’s what I’m hearing in
there 50 cent kind of like insinuated
some shit
he made a post cuts out his dream is a
dream what if I ain’t even real make it
the fuck out of it and he disappeared he
went there DOMA what he was even a girl
at the corner like what were you talking
like remember that scene before that he
was talking shit to the drain when he
was talking to somebody else but didn’t
read it took it it’s the first time now
he’s actually told 50 secret the fuck
are you you ain’t real this is a dream
right hit me like flash on the dream are
you okay remember when Tommy and ghost
was light outside it was a shooting they
never found all who was shooting at the
nigga that councilman Tate had following
ghost you think so remember when
councilman taste this day only
motherfucker two episodes ago
yeah councilman take total motherfucker
you plate that motherfucker you must
think I like that 78 I got a big boy
I’ve seen exactly who that nitwit it was
a fucking uncle Bret uncle from the lick
from the bar go slick motherfucker man
I think okay when I told me go after the
nigga God oh right
but any other scene is like ghost did
you see that what happened all right
well none of that but no that’s why
that’s why I know it was his uncle
because remember the names like speed
let me tell you man he tell you why I
know it’s uncle he said remember the
white boy you know I may even sell his
uncle to river in a white boy we grew up
in the neighborhood we know he knew him
and any kind of God I told you dad not
to fuck with the people who were woman
and not to snitch no this is so many
words so I think he was trying to help
ghost because you know we’ve even going
through you not me
so with him trying to give ghost help
sissy to help ghost dad you get it and
they know the white boy that’s why I
went Tommy killed him and looked and
pulled the face up he bounced because he
knew that was ghost fucking uncle he did
say because I was his fucking uncle man
look how go set it up so now go there
now you don’t have to pay for the go set
everybody up you didn’t get that he set
everybody up now yeah yeah when you
killed Tommy
you think I really did who you think
I always thought whoever councilman
Taylor following the motherfuck now he
was laid out you know I think it was
it’s two people I see that the fucking
Sun boys that goddamn cop they showed so
much then they showed too much of that
nigger for him not didn’t even get
inside truth he was walking to that
motherfucker if you see everybody if you
see everybody walking who was right
there in front of the club sacks and the
other detective right at the club his
sister was and then Sachs was the
closest and then then she heard a
everybody else was walking down the
block walking down at the fucking subway
you know he was up he was the only one
approach to the right you know in that
car start following them yes you know it
was that motherfucking at Tasha fucks
she was bronzed fuck you can’t handle
nothing like this bullshit daughter shit
but we never seen a little nook where
yeah you know she don’t live moist Oh
keep it
for this
that sounds got so much pressure dog
like getting put on a gang in South
Central and in other states cuz the
white man got his ass whooped
somebody got stabbed and killed bitch
has been getting beat up at the
drive-through the crashed a car shit
that’s going viral motherfucker nails on
Jefferson down the street from the
nature the best Popeyes is off
Manchester and motherfucking fear
oh my mom if you would say if you waited
like that
no you write those I don’t know you know
just like the best Louisiana’s own
Manchester moment back I’m sad but
chicken is like it’s a boondocks episode
we living in y’all facts it came like
some real life yeah bodies on the door
I think I got the low-sodium like the
diet is because if you got it in the
first rush it’s just like when we got
legal name phone smoke drives up to we I
don’t like the Charter we so you write
yes after marking it it’s like Miss
black cause everybody do it we see what
the vaping doing exploding on my yeah
they turn outlaws on Capitol Hill about
vaping right now all I should they could
be worried about should just sit near
the oil sitting there so is corroding
and then yeah you get it the rib upper
get hot you burn it that’s some real
life Valvoline and your motherfucking
throat to dabin I’ll call that new way
free babe that’s a new way for me thanks
my G when he’s motherfucker so I don’t
fuck with pipes period they got the
glass ones for weed now the glass with
pipes because I used to sell too much
crap and I seem to me though fees on it
you’re just race you know these
motherfuckers is torching like a don’t
feel like a big I super toilet
they suck it up like a dolphin I can’t I
can’t do video smoking on pipes and
torches shit that’s the dopamine video
shoots lympho on it and oh boy put out
the backpack with all the bullshit going
born in the orange rag on we have the
real sea before white boy the video was
seeing you that was funny and then they
can pull it out the big ass
his name was for the gap the dam she was
the bigger the glass Moe you know like
the bigger the chain and Rambo diamond
pokey mm no on that note man let’s get
to our guest man hanji and the
motherfucking man um hey man we was
talking about your history where I see
man you you came in a gang what I see
man my fact why don’t you let the
listeners that smoke a lot radio digital
so box give a little beginning
of history you know lesson up you know
how you linked up with ice and I started
doing that thing well I came from New
York like 81 82 kind of me and my
brother Ivelisse icj we was playing in a
cutter hey south gate next door Cypress
Hill was that you know be real I mean
mugs be real sin dog and his brother
metal man ace they was on the other side
of the fence checking us I was a little
older we talk about it all the time kid
frost you know early hip-hop they went
to uncle jams on me because there was no
blacks in area we would say we just
dominated it you know DJ and spinning
rhyming battling we did all that they
went to the black area found uncle jams
army seen a light-skinned nigga with a
red suit rhyming on stage with a perm
that was iced tea we had to knowing we
heard him on the radio
so we hooked up with him and um it was
from there you know we hooked up when
world tours 6:00 in the morning and all
that you know I see the big brother
doing law and order right now you know
that’s part of the story right now but
we’re fortunate for our brother to be
there for 20 years you know the longest
show ran and in law and I’m ever I
believe Laura knows 20 years and I was
there at the meeting when he had the
meet with mr. Dick Wolf you know I mean
he just told me the peep game and put my
hat on backwards so that was pretty so T
always had to blueprint and how to walk
up in them do more organizations and
talk I mean yeah yeah yeah yeah he got
his respect from the streets by being
who he was you know mr. mr. Dick Wolf
they said a lot of people told not to
why is he dealing with ice-t because
he’s from the street
stuff like that but he likes dealing
with the opposite so I got opportunity
did what he supposed to do and you know
what led to the rock-and-roll side when
he’s you know he touch down on a couple
things cool start a gangster hip-hop
ice-t you can hear that on one order I
mean it was an NWA it was a school IDI
it wasn’t just ice right it was icy West
Coast icy influence school II did you
already know 6:00 in the morning was
influenced by by school EDPs k and you
know icing them celebrated school Edie’s
birthday actually I think a couple of
months ago and they talked about that so
school IDI started it and just ice was
out there but he’s a little younger than
ice school IDI then came six in the
morning you remember that my homeboy
hands he put me up on the tractor time
I’m just saying
and cruising down the street of my six
four boys in her I’m excited right now
cuz we did the art of rap and I dice
asked dr. Dre like when did it started
who influenced you and Ray said you did
so that’s what that was I wasn’t gonna
say that in the streets cuz Dre’s my man
you know I mean so we actually working
with Dre when I’m his um biopic that
he’s doing on Marvin Gaye one of my
artists wrote the lyrics you know that
Marvin Gaye endure it I was trying to
get on ice Dre’s um um Straight Outta
Compton movie with one of the songs and
Dre called me four years after the fact
and it’s a blessing so I’m working with
Dre right now as well I always thought
it was NWA like anybody else
mmm everybody’s like NWA but they was
the first to make it real mainstream I
mean you hit Dre’s production it speaks
for itself
whose underground you know Ray J focused
on it I focused on the lyrics got Africa
Islam DJ Aladdin when he was young you
know switching around so you know had
the soundtracks opportunities you know
New Jack city
surviving the game couple of movie
soundtracks Soul Train MTV that’s what
really got us up we did it in the
stability of course and then the movie
everybody else well we met all the cats
it’s breaking and Rocksteady and all of
them came out here and chat with us we
Fat Joe’s and stuff you know so
everybody from New York came out here we
was out here and you know we met them
out here through the Zulu nation so
who’s connect the east west and made it
Zulu Nation hooked up with gangsta rap
yes Africa his mom did a lot of ice
early songs definitely Oh then also yeah
be surprised Public Enemy producer did a
lot of ice cube pumps our bomb squad and
it was positive too yeah but I mean so
that’s dope the mixture of you know me
positive and you know I mean Street
hip-hop yeah I mean still coming
together people thought it was separated
yeah well under y’all was together still
yeah yeah so my my first time damn
they’re having a wet dream man when I
was a little dude humping days listen
damn ice-t power cover oh yeah that
goddamn Darlene and that goddamn string
whatever bikini suit that’s the first
time I ever seen some man she had a big
ass 12-gauge on the side Yeah right
there with our guns and shit like those
evil of me I know even vice made me go
to school before all that happened he
said you got a pass school before you
nah man not even on tour so I became a
kid a Mixmaster after the fact so he was
doing it and I was a young kid in the
back but I was always there you know st.
videos and everything
what you there for that video meeting
for the photoshoot I’m not it did in San
I wouldn’t it look like there was in
fucking Florida Miami cracking freezing
hi what the white BMW what was it was
like some white car they all hanging out
the window that was the other that was
that other couple no that was the other
one with the red beam with a red beam
the drop top yeah talk about the one
with the white cover when you turn it to
the man that was genius dope nobody
never did the cover with the front
didn’t turn around to the back and a
sexy their back real cover I think when
Freeman today did all the early hip hop
I’m saying he the photographer did that
he so he was you know his I was a month
or so but I was the first so uh now Kato
get to your question when you thought
about the rock’n’roll stuff because yeah
get Kasim my bag I had to break down no
it’s all good cuz they do need to know
the timeline right but um what I was
saying was me knowing that I came from
Los Angeles because you know I’m
Crenshaw High and I’m from this side of
town but I was like such a hustler and
everybody norm what was the mindset for
the switch like to let me play with this
kind of music fuckin rock and roll cuz
that shit was so records well I didn’t
you know a couple of his friends from
Crenshaw High School Ernie C who still
here they decided to rock’n’roll
you know I said no how I go you know
swap meet everybody was saying yo you
know the wasn’t understanding what it
went so I grew everything up so you know
I said body county opened up with the
rap stuff you know he do a two-for-one
and became successful unfortunately
three of them died you know so it’s a
new body count yes yes Vic rest in peace
moves man indie rock so you know I went
on world tours experienced rock’n’roll
with them actually you know cuz we
opened the rat first and then we did all
the early big tours geologist personally
curious about that cuz I remember watch
the box and stuff like that and I’m like
fuck like stealing like killer
the shovel the joint no the situation
I’m a cop killer like what was it like
repercussions I was getting other
threats I was getting from everybody
what uh you know the feds kind of
cleared the bank accounts all kinds of
stuff you know I mean with tax problems
you know they took Isis Lord out of
school to ask her what’s going on pops
you know the kids when the president
says that somebody’s a threat they go
all out you know Charlton Heston was
saying you know this rapper we should
ban them from Warner Brothers not
knowing that it’s a rock and roll song
cop killer but you know so ice actually
did a marketing campaign and said yo you
know we’re leaving Warner Brothers asked
us to leave and you know and then Warner
Brothers said that they through I saw
you know gumdrop them in a sense so but
it’s going through some things it was
hard to recover
you know it’s law and order was
fortunate so a lot going on man you know
his industry is a monster phrase yeah to
keep it real factor blood goes wrong
like Dave Chappelle some yeah but it was
good it was good for us this history
that was the pinnacle body count that
was the most controversial fucking song
decides nigga fuck the police at that
time it was like right around the same
time and NWA was getting the same he
yeah yeah uncensored signs move us into
Live Crew you know I made that real you
guys I mean it was in court for it you
know I mean so you know so we was just
getting banned you know so it was hard
time they was on straight court they won
we made it look mate that the parental
squarey advisory the sign that we got on
the house today
so that’s dope man um the people out
here don’t know that shit you are fro
light bro
oh yeah man my friends from home do is
you know yeah I deal with the Matt Latin
hip-hop too you know we did the art of
rap the the docq film I’m doing art of
rap Latino right now so it’s real hot
it’s gonna be real hot pasa me gente me
pointing and controlling me Instagram
hanji Garcia si los amo peace my man
named it got a Mexican rapper assigned
Namek the final level music we got six
we got Freddy DeMarco his uncle’s on
Tookie Williams he’s icees protege we
got em that tailor from Detroit you know
that’s our new crew yeah that autorap
Latino you know taking over next year
sent it up now they see it online you
know a bunch of collabos that my fellas
wanted to collaborate with shoot I seen
you Rock last week you know a lot of us
icons still don’t know you know all of
us don’t have it yeah I mean so you rock
everybody on the stage Rock last week
tell your story how you use up at the
studio I see you know it was a part of
balloon we have role management from
expert robear
oh yeah and everybody was me fuckin
spice one and everybody was on that
track fucking ice cream in the heels
shit man y’all putting that shit out who
was putting out King T was doing that
and I think he passed but we had some
vocals left over something was doing
like a tribute mm-hmm he wasn’t alive oh
he’s doing the vocal ya know some shit
over some shit they put together while
he was passed a tribute album but I got
on it
mm-hm yeah I mean we did that ice cream
man so that was legendary man so I just
want you to UM before you get up out of
your really touch on a half row that rap
culture because you win that right now
and I miss wait it’s the wave minute it
went from right you know like if you’re
making you know night you know I mean
dance halls where your thumb reggaeton
now is trap yeah oh yeah I mean I am
that am a Filipino saying so it’s a
lifestyle for me I wasn’t really
accepted my brother not came out here
cuz they look at us if my last name is
Garcia I need to be Mexican you know so
there’s just different colors and shades
it’s Cubans
there’s Dominicans this Puerto Ricans
yeah yeah and here you closer to the
border on this side but there’s a
community of blacks in Mexico that it
was trying to hide yeah yeah you know I
mean I’ve been doing it for a while the
one that set it off was El Hannah Ralph
from Panama he’s the first one doing it
boom boom mommy mommy mommy you know
things like that
they set it off and then you know
reggaeton took it you know for like a
few years back in the days and daddy
yankee don’t no more Ivy Queen and now a
lot of cats you know they see the the
what’s her name uh how can I forget her
name the hottest female rapper right now
cardi B she’s latina you know I mean so
she’s in there she’s murdering right now
yeah she’s doing everything you know
they got others out there Fat Joe
speaking a little more Spanish at these
days these days you know Beyonce so it
hasn’t gone anywhere it got just more
commercial right now so the other side
knows what’s going on with everybody get
a piece of that they know Manny it
brings numbers is the coach of the
Latino look JLo she been all over the
place she was over there with puffy
first and she was you know oh boy and
you know she moves around a lot but she
knows her culture I mean so so I
definitely want to tap into six nine I
just really want short thoughts I really
have no thoughts about do you think that
this young man can come back into the
game and still be successful with all
the snitching that he’s done yes why
money the bag that’s it ain’t gonna be
walking around in the mall and nothing
like that you know you’re gonna do with
all due respect will like a Will Smith
on him you don’t see well nowhere so
he’s gonna be in the cut smiling giving
them a lot of money right now you know
so that’s what it and he does have fans
that don’t respect the
the vintage culture like us back there
they looking at us like we just beaten
on them you not I mean and um the niggas
that he’s associated with kind of
snitched on him you know you know it’s a
different whole frame of thinking right
now so I don’t even like to speak on it
cuz the phone is start ringing and you
know the meaning I’m gonna keep a real
factor you know edit my shit but it’s
snitching it’s my era that’s not cool
right so you know bitch nigga that’s
with my phone and it’s music is some
other stuff I don’t listen to it’s not
mine you know
kids do got a lot of fans all right my
first of all ng Garcia a chi and GE GU
that and get it all or you can go h en
GE Garcia I got six easy right here from
I got Freddie DeMarco from the PJs and
Watts I got em dot from Detroit and we
got Namek from Irwin Dale he’s out there
making noise and you know ice-t got a um
trilogy I’m too old for this dumb shit
take that check the video that’s this
video is hot the videos crazy you know
and um got autorap Latino right now we
having some meetings and we talking to
some majors for putting our final level
music out there who won’t do it the
right way we want to struggle we been in
the game a little too long for that and
we know a lot of people so you know give
me a call all you VP’s we know each
other you know we smoked together we
hung out so that’s what it is and I’m at
the same or but we ain’t got much time I
appreciate the invitation it was great
we know controversial channel like that
stupid ask questions cool when you stop
bias will be a conversation ain’t gonna
be no shit for no click bang it’s gonna
be a real shit thank you again man see
you at the show of your fuck with us
tonight at the was I’m an early bird I’m
a little gym in the morning I’m trying
to catch all the jackets is before they
close their doors mid-november you don’t
say me check right they shut down mid
November you know some of them married
their wives are snatching to go here
there they got mr. Sears a bunch of shit
at me I need to check so that’s what I’m
doing you know yeah but if it’s over
early would be outside the parking lot
will talk I mean no doubt Thanks
flame on nigga town bitch boy sila
murder track some facetime like shine
nigga potholes still get it in like the
vine nigga move change schemes decree we
on the ground nigga supreme clientele
them fiends in a line nigga infrared
beam like sweet like friend vines
I wanna make it Sancho make headlines
nigga rocket asleep this time nigga
watch with the speak on your face don’t
be better an elephant on my Leatherman
pharmaceuticals any medicine when I’m
pedaling chirps like the Reverend
cocaine measurement paint on my face it
bakes for dead president the flood care
letter man he dropping off what I wanna
spend an extra box when he come again
and then out the pen really show the
show submits it just come home and I
come down like a bowling pin foot bullet
holes in that bin so controlling it
hitting with that mop and a broom stick
Tony yeah slide niggas only wanna know
you know you pay attention real nigga
speaking up on the podium low sodium
gangbangers to die ganks up man purse
this man skirts a lot of winks get
niggas go to church stay out of danger
niggas getting taxed you rocking out
with these bangs but don’t be like the
catchy and get your video sprays up
fill my knickers in layup I stayed with
a packet that loud like coke invaders
let’s fuck Haiti where you got Pam’s &
Cokely way of love make its way up 100
PAC boy put a trained chef you ain’t
talking money nigga hang up go chamber
density go up so gangster whip it ready
rocking a pop with a coat I ain’t got
love pitching hardball in a man had to
change it no my alias on the block
what’s the name of your appearance off
the lock switch the plates up I told
them niggas get your weight up not your
head of luck I got a jeep every bump on
my face it’s smoked money mo problems
take a puff for your legs it’s no way
out this shit show I’m stepping in st.
Louis luggage in the trunk of the race I
got money to make
I’m from the Big O pocket fatter than
lids oh2 the it’s old blue brick no
Widow chrome pistols leave it out on my
folks cripple I tired I’m making life to
shoulder blow the whistle boy – no I’ll
be jumping out the window get the
Packers quarterback it’s like window and
I with the rocket got him every time we
shut up you’re blocking
/ black without my sweatshirt network
legal winner with the best work biggest
ready work counting money making neck
hurt legging chasing at the biggest get
a checkmark never buy bitch for you buy
house I don’t need a scale like niggas
run up on the plug got him hide now push
your money yo you don’t nigga swipe yeah
I’m so Oakland igger I’m so Oakland that
folks smoking side shows with those open
fully Glock 30 shots like so oh I be
would be positive populace stone broke

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