SMOKE A LOT RADIO Ep. 23 | Gucci vs Angela Yee, Eminem vs Lord Jamar, Future Kids, Kanye + MORE!


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takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
hey hey come back they go get smoked a
lot what they follow 17
Tapia Nagar login smoking live baby yeah
we’re going all-in
hey it’s a host with the most good smoke
your motherfucking mouth with the most
beautiful co-hosting a motherfucking
podcast game
Simone motherfucking Taylor still Simone
teenie Taylor what about it oh my mama
kettle phone yeah what does she do
yeah our people call them nigga might
put everybody sit on vibrate get her up
man let me get to the donkey how was
your motherfucking weekends man because
my shit was wild
we want to hear about yours man you love
with no one man we seem to quit on
everybody one here with Simoni love we
can’t was because you look like a
brand-new box of chocolates fucking
celebrate Halloween so early like last
week everybody was a weekday
everybody’s trying to party the kids did
you bless some people no by God blesses
us about city tells the Restless angel
no tic-tac man my shit was regular and
let it man you know I’m saying I
wouldn’t dream about my shit much it was
real y’all Sam and I don’t we get what
you get to throw in a means that’s just
talking with a black man you know Sal
I’ve started to black man nigga this
weekend I don’t myself doing shit like
that so we again
long names I say CEO resorted to food
right just start cooking I am popping
this the grill oh hey man my weekend was
spectacular you know like my vernacular
your dig but anyway uh this weekend man
I went crazy on a motherfucker though
man got a little too drunk but a little
too drunk when this weekend man we had
to show what uh who was we were Foley
short dog pal fucking uh DJ Quik fucking
uh fuck as I see it was a mob they’re my
fans I see man I see it’s cool this
nigga that’s my guy got anyway man I got
too drunk right it was a great show we
killed the show right we merge the show
we hope but we to open us there’s
supposed to be a spice one spice a show
up did they play with money again I
don’t know what happened put the
negative show up this is the all-in show
where they give you the money you got to
pay to get their pay for your hotel and
everything that’s a shit wanna know when
it’s the big stadiums most nation be all
in they’re gonna give you your money but
you got to get their pay for your travel
hotel all the shit so I can’t see them
pay for this fucking travel plan yeah
dick so he ain’t and show up anyway I
get too drunk
right I mean 40 dressing room I cuss
what a phony homeboy no be legit
homeboys outright his weed nigga a
murder this nigga right because every
time I see this nigga charging me for
week yeah well you can’t just be pulling
up on me and I’m posting yo shit on my
gram I get paid to post on my grand
festival yeah I’m posting shit on my
grand for free you ain’t gave me nothing
for free my nigga charging me every time
you step in the building I’m getting you
in the back stage whatever we doing for
free and you charge me for this week so
I ask Sona nigga don’t but in my mean
yuck mouth way oh yeah yeah your Valley
Rd Anil faggots name I was supposed to
interview for 40 40 like 40 like man a
man after the show and I took that like
nigga get this nigga out here cuz he was
Unitas niggas like me like it’s a
security like this take a wild night you
know I exit myself like I’m out this
motherfucking man nah mean period so I
kind of fucked up the dressing room
situation with a 40 but other than that
man it was a great motherfucking time I
got to the club after that right I
thought nigga spiked my drink oh wow
I was too fucked up I got their start
nigga nigga man like I don’t know nigga
I can feel my motherfucking body I
didn’t differ I couldn’t move I said
they spiked me I got me I could get up
old drug I couldn’t stand up and I said
they got me I was hella dizzy he said I
said they got me I was too drunk we’ve
been I fuck with a nigga Rock were to do
you know the nigga that dick you know
the promoted your ass cast cousin killed
the boy Kilroy its nigga drinks from
sunup to sundown so we put this nigga we
drink it from 12 o’clock
all the way so all that shit caught up
you know I mean that was his ultra
fucked up so I had a drunk fucked up
drunk night but other than it didn’t
affect the performance didn’t we
murdered I wasn’t drunk when I ma
performed we murdered that motherfucker
murder damn you damn yeah definitely
that’s why a motherfucking uh put the
the clear shit I don’t know what’s
no I got by zine before – I tell you
about that me too I got Visine and rap
nigga anyway but I’d motherfucker
the bartender try to get us because I
was in there I had to Breitling on the
big boy brightly diamond had the big boy
Godzilla chain I got robbed for the big
boy chain we highly will be doing it big
with my
cannabis club dues they buying our
bottles and shit so we go to the bar
just to have some shots so the bar
tendency was going down you know I mean
I know this like it was some ice that
looked a hell of small but it was big
ice nobody what’s up with the small life
yeah me now when you’re first mind say
something always following you you know
I mean like I fucked out we getting
fucked up fuck that we borrow an egg
yeah Wow
hit that motherfucker me and him both
day I’m gonna had to go to the hospital
my god damn it felt like I was gonna die
when I got home it kicked in when I got
home they thought it was gonna kick in
when we got was at the club but when
kicked in I don’t know what I think
that’s uh I don’t know what it was it
was some see-through shit that looked
like ice that looked like like I fucking
like a high school they would see a
little exotic shit but if me to fuck up
to where I thought I was gonna die okay
I couldn’t breathe nothing I should
imagine if they would have kicked in at
the club they could have stripped in
there I couldn’t move or nothin they get
thrown up and they get everything is
fucked up nigga sweating had to come out
all your clothes all your shit asshole
niggas had a mother like moms oh one
watch your liquor you know watch so me
going through that I’m like that got me
because it was the club was so packed I
descend and they’re gonna get my drinks
you got me so yeah I don’t trust it when
I send somebody giddy and I mean yak
amici and you’re sure I got the fuck out
of here man I was too drunk that’s it
other than that man um been a lot of
shit going down man you know recipes to
uh John withers Trump wins bang bang
bang goddamn I was looking forward to
this next Friday like how you feel about
that tomorrow
well if I’m not mistaken didn’t they
start filming it they start filming
right they got enough footage of him to
pull it off I feel about Ocado
man you know I just wanted a grace man a
motherfucking his motherfucking comedy
is that regular shit cuz now how much
hot sauce we’re gonna put on yo burrito
burrito fucking meme is going down man
in the boondocks that was my shit oh
yeah dogs and like I say them up the
number one hit single my love go bang
bang bang you know so never forget that
and that’s the reason they’ve built in
your jacket in size match so it’s fine
of coordinating for mr. Witherspoon you
know saying this is a candle
banks yoson maybe you come up out of
ranks Cato rank I used to fuck on
Patrick when I had this hat off you fuck
you fuck yeah you were just gonna fuck
around till some comedy out there from
Witherspoon man and I know black Jesus
filling it cuz he was wrong the black
zone saying socking we gonna happen we
don’t have no caca here we’ve got
imagine the tips and the jokes and the
things he you don’t set out and pick his
brain on so rest and peace Manson do
anybody know how you died like that
still it was 77 asleep he just passed
away that’s okay yeah everybody like I
never knew what was the cause of it I
just want to ask a question man
legend man like when you got people
that’s really out here that’s dope as
fuck man I appreciate them cuz you never
know when God’s gonna call them home
okay you know man like Arnie Mac and
Robin Harris Bernie Mac and not under
appreciated you know I’m saying right
right how you feel about that Dolomites
I like that shit is the story of how he
can sing
Eddie Murphy got Puttnam mouth you ever
put your mouth on me deuce about Rick
James don’t you party all the time he
faster we had a world to sing poor dog
like when he plays other characters
that’s when he’s funny to me when he’s
himself he’s not funny to me
now as it lately he was another
character with don’t worry he’s gonna
you know what I mean like
Rasputia just don’t do none for me he
said not even boomerang boy was a mr.
Church or what’s that one serious ass
movie got when he got a little brown hat
on it was like a bullshit movie
I think it’s called mr. Church and the
guy who never heard of movie it was the
nigga was serious he wasn’t funny on the
shape oh he was like he was trying to
show his range fuck then we want to see
coming to America too nah but fuck that
which means show us right he was Beverly
Hills Cop nigga fuckin has except for uh
three was weak nobody was caught three
was booth shit was dope no not three
when I was at the amusement park new
trigger life was cracking yes life was
dull life was cracking but it’s dope but
I think I’m laying like nigga that
really watched all the Dolomites movies
that was a C no the Mike I go now honey
that really no like when he said that
punchlines and the movie when he fucking
the bitch and the ceiling came down that
shit was in Dolomites movies for real so
he was acting like daughter my one point
I liked about it was it wasn’t no love
story lying on him I’ll fuck 100% to the
point of don’t like Mike was a la
motherfucking comedian I didn’t know
that he was a nigger that trying to sing
tried to do everything anything he could
and he figured out I can’t do none of
this shit so I’m gonna create and act
I’m gonna make a person cuz being
whatever fuck I think I want to be ain’t
working right so and I learned some game
so yeah I didn’t know he was wearing a
wig yes I’m saying you know old Hank
we never knew the nigga from Soul Train
was wearing a wig until we’ve seen a
serious yeah you know I mean so I this
know we know we knew that Nagata to pay
for the ring
we knew you gotta look at that
motherfucking forehead a motherfucker
now in the early stages did nobody know
that nigga half Rho one
so she’s that afro shit whatever they
got going on if you don’t see the
motherfucking hairline its face
Michael the first lace but that was the
pepsi-cola burnt right but I was a real
girl after that this should got extra
low extra wavy baby no Frank Ray’s got
its oil scalp scalp oil in the shit
growth and stuff like that and then
Hollywood just took the shit over is
like shit for wings baby just got baby
perk play yes it was about seeing other
bitches out there nobody even look for
that reason to stand frozen frozen
bitches just look at the Silver Surfer
hold that tiger crazy this weekend man
I’m power sour my niggas power good
– yeah oh yeah
shit but yeah I’d like a white wife with
some shit like hey no you got white
pants know what about Kanye Oh
Kanye’s Church Jason Williams nigga out
something like that Jason like Jason the
J skin nigga fuck
Tyreke that nigga you ain’t my daddy I
wouldn’t know oh he caught oh fuck he
kept in loss hit that nigga bite you in
this world I take you out this
motherfucker pears sell you all the time
war you I will cash is an enabler dog
that bitch is enabling that shit and she
just fucking lucky what you think with
the niggas that got hit and I saw
Brazilian Tommy should have known his
bitch was snitching when the little boy
so so my basketball practice it was okay
so Lala might think what a movie she
Latin I thought she’d get the bitch at
the hair shop to weave bitch they saying
anyway my Anderson in real life
Keisha those
Lakeisha no lakeisha’s like Sophia ashes
in the Lala Tyler Perry got some rolls
and shit over here oh shit show what was
that I wasn’t on my shit with a top so
how do I feel about Slim Thug saying IG
is soft porn and angry niggas is out of
pocket in the bitches fuck more the
bitches of cheating on cheat more than
niggas I feel about that you Simone
because you you because Instagram let me
elaborate Instagram is so broad now
everybody’s on it right okay so this is
how bitches promote sex and they just
fly them out niggas you know in the
deposit you know say like get some like
sup somebody go sliding that DM somebody
call a shop you some oil to me money let
it run down my spine no coming from a
motherfucker a woman that experiencing
it I get it
that’s what you gotta get a game up on
Simone after dark the question is it’s
not the question is is people DM and
you’ll find you out you making money the
question is is the women cheat more than
the nigga tell ya better because niggas
like like a mother that’s who’s gonna
because they already been talking too
much but I’m gonna keep it a buck up and
say I’m
never ever ever ever ever what try to
because I’m married and my main thing in
the back of my head no since I’ve been
married I never ever around niggers
because they look at my relationship
like you know I mean all y’all just
gonna say you never ever damned no no no
I’m talking about never ever do anything
like that
we’re talking about motherfucking DM no
I ain’t talked about yeah you right but
I’m talking about I never ever cheat oh
yeah I mean around niggas dad dad dad
look at your relationship like you know
I’m making them lonely niggas I never
cheat is gonna be with my wife if we all
do it together
I’m not gonna do it around these niggas
that committee will take you I could
send a picture like I just think I hang
with this bro so you know I mean
straight you know my wife will bring it
to the table and we won’t be able and
that’s what motherfuckers need to do
makes it Jamaican fucking cream work
straight up man but uh the black is bit
hotter than a motherfucker man period
man I think that we need to bring work
make the cream work I love the cream oh
my god get to the motherfucking black
the black is how you guys sit on a block
is like the Palio all right
Silver Surfer we what we bout to talk
about this
IG motherfucking plastic surgery fill
today try to do is shit it’s all over
over naked emojis and peaches and all
tapash you know snap Chester
the whole filter shit here’s the dog
tongue all that bullshit Instagram was
biting a little bit mm-hmm but when they
came out with this plastic surgery I
basically was a filter and people could
have like you know like little cuts on
them and little lines drawn on them like
they’re getting surgery and they got a
lot of backlash from that basically
people are saying like this is fucking
with people’s mental health people who
don’t think they look good that want to
do that or people that have done it and
it got fucked up and they don’t look
right no more like so they just shut it
down and it promotes catfishing huh it
also fucks with people’s minds it makes
people think like it’s cool it’s setting
the tone like this is cool I got a
plastic surgeon filter on my face and
it’s promoting that to children because
children are the ones using this shit –
yes and so we definitely got to talk
about these axes shit and how they are
taking control of the youngsters man
it’s really fucking everything up like
he was talking about Instagram these
kids out here they use a motherfucking
dog tongues and shit seven years old
using a dog tongue like that’s that’s
just not cool to me it’s not how you
guys feel about it new land first it’s
kind of crazy cuz I don’t think in the
kid’s mind they’re looking at it to the
extent of what some the problem that’s
um started happening you know since so
like say you got your little eight five
seven year old playing with the phone
and they look like a doggy on the phone
like that’s funny like I don’t think
they looking at it as if the next app
that swivels to the left is like you
know like I’m a nigga and I want to
watch I’m like god damn so I understand
that parcel maybe you but uh I don’t
think the kids I don’t know how you
police some shit like that
what are you that like you can’t go this
way app like a lot of fucking delete
some shit like that cuz it’s right there
inject it even if it’s not just Facebook
and snapchat all of things have though
you know regular phone filters just have
shit like that to make you look smoother
bitch look wanna get to yokomichi off a
poet they got our phone cuz I got a call
people touch
play no tears and shit the kids oh well
let me land man far as apps like niggas
getting catfished around a planet yeah
yeah big guy apps where they could slim
they belly up slim they face like it’s
hell is shit so I think they should stop
them fuck the fuck they’re like the cuts
stop the shit where you can fool the
motherfucker cuz when you meet this
motherfucking person you like that’s not
what I saw Nancy show I get some big
nose bitches that’s not what I saw I did
it it’s like me you like when you’ve had
a magazine since I’m a dirtbag I had
magazines a hard shit I’m a dirtbag
period fuckin a playboy Penthouse black
tail all the shit so when you get two
magazines some bitches is airbrushed
Photoshop and you’ll see one of them
poem bitches in person like them yeah I
know you had too many stretch marks
stretch marks on your belly so G now a
normal bitching Elijah could cover
stress marks a fat bitch some ojika be
skinny on her page yeah they need to cut
that out
just be yourself is this fucking us up
right niggas trying to date these fat
bitches that only take pictures of they
face like oh you see a shoulder just
missing child doing that because they’re
getting attention doing that now the
mean you could say you can go as far to
say mention give attention to the face
you can already with their jewelry
that’s so good for me if you guys didn’t
perpetrate and make natural bitches
think all fake-ass oh that’s nasty but
when you rather be
that shit look good like you gotta
understand the culture that you’re
creating if you don’t like fake shit
don’t fuck with the fake shit and it’s
just it’s just real ladies do you feel
me thank you
you use me what about the culture nacho
create I’m saying yes yes
no how about Kim Kardashian is that what
you wanted she got an addiction look at
them over there black addiction to black
men is some about the black mandingo
that make a motherfucker would want to
reroute they lifestyle problem dad
bitches ass fucking that shit off
because your motherfuckers but I’m gonna
keep it a buck now I remember when new
white dudes and everybody else like the
skinny wall bitches the little Chinese
middle class I remember to anyone it was
a time like that when the bitch guy have
a good Sun Tan a motherfucking nice
little little Baywatch booty booty and
be cool name is all about thunder one
look like what a black woman they want
to look like an Amazon okay let me tell
you why we love let me tell y’all niggas
why because the hypocrites listen not
only that – you know – y’all don’t tip
the skinny bitches with no ass
I don’t care whether it’s fake or not
y’all gonna throw our money on that
skinny bitch without that she don’t want
to spend money to go get with that other
girl got to go get some more money you
gotta think about the culture that you
got lady you’re right we all suffer one
how we go out in the country when the
culture was created for us listen oh
you’re fuckin with me ladies how you
create a culture the culture create
because white women want what the black
big big motherfucker say my she what the
white man want black voluptuous
motherfucking black why you think they
will unlike y’all because that’s what
they’re mean like now what the
temperature is and they game bumbaclot
nobody talking about
no not now yes the mo new seats are
about know what Clement want the big big
black man the white man want the big
voluptuous black warming fuck is wrong
on that that’s cool I love nothing that
was dope I was motherfucking place okay
and the mop stick and cleaned it hang
out rewind no see but enough about I
think he took her name okay so we all
know if you don’t know how to be
generated between gucci mane and Anjali
ye she they were supposed to fuck she
fuck they’re gonna nigga blasted room
she’ll die again but you wanted to fuck
me don’t try to front me but Gucci Mane
is know for saying a lot of bitches
wanting to fucking him but I do believe
it yeah no reason to lie
ladies the hell appears not a bad little
bitch at all got money got her own
fuckin bag with the fucking he’s lying
these ugly-ass bitches for let’s just
keep it a motherfucking buck anyways
back to the story
okay so boom so they got into it and he
feels like The Breakfast Club basically
kind of like blackballed him don’t want
him to come on a show promote his music
because he got into an angel oh right
right so Charlemagne kind of took that
to heart and was like you know what I’m
gonna do a one-on-one interview with
gooch america’s gucci mane don’t get him
on with Angela Angela G or DJ envy right
now supposedly when Charlemagne did this
one-on-one with Gucci Mane right you
know he was talking shit about Angela he
you said fuck that punk-ass bitch and
they said about DJ envy that
motherfucker need to come correct or
don’t come at all right it’s so many
words right
so why was he so mad at every go he’s
mad at me because in a sense envy it’s
kind of defending engine oh it’s
coworkers my thing with us all being a
co-host right I wish I would let a
motherfucker say some shit about me like
no 101 with a nigga that I’m beefing wit
you should never do a one-on-one with a
nigga I’ll be no I wouldn’t do a
one-on-one with niggas that’s how about
me for what right we already gotta
understand and we veterans we in the be
real days like we’ve been through this
shit you know I mean like Simona let it
be known like I don’t fuck with this
nigga that not see like we had like
prime like Martin we know we have prime
like interviews like what yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah you chopping onions off on the
real dough like I did you know the
people who she do fuck with that night
you know rub her little raunchy get him
on and she had baked on the show but the
person that she got a problem we never
let him come on right nothing right
period on now have you had a problem
with one our guest no I can say a name I
can say a name I can say a name
I can say it now you know how me say we
try get yg and him up there you know I
mean he was like nah y-you sure was yg I
think it was somebody in his camp that
she wanted rocking with you know I mean
I want him there was some – camp like uh
like you know I mean one of the artists
that’s up on the I don’t know your
brother’s coming up a pundit um break it
was something else all right whatever it
was I might be mistaken my bag yeah yeah
but it was some type of big interview
that we had and you know fuck well
nobody was like I’m we can’t do that
period I mean I can say a few names but
we ain’t from the bring brings up from
the dead thank you
so boom I think um Charlemagne trying to
exit from that shit I think that he see
that heater star I think that he trying
to make his own lane why he got his own
motherfucking YouTube all upset he got a
show going on he like every week like my
fancy eyes everything I just did a show
with them and fucking San Antonio
Charlemagne one day it was only Angela
Yee and fucking DJ envy they’re not as
popular as Charlemagne I’m gonna keep it
a buck might as much as you see on the
show the main is that’s the big boy
yeah he’s the ones that’s hooking people
up with the MTV deals and all the other
deals of BT at vh1 the book deals and
shit he’s that nigga they you know they
get they check and do they things so I
think he’s making a exit out that
motherfucker what you think I think it’s
probably time I think I think they just
didn’t want to do the interview I don’t
think their program directors in shit
blackballed because of a fucking but
when you want a big a big network like
that and a big a big machine like what
they own they nothing to sit there and
he might have got got it by something to
just like a were you want to do it
because this is two biggest this is a
big network and that’s a personal type
of situation it wasn’t a professional
beef it was a personal because because
you got documentation of Angela Lee Lee
really kind of spice getting spicy with
my neck so it ain’t like his story on
spicy extra so I was trying to be
politically correct okay wait a minute
but I agree with Angela cuz she did a
response yeah she was like basically
like okay I didn’t we all know about the
interview but when he went too hard on
me he was supposed to sit there and
giggle I feel it on that like if any of
you niggas to have an interview like you
ever pull up you got your own podcast
coming and I you know I have beef with
everybody you know ya say y’all got an
interview with the game and the game get
the same stupid like some crazy shit
about me you ain’t gonna cut that out to
hear you let’s get that more round
fashion yes that’s still the person I
handle business with that still my crew
ain’t gonna let you disrespect them I
see a lady calling her bi TCH Asiata B
word like that bitch I will never went
that hard I thought the accusation time
it was like that bitch punk-ass Bend
that’s what my boy laughed
Charlamagne lat that’s one giggle
and then a counselor genuine but no
putin and giggling no Putin and fucking
giggling my G but at the end of the day
like they all know about the
interviewing shit but well fuck that
what Megu Qi man like nobody want to
talk about the elephant in the room the
elephant in the room is that Charlemagne
MV went to bring that shit back up
they had callers and shit dead Angele
eat this before gucci even had to
interview mmm they just bought the shit
back up on Breakfast Club
it was just Charlotte I mean uh Envy and
Angela dare Charlemagne one there they
like you know Carla’s call in and tell
how you feel about their Angela do you
feel that Angela was flirting or do you
feel like what I created content off of
hated content like prior to it so it
made him response every action calls the
react so they plant is still tripping
often shit oh okay so as content can you
do you believe Gucci Mane or do you
believe Angela and that’s what got him
mad cuz Envy was on there talking hell
not wool wool and the callers talking a
shit it’s like nigga you got Charlamagne
the next day nigga nigga fuck they’re
right right and they even bought up some
shit with Yo Gotti and Keisha Dior it’s
always why they went home they bought
all that up they had this u-haul
you talk about my old my wife oh shit
that like come on my nigga and they
played the interview when Yo Gotti said
that he was rocking with when Gucci man
was in jail you know I mean so that made
that the tempers flare my nigga yeah I
mean now it don’t mean that the
relationship happening why he was in
jail but the interview happened why he
was in jail you get it so what made it
feel like it happened why he was in jail
my niggas that could have been before
Gucci up even fuck with it but at that
time talking about no timeline I got
that shit back up so you got a feel
Gucci Mane I don’t
you can enroll I think they think they
have their own radio show
they’re there to talk about whatever
they want to talk about five years ago
why now
like they bid had that she got myself in
that casino all night and if she
revisited her skin gotta be tough with
her net mm-hmm don’t shoot the glue look
shot he was ugly no nine I’ve seen you
eating his grits Oh Nana’s Oh check this
who’s he it’s like a bully beating
everybody up and then when a
motherfucker fight back and beat show
ass you complain about like why he hit
me you been like you cause that like why
even talk about that shit how I feel
about it
you know period but on to the next man I
think one more thing before we go to the
next and talking to y’all man don’t
never let no interviews or no Outsiders
fuck up what we got period and I ain’t
gonna do it yeah ain’t gonna do it I see
that they let some shit that they try to
promote backfire yes fucking up the
whole clique Angela unfollowed
Charlemagne all time they do interviews
was just an NVA Charlemagne or just Envy
and her like it ain’t the whole cool
together you know so at the end of the
day men like that shit no matter I never
liked the beach no way down mmm shit
coolest fuck I met her in person she’s
the coolest out of all of them she might
be but I did feel like he was act like
if you ain’t about that life thing you
need to zip your fucking lives
don’t be talking about sir shit you
ain’t built for and that’s real in
entertainment and radio whatever this
say your daddy Angela been fuckin niggas
on the side everybody not like me for
little cookie quips and quick wit
elephant in the room she told Gucci
nigga that Asian bitches small Asian
bitches got deep pussies could take all
the do that was over he worse I feel
that was real stand up for her to give
him some good information mother anatomy
that can pursue his happiness in her
eyes you know so I think that was really
informative him
commander oh that’s nothing nothing we
can get that information like that just
so voluntary and I commend her you know
well I was always a sophisticated dick
but she didn’t dress down a bit ruining
yourself a vietnamese bitches ish i’m
doing some good
what I’m gonna keep it a buck they ain’t
got no garlic in it I know I’m gonna
keep it a buck my nigga I had an asian
chick and she smelled like the whole
fucking know at all times
yeah at all times yeah I was coming out
of skin my nigga yes what’s noodle juice
the baddest asian bitch in life hmm
no like swap me there we have a steamy
sex and it smell like swap meet smelly
it’s smelling like a cow man you know
how the nasty chow mein smell my nigga
she spelled like chow mein every time I
hang my Asian bitch
she’s my like chow mein all day my nigga
I come fuck what it is it was stanky
hurry up and buy alright sit down and
they dope date they debate know about
them is dead hello let me show you the
best thing about them is they praise
my dick gonna dig on bath you babe you
they’re gonna cook baby or what rice
cake juice have y’all have any of your
bitches baby you nigga in the bathroom
never had no Asian bitch baby I’m
talking about a black chick have any of
your black chicks bad you like soap like
coming to America nigga Washoe feet wash
your hands they get bathed your whole
shit like you’re King yeah
a black chick yeah light-skinned
she might have been mixed and got the
coaches on the other side cuz they can
do it she washed their feet yeah I can
vote you step in the house like anyway I
fuck the flag arch needs to be rubbed
every now I know but that was the that’s
how she was raised to do she didn’t do
it because I was some who we asked she
was raised and to please and then suck
your toes up at that but you trippin no
hell no you never get never kiss Shoto
yeah no she said she ain’t never done
that she ain’t doing it okay so y’all
was on me about that the tongue salad
shit last week
do you toss Alice mom do I talk have you
ever toss the salad yeah so but you want
like a toe
all right there no cuz all your toxins
go down to your fucking oh your toxins
come from your butt too don’t get it
motherfucker 20 don’t get a
motherfucking twist
hello Marvin aganist nigga own talking
shit to the lad in a few years
yeah he’d be doing the kind of lady but
they finally said fuck you know bitches
so many words that nigga say look what
if I was a broke rapper
that was never successful that will
whack rhymes I will be Lord Jamar oh
right thanks
some sudah be one of the richest
motherfuckers like cheer – let’s be done
– bye yeah
that’s a goodbye goodbye show I needed a
social studies niggas fuck them up and
Dubai no Franco shit by Ali how you feel
about us about you because I was gonna
ask you because I looked at Silver
Surfer I’m coming so how you for the
body Kato man is hip-hop and all the
shit that he been saying my man case
snapback he here – no cash say the talk
she’d back his hierarchy aside he sold
below you
maybe know what he used to listen to
Lord Jamar back in the day to when he
was studying hip-hop so but he might not
want to say that part so here level he’d
give us some love on the back end by
addressing it and then that helps the
name anyway whether they like it or not
good bad press better anyway what is it
man what is this core beef with a minute
i’ma give it a buck
that’s let’s start where that’s an
elephant in the room right okay so look
Jamal on the Lord on the fucking Ville
at interview said that our eminem is a
guest in hip-hop was a guest in hip-hop
music white rappers are against the
hip-hop yes cuz you know hip-hop was
started with black people period so he
said that hip-hop me and my name is the
guess in hip-hop period say it was wack
and none of that shit he said bro you’re
a white rapper you were guessing hip-hop
that’s it so Eminem never felt that you
know I mean like okay I’m a white rapper
but you know I’m a top white rapper I’m
the illest one the L is the illest white
rapper I’m not a guessing hip-hop you
know I mean but at the end of the day
what y’all feel about other races being
a hip-hop when it started you know in
New York with black artists how do you
feel them saying that they’re not
guessing the culture so that’s the Lord
Jamal’s full you know I mean beef with
the nigga not like oh he’s whack or will
whoop your guess cuz you’re white your
guest cuz you’re a Mexican your guest
cuz you’re Asian or whatever other race
you went out there with Mellie Mellon
him and Grandmaster Flash and all the
people who start a hip-hop so I feel
like what he said was true however if
I’m Eminem and a more focus is it about
me and I’m dope you ain’t even in the
motherfucking vicinity right so I did
what I did for hip-hop how about that it
won’t be no g-unit if the one for me no
so none of that shit no no no clap
taking towards Eminem like yes oh
with them know a lot of you a lot of
white people will agree that they guess
in hip-hop because they are you know I
mean but am being an animal that he is
ain’t do you consider Lord Jamar and his
Brand Nubian thing a staple in hip hop
like a definitely early ages a hip I
don’t know I’m just period oh they’re
definitely it’s like if you got the
uncle on the porch they used to always
do the barbecue one so now I’m avoid you
don’t think he got a right to say
something because he is like it was hot
they ever is when our jungle brothers in
day less so but that was an arrow that’s
the first time I seen a polo was on
Grand Poobah money they made polos
famous nigga and he’ll figure no that
shit fame is not a night of cool I just
want to savage the fact that Lord you’re
more until he lot of the youngsters that
don’t know at a time his Arab was
pivotal and I just want to make sure
that some of the listeners and they
listen to us debate right my thing is
this though that’s the only thing that I
don’t feel with em that’s like em this
and melly-mel
that’s like this and Run DMC that’s like
em dissonant the forefathers that bought
this shit together Public Enemy Public
Enemy he just say you ain’t a guess in
hip-hop see that’s a jab like what if
somebody said to you some shit like this
they said that the example what if
somebody said like oh will you obey
rapper we don’t accept you on a West
Coast go back to the bay how would you
feel that ain’t that ain’t that it’s not
that exactly but it’s still a Jeff oh
man hip hop is a culture the way we
dress the way we live the way we did I
breathe this shit it’s more than Iraq
miss more than dance it’s more than
graffiti is more than DJ and it’s more
than beat making it’s the way of fucking
life Terry how we live so if you’ve not
part of that full culture wake up for me
you just
hop in you just grab the motherfucker
cuz it was hot now you was a
motherfucking punk rocker you was doing
all the rock’n’roll shit it was heavy
metal and all that stupid shit I mean
not stupid but all that white shit when
it was popping my diner all that and
then this black shit took over now you
fully black culture do you think you
will guess or you think you belong in
hip-hop like let’s be real my negative
fuel in really and by all the artists
you know I mean a lot of white people
you know like the Beastie Boys they came
in with hip-hop but all other races is a
guess facts facts this shit started with
black people nigga this black culture
it’s not Asian code that’s like a
motherfucking white guy kick cooking or
write like a white guy cooking fried
rice with a fucking Asian fucking fried
rice company say that’s like a white boy
with a Mediterranean mess restaurant
that serve all red Mediterranean food
that say he’s part of the Russian and
all the other people that do
Mediterranean it’s like no you’re not
you’re white you’re Europe you’re
American yeah you know I mean you’re
Spanier you ain’t got nothing to do with
Wayne Brady you never be Frank Sinatra
facts now are you why me Davidson ever
be Frank they need to be like sports
different they made a popular no way
started from all that shit started from
us they made that shit popular they made
football but they organized coconuts
they just organized put it in them
analytic type of thing
Roja thing yes we are guests in a rocket
wall Hall of Fame because we’re not
rocking road we are guess that
rock’n’roll was ours
definitely I will admit that here a
fairy and army and all the others should
they put on the rock and roll’s guess
cuz we’re not rock and roll
Perry medals why hate em can’t admit
that I am white people just stop this
culture many medals there even though
you was dope at it you mastered it you
was dope but white niggas started rocket
plant even Rock a role-play said he’s a
guess I think he can see he wanted to
yes he wanted that that word was
intricate to come out because I’m back
that’s gonna make youngsters try to
motherfucking investigate what he talkin
about because the guest why and then
they gonna feel like you and want to go
see and then they gonna go check out
like okay it was a roll to the shit that
got this man to where he was able to be
accepted because we is always accepting
ass culture hip-hop we accept everybody
we had to third basis you know saying
you had the Beastie Boys you we accept
but it’s all shit but whether black
white purple green M&M will rap circles
around this month black men and white
men Jews and Gentiles Protestants
this’n you gotta think you gotta think
where the comment is coming from this
like nigger like would I’ve done so much
in my career that things you you will
never obtain and you telling me I’m like
he wasn’t the right person to sing it
Lord Jamar
yes yeah he was because oh yes you
played an integral part in hip-hop but
at the same time like nigga like I can
understand him dr. Dre said you know
what about it in a certain way I am a
guessing hip-hop
but if coming from a broke-ass nigga who
has been in this monetary
motherfucking value and done to do it
you can’t criticize niggas that got the
bag we
don’t have the bag niggas don’t broke
niggas don’t understand that they don’t
understand us or nigga that was dope we
say what do you do now now he finally
responded buddy you hella people we go
God he does go free you fuckin Tahlequah
leave you like talk about these
reparations just now basically in it you
know I mean in a nut nutshell brother
said that he has a right to talk about
it because he’s putting artists and
people on his channel that’s talking
about it and he’s given that platform
for people to talk about it that was his
basically like I’m giving the black I’m
the only platform that’s letting guys
talk about reparations so that was his
and he said that there’s other as other
ship far as the sweet was possibly
college you know I mean so he was like
everything else and possibly college
possibly college tuition
so he’s saying that he was with people
getting money and everything else but
possibly college tuition which is
bullshit because you didn’t possibly
know why I took it like that right
everybody took it like nigga no money
college period so he’s using other
artists that’s you know pro-black and
shit comedic or whatever to push his
response how y’all feel about it
duh mascot I think he realized he fucked
up what he said right
but he’s too stuck in his ways and he’s
too old to em you know however that’s
his opinion that’s like wag does like
way but he talked about some black shit
you know I mean something
african-american oh I know we feel some
type of way about black Armenian
whiteness can we all are entitled to our
opinion and and the person was given the
opinion is entitled to the back line
yeah definitely I mean he’s entitled to
his opinion I agree with that
you know but every action causes a
reaction you gotta be prepared for the
reaction you know I mean like if you go
there like he always said some fuck shit
about Doc’s AV so you’re already on
shaky ground my nigga then you come with
this preparation shit so I think he
doing this Takashi shit I think he’s
doing this purposely to do content got
not really addressing it elephant in the
room that’s all you could thought sweet
if you go to it we are you can have our
artist answer he got tile equally
answering his fucking rebuttal for him
talking that shit he got gone into his
shit hmm not him my eye wall it was me
but he’s let number smaller hey I love
you whether you got the right and did
here adlib on that but he haven’t really
gave a real response this night is over
tweet huh
I ain’t got a Russian guy
why ain’t got em Jesus the do you try to
blow up is being real but I’m just being
real because he control but he take
white artists and trying to blow them up
you know I mean so why didn’t you slim
Jesus that’s your artist magic boy boy
that’s your boy why you take Lord Jamal
why you take Tahlequah lead the people
that died Lee by his own shit you don’t
need to be over there
but like you said it was a cop-out how
you feel Kato
yup his old mother fucking black tricks
again the circus still cracking yeah I
mean I’m saying not as long as he keeps
naming my thing is this you don’t feel
him saying that he’s even making a lane
he basically said he made the lane for
the reparations conversation you damn
near sound like Donald Trump oh no I’m
out for hip hop on I gave everybody the
platform to talk about it so why I can’t
talk about it how you feel about that
paper because they nobody send they’re
talking about the Holocaust and certain
things that happen to other people like
you just leave certain shit the fuck
alone let’s stick to this hip-hop and
his real shit get your ass off the
political shit will take care of
somebody sitting next to Bryant Gumbel
bingo flamingo well now when we out man
but fucking black now let me end it on a
good note
okay we rock over that ain’t no
disrespect but when you disrespect us we
got a check you broke period and he was
like on his shit he definitely listened
to us because he told Lord Jamal man
everybody saying somebody need to check
me yeah I mean so he definitely listen
to this show so Villette no disrespect
man you fuck with all of us man but like
Cato said man stick to the hip hop hip
hop into the shit and stick to the
motherfucking script Ron stop trying to
get so zesty with your ethics my nigga
did you Stephanie same name god damn
sneak on yeah you going he’s been
popping up at this particular Church in
the valley okay okay
it’s a church what’s her name erica
Campbell she’s a part of Mary Mary she’s
and her husband is a preacher so like a
lot of celebrities go to church okay
so man I got invited to that church you
just never know what’s gonna happen at
that church like like you’ll be a church
icon yellow coming from backstage like
nobody even know he’s there they don’t
make announcements like his comedy he do
a whole concert in the church yes so
like vulgar songs or yeah a lot of
things that I agree with about Instagram
having your bitch bitch no but you know
he’s entitled to his own opinion as well
but do you guys think that he’s doing
this for cloud do you think he’s
mentally ill you just don’t give a fuck
like what do you guys think I’m a decade
old man because I learned too long okay
I think that motherfuckers doing what he
told you was gonna do when he turned in
the years before when he had us winning
big battle axe ass shoes now you gots 20
soft fast dish racks installed an
intricate plan I win million-dollar
khaki suits I think the motherfucking is
doing what he told he was gonna do you
know I’m saying like Kanye is doing the
Kanye and they falling for this shit but
if it brings you closer to God and makes
you a better person
cool everybody don’t ride on Crenshaw
but sometimes if you do you gotta take
King you gotta take floor you guys
taking feel lo and you get the Crenshaw
I think Kanye’s just riding on a new
crush or and that’s a wave I wanna see
some motherfucker I don’t like the album
brilliant and I’m gonna tell you why
the nigger from Chicago right shoot him
up Chicago right college dropout
so he got a little brains got a little
books going on and he’s genius with the
music right
he basically created avenues and lanes
that most niggas could never do and
still be accepted you got to think about
this niggas saying he like Trump niggas
is still paying six hundred eight
hundred hours for his fucking sneakers
you know the church socks and Mary and
Kim Kardashian was the smartest thing
that he’s probably ever done in his life
because why do you think I gave an
opinion that wasn’t good or bad I said
if that what he doing bring certain
people closer then let that happen but
if it’s not so for cuz you got a deal
with the yin and the yang and that’s
what I think he’s been prepared to do
because he’s always did that’s why I
said he’s doing what he told you he was
gonna be doing in the first place let me
land on both yeah no no Frank Ocean
check this the fuck out yeah I never
just the elephant in the room that nigga
was part of the council culture have you
said that chump shit that Maggie shit he
was cancelled what’s gonna bring anybody
back to the black shirt black hole
Church my nigga nobody could go against
God I’m with God I got Sunday service
dad was just get back my nigga right
just like the fucking preachers my nigga
this nigga was nailed on a cross he was
out of here Jesus
hello like come on my nigga who’s gonna
like go against that
like I don’t can’t getting the people
out of jail
is that true they’re working alongside
each other no I’m talking about
who’s gonna play with that you brought
that to music right oh ok Calle we got
love for your neck like therefore snoop
guy as much as as much as your fans and
it was hard as fuck it’s way harder than
high a shit anyway
it’s way mo motherfucking hard and
but at the end of the day he uses it as
a house he’s selling Jesus t-shirts
Jesus socks but he didn’t tell the Jesus
about to walk I’m walking way to Galilee
– you know fuck that’s what this crazy
my homegirl told me
allegedly she kissed that nigga she got
motherfucking what you call it is a
viral infection she got a wire on the
face no no mouth yet the bumper bumper
love Figgis no she’s bumped a Connery on
it though didn’t take it down bogus or
know down south nigger we’re rubbers
like some old let’s be real niggas from
Mississippi for sure oh no man I damn
self artist man that Adele okay anyway
you know what I had a down south artists
bed I go put his angle put his name out
there this nigger one touch one rubber I
try to get this thing up shit nigga hey
we’re out there baby will you rebel
aside us they shit lie down
not I say Oh icky dick ass niggas on
okay thousand kids think it came from a
thousand kid family you down south got
18 siblings
you got above fuckin 3000 the world
earth but it’s a lot of rappers niggas
that got babies all over the world and
people just don’t know the damn pushing
that future line hey settle down yet got
15 12 years in the shop
had a baby by blac Chyna remember the
name tattooed you sit oh she be having
abortions look at the nigger name man be
careful what you name yourself man
I believe the children of the future the
future would you know when to the
coochie like a black like a nigger they
all some population shit anyway he doing
it for the future
shit they provide so dumb all the beauty
they possess inside give them a sense of
pride and to make it easier okay we need
to quit after how many babies one baby
mamas this drama they go overseas to my
child support ticket 180 scored 40
points and 20 rebounds
children run around this normal be
around a long time
oh no man this nigga got the hip-hop
idols in this kids never – if I fail you
know if I succeed I got six and a
grandson I got six on it and imma
Greco’s I got seven on it I’m not a
youngster you 49 yeah I decided long ago
39 six kids and a grandson
I know all right man they love juice
boxes and they eat the last frito in the
box that’s why I love him all right
let’s get to these what the fuck’s me we
gotta get the fuck up out of here real
quick man what’s the what the flux
makers I’m ready my first what the fuck
is the hunter getting killed by the deer
see fuck a Honda thought he shot the
deer nigga and the deer crept up on and
killed the nigger ate them bully the
horse one known as Yogi Bear lucky
should have been negative took all the
bullets nigga fuck deer thing with the
bull surely you gotta leave guys
creations alone branson speaking of that
not to throw – what the fucks off but
we’d be trippin on my
human murdered human like I don’t must
kill each other every day justice a
money shot every day be niggas get shot
every day be work my other what the fuck
is what’s up with these prolific braids
if the game yeah you know here mommy
attend Michael Jackson video black a
white when the motherfucking to see the
turning in shake its back and this way
he’s morphing into army he’s so a shit
down flavor
took him on his first tour yeah we
already say like you had a prolific
records that was just right there you
got the prolific brains much bigger in
attack oh god I think he’s trying to be
I think he’s obsessed with the nigger
man funny he got seven million to pay
back pro liftin sent me 30
yo they like 13,000 orders like they not
sugar dicking with the morale of my show
if si got like 13 thousand orders left
like some crazy shit left so until it’s
finished I got some diet nips I got some
diet NIT any other dye braids and a diet
beer that’s like you run on a ranch my
grandmother got some Italian apricot
jelly Marco yeah I’m not even addressing
the elephant in the room
yeah yeah man I don’t give a fuck if
that was a letter he really tried to get
that Lord fuck that poem he’s really
trying to spit on his mind he was trying
to express your mouth
just cuz yet 262 characters to tell yo
bitch right after you die but Nick does
die bro don’t the dirt ain’t even on the
coffee yet my no you had a hole poetic
polyfill Dakota to pop but what a
justin’s poem me with me me me me me yea
though I walk through the valley of the
come on love wow that’s a lot but just
bring some yams fucking chicken wings go
to the next his Nipsey Hussle
I mean it’s the game and nipsey hussle
stand is he becoming an FCS we’ll stand
is that that’s the question between you
know mixtapes with me well-known the
victory laugh maybe he value some more
that he’s gone I think that politically
correct how you feel I think that you
know he had genuine love for nip he
fucked with nip in a certain way but
it’s a void need to be filled and I
think everybody want to pour him a glass
of kool-aid oh you guys say marketing
shit it’s a void need to be filled and
West Coast and motherfuckers a lot of
people is out trying out nips each other
and some trying to make sure you know
that they ain’t nipsey so you know I’m
saying you okay let’s let’s another
elephant in the room when blue when se
da did blue face never posts anything
knowing that’s a Los Angeles crip and
just old today but I seen other enemy
gangbangers know nobody on some key way
shit mo everybody I see I see saudi
posts some shit about nitty matrix to so
I’m saying is you got some people with
the ride and some people want to say huh
we we have been dealt with that nigga
didn’t exist he’s started the fresh crap
shit skinny crip fresh shit that started
will do I mean
Wayne is a dumb move and let me say shit
about Wayne casing that I want because
he’s a daemul you got people that’s
gonna make sure you know they not
fucking with him and some going over
that’s crazy and Wayne ain’t we looking
at never looked at that and I mean and
and they kids his brothers or something
right that kids his brothers Perry and
how he defended when cold air bucks at
the shade he said some shit he defended
Titans I really give no real props
enough dying but so do Nivea don’t
message me I’m a man we gotta get some
love playing you know sort of Lakers and
we gotta get some hate to the Warriors
the aureus it’s all for y’all wait for
clay to come back this up shit yes over
that’s a wrap you with the Lakers how
about you man you see 40/20/40 20 and we
even got cools min there yeah we even
got Ron go to three forties and spent 20
on a sec so relate to that’s why we put
five on it I’ll relate today forty
twenty man hey I feeling that Ledo nigga
you you were rude yeah right now I’m a
baby everything all set in till
Christmas because we played it we play
the Clippers with the full squad
Paul George be back do you get the real
game okay so LA is waiting on Christmas
game the Christmas game because Paula be
there we load it they gonna be loaded
the first game so Paul George is with
the Clippers yeah but he ain’t been
playing yet he’s laying by he gonna quit
this you against Lakers we play against
the Clippers since I’m a Laker
oh so saying the city ain’t really gonna
be really hot into the Christmas game
and that’s when she gonna start up a
football gonna be about to zone out so
it’s more paying attention but right now
we just play playing baton like it’s
going through the motherfucker
championship you can book it how you
feel about this
enough of that enough enough of that it
was a great game for the Lakers because
this out of here man Simone what you
want to talk about Reggie White
turned herself in you know I mean we
want to let everybody know to write them
and I mean hit him up on the digital
soapbox page you know I mean on YouTube
on haiji everything to get the address
far as against the chronicle page you
know I mean to hit him up you know I
mean get to address where to send them
letters you got some shirts for y’all
about 18 months 16 19 he an offense
though so you probably got to bring but
no no I know he’ll be home soon baby
hungry niggas and the fans got nigga
fuck 16 months no no no fuck they see
months a thousand months yeah yeah we
got a thousand months long division boy
thousand months 2006 CMOS ain’t shit 100
months 500 months Yeah right
twelve years the game start on your ass
like a 500 months six of them oh shit
combing the bitch hair cord she like God
in the face K particles no none of it’s
not if you marry what no even if you
marry not in the fades in the space
yes in a stable oh shit man we’ve got
research I got a researcher I wanted a
yo I got a research shit I walked a
three-yard I don’t fuck I’m talking
about okay cool she well yeah the fair
lifers can’t have conjugals either
because the motherfucker killed this
mmm and in a conjugal in a conjugal game
oh he doesn’t fall hey miss Nebraska be
from the black yes I never been to the
pen or the fairs I’ve been to the county
in LA County is I could imagine what the
pin is but it’s a thousand times worse
than a pin because I heard niggas gonna
pay line state state and you can be
married and do all that extra sugar they
don’t flow to fall floating and try to
fucking women CEOs or something your
best no one in juvenile I had to wake a
nigga shit up what’d you do man to fight
there to bust somebody over what they
put me in with some crazy-ass white
bitch so you know and then they I’d
already did the store so I didn’t get a
chance to order what I need you know I’m
up early Y suggested man I used to
fucking to pay who told you to fucking
use my toothpaste no I fucking did it
man always you know what it’s just me
and hurry nobody’s gonna come chin that
bitch man we get the tussling in that
motherfucker it was so crazy they came
in here chicken wing me and all that
shit it was just it was wild but they
removed her I fucked her it was white
bitch she was crazy she took medication
know why they would put me in with a bit
for me I would out a black lady here oh
she was cold we was talking about snow
she was saying how she fuck Snoop Dogg
back in the day all night long I never
taught no shit
this was crazy but crazy goddamn goddamn
deal store I wish the fuck I would oh
and what did we talk about actually do
your stuff
so Reggie right dispose it out man let’s
do the guys to the trash dude man
oh great news curry just broke his hand
no wait hey how the fuck you break your
hand my nigga they watching some online
I just gave with some breaking news
oh my nigga the Warriors is the
good-looking broke every motherfucking
these niggas pussy blue your plays sick
you know who the broke nut cream
spraying yeah but not broken Kobe did
the broke bro famous told me play with
the pro finger straight up but at the
end of the day gas in the trash the car
was Jesus is king
no I rather listen intro Amy another
cousin singing today oh me shadow me
it’s all good if he ain’t serving Oh
fried chicken young yams offended
service I’m not coming so Kanye you
won’t smoking out there we need chicken
brother winner yes brother green beans
brother once you’re gonna do Kanye when
the refreshments bring down on you and I
was a great mother by everything that Oh
I want grape Arizona Big Canyon nuts
them to troubles shit I don’t know
they look like seashells truffles Crips
truffle I see shoes no smack macaroons
they got them in Hawaii the Hawaiian
Nikon yeah give us some spoon dela hold
on let’s talk about the actual fucking
album talk about the chick-fil-a I feel
like it’s hyped up because we ain’t
heard enough from him in a long time
hey hyped up I mean the radio keeps
spinning and every playing every black
chick-fil-a planet no power 106’s plant
back to back back to bed no chick-fil-a
I’m gone when Papa’s coming back up
I got along great I got my own bones and
bread – I’m bringing McDonald Big Mac
sauce and putting it on that
motherfucker yeah the chicken sandwich
with the Big Mac sauce on a wine break
let’s go you only need one no you don’t
get to it in that’s unwise too much too
rich but let me ask a question – both
yeah y’all think Kanye West is doing the
preacher hustle yep yes mr. Randy Watson
is Randy Watson right now he’s Randy
Watson all in your face I was needing
with the powder blue suit and a
motherfucking nine inch heels boots he’s
Randy while I don’t believe him because
if you notice
ain’t nothing religious about his shit
he just sing it he ain’t coming on no
Bible and reading scripts he just
singing shit he got gospel choirs and
everybody this bomb and dope from that
whole shit but it’s not an actual church
service it’s called Sunday service
ain’t no religion attached to none of
that shit it’s cause he should have just
called Sunday service tonight Baptist
Christian Methodist Episcopal another –
I can’t spell its motherfucking Sunday
service so he’s able to have a service
to you when you want to shit on his
music his dialogue and an ain’t no
dialogue it’s just music and play play
pooling giggling it’s Sunday service but
then nigga figured I don’t see Noel
Jones up there with him I don’t see no
but his shit is a show – yeah he’s Nexus
shit as a show is cracking come on
that’s a single 70 year old nigga dead
fuckin with no I went to church and seen
a nigga put a whole fuckin scandal on
blast from the whole church since the
woodsman called the fuckin what’s been
called from the band and she’s married
to this one and I said oh fuck me back
it’s like a motherfucking Dorito
sticking up so she had that Nike sign
pussy the swoosh
so you can really really I mean she had
got ready for the pastor it was
premeditated foot yes he’s married he’s
married dig this he’s married that
wasn’t even his wife shut up
no now he wears this church
I know a few sad bitches that may be
gonna go see nobody heard your wife out
when you married period facts but I only
read sticker number beef Ava yeah I
heard the only reason she typed because
she wants to sing lead at this Sunday is
you come over to preacher to the
precinct this saved a wretch like me a
man more destroyed man hold on man we
got here with Nora gotta say about his
goddamn album man we said was bullshit
man let’s say with no you gotta say
about this shit man
I guess got the fuck you know you know I
got the text message they sent at the 62
people they said I wish my granny had a
cell phone she probably still be right
nigga said Jesus matters nigga on that
note we have to smell the fucking smoke
without radio subscribe to motherfucking
digital so box fucking TV jiggles oh
google play brother radio calm stitcher
what you gonna do me Jane we’re smoking
out radio and Simone see teller was
right on you
your mama we out this bitch man

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