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takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
17 tapping smoke radio hey motherfucking
part 2 you know goddamn got them up cuz
II Capone get on me and my nigga we dog
this is the part 2 of the motherfucking
show me well we do our motherfucking
thing mate come on let’s go the block
it’s been hot as fuck man so we gotta
get straight to the black smoke house
the black doing the block is hot the
black before let’s go first things first
we gotta get in Somali mom finally
pleading guilty to running an illegal
prostitution business so now allegedly
he was running this from about maybe
2002 to 2014 and also having exotic
animals he wasn’t supposed to have it is
home in Las Vegas hold on man you niggaz
own orangutan case for the exotic
animals yes cuz you have to have it you
can’t have Ocelot cats in monkeys and in
like a certain snakes you’re not even
supposed to have in the United States
you know suppose even have amateur crew
his house had burned down in Vegas and
all animals know when this happen so
that’s why they oh no so okay I don’t
wonder how to get on him cuz I see a lot
of celebrities with exotic pets yeah you
know Peter party got cases against that
nigga probably so but I want to tap into
his situation because you know I got
2012 became essential Mali since like
the early 2000 with the Mac Dre days you
know I mean he’s from below yeah I mean
so I met him way back right you know I
mean so good brother you know I mean uh
producer you know I mean did a lot of
hip music for a lot of artists you know
I mean saw balls co-produced and he had
appointed a lot of shit from a fucking
tiger last year for a close the one Yolo
Yolo is done by him this produces your
free Mali mom animals reported
girlfriend he was dating at the time
Nikki baby you know her parents was
funding his attorney and stuff and
paying that’s why he was really fucking
with her from the gate well she got
money yeah her her parents was helping
him out I mean it just finally caught up
with him he’s been prolonging the
situation they’re going to charge him in
2020 stating it but I think it’s gonna
be some time did he bail out uh well
he’s not in jail right now
he struck a plea deal with federal
prosecutors oh so it’s Travis started
there are human trafficking just human
trafficking that’s why they ran into his
house the first time so um yeah Wow
I hope he for my birthday he turned me
up for my birthday Bunney borrows I had
a really good time
Molly’s not a bad guy shit I just you
know free man I definitely want to get
into this Laurie Harvey hit-and-run
well I heard that she did the hit and
run and tried to leave the scene I’m
guessing she may have been intoxicated I
mean but when you’re a celebrity and
you’re celebrity’s kid it’s like why are
you even driving but what if she didn’t
like crash it to survive once she died
sideswipes of shit on the block right oh
no she she hit a parked vehicle go right
I want to tap into whack 100 suppose the
comments about Nipsey Hussle no
disrespect to know cuz Iike you know I
mean cuz we don’t you know we don’t I
just came here did a dope-ass interview
you know we didn’t even want to bring
this question up to them let me out of
respect for never see and I mean but we
a radio show and we got talked about you
know I mean what’s going down so speak
on it well whack 104 Lee said Nipsey
Hussle wasn’t about that life in some
audio that was recorded a conversation
between him and someone uh you know
whack 100 is always known for saying
things out of how can I say this I can’t
say out of turn because he’s a grown-ass
man he could say whatever he wants to
say but it’s just who gave him the
authority to what I say is what I say
this is what it is it I don’t give a
fuck like what gives him that authority
mister Pacoima I’m just trying to
understand that’s the same thing I’ve
been wondering like it’s like you know
regardless of what’s going on you know
don’t nobody got time to be dealing with
this old bullshit you know I’m saying
and and far as like okay you can look at
in some ways cuz you got to look at it
on where’s where is this message coming
from it feels another kind of
motherfucking messenger that ain’t known
for trolling and ain’t known for
disrespecting legends or nitpicking
people’s personal lifestyle to fuck off
they legacy then motherfucker might be
like okay why kind of heard that kind of
conversation that came up for is like
say when Tupac was claiming down mood
before his demise but this is coming
from a place where a motherfucker that’s
always on some other shit to disrespect
everything and then I trip off the gang
nigga because it’s like that’s your
partner and your whole thing you’ve been
pumping this so legacy it up about
nipsey you ain’t put on a statement like
just say nothing like we didn’t get a
statement saying they would look because
we can’t control
it’s not about controlled us about
addressing unless but why not because
he’s not but you this dis you legacy
though you nipsey legacy doubt though if
you wasn’t legacy doubt you ain’t gotta
do shit but you legacy doubt everything
about my about wax it wax says that he
talked about shitty cuz the person who
prays yes you say oh that’s the real
gangster he’s a real guy he ain’t got no
business speaking on nobody third
business because I’ve been a situation
right for one and that’s keyway business
you don’t saying far as the street
politic part about it and they don’t
have nothing do a music you disrespected
person’s personal shit they don’t have
nothing to do with you on whatever you
feel about it I’m wasn’t a musical take
that wasn’t a something for the culture
that was some culture vulture she not
only then he went off to make another
post saying fake fans only come around
when you’re gone oh like what the fuck
is his problem
like can I laugh yeah go ahead
oh what you saying what the fuck is his
problem why do we give a fuck could I
mean like he’s a person with his opinion
which he’s got the right to his own
everybody got the right to their opinion
but why did we give a fuck about his
opinion if you’re not coming from the
circle like anybody opinion that’s not
in the circle not from the neighborhood
not even a matter here you like I could
say some wild shit I’m from Oakland in
my opinion you know I mean somebody
probably be mad about it but it don’t
matter what the fuck I say so why we so
like concerned about what the fuck he
say about the situation he says some
shit about POC enough Afeni he has
nothing to do with that so why would I
take that in consideration like oh my
god is damaging that’s disrespectful of
course in both ways it’s all
disrespectful but it’s just another
motherfucker would entertain it’s not
law like you say he’s not God nobody
give a fuck like I don’t give a fuck
this is another nigga talking shit at
the barbershop that’s what I take and
everybody tell us mama shop you know to
me you know a good respectful barber
shop so who gives a fuck about the
barber that’s cutting your hair talking
shit that should never make TMZ you know
your take out so because this is a
convenient time for game to come out
with oh but I think it definitely got to
do with the clothing line because they
eat they’re getting a lot of backlash
about the prolific shit this is the
reason why will whack is saying it’s
something that has that has a
motherfucking legs to walk because he
has success behind his bullshit he he
has an artist that’s very successful in
hot right now he works for a company
that’s successful you know say he he’s a
voice in hip-hop and he’s using his
voice on every platform that he get hot
about is negative it ain’t never know
uplifting shit as ours was such a–such
wasn’t like this is such such wasn’t
like that even when he was attacking yg
not too long ago over whatever’s going
on with his certified miss or whatever
house that’s another Donnell you know
saying my thing is you have a backup
that platform that he could be spending
another way we gone and gone and so what
a motherfucker really feel or garment
shop talking that shit he’s spending his
platform in a fucked up way every
time he opened his mouth and go viral
it’s always negative on somebody
it ain’t no never no uplifting shit
that’s the problem I got like come on
nigga people listening you by now
because they see you managed blue face
he’s a successful motherfucker that’s
popping it got hit some kids is gonna
come so I gotta be one of them talking
motherfuckers to make it did she
you know saying use somebody now nigga
you ain’t you know you managed game
shady a successful motherfucker so
something about you had you got common
sense so you know all these just direct
this moves these motherfuckers ain’t
just nothing happening I mean you’re
smart my runs it’s a method to the
madness definitely what you said but the
other day man who cares like why does
why does it why is it so important like
that’s the game manager or cuz it’s
fuckin blue face management like who
here’s your right and I was about to
land on that I was about to land on that
because we said the same shit about
black hole cares
but for that it’s making money and
milking the culture he got interviews
with everybody where he’s making a
shitload of money
why can’t make no money off trolling and
interviews and shit so yeah it’s a
different he’s a man he could leave a
post and say some shit and that
motherfucker grows legs so he does have
a platform goals every time he open his
mouth but at the end of day who gives a
fuck like why are y’all giving his
motherfucking so much attention who
cuz I got a statement with so it’s not
nobody from the rolling 60 saying that
now for nigger from the roadless see she
said that I’d be concerned probably
because we feel he needs to be checked
out video sorry that too but I’d be
concerned if it was somebody from the
circle if it ain’t a nigga from the
circle that’s like me talking some shit
I don’t know what’s going on Bay Area
from the sideline and view my opinions
but why would it matter if I’m not from
the hood if I’m not from LA or that part
of LA you know I mean or I don’t deal
with them politics I’m from the bag we
don’t even gang Bey the fuck I’m talking
about on these politics same thing my
nigga like why are we concerned about
his view that the nagaihas view is
disrespectful the people in the circle
should be very mad before and she and
the fans should be very mad but us come
on we share we not mad here smoke a lot
right here we’re speaking on it but it
hasn’t speaking on it passionately cuz
we about passion and motherfucking
Street news he needs to be checked I
think if anybody somebody from their
neighborhood and I ain’t gonna say who
but somebody from their neighborhood
need to highlight him that’s it huh he
ain’t gonna even go somebody from the
neighborhood need to highlight my yo
chill and if that don’t happened in you
know our opinion ain’t shit cuz it’s
their problem
you know I mean like us all talking
about Nipsey Hussle situation that’s
their her problems you know I mean
periods like I had to tell drew down he
still ain’t gonna even say the shit but
he stepped into some rapper beef that
was some hood beef nah I was telling
this nigga though this hood beef bro
stay out of it and we beef it with
niggas custom hood beef that wing got
shit to do it but you stepped your nose
and that you ain’t got shit to do or
death that’s her problems that’s some
shit that no rapper no motherfucking
preacher nobody could stop that that’s
her politics same with here this hood of
politics nobody from the outside could
speak or have they opinion to stop it
it’s their problem they gotta figure
that shit out you know I mean period so
that’s how I feel about her politics and
everybody should have a opinion on it
like okay you could talk about it but
it’s between them they gotta figure that
shit out why jumping toward it getting
everybody beef and you ain’t got shit to
do with that
that’s what I was telling true like Pro
with the fucking we be for folk and the
nigger that we be for faux ain’t even
beef and he’s scared
around with the fuck around
keeping it a buck what the fuck are we
like for real and it’s de politics
speaking of beef and politics I want to
get into a Chapo’s it was not a Ensenada
but I was all on the news why I’m going
through motherfucking custom shit man
all that shit is this right here I’m
figuring out the bus go get kid now we
only talked the whole tour buses is shit
like don’t drive through the part where
that nigga dystocia it up me my whole
time but I had a great time nigga Mexico
was very nice to me fever my date oh
shit up about out yo yes they smoked
like they had them captured but the
Mafia is hard he got everything
yeah that’s mafia yeah yeah you know
he’s a very smart man he’s escaped from
prison he like they go crazy but the
person I think the person he hired to be
a stunt double actually got killed
I know some chop ilysm yeah my wives
yeah but it’s crazy you know I mean you
know it is what it is but Mexico they
don’t play a bug I don’t give a fuck I
was frightening I thought I was gonna
lose my life on the bus
thank God I had my weed Thanks shit it’s
legal in Mexico okay yeah they got
dispensaries in shit they had
dispensaries out there oh man that was
letting me know like yo bro you could go
here but I can’t say it on the tour bus
but they got it legal I was burning like
a motherfucker I’m walking through the
whole answer not a nigga wood-burning it
my motherfucking a royal blunt that the
motherfucking uh duh the fucking of him
Pablo Morello dumbass cool out on the
hip or elbow just burn it down there get
a duck of me off in okay cuz smoke okay
like all the men naked a love me and my
wife we took over Mexico oh yeah we
California we is way better nigga things
trying to buy my shit hello pretty rose
I’m burnish it down man they love the
kid pity
Mexico was cool but gotta get a show on
I was gonna gave motherfucking dropped
off in the El Chapo
oh no not yellow and we got a drive like
45 minutes to motherfucking Mexico to
get to the blow Mountain you know I mean
so we got to drive through the whole
city I’m like please niggas actin like
fuck everything everybody Catholic
prayer you could play you could pray but
anyway says I definitely want to get
into Von Lathan being fired from TMZ
bye-bye now well nigga van
here’s the thing I guess it was some
sort of altercation that that uh
Cummings between him might and Michael
Babcock oh the boy Babcock
he was on my beer he said don’t ever
embarrass me again or some some some
somes gonna have this respect me man
already choked at me like that in the
workplace our van that is they didn’t do
bar choke that nigga no the dude they
reported it like it was a trick so he
threatened a dude and then punch them or
to do like bark back maybe about any
blows being thrown I don’t have so hard
so my god so grab him you like nigga
don’t call me back so no man so I
thought everybody trying to say you
anti-semitic so was the no comments and
not like that it was like some inner
argument about Ellen DeGeneres sitting
with President Bush ex President Bush at
a game coming over he’s got no argument
him job that was done by Ellen DeGeneres
and who else but nigga actually just
whispered over nigga shoulder you ain’t
get fired
like why would he take it to the million
children in Niger that’s mean it’s like
hey Bros you disrespect oh no what the
folks no good tumbling down basically
tank was on Angela and he went off to
say he made a comment they were talking
about men that lie yes somehow they got
on the subject about well somebody said
well if a man sucks a dick doesn’t that
make him gay so if a man lies that makes
him a liar but I feel they said that
shit on purpose about the gay shit but
anyways so that means he tried it and if
he tries it a second time that means
he’s trying to see if he liked it or not
that doesn’t make him gay so okay listen
like onions on his understand I
understand what you guys may think or
how it to me personally to even have the
mindset of one in a second mystic it
does make you gay facts how that’s how
that’s how I feel
however let’s look at it this way say
and say nothing
pills or some pills liquor e-cigarettes
everything and let’s just say he would
just swing a party or a sex rave party
whatever and he just so happened to do
something that he wouldn’t normally do
hey Justin you don’t wasted a money
fuck that they don’t even remember what
they did the last night okay
but the man they did it to remembers
okay let’s just say okay I lost my car
keys behind loss of sexuality in the
parking lot I get where he’s coming
Friday would he try to say but it’s like
you do that’s what genuine went fuck
with all that TV studio and he was
making some allegedly making some
homosexual comments to him in another
artist while I was willing to say yes
saying oh he’s really fucking an ass bro
in this game he’s really liked how it
was like the homies like wait a minute
allegedly he’s like like bro I don’t
know what the fuck you talking about but
I’m war with none of that shit and then
he left he was supposed to be signed
under him and he left he was like I
can’t fucking me too weird
so I you know there’s already rumors
about tank beans fruity in the booth
talking about he liked his salad sauce
by his wife I mean come on come on come
on man my thing is this man if any man
like they ask it lick your pervert
because that’s just feel like a showers
is wet this is wet on your butt like
that what the fuck
if you like you but that’s that’s you’re
just sad again toss right mm-hmm
so if you like you’re asking I thought
that you don’t want settled on your
saligan toss if you like really hard or
really aroused by that you were gay
nigut period my side again toss I just
thought nigga had like when you take
when you take a shit then you got the
toilet that got to squirt that you got
the little little water that got wet
your but that’s how I took it
that’s it it wasn’t like it rouse me my
nigga made me hard to know like that so
if people get aroused from that how does
it make you sound like the tank
statement it still don’t make me arouse
my nigga I don’t get around no one gay
because a woman’s licking their asshole
I don’t make them gay I’m just saying it
if you enjoy it it makes you gay if you
could get hard off that shit you gay
fuck know if anybody playing with your
butt if you don’t get hard you not gay
but if you take the test that’s how
you’re gonna see what about if you do it
you get that’s what I feel that how do
you play around like that that makes a
man like min because a woman looks an
asshole a woman we just go run past the
one man Lance fucked a woman in the ass
is he gay hey that’s a tricky one
because because doesn’t you Simone you
answer that question because I’ve just
seen some poor which yesterday
he’s been accused soullow ain’t a
logistics suggestion fucking a bitch to
the eyes and you guys looked at two
different things my nigga and enjoy it
fucking your bitch in the ass and she
enjoy it there’s so total difference
from you enjoying a bitch second tank
saying you get a rest I’m a real street
nigger I think so yeah any playing with
the buttholes game so yeah
so when grabbing a bunch so when tanks a
shit if you suck a dick me you didn’t
like it or you didn’t know if you liked
it you suck one morning you realize you
know what I don’t like it what it’s
total game what made you go to the hills
like onions was it like relish animal
style if you could get just like I said
off you get hard off your buggy and
licked if you could get hard up for
niggas sucking your dick a man being in
front of you but if you can desire you
gave in thinking fuck you right in front
of a man you guys fuck so I never got
when they said suck my dick suck my
weight let’s switch it around because
you really go let it suck your dick
let me switch it around my dick let me
switch it around okay is you really
really you really mean that wait wait so
me as a woman I’m not anxious to women
right I’m not attracted to women however
I have my vagina like by one
like oh I don’t like women your bees gay
fuck on it sodium sodium but I’m talking
about a nigga saying yeah you guys are
you lesbian you gay I’m not us both you
lesbo I heard it was called a pillow
princess your pillow princess a bitch
see hey they gotta lay a bitch to lay
down got your own lane your pillow
princess you know a pussy but you sit
down to get your pussy a you lay down
get your pussy
suck though your pillow you’ve got about
a Saturday
you do no matter what you want to turn
into you fucking further the same saying
okay Isabella princess you’re gay
no she’s a pillow princess nigga with a
crown that’s the pillow Prince yeah she
got she just got a nightgown home I fuck
yeah anything about her about us it’s
about tank okay how you say that a nigga
sucker yet you joint ain’t gay male you
know he’s promoting promote what he
treat me like a crazy shit to promote
their shit right I’m not saying the
fruity Rudy stories stories are not true
cuz I know damn he got going on that’s a
what the fuck yeah that’s a crazy what
the fuck man um me seeing this happened
with black Wall Street shout-out to Jade
JT the Bigga figure when a game was
signed a black Wall Street which it was
JT the Bigga figga label the first label
before he went to Dre and G Union trade
to bigger figure out a label called
black Wall Street game went to aftermath
and took the label because JT was a
lower he was you know nobody knew about
him or whatever he took that label and
branded black Wall Street at his label
so I hadn’t seen his shit done before so
this is DejaVu play his brother came
with the hurricane shit first
motherfuckers fuck my ankle up see so I
never knew that
hurricane shit but it is like deja vu
man game is so dope as an artist I don’t
think he need to do this shit you know I
mean I think big enough to have his own
thing of just anything
you know he’s trying to latch on to
something to make him relevant but
Simoni love this is what make me mad the
plateau that gang took the West to when
he came in and the MC a motherfucker
fenelby resort to these type of
motherfucking TAC tactics here it’s kind
of like damn oh six she was a man come
on man you actually really brought
attention back let me say Oh gasps I’m
saying Newcastle I’m saying a point
about how we accepting it for us the
nipsey shit and everything because we
know we know you know better far as
hottest shit was don’t get perceived you
know you know come on you no matter you
got market until you got meat around you
got people in here it doesn’t offend me
the board to say prolific mr. year the
word it’s a word and he also gave a
shout out to nipsey and he said that
black Sam gave him a blessing for him
doing that but still the energy behind
it would have been dope or if Heda came
with something original that still
legendary and let the legacy with Darren
Jordan it because you’re strong enough
to do that I felt that was a lazy man
with some a little dope right now let me
tell you something with me being a part
of Mac Dre song boss icon I could have
been made boss icon t-shirts yeah I
would never do that because I know that
that’s his legacy that’s him you know I
mean I could have did boss icon t-shirts
with his face on it all types of shit
but I know what not to do to respect the
man legacy right like game no we’re not
to doing what to do
that’s a fucking smack in the face or
kicking a face in a spit in the face to
from outside looking in you know I mean
because everybody try to milk Mack Drake
milk to Jack egg by hat t-shirts all
these shits got shut down from lawsuits
you know I mean now gang got permission
that’s dope but it’s still a hustle my
nigga I got a nerd and a prolific shirts
before he died and still an energy but I
know you don’t have a prolific sir
before he died where that shit come from
and doesn’t faith on that fucking
records see that’s the thing
and she own with the t-shirts that would
have been don’t that’s why that’s what
nice prolific and okay
they probably prolific probably get a
piece of the game merch that’s more like
it to use the name it’s a license deal
so it that seems more not being a part
of the LLC or their incorporation that
sound crazy we have whatever research is
on this immediately so his new label his
new label launch is prolific records but
faith Emmett’s owned it many years ago
so she sold it to him
no she sell it no she gave him
permission to use it permission to use
your label well she trademark the word
my nigga so it’s like me I trademarked
the looneys i trademark got mouth but
somebody want to do a yuck mouth beer
I’ll give him up for got licensed ale to
use the name she like licenses shit he
could use it we are shit we got to make
sure we got sorry and Benes together
it’s too important she get a cut but you
know let’s not you know be uh you know
doing all that politic
but I think it’s a smack I think it’s
disrespect because it wasn’t no probably
thick nothing for the game before nipsey
died that’s it it looks suspect to me he
said he was suspect anyway for how he
was all on you’ve seen a woman if she
passed many so I mean everybody came out
there so everybody I mean you know
remember back in the day when nipsey
music first came out they used to call
it I mean I won here at six oh shit
better stop acting like when that when
oh no that motherfucking music first
hitting the bullets nope got ain’t got
no name volume 1 and then they start
latching on to some of the other ones
when he nigga niggas used to run around
cuz you couldn’t play it loud everywhere
at a time Nipsey music got accepted when
he made the curve but before that
everybody couldn’t have been on the
nifty shit because it was so good driven
you could barely play that shit right so
he was getting in you know I’m saying
that’s why because he was saying the
music I change Faith Evans
she basically launched end in 2014 of
November and it is has distribution
through BMG I think he went into
business with her Nipsey but he kind of
is but he kind of has this you know what
a fucking door man 7 million right quick
got weave inches going on all types but
he did the same shit he did with JT the
Bigga figga and we don’t hit it on that
man the black reporter is hot yeah we
had a great night guys got damn cozy
Capone got down we dog you know I mean
the marathon continue all money in you
know I mean that shit gonna stay lit you
know I mean we got hope because you know
like I said about you know other artists
that past man a lot of people drop them
all fucking up a time
and the end of that shit lit yeah so I’m
you know all money ain’t got a whole
lineup ready to come out lunch everybody
keeping that shit lift keeping nipsey
name alive so we got exclusive dope ass
interview tonight I hope you I enjoyed
it you know I mean digital soapbox not
only motherfucking motherfucking Apple
music brother I’m gonna do it just like
midnight luckily damn it like leave your
back door open bitch I’m coming to get
the weed we are one good smoke Kato
phone yeah old yo mama you saw your mama
on this one huh my mama taught I’m at
address one more thing man cuz a lot of
people trying to make a beef out there
address elephant in the room man
definitely man Jordan when they ask
Jordan oh you know I mean between LeBron
and Kobe he was like Kobe and that’s
only because he stole my moves so you
guys out there stealing our moves you
know I’m a nice little yeah stop
stealing our word salute – yeah magic
what magic say magic said basically
Jordan wanted to say Steph Curry but he
couldn’t because he is part of her team
they can’t say certain things about
anyway if a nigga say Jordan was able to
say you stole my moves nigga he stole
you to show you motherfucking down there
getting mad at us saying that people was
taken from us nationally sodium and died
in shape all types of shit man shit on
your family and it’s no disrespect to
them podcast cuz we got love you know I
mean but show love to us fabulous
you dig George show love to Kobe but he
said he stole my moves to show me some
moves we have that bitch

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