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ALL MONEY IN very own CUZZY CAPONE x WEEDOGG stops by & talk NIPSEY HUSSLE history, the next CRACC BABIES Vol 3 album plus MORE.. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
hey it’s your host with the
motherfucking most cush smoke your
motherfucking mouth with my beautiful
coho some on titty Taylor with the
illest nigga Nebraska P oh my kettle for
you in a bitter like the pot of stairs
bathroom goddamn well you got it hey hey
you know every time you go to building
where’s the bathroom right down the left
on the bottom stairs no that’s at a
building Sugar Shack sure you say hey
Kate oh man we got some dope bands guest
in the building yeah we got some
partners of mine from the street level
in a motherfucking personal level on
with y’all Mike no two motherfuckers for
the musical level yeah we got the
original motherfucking crack babies in
this motherfucker Slauson boys in this
motherfucker we know motherfucking I’ll
say we don’t yeah I said we dog in
motherfucking cuz Iike Paul
mmm Yoav Ella’s man welcome to the
motherfucking show men it’s a blessing
man thank God for slide through
we had dialogue this nigga is it easy
easy easy man right here this is my
gardener playing with the clay with
nobody out here and you ain’t playing
with nobody with these goddamn lyrics my
G I’m gonna tell you as a rapper use a
use of rappers rapper my nigga yeah put
that on vibrate appreciate good
vibration Frank oh shit man but uh look
use a rappers rapper bro but when I
heard you would knit you know I mean
like you reminded me of a New York
rapper kind of like like noble from The
Outlaws they gave me that New York field
and I was like yo is it Nick got like a
New York dude down with a squat and it
was always was you and I’ve been seeing
you around I’m like nah that’s him nigga
nigga you you surprised me bro because I
thought it was a bodyguard my nigga like
on first impression is outside looking
in like oh that’s a song me nigga from
the hood that’s holding it down you then
I walk up nigga you getting popped the
bamboo ski my research nigga you won the
illest nigga is at all money in my nigga
period thanks that’s what a loser that’s
what the lyricism came your this is
broke definitely you dope as fuck my
nigga team appreciate it straight-up
won’t you give a intro duction to people
you know and smoke a lot leg you know we
on spotify we on Apple music
and shit you know I mean digital so bad
there’s also box brother you know let
the world know like you know I mean how
you came in the game you know I mean how
y’all really started this all money and
shit you know I mean how you linked up
with nip you know just break the story
down for the fans and the audience you
know I mean for people who don’t know um
both of you dudes because y’all started
out small some boys together so it
started at yeah so once you break down a
Slauson boys story but you know to make
a long story short not be too
complicated about it it’s just I met
nipping like all three in the hood just
walking through the hood on some normal
we connected I found out he was doing
music with a couple other partners and I
brought him me into what I was doing and
we went from there you know I’m saying
nip started rapping with juice Lawson
boys thought was chewing it it started
with me and nimble nipples already
wrapped right but far as the crew far as
the crew unit I’ve seen an interview man
when you say you first met knit me
reminded you of nice yeah you know I
mean you are you it was a rapping
yeah I mean before he started doing the
hood she wants you to elaborate on that
that was one of my first like nicknames
the first person I could think when I
heard he was you know I’m saying he was
already technical too young age like
shit like how you scratching your head
let me play that shit again
fuck this little nigga say right you
know I’m saying it was it was like it
was already on some intelligent shit he
was already thinking that’s where y’all
were play connection came me because I
remember when I first heard him you know
I’m saying and I was like listening I’m
because you know I’m good and set on
some Crenshaw says I’m like I know these
these cadence in this certain shit you
know I know I know sharpen this shit up
yeah I know where to sharpen he came
from cuz you always had direction when
it came to music yeah you know getting
really fed off each other always you
know trying to tell him everything I
knew he was running a game about as far
as from the artists aspect from riding
the bars and there’s nip you sure didn’t
write bars here just here just write but
he was separated shit like when I kind
of just showed him to a basic shit to
kind of neatly shit up and he just went
from there man like we just fed off each
other always musically that’s when all
our records just like
always was is the cousin like no
disrespect but you can tell like nipples
and anneli of the group when y’all to
get together is like to Nellie’s on the
same song like y’all both put known it’s
like God you finally got a motherfucker
that’s really putting as no disrespect
because gassing as much like lyrical
shit everybody was in packing and dope
but lyrical bar for bar
ah two niggas was gassing you got a
period I would have a don’t appreciate
it Brooke solo you could tell I mean how
your story said I how y’all linked up
they weave drive the net when we work
together we we definitely fit off each
other that’s why the verses sounded so
it was shit we did records we got that
we ain’t even doin like in the same
night shit he was Sidney or something
like that but when we got finished with
it it would always sound like we was
right there you know saying in the same
room we did everything but majority of
the shit we did in the same room
together so just you know connected
always hear that you know Nick talked
about how him and chase stone was
recording each other on Pro Tools we do
around in the era I was around so at
that time they was a little younger they
was they was everybody was kind of doing
their own thing right
still I was still in the street the
niggas was in the street in the hood you
know I’m saying making a name for itself
– yeah on the corners as well as going
to the house and pressing record you
know saying back at that time they was
really in the thickest shit yeah you
know some crack babies came about with
me and we dog we was just talking one
day and from the shop like we need to do
something we need to you know I selling
dog I want to do something different and
see the fans don’t know one thing about
we talk we dog is like the you god of
the wu-tang he was one that you know he
he had to go he had a gun he was
always there begin to come back so we
dog is a very intricate motherfucking
part of this whole shit so much fuss
gotta know you feel miss I gotta be
clarified a lot of people don’t know MC
tattoo we dog name on his back when he
first started getting tattoo that our
definitely brought a different
no but dog been around I’ve been around
shit always they tapped in one spot is
crack baby I wanted to do something
different that nobody else doing la our
city is so much of me me everybody today
I’m saying so I was just thinking like
what could we do so I’m gonna stand out
or like a mob deep hyper situation okay
come with some shit that la artist
wasn’t doing you know is in the last 20
years you probably shit you’re not gonna
see two faces on the cover right I knew
it would be it would be looked at highly
because of that cuz I knew he was
missing that in rap as a whole yeah so
then I open category figure out what
could we do you know to make it
realistic hmm
and I just thought about where we came
from and I thought crack babies not
meaning we was born on crack right but
mean we was babies selling crack to
survive we had field I’m saying diddly
shit every day going to jail over this
shit you know you know well Obama know I
bring you back to the
well you know I grew up in the Crenshaw
district so growing up I heard you guys
rap I just never seen you I never know
what I want to touch base is on is
coming from that area like I want you to
give the youth some pointers on how to
survive coming from situations like
they’re coming from the hood like tell
them things I could do to to focus more
I don’t want to sound like like I just
gave up on but honestly to me as long as
is the same situations and the same
evilness is still around the hood and
got control of these hits in these areas
the best advice I can give you is to
just do enough to get the fuck out
Steve figure out a way to because
telling the youth to do this and do that
and still stay on his block they’re
surrounded by evil he’s hopeless it’s
not gonna work so the best thing that
you can do is stay in school get a good
job stack some bread and leave how do
you feel about this so-called big homies
who who want you to still stay on the
black and do those things they’re
finished they’re finished and that’s why
I saw they live for right few over 35 30
years it really if you’re over 30 years
old right now and you’re still sitting
around worried about the politic or who
did what last night your life is
finished you need to figure something
straight mathematics man speed math
because it’s sitting on porches drinking
beer where we at man already gave up
they already like this it this was God
meant for me to do but I’m right here
I’m cool see the ups see you’ve got
go to school or take some classes for
this learn this so you can get the job
hey anybody saying that cuz even very
crunchy Sean we went to school together
my homies it that day will come up til I
need you to go to class yeah nigga
that’s funny you can trouble with the
other Crips and the homies for not going
to class not the narrative that they
paint everything like it’s all about be
a knucklehead with you know wiping my
face all our rules like that did school
you got a squab
you got a squabble you can slow down
underdog I wish it was the same way now

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