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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan Silla I’m the host
with the most smoke rollin up the most
soon Cato got the most oh come on Taylor
keep it sexy for the grown folks I’m og
tone low Felton over go smoke smoke be
the number one podcaster mother shows
all traps and burros Oh broadcasting
live from the coast see committee but
the jokes come and get your phone you
nigga review my file I show up on the
niggas niggas cause I’m gonna kinga one
– y’all got what the fuck steps up on
the sea we gotta haters the sensor only
bosses on the set you up the niggas it’s
meant for your back for interviews nigga
boss up your bills
nigga fuck yo coming through with the
black report the real spill cuz niggas
know without report about to give you
what you’re waiting for some okay tow
about the tectum
that we back like we never left the
radio show they didn’t put up on the
show every time step belt you know be
fresh to death rates it ain’t nothing
left your best
hey hey come back they go get smoked a
lot what they follow 17
H is all you know it sister I’ll get it
y’all niggas growing up they want to be
you know a part of all of history that
they be hearing about there’s kids you
know I’m saying and I get it it’s cool
and then not only that like like like
you know like we was talking about the
Internet is that that’s worse it
incorrect that’s like whoever behind
that somewhere we make good money you
know saying but people lies it’s all of
you from all kinds of stuff like do you
see like bully stuff oh it was 20 years
appetizer like that niggas want to haul
the results don’t my one putting none of
the work it’s like it’s over flooded so
we’re you know what’s real it was not
right you got 500 keys talking about
they from the and they just sit behind
avatars what they do is they take a
fight in the backyard somewhere in
Palmdale and Lancaster upload the
squatters email your name
what about the new names these
motherfuckers that’s going down yeah
cyber bangers st. elsewhere a nomination
la proudly in chick but all that to say
who wants to be a part of that I think
my thing is this bad I’m from the black
my nigga once the motherfucking black
and incorporated and all that shit and
then trademark man it’s a rat we can’t
we can’t do the streets you know mo up
under this name they trademarked all
types of Krypton our nigga come on man I
got Coca Cola’s and I could never claim
that again came a business and we
selling soda waters this shit like
niggers in the street can’t cuz I mean
niggas are evolving I mean would you
rather it be the crack in the guns or
would it be the blow I love it love it
but the hood shit is out of here just
like I’m some big advance the business
and trademarks gonna applaud us yeah
it’s like the week the we shit on the
pot I don’t be able to get jobs there no
so way back to that corner let’s address
the elephant in the room man I’ve seen
you break down man talking about with
nipsey the whole nipsey situation i
happen you know me how you felt like you
could’ve did more yeah you know I mean
far street politics in whatever already
foreign politics cologne Dom get
involved in politics they don’t really
apply to me I’m from the soil so it’s
all I don’t believe in that do more I
thought I could do more as far as just
more should I probably could have said
to him or been around him more then I
should have been in his in his last days
and and to me it seemed like he was
fixing that with us because he was he
had a lot of close attention to me as a
lake and making sure I was that things
and events fly me places yeah yeah
so I’ve seen I’ve seen what my brother’s
doing and I just think I just wish I
would have been it would have started a
low early you know I’m saying maybe
things I don’t know you know if things
I’m pretty short things would have been
different but that was my only point
that bothered me you know and it still
bothered to this day like to call him
that day or day before you know when I’m
with him we don’t be sitting there we go
do other shit smoothies inspire you with
a lot of books to shake yeah what’s it
what’s the best but what’s the more
never I’ve never got a chance to read
all the books II know you better like
every every single studio yeah every
single bedroom of the house he lived in
and I’ve been any other book shop shit
bookshelf he’s never at a studio and
he’d be loaded with books on I just
never got around to opening but I got
the list got the list come on man
yes the one we need that’s what we need
now what the size
he was already been at the message
right there right there
you know eucalyptus a some real mob shit
man it’s TMC the
marathon continued man can you elaborate
on the lineup that y’all plan on doing
because I’ve seen y’all be hitting them
hard I seen pac-man here tomorrow JSON
by though I was some shit right now
what’s the future right now everybody
working on new music I know that for
sure everybody got albums in the making
and in the works coming out I’ve been
kind of made my rounds a little bit I
didn’t heard a little bit of what
everybody working on and everybody just
trying to get some projects done we
actually had a kinda all money in
compilation oh we was working on before
bro past and we didn’t get a chance to
finish it we was like halfway through
maybe like eight records so already I’m
really praying that that get back in
motion and we complete that definitely
don’t need to be nothing else but that
come up ain’t no promises right with
that you know I’m saying I’m just
speaking off of how I feel about that I
haven’t really heard nothing about us
even getting back in our money in
studios but I know the studio is still
there and we got action so we just kind
of waiting on Sandler to balance out
come around and take care of what he got
to take care of and get back to the
music cuz he pretty much a charged
everything I always Sam right now like
you know what I hear good I haven’t
talked to him personally in and maybe
like a month but I hear he’s good
you coming around okay and a few people
seen you and he’s a good spirits but of
course you know you still come on come
on under the rug so I ain’t got no Sam I
ain’t gonna ask him
I know it’s still you know it’s still
very hard for bro well just speak on
back Sam because I’ve seen a post you
know I mean what you’re saying like you
know I mean natural idols I think you
said something like my idols are my
brothers or whatever something like that
I’m one of your posts bro what do you
mean by that would lip it and black
together right just meaning like they
always just still for some
my I always looked up tall even though
they was younger than me
they always like had a aura about them
you could learn something from you know
I’m saying from day one right
it was always something inspirational
about that made you want to get the fuck
off the couch I’m saying way before the
lights and the fame and all that shit
niggas was niggas was rock bottom rock
bottom always rock bottom always took
care of a family always kept us always
was on me feet moving never sitting down
niggas didn’t play video games and Sam
never smoked I think he try to smoke
weed we once bro laughs that shit off
like I can’t do that I should make a
nigga lazy that was make me don’t want
to do nothing I can’t do that
they made him hit some shit on his
birthday I’m good and that’s always been
Sammy so give me a highlighting moment
when you knew that and with some special
about this nigga net I’m talking about
from the transition changed from the
hood mentality to when the big leagues
came into play that type of when you
like okay with it this nigga only shit
it was from it was from the gay mm-hmm
from my picture when I posted yeah
that’s when I know that’s when all the
levels was coming our Dean I knew that
was coming I told him that I told him he
was gonna be the one and he was gonna be
the one to kick the gates open it’s
about the porch first and the one in the
world was gonna love him I totally
bought it in that backroom so when the
levels I knew that shit was gonna happen
long as he stayed doing what he was
doing and he had it was kind of rocky
for him at first he fall off get back on
but he never stopped pursuing what he
was trying to do the plan he never
stopped he kept going the order this
the Lord or whatever taking losses we’ve
fallen off with bouncing back my brother
going to jail
he kept swinging and he never stopped
with the music shit and that’s why he
got to where he got but I knew that was
gonna happen from the guy hmm other
niggas didn’t believe they thought he
was crazy
this nigga think eating this by itself
but you gotta believe you gotta
understand where you coming from other
people think I look like snoop they want
me to play snooping but I’m not trying
to make my man because don’t in the
world know me for playing first before I
get to doing all that shit we’re gonna
know me for who I am and if I want to
venture out and do some shit

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