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<br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

look takbir Bigelow get smoked a lot
ready are we going all in that big hole
doggie smoking lady yeah we going holy
the squat make it show me your way but
the lock radio we go burn Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke weed a number one
podcast and mother shows all tracks and
burros all ass rock cat’s alive from the
costa committee with the jokes come and
get jazz roll Holly take a fool you
nigga review my foul gonna show up on
the next up the niggas a clown fuck the
nigga scars bullet hole shut up I’m the
king of one – yeah i watch the block
step upon the seat we got the haters the
center only bosses on the set you of the
niggas it’s meant for your best for
interviews nigga boss up your bills
nigga fuck yo crew a nigga coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know i got report about
to give us your waiting for some okay
Tony yeah
I’ll be back like we never left the
radio show they didn’t put up on the
show every time we step out you know
what they vote on it follow 17
I ain’t a pinnacle of its mother laughs
ready are we going on hey smoke a lot
radio episode number 21 your host with
the most motherfucking cush smoke your
motherfucking mouth with the beautiful
and illest nigga Nebraska potato phone
oh my never left nigga Simone’s absent
last week man she had some other things
going on we told you to wake your game
up lady
y’all don’t see that dress she out all
right man lookin like a junkie Oh Simone
always a lady somebody says something
about her joints being the illest joints
in the game because over here somebody’s
in the game anyway man glad to be back
with the motherfuckin three-headed
monster you know I mean there is no
soapbox network radio calm Spotify
motherfucking Apple music you know
ownership and you know what we never
shout out the motherfucking truckers man
I’d be driving at midnight that really
tapped into our shit cuz I should drop
that midnight that’s the Wyndham
truckers that really tap in with our
shit so shut up driving all the ladies
on the side of highways more than $40
now we keep them niggas little say their
name only
I got a couple of puppies being in our
way and they tap in love it and they do
want to see what Simoni auntie Simoni
love got going on yeah you say without
some old a mother looking at us like you
out cornball there’s niggas me with some
old yeah yeah what’s the mone love how
we all detailed oh man we got a dope ass
interview with Reggie White and in a
fuckin mob chase you know I mean I
motherfucking a family you know I mean
it we all in the same building
there’s no soapbox Network family and we
should get nominated for a motherfucking
award by now nomination and we need to
be able to reverse some aginity we don’t
be at all that shit man but little do
you know that all these niggas take
notes from us we try and keep it out the
camera but let’s do it
yeah oh yeah we’ve seen some of y’all go
get some ladies man a lot of niggas got
Lonnie who’s got intros a lot of y’all
got intros but you ain’t got no video
intro all those rapping then else a lot
of rappers got podcast so what’s going
on with all the rappers one have these
podcast that rap music ain’t say I want
to come take our little talk money
battle rap what about now y’all want to
take our little talk money
when y’all can go sit up there and do
your thing
but but y’all a exists it’s like no
disrespect it’s enough money for
everybody but I see like people that’s
really from the game you know being like
ESPN when you have you know I mean
Shannon Sharpe up there you got you’re
not me Shaq oh oh I love so so when you
got motherfuckers that was really part
of the game you know I mean commentating
on the game it’s more official because
they actually played the game so I’d
rather watch a rappers podcast before I
watch a Joe Blow or whoever the fuck DJ
whoever who wasn’t a part of the game
we’re just talking about warmer based
information and you know I mean trolling
based information is real shit coming
from the horse’s mouth
Big Brother yeah it’s a free game so
let’s yeah expeditiously I’ll fuck with
you know I’ll fuck with everybody but
same time it’s like I didn’t come to
your job and flip your burgers but
that’s how YouTube niggas feel about us
they feel like Auto bad nigga we know
like your regular let’s see I feel like
I’m a rapper like that about you because
they know they can because I’m ghetto
gain enough for them because legend 2010
let’s see your availability I’ve been
doing this since 2010 I repeat so a lot
of niggas is on the way what’s the next
hustle yeah I mean this is the wave now
the podcast I’ve been doing this shit
but yeah what’s known as you know why
they get run you know what I did you
because you’re one of the legends that’s
a sec so accessible just like talk would
have been accessible if you know damn
well your ass I was like okay we get
Holley yeah cuz you know you’re gonna
smile back yuck fucks all right you’re
in tune with the shit you know a lot of
Legends ain’t into like you so that’s
all out of the dudes that we’re talking
about that just start a podcast and
start in 2010 and damn was that be real
TV with you guys since 2014 or 2016
I’m just saying right so for us I hold a
mother rap is that your name him that
just started a podcast now we’re worth
day so I’m different I was ahead of the
boy I was ahead of the shit you know I
mean Perry before any of these niggas
start it was like dog it was
motherfucking be real and I that was
like everyone with everybody what do you
do baby like us everybody wouldn’t drink
it like a smoke and has sexy like us on
our show we brought so funky and sexy to
the goddamn okay but it’s peanut so
elephant my nigga we bosses and we’d
apply our guys will give a fuck
apologize yeah we don’t give a fuck
about who make up I can also give a shit
they are taking our blueprint taking our
logo our lingo or style the whole shit
man we do the pictures now everybody
gotta pitch it like come on man niggas
got photoshoots going on like a
motherfucker but so we know that we two
motherfuckers it’s time for the YouTube
world sign for the Spotify world you
know I mean the world to know
that who we are who these niggas getting
that gang from you know I need everybody
got a comedian all of a sudden all of a
sudden all of a sudden everybody gonna
porn star ICP keonjhar nigga shit last
another week pinky xxx
yeah yeah is what it is you don’t get a
nigga taking a tooth out they mouth
no disrespect is enough money for
everybody but then shout motherfuckers
out and I mean it’s bad things ain’t
going smoke because y’all know y’all
come on y’all wanna smoke will smoke a
lot and my binocular it still
spectacular I don’t give a fuck how many
niggas use my shitter take it my
binoculars feel spectacular
that was my dismay I get one shot off on
Sunday show one shot to my folks miracle
Holloway on the voice that’s my
motherfucking sense and she killing it
she made to voice Gwen Stefani’s pig
shit and she’s I just want to give her a
shout out merica way and you will be on
the tapping BAM let’s go hold on man
we’ve seen each other in a minute we’ve
been rocket yeah we always see some more
than two minutes the moan how the fuck
have you been and how the fuck was your
week fuck weekend us in a minute man I
got a lot of well needed rest
you look rested I remember one time care
this motherfucker sleeping on everything
your mouth open to go do some popcorn
oh it’s like four different kinds with
Chanel mix wouldn’t Christian Dior make
only only a boss chick could do that
step your motherfuckin lip game the
lipstick game up sometime I’ll be
filling the bottom my lip so tough I’ll
be eating at my fucking meat meat meat
juice sometimes my car maxing TMI too
much you know I’ll be digging my nose my
I mean unaccountable but yeah countable
I sound a real boy real now good night
good night
we shouldn’t I got to come back you got
hella rest okay this weekend I just did
how the west was won Ice Cube Snoop Dogg
Boise Lodi’s Dada can you all smokes
Anoop snoop man I love that nigga you
out smoke snoop cuz your own hat
y’all wanna frontrunner for the house
smokiness that has yet to be proven
we got a headache just set next to each
other’s head
hella pounds of weed and just went at it
but when we enter we have to have a joy
I don’t live on it versus Snoop Dogg cuz
you are I got my money let me tell you
let me take it in exchange how was I
like I popped in this room I pulled out
a pound bag and hand me big-ass handfuls
myself you know anyway metaball with
Snoop Doggy Dogg Ice Cube goddamn Warren
G you know warrants is a barbecue nigga
right he cook yo my nigga make it real
choice my nigga make us grills G stack
grills from Oakland my nigga make his
grill custom-made grill Nicky made his
whole grill for his backyard nigga with
the granite everything rocks and shit on
it even it out like made it match with
the yard I’m in kind of a portable one
that you pulled on the motherfucking
truck so G Doug really grilled it I was
like Wang when you gonna cater this shit
cuz we got cater no disrespect to
anybody as weight but we got catered by
some white people and that’s your extra
Center land Anna Santana my nigga was no
flavor flav no flavor flavor flavor no
fuck no flavor the only reason I leave a
lock it again coupon was there its ask
you to cook using it was a sister named
my mama
what’s his sister name which sister okay
you come to fight who’s bro awake Oh
cube all right yeah the light scanner
system you know okay yeah yeah yeah we
don’t want her name on here oh you know
she don’t yes but you know I’m talk
about yeah we’re going yeah there’s a
boss fear we ended at that now we’re
saying her name she’s a real boss out
here we go put but yeah you know that’s
your friend
yeah look you bone I seen y’all in the
third thing yeah you know he fucking
phony heavy why he handle spaghetti in
there but 41 here it was too sure I
forgot too sure was there to show is in
that motherfucker man congratulations
it’s too short you know what I had to
find a condom man as we can man shut the
fuck up nephew no nigger not the one
else yo kind of middle minded nigger
that’s the real condom man that we
actually pay to be their condo bitch
with the crazy look here no nigga did
old nigga man anyway I scared nigga
showed up like two hours late walked in
casually like not like one during the
rush like hold on man I put it back know
that she’s walking casually like nigga
you’re late why you even showed up
come on what went straight to the fool
get the free you know I mean with
straight guy just fool guy start taking
pictures with niggas that shit I said
yeah here we are a con man coming to
your city a new condom need every city
can be they all kind of man hey yeah
that’s what we don’t know but the kind
of man is officially fired he ain’t
taking this shit serious man that’s how
the West was won it’s slide a su no no
no the record I’ve been kinda man before
and I’m Kato for Nia
I’m a hell yes and I asked him and he
looked at me when I asked myself it was
my birthday week and I say yuck let me
be kind of man for the thing I’m like I
just my birthday I want to fucking rock
cause here mama
boy that’s puzzle day because like I’m
the new news man
the worst mistake was hotter shit yummy
game so I could do it and if you cannot
fucking do it get your money I didn’t
get paid for kind of man well yeah man
anyway the nigger that actually pay
flights and hotels and shit
so what woman be like the nigga nigga
complain about what do you begin pain oh
I’m gonna put out what he getting paid
but he get paid a lot of fucking money
you know so Johnny hold on he gets paid
more than what a lawyer get paid an hour
for 15 fucking minutes I wanna drop he
works that hard part your ankle I
thought you said imagine that harder to
work you have to work a week to mrs.
William Tucson where’s my boy I would
but you have to work well it’s a whole
nother nigga another job eight-hour days
four five outside so what a mixer what I
hear you kind of man he was cool it was
cool that’s a new one but to make what I
give you
you won’t have to work five days a week
to get that in 15 minutes brother fuck
you complain and you got a nine-to-five
nigga I know what you get paid nigga you
were already after he conned a man he
should have said legacy dad you know I
mean see it’s big it’s no Pannell this
cuz it’s no but I can get paste no money
nigga we get paid to Loni’s money nigga
it’s cuz you see Ice Cube I don’t get
paid while Ice Cube getting $100,000 a
show whatever they get we get the
loonies man so at the club will be
through clubs okay you know like the
hate man but you do the big shit arenas
hey Manuel no nigga what you mean
what are you talking about they
Trudeau’s plan a misfired pity we have
anaconda man contest y’all fuckin link
that’s uh let’s get to this black before
it’s go cuz a black man hi hold on hold
on before we do that Mac Simone you was
gone man we did our top 5 of every
fuckin thing man I just want to get your
top 5 hip-hop artists in your top 5 R&B
artists top 5 your top 5 comedians okay
so hip hop R&B and comedian yeah yeah I
don’t even know that because we went
down a list we had all right so let’s
get to rappers
let’s go to rap number one is gonna be
Tupac always gonna be to Parker
number two is gonna be jay-z offsides
naked my nigga
I put biggie as number three off
territories uh Eminem definitely
definitely number five I’m sorry but
this is the only person I can kind of
like really relate to shake oh oh Jake
oh yeah that’s right take over Drake
yeah okay don’t fit uh arm B oh that’s
tough in home school or always go to new
school no no she said puck biggie am j
and j Co arm B that’s tough
this is growth female groups whatever
whatever single whatever disarmed B
I mean you gotta put my cup their voices
are we going by voices are we going by
who you like the most
five people five I mean
factoid yes I’m gonna have to go with
your the moisture Luther Vandross number
one oh thank you okay get it moist okay
Michael Jackson
I mean honestly no okay I mean people
try a fern or now but Mariah Carey yeah
that’s my favorite in life Mariah Carey
and Prince my nigga so my wife goes um
Mike Epps I’m sorry he’s very glad so
Mike um Martin Martin number two he dear
Martin as a runner up as a father it’s
apparent there’s a pill I had Dave
Chappelle good okay the next one is
definitely going to be I got it oh it’s
gonna be Richard Pryor got sold
gotta give it up for the leg oh wait so
we all got Richard on our list and the
last one I have to pay homage to Paul
Mooney I have 200 he that was a fuckin
Joker’s wild card blah all right or
wrong answers who everybody got we went
crazy so none to be child let’s let the
fans and an audience know react to yo
list you know I mean in between time and
the meantime let’s get to the block the
block is hot
you know we missed a block so much we
made the my report cuz you got to block
report we made the MA before we can’t do
the back before yeah yeah we did the my
report a little awkward upbeat little
fake-ass block report anyway do the real
one do the real was suppose okay so the
first thing I will definitely want to
get into is Biggie Smalls and Whitney
Houston being inducted into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame rock and roll how do
they choose Obion who’s inducted hmm now
they say fan voting no they’re not not
those two no but biggie like Park been
inducted and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Ice Cube yeah you know I mean people
like that so why not biggie you would
say a pop OH
why not biggie right tonight big in pop
right with the same era I had a question
do y’all think Lauren Hill diverse
deserves to be in there yes hell yeah
hell yeah that one I mean again how much
the Fugee sewed on that one group album
in her album just up to ours alone did
some MC Hammer shit together like hell
hammer sold 50 million Vimto albums do
some shit like that together like how
the Black Eyed Peas affirm like the same
shit eligible for induction 25 years
after the release of your first record
also criteria includes influences
significance of the artists
contributions to the development and
perpetuation of rock and roll now this
is what a lot of people argued
particularly Caucasians they feel that
rap is not rocket I can row
right so how you in the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame yeah you’re rapping it’s
like why would we like we will put Iggy
in the hip-hop Hall of Fame
no we would never do that so that’s why
would we put Biggie Smalls or rap
artists in the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame well no my thing is the rocker Roll
Hall of Fame is the only all the fame
that musicians guy can I mean I think
they have a Country Music Hall of Fame
right yeah it’s a Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame I think it’s those two so you gonna
have to either be in one or two
categories it ain’t like gospel hall of
fame and ain’t like R&B hall of fame and
they you know I mean hip-hop Hall of
Fame pop Hall of Fame is this rock and
roll so I think rock and roll was all
music it became to start as rock and
roll but then became all your music that
could see you know your when your
artists them and grunting as long it’s
certain accolades regardless of how
people that’s civilians for us not
people that make music understand it’s
certain Awards that’s just on your
bucket list as an artist as a creator as
it you know it’s like certain more like
before they had the Soul Train ability
Awards air by wanted in American Music
Award or Grammy didn’t they created
other wars to suffice the fact that you
might not get a am a you might not get a
Grammy so certain things are all certain
artists bucket lists far as the
creativity and the reason they exist far
as the awards go because once you own
and you know sold a million people and
got a following you already ain’t got
your alkylating awards and your flowers
but when your artists that this is the
comes from fun to a job certain awards
you just want them motherfuckers is just
what you need you know I’m saying so
that go it and I think someone fuckers
don’t come up to the beads here to a
while they get it when they thirsty you
don’t see the assets be two wars no more
I think it’s our little kill Phil my
wife took so long for me to get a
fucking award
well you know I’m the illest bitch in
Nebraska be why I think little cam
is it is a right why did it take
intimate situation because I think
politics fucked our up because of their
negative but that’s a no-no how they get
Missy a fucking icon of war befouled Kim
wait a minute wait a minute
remember she was gone for a minute one
of them use shoes in jail she could have
got it
you don’t say Elliot is incredible we
know that I mean you got to think about
her collaborations with people you know
what they do so she’s an icon but no it
was no influence all these bitches fight
at a point in time everybody wanted to
be by everybody wanted that sound I’m a
veteran Tony tell you let me tell you
this from a veteran point of view now
I’m on tour with biggie smalls the
Junior MAFIA and Kim puffy mary j blige
all of them I’m done the loonies we like
the third opener Adina Howard is a
second opener who’s opening first for
that whole show we’re little Kim animus
ending a shit on some old tycoon shit
Missy Elliott in Timbaland they’re the
fucking uh fucking know what’s Macaulay
that make the beats he had his group
open in the show which was Missy
Timbaland and some other
called them whatever they was called it
was dressed like the fucking matrix and
leather shit but at that time they were
opening for Kim at that time so how is
she better than Kim if she started off
opening everybody you can start off
opening for somebody and surpass them
take turns on this subject because
everybody is not wrong but everybody has
different points what I’m saying is
you’re right but I feel about missing
massive boys missing missing native
inspired Sanne and the thing that Kim
had already made law sexy dope law
that’s why you got Eve and and foxy and
certain uh I use that queen pin and say
what I’m saying is if it wasn’t if it
wasn’t for the fact that Missy wore
different hats because never knit with
Jodeci and wishes from sister you got to
vote I see do you remember that Evans
missing was a Ghost Rider with Jose who
tried to portray little Kim came out
four or five years ago they didn’t come
out when she came out No
so you say when Missy was out it was a
knock off Missy no no people want it to
be like Missy him talk about this the
intricate sound that she created no she
was dope yeah like like the blueprint
that Lord did a lot of people followed
that the blueprint that Kim did a lot of
people follow what edify Oh Missy won’t
promote even though she Romo come on can
you go for that one thing that was
missing in a whole nother category
because there is no woman in the history
of music that is more talented that can
do all the fat ones like miss Danbury
sing but you see
nobody ever was heavy
one is fight oh no tongue resident man
no tongue wrestling man we only turn
wrestling feel some of the errors I
don’t know she didn’t she didn’t really
you weren’t around for the real Kim foxy
error because it was a man driven sport
look at rage she wasn’t nothing sexy
about rage at all but she was doping
shit booty muscles different facets that
it shit
so everybody ain’t judged I’m saying
basically saying
Missy could do everything right no Kim
gave it away from Miss Ellie no Sam
couldn’t do beat are you basically
saying little fucking originator below
or the most popular motherfucker female
artist that ever came out before Missy
Elliott was ever thought of nigga period
when she was opening for mother fucker
little kid let’s go Brett for your first
platinum motherfucker
no did the prior was the first
motherfucking female to go platinum come
on yuck no Shorai she was the bright was
before a kill she was yes okay my show
Aaron oh hey my bag the best I did all
of shit but Kim came out today well
we’re very popular I’m selfish oh no
shit tell her to hold our woman to go
platinum was the brand let’s let’s let’s
address the elephant in the fuck man
that’s less less it wasn’t kid auto
let’s address the elephant Rolo keep it
a bug man when females wrapped it looked
like from my date Queen and look like
hold on let me get the information hold
on look it up but for my ever females
rapid look up information what’s the
equivalent for in the 80s females rebels
equivalent of a female playing
basketball we looked at them as tomboys
nigga you run Harry you was in a man’s
sport you had to let chief for the mone
love the motherfucking brat I mean not
the brand you had motherfucker MC Lyte
they all was lesbian period it was
pushing that agenda wait a minute we
know now that rap came on some tomboy
tough shit period so now when you got a
little cam coming with the sexy who came
with the sexiest old buddy I know how
much dialogue little Missy do the game
right now for the cardi B swag the
motherfucking mega style unicity girls
all that shit you little fuck is not for
it’s not Lauryn Hill and this bad Missy
she’s not a rapper she’s a Caribbean
artist little Kim was the first with a
comical yes because the Jamaican bitches
was the nasty grab the Jamaican fuck
but what do Patrick you can say it’s
still considerate no it’s not yes it’s
not I just had Bob Marley on my top arm
the artist
y’all saying little kid like you because
you know who said it
that’s not wrapped up Oh towns three
five seven the best dad did it
what okay cause now I’m getting lost
what was the whole point of the Missy
and a little kill me what was that again
I said that they came in the game on
different facets yes one didn’t have
Missy did not have to use sex appeal you
know let me tell you sex appeal to blow
up because she was talented in so many
levels of writing beats and when that
was the conversation I little Kim was
dope and we had sex appeal and her and
fuck that was a different error great
but they didn’t come up in the same era
Missy was after her okay call her for
three four years our boat grad rate
let’s have a birthday shot and let me
tell you out what we drinking about what
we talking about but three jealousy was
behind ah cool we talked about Biggie
Smalls being inducted into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame how the fucker go to
all of this so ok salute the biggie and
let’s go to the next want to talk about
this subject real quick this is very
very very serious um there’s an actress
by the name of Gina Rodriguez she was
getting her makeup done on her live
video I think it was on maybe live in
scram something like that and she was
rapping to one of the Fuji songs and
in the song it was a little I said nigga
now she is not african-american
she is Latin and a lot of people are
giving her backlash for that I just want
to know how you two feel about people
who are not black saying the n-word I
don’t like it but I feel Latins are the
closer that we got the niggas besides
Indians you know I mean I think you know
they are very close to us
our struggle so if they want to say that
n-word you know the fit that
but rhyming like for a song you know I
mean when the song say the n-word or
song say the B word or whatever you
could sing alone but not don’t know hey
what’s up my nigga a bitch know that
shit like that so I think the hip-hop
made that were common for other races
you know I mean on some you know sing
alone with the song shit instead of
being like disrespectful like nigger
went to eat excuse me with the Heat are
at the end Oh where’d you go feel so
comfortable hip hop hip hop music cuz
hip hop is worldwide now is that don’t
normally like black people don’t like
women don’t like black men but they like
the music and just like the music and
emulate our style knees got trash this
got grills all types of shit all
different races looking just like us but
they don’t like this I feel like I feel
like with the nigger work on some real
shit that shit has been hijacked on a
certain level Co okay like say how we
really look at nigga that’s some love
shit us right let’s keep it real I know
we made you a female made you know it’s
fucker and my nigga you don’t say so
you don’t say about word it’s like and I
feel like I kind of feel like eventually
we’re gonna have to kind of ease up our
reins on nigga
eventually because now it’s a class
thing going on with the world who broke
who showed who will t boo you ain’t
white you ain’t won’t do but then
everybody listen to music and with so
sorry you kind of got a judge about case
by case scenario and at a certain point
might not be today might not be tomorrow
but eventually nigga done got switched
to some other shit where it ain’t our
first of all I myself have been in this
business 30 years all my friends are
either Mexican or black right right
my hair I’ll say didn’t work I never
said the words myself I don’t think I
have the right to use the word I don’t
even sing it in the car when I’m by
myself in this in a rap because and you
motherfucking fingers and because I just
have respect for how I came up for one
and for two when I was coming up in
I had the African leather medallions I
thought I was black I did it because I
want to show respect to the hip-hop I
love everybody had the medallion show
Africa I wanted to show it as respect
because I lived the craft and the music
and this is what I love so it was
respect it wasn’t like I’m trying to be
black energy that is like okay we don’t
keep on doing this in that way
let’s ship it to something different
because that motherfucker’s something we
can’t control no more my fingers hold a
twirl and you land and she land in
control don’t touch in on what fingers
was talking man hip-hop has made that
goddamn hand word a universal language
we have slang words that come with
hip-hop that everybody say every race
because hip-hop has become it took it’s
the number one job but it is so you’re
gonna have white people gonna have
people like you know I mean messing pump
is a radiation people is a race how
about this day overseas in China in
Vietnam they are saying this word
because they just think it’s part of the
code for the color disrespect right I’m
hurting myself
it’s two Asian niggas call each other
nigga that’s hip-hop look that side and
they look they’re like shit we out of
the country and we don’t heard this out
of Sweden got we felt it with you know
but I know law at dinner day it became
all these humors I think that we turned
to bad word to a good word man I think
we turn to bad word to a good word all
of them you know
multi-storey man we could go back up a
mountain on there and talk that shit do
you go back and forth like at the other
day we turn that shit into a good work
you know I mean instead of nigger nigger
like what’s up homie and I mean what’s
up my peoples what’s up love because
that’s a do some other races and to each
other and it wasn’t talking y’all and
you know in the back of your mind you
kind of felt like damn no law let me say
one thing about it as shit
why as african-americans we feel like
it’s okay for people we know to say it
right because anyway we don’t know we
like let me tell you how this because
everybody praising that hip-hop is
taking over right but you’re mad at the
repercussions everybody gonna say niggas
our baby everybody’s gonna say nigger
every race just don’t because it’s in
the music everybody gonna say bitch hole
anybody going all the bitches would be
like broke-ass nigga with a broke ass
the world Eddie McVay white bitches that
ain’t shit about stripping and all that
shit broke-ass nigga in a real that all
that shit okay back got a question for
every mom come on what about the word
bitch do you think of bitches a woman
cuz I don’t I think a bitch is a
breather person at this point in life I
life out of world has changed
a bitch is not a woman a bitch is a
breed of motherfucker hmm am i Ross all
right um this could be the homegirl man
just being Leonard but anyway go ahead
right okay why cuz that’s the spell and
breed of person so the word
nigga has the same bitch has a million
different meaning it hangs right from
here you got a million different men a
bitch is not a motherfucking woman it’s
a style of motherfucker it’s a race of
people bitch-ass motherfuckers from Dawg
we actually deal with his label that
he’s already been signed to called 10k
projects they want to possibly do it too
I want to do a two album deal one in
English and one in Spanish – Spanish
somewhat English my thing is we got
people in the radio in New York saying
they’re not gonna ever play to Kashi
shit we got people in our life saying
they’re never gonna play my thing is do
you guys think this man can get out of
jail and make another 10 million off
that music yes why because these are
different breed of people that’s running
the game and there’s nothing happen it’s
just what they call that shit telling
the truth now tell them what happened
nothing’s gonna happen to this man
nothing’s gonna go down because people
gonna sit up there and look at him like
well shit they was gonna do this to you
so I’ll see why you snitch it’s a new
breed of person that’s being bred and no
one gives a fuck about a snitch no more
but older niggas like me and young more
like that nothing’s gonna happen he’s
gonna come out because you know what the
people that don’t like I’m gonna support
them doing the people that do because we
want to see why we don’t like his ass
lot of people don’t know industry that a
fucking do a song with you haters have
unit love
of the bag so many I see so many people
around him he was a fucking clown hey
thank you more money when people around
him for the cloud you know what I’m
saying and now look what happened like
even with Casanova the shit that went
down like just certain situations I feel
like a ball game could look how many
niggas no disrespect to Casanova man and
then and I hope no worse wishing on his
situation but why are you buy arrested
by him know who’s a plant now I’m gonna
say something because I felt it was some
bullshit going on when he was talking
all that she did was shoot us and
everything and then he start being nice
to now he’s dead now you want to be
buddy-buddy yeah cuz he knew takashi was
in hot shit he knew what the fuck was
about to transpire he knew these things
and oh i don’t want to say that hmm
gonna set everything else probably
probably heard about it through the wire
a lot of people there
Illuminati and niggas came back rocking
african garments and shit like i like i
just fit like no more gates it tough
shit that was robbing niggas and
chilling my mom died all I was worried
about was my mom’s and I got a jail
number go chase for my son so when all
this shit say this man Takashi and him
put the heat on that nigger man they
caught that day a couple of times
slipping my nigga then he was jogging
down the block on one situation he got
popped that over my wife allegedly so ba
ba ba boo boo boo I think I got boom
boom boom Travis Scott injuring himself
at rolling
it’s new because it’s like it’s that
curse this person dislocated me
oh they see that again knee surgery
after you you know who just died from a
police coming in the apartment and
killing them unarmed I’ve been trying to
point that out to you all by give a fuck
about Travis cottony who gives a shit
about that knee let’s talk about y’all
just saw it there in Texas y’all just
gonna start because we only limited we
got get the fuck about it
hey Lilly we’ve been here for men okay
yeah yeah we got a good about it all
right oh so y’all just don’t keep
killing us in Texas like that yeah that
part that’s how it’s going down Texas is
wild and did a nigga bailed out this
Fort Worth right here he’s out of the
he’s also he got a bill 100,000 200,000
it wasn’t a million few dollars a few
dollars it was a fucking million dollars
but that dude killed somebody had a
$200,000 bail put a 20,000 and got out
ASAP no rocky and then and hey buddy
like he got charged with murder when he
did I got a Fire’s chase man I got
people that the people that killed black
people nigga that guy go fund me
somebody some of the police they like
having that type of buzz on they’re like
somebody from our precinct did it no
problem they probably got a little pool
going on for when it’s time I really
feel like you black Pauly’s gonna stop
meetings but look about doing that on
I feel like to have meetings about doing
this shit I know exactly what’s going
whoever do it first yeah get a bonus
right get the KKK behind the more people
order the white ring people putting that
I’m poppin nigga fine yes you know that
it’s Webber killing nigga man gonna
check right now if you ain’t seen that
nigga you’re blind that’s what I’ve been
noticed and all these people that’s been
from police accepts what I know the
white bitch had just killed a about both
him man she get two years man and she
ain’t gonna be in no prison at all she’s
gonna be in fuckin d’affaires somewhere
in snakes and shit fish ain’t gonna be
in prison the yard
she’s gonna be in some little private
you’re not mean college looking shit
like what we’ve seen overseas but uh
what uh ASAP Rocky was in have
Playstation and shit everything was
breezy her farm period gonna be a no
fucking real prison yes please
um my thing is this the officer was
called by the name of neighbor’s a
neighbor so did dr. Doyle a welfare
check the door was ajar and the lights
were on in the house so a lot of rumors
are saying that the neighbor was man
through the window they said that the
neighbor was let me land they said that
the neighbor was mad because there was a
you know urban of me a suburban
neighborhood and that lady and him was
only in worse niggas in that
neighborhood so he had some type of paid
towards her from the beginning that’s
the rumor
that’s the room so now he like oh he
feel sad and all this shit nah he wanted
that to go down he wanted to be the only
nigga in the neighborhood
rumors allegedly allegedly that’s what
people are saying anyway he called the
police he seen her door George I mean a
door ajar and the fucking lights Mazzone
police is going around the house with
the lights on
not even like you know I mean really
surveying they’re really doing the
proper procedure
you know police faster light in the
window and see a girl in there see the
lady you know I mean just a nerve you
know what whatever she was doing I don’t
know but whatever she was doing she was
in the kitchen and he’s seen it through
the one who I freeze hold it up and just
shot he didn’t give her a chance to hold
it up an unheated sprays hold it up I
see you buying he’s got a pop and killed
him so
they try to say that they found a gun in
the house afterwards everybody is able
to have a gun in the house that you own
and in Texas and especially Intel you
could walk around the shit on your hip
so and in your back seat yes Maxis right
so in a day they try to and try a really
like like no I mean what’s word I’m
looking for
try put the stamp on what he did by
saying that oh she had a gun fine
justified and then when it was all put
out there you know I mean he was I he
knew he fucked up he was on first so now
is not on the department and they don’t
have to take a certain type of sauce
ability for us illegally and the
culpability gets switched because he
designed he behind a certain time yeah
he got the flow so so that you know so
it’s a protocol going on and they have
been informed on when you make these
some mistakes this is what you do and we
don’t cover the back like this and
everything gonna be handled so you think
I was program for you don’t be like fuck
about $37,000 and times shut the fuck up
so he resigns
so the nigga resign and then they still
came at him and charge him with all the
rest in again he want to resign since
it’s the fact that he knew that
repercussions one gonna be an extensive
as they as the media as the publicity
the repercussions are not gonna outweigh
the publicity he gonna get the publicity
it’s gonna shut down cuz itself Fort
Worth Texas smaller city in Dallas it’s
gonna get shut down a little real
quietly we don’t just hear about a
little couple of dollars getting spread
on some civil shit cuz because the
family ain’t gonna have enough money to
take it to court for real sitting on
settle get them about a good 70 80
thousand little died million go about
the business well then they’re gonna
died million I did a man um I think that
uh this shit is becoming trending I
think it’s a plan yeah I think a lot of
uh you know white right ring white right
yes right-wing ex KKK granddaddy’s and
grandmama you know I mean you you know I
mean to found a new way to put they shit
for it
you know I mean on top of the drug
epidemic on top of the gun that big
dummy yeah I mean if you like we got a
look at how Chicago and all these places
are getting these guns to do all these
murders nigga like books cost nigga
clips called specially to extend those
hafiz all these elaborate weaponry
that’s popping up in the neighborhood
where niggas I don’t even got enough to
buy a quarter ounce of crack a quarter
ounce of weed but they got these high
ammunition ak-47 like military rifles in
the neighborhood would with the clips
and ammo and all this shit where did it
come from right leave instruction they
leave instruction the hood open man on
the new ammunition arriving in the hood
you go guys ammo without a no protocol
to wear every five to seven to ten years
you got a numerator police officer days
the streets they have not start a
restructuring of the training the way
that yang go yet I have never put in
nothing in place for us uh laws and all
this bullshit they do forestry training
right instruction in mindset of the new
up-and-coming ok we might got sergeants
and captain’s that have they ideology
but then you got the up-and-coming ones
that’s really on the streets which are
naked and young and you’re not
restructuring they’re trained you know
what a part you know their training
needs to be restructured absolutely
right max I agree but you gotta
understand back in the eighties
partially the 90s it was a time when
police officers were getting killed just
think I’m not saying they’re right for
what they’re doing they’re in no shape
form and fashion right they’re training
they’re trained to shoot first ask
questions last that’s just what it is
and my whole thing about it
we should all be able to carry our
firearms to protect ourselves not only
from individuals on the street that we
don’t know
so from police and I stand strong
pro-gun law
everybody should have a firearm that’s
18 years older but definitely but it
says let me land because y’all both
Linda Josh shit I think at the end of
the motherfucking day man um police are
exercising their authority and I mean I
think that we’re paying our tax dollars
for these motherfuckers the killers
that’s what’s disgusting man they’re
gonna taking money out of my taxes me
Patty’s disgusting eyes motherfuckers
Achilles man you know I’m ain’t home at
the end of the day police is real out of
pocket at all but a lot of taking they
um they feel like they superheroes they
feel like they’re untouchable it feel
like they did my fear they feel like
they the biggest gang in America you
know I mean we need to shut that shit
down I’m not killing a southern
necessity killing us out of fear no we
are trying to be all ready Frank just
because of the day only putting the keys
out here on the street we already said
other keys we already said they feared
this last time we already said I was
like yo man everyone someone like us
that’s a little over 30 and they feel
like oh we urban hip-hop dress
motherfucker but I’m saying yes when you
rant Rome when you when you approached
by African African Americans such a
waste of compared to any other race as
approached differently good I mean like
it could have been a report of a Mexican
lady or something like that and it would
have been approached differently lately
you know I mean like you thinking that
you know I mean or if it’s a Robert were
you thinking it’s a black person you’re
thinking it’s like you’re anything and
it’s a white guy in there or thinking of
Mexican but you thinking some black
hoodlum motherfuckers in there robbing
and raping people and this is the
stereotype that goes down in America so
it’s a lot to do with the stereotype and
the police enforcement leaning on the
you know I’m a lean and then killing
people with stereotype you know our main
period big time what’s up same reason
why niggas is quiet on the bench playing
for these white team owners
getting a check getting a fucking check
once they paying me I ain’t got nothing
to do with it
I found this to see one black officer
stand in consolidation or in unity of
maybe they not getting harassed at the
precinct maybe they not getting out of
it cuz I mean y’all got a chain just
like football players and sports when
they gotta get in the same locker and go
out there for the streets how do you
look at the next locker and know that
two lockers down Biff just shot Bobby
but you don’t have no cases of Damon
shooting little Johnny that’s white give
me so it ain’t a cop thing because you
ain’t shit on nigga cops shoot nobody
from no other race out of line they so
it’s not a police thing it’s all racial
because we was having cases of the black
cop choked a white guy out that’s
different Dennis police it’s not police
okay there’s some thing but then
everybody’s like even though that we
like matter to police and shit everybody
gonna always say hey well you guys kill
each other you guys you say okay come my
house my mom ugly but look it’s like
this shit is designed my nigga it’s
designed yeah you got the music promote
gangster shit you know I mean from these
record labels that part owners in these
prison facilities you know I mean us
and cost rating everybody to listen to
this music and it’s a fool’s buy this
shit about trapping and I mean selling
crack and packs and gun and strapping a
stick all that shit is on the radio
right now if you ain’t noticed my nigga
so it’s a they promoting this shit to
incarcerate the new generation of people
which the record labels on some of these
motherfucking prison facilities you dig
so I said they all in hand together my
nigga period that’s what it is at the
end of the day and then in police they
take it as like I’m like you say it’s a
hustle they’re back a shooter nigga I’m
gonna get a million dollars tomorrow but
period I could be your mother fucker
this came for motherfucking police
accountable yesterday you know it’s my
lesson hours they got nice shooting
I’m the most famous police officer ever
in that state let alone City they’re not
gonna check with it they got slaves that
go to the police station to say if I
provide you with a weight selling nigga
a year how much can I eat the who’s got
more hood niggas than actual hood that’s
gonna say that for next episode cuz I
landed on this on some real shit man
a duel killed the police doe and got
down there like five 45 years okay
oh girl you know Giger kill a human
being in this apartment and get 10 years
I show you what temperature to shitty is
3 have now show you what this
temperature is mad black people African
Americans I’m sorry but I looked at less
as animals animals animals animals no we
are less than a nose idea of respect
they are we’re lower than us look at
that they’re animals but still I’m just
saying what it is like like
yeah like everybody could do you know I
mean it’s like the reparation should
that we was talking about anybody could
get that black people talk to a while
ago what was it sweet about let me just
say this when he makes statements he
need to set the fuck up imagine saying
them I work – I really wish the fuck he
think I don’t give a fuck fuck what for
that thing why you have taken or don’t
let me let me make this shit that’s this
what I held about last week you’re at
the most corrupt president that worked
his way into being the president nigga
wants to talk about that poop nigger how
did he become the president nigga the
most corrupt in case turning out there
how they become the president make a
high still the president talk about that
– you’ll be exiled out of Russia and
you’ll never be able to come back so
it’s funny how you lean on African
American subjects and all this shit and
then you could go back home and you know
I mean it’d be cool talk about this
Russian ship going on what about truck
all this shit going
under the impeachment and all this shit
going down with the you know I’m into
Kalu’s isn’t shit talk about Joe shit he
ain’t talking about it you know I mean
even when he when he switch it up and
talk about when he’s gonna get these
gangsters these white gangsters messin
gangsters it’s still not rushing here
dis and his people you did
so it’s all cool what else he had a
Russian motherfucker on the I wait when
as he disruption motherfuckers I wait
I’ve a lad that Vladimir and I fuck with
you but be across the ball like TMZ
Tim’s is even they do black white
everybody they are so be like that Vlad
don’t I slay him that’s his niche that’s
his corner that’s how he made fuck nigga
talk about your Russian niggas niggas
period talk about poom nigga true why
are you afraid but you want to talk
about motherfucking doctor say be talk
about you don’t believe that he was a
real doctor you said he was adopted as
much as dr. Dre how the fuck is the
President Putin nigga but the President
Putin is as a much of a president as
motherfucking that bullshit let’s check
this out check this out there there
President Putin is much of a president
as little sippy for show he’ll hold on
but too much drink you said such I said
you defending him I said maybe he
actually did not well Vlad likes it
wasn’t stolen
I know I get it right down below so I
know y’all got a close relationship way
okay now I’m gonna book because he spent
a lot of money on see you know I know
what it do
I’m just watch it watch it re-watch the
episode so he did it because this is his
nigga you a Russian nigga talkin shit
about okay but
I got you that sitting there talking
shit about black people that’s basically
what you’ve said that’s his niche oh did
you try laying somewhere else
alright then y’all gonna see it Vladimir
a lot of money on stars my niggas just
saying in the comments you said that
this is his niche he think that he had a
okay snitches talking shit about black
people what’s his name he gets his money
so why don’t you talk about your other
people no we really real about this shit
now how we felt about Kaepernick and
interfere with bad NFL you feel so bad
about how the lad talked about black
situations fucking shadow fuckers you to
ban him I don’t know why watch it why
even give him interviews why give him
the content he gives views not just from
black people don’t know everybody but
not rushing people he ain’t talking
about his race I see now one Russian
motherfucker on it
talking about oh we got a lot of Mexican
actors that talk about mafia shitty he
switches up a little bit was that
interview poppin he paid him he paid the
people he paid him and nobody unblocked
on there cracking it but anyway I did it
a day my nigga he’s milking the game and
he needs to have respect for the game
that’s all I’m saying I don’t give a
fuck that’s your niche have respect for
don’t you dare talk about doctor say be
and don’t you dare say we need college
education for some fucking reparations
when you if you claim Jewish you’re
getting reparations from fucking the
Holocaust that happened in Germany it
didn’t happen in America we pay our tax
dollars for that shit you know I mean
and we don’t get you know so we deserved
college education but the Jews that’s
not from America that the shit happened
over there in Germany
deserve reparations from the Holocaust
and they get it and we pay our tax
fuck you valet Pirie you ain’t say
nothing about that nigga
that’s touching they got a deal you say
college education my people are going to
college on what he said is like Y value
even what he said no shut the fuck up
shut up we’re talking about black such a
way would you give that you’re running
light this is a oh we heard this is a G
chick nigga shut the fuck up about black
situations period now do your interviews
how you little shit going on be cool you
get your money you’re gonna shitload of
money you’re cold off the black culture
don’t diss it in the same thing wagon
nice choose whack beats who the fuck is
you to say that Russian nigga nas is
happening in the game oh but Eminem
choose the best beats like we know what
is going and you praise and slim Jesus
we know what is going we know what you
try to do praising post Malone we know
what you’re trying to do nigga post
Malone you know what you try to do nigga
we know what you tired
a brutal motherfucker like come on man
don’t be like chillin and then he going
on this platform and build them niggas
like come on you bitch and any muhfucka
blanket somebody’s watching what black
artist best new that Vlad has put on his
channel I’ll wait but let it white
artists come one of my homies nigger one
of my white artists home he had the long
hair look like Jesus anything for that
had that nigga all on his channel my
nigga do meth right now he be fucked up
he’s out of here it’s over lost his
family everything but black blue the
nigger like he was the next nigga
because he was white never did that for
upcoming black hardest Mexican artists
none of that shit so let’s be real with
what Vlad is pumping and what is it gets
my nigga don’t be playing like that like
you dumb deaf and blind this niggas a
sucker and he’s going against the black
culture but he’s milking the black
like nigga don’t don’t don’t put a
fucking pound on our face nigga when
you’re making millions off our shit to
pay your bills and leave your life nigga
in that case do the shit that char do
don’t throw no pushes on the whipped
cream do Russians do nigga please put
some on Russia’s do what y’all going in
front of that one in front of that
building in front of it like come on man
you got guards that shit passing out cuz
they eat talk about that they got too
much costume shit on they pass it out
nigga in front of them build is too much
shit Oh talk about they talk about that
you want to talk about niggas talk about
motherfucking doctor say be who really
cured AIDS and had over 75 people oh
well he’s much of a doctors dr. Dre my
bag I went on the drug ran my bag go
ahead no go ahead I’m sorry how we do
I’m sorry man we out this motherfucker
we go theory uh yeah sir the trend next
let’s do gas or trash right quick if we
can’t do what the fucking know that that
went too deep on the velocity now imma
said though y’all keep giving us nigga
passes man Simone you should check there
nigga that’s yo homie buddy wait a
minute that’s why I went crazy cuz it
sound like you know I actually low-key
kind of thank you damn no no not fo but
nobody let him know yeah my back I’m
doing too much but uh I felt like he
need to be checked
somebody needs a whisper in his ear
that’s close to him you know I mean
nobody dissing it without got a great
cool man talk about your Russian shit
talk about anybody else shit it’s not
shit talk about the good things walk the
quick dick live shit going down at the
board a lot of Mexican shit going down
here on toe bone own that anything black
you gotta talk about do we got a black
girlfriend or something
probably so I bet some on what any you
any inside you you the inside you know
ah let’s see
you know he likes like with me he likes
me like people okay but talk shit about
us I mean everybody has everybody has
everybody does what they do to get their
money at the end of the day but don’t
shit on us you know I mean I understand
but sometimes people pull strings to
somebody could be pulling his strings
we don’t know
Trump tweets I’m just saying I Trump
tweets but uh yeah you’re right you’re
like I say that was the main one right
there bingo flamingo you say that again
somebody could be pulling that nigga
string I don’t know we out ain’t gonna
even do guys in the trash because I’d
even listen to song you listen yeah
listen it ain’t a song was an album 100
the baby should go then ain’t the baby
man we got a new one man a new one
we envy a young boy oh yeah whatever
two gases but he’s a he’s a highly
somebody’s son in the rap game Oh Oh son
man you gotta let us know sooner well
supposedly and ain’t Floyd missing
supposedly and a flu it’s two rappers
that are brothers
Oh and they started beefing supposedly
because they didn’t know who would the
father was every time he goes to jail
supposedly the person that supposed to
be his dad bills him out it’s a rapper
supposedly a big-time rapper or only one
of the most famous was they made the
most money doing it oh okay he bet not
be jiggers um anyway anyway he ain’t die
Lassa photo man who we look I’ll on tile
on or dialogue
how he rapped what’d he say think about
the word man Gucci man sir Gucci Mane
sir no GG beer soda Jesus Jesus oh no
Billy oh shit son that’s easy sir my
nigga anyway smoke a lot radio
motherfuck it up Spotify hey oh hey you
ain’t you promised what you gonna do me
Jane we gonna butt-fuck stitch calm and
goddamn apple music and you’re longing
to smoke a lot and you see gonna hear
the hottest my father’s on the net man you know fucking uh digital so nigga we out to him Simone back
in the building night it make sure you
tap in smoke a lot radio you bitch in
your mouth TV bye-bye now

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