SMOKE-A-LOT RADIO EP. 20 | Reggie Wright Jr & Mob James Talks (NO GUN RUMORS) VLAD Reparation tweet


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look takbir Bigelow get smoked a lot
ready are we going all in that big hole
doggie smoking lady yeah we going holy
the squat make it show me your way but
the lock radio we go burn Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke weed a number one
podcast and mother shows all tracks and
burros all ass rock cat’s alive from the
costa committee with the jokes come and
get jazz roll Holly take a fool you
nigga review my foul gonna show up on
the next up the niggas a clown fuck the
nigga scars bullet hole shut up I’m the
king of one – yeah i watch the block
step upon the seat we got the haters the
center only bosses on the set you of the
niggas it’s meant for your best for
interviews nigga boss up your bills
nigga fuck yo crew a nigga coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know i got report about
to give us your waiting for some okay
Tony yeah
I’ll be back like we never left the
radio show they didn’t put up on the
show every time we step out you know
what they vote on it follow 17
it’s a fear niggas all can smoke a lot
radio we’re gonna win all in your
motherfucker host with the most curse
smoke yet mile from the motherfucking
building with the illest nigga Nebraska
potato phone yeah oh my mama and the
Builder Manor we got to special man
legendary guests in the building today
man we got Reggie White jr. from death
row man and the building make some noise
Reggie what up man up y’all niggas in
here blowing up in the CBS beauty James
in a building come on man it’s a
pleasure to have you fellas man you guys
man is killing the other fuckin of the
internet right now bro every time I look
at your eyes shit y’all doing numbers
bro y’all do men like women like numbers
don’t lie bruh I don’t look at none of
the videos no I don’t look at nothing I
do man they do but I don’t I don’t pay
attention to it I’m one that don’t like
comments you know the only way for me to
avoid that is not even look at may I be
managed to calm you niggas too though
man I’d be one back and forth with the
ass but yeah it’s like the good in the
bad come with the shit yo get
motherfuckers to rock with you a muffin
I fucked at it like somebody else that
you’re talking bad about or think you
did I mean speaking oh fuck that we love
Takashi and Rainbow Brite Commission’s
the ones that don’t like you is the ones
gonna actually go to your side the
people that like you gonna go a word of
mouth and go on to the next
motherfucking song it’s kind of good in
the back you got that thumb open that
thumb down right you got the best
motherfuckers out there but you see
thumbs down on it so everybody numbers
be analyzing it man yes Joe Joe that he
don’t watch
this if it was Michael Jackson right you
got people out there with thumbs down
Michael Jackson on a certain song they
don’t like it so everybody ain’t gonna
agree with you or like you so you can
have somebody like that video that’s
what I’m talking about yeah you just
don’t like to see the shit I don’t
discourage your mom fucking like a weak
motherfucker see them man I’m not doing
like really good two stars may just
pisses me off and I’ll be ready to go to
here right and it’s best that I don’t
see it so I don’t go there so it keeps
me focused on where I live fucking my
face really upset yeah and not worried
about what’s next motherfuckers and then
have you reacting today shit oh yo show
like yeah man it’s a little tutu at 69
to to calm you motherfucker shut your
motherfucking mouth you sound like you
ain’t got time for it so I let them say
what they say they can deal with it I
just do
you BCB snapping back ready we see we
see your man’s this weekend man whack
hunter he was ready to make another demo
tape man he was marketing everybody
faces we give the promoter the bodyguard
everybody got it man
Wang but he was cool as shit but dude um
people must have had a money writer the
game rage took a while for a new face to
come out my head it was kind of like a
motherfucker I see there’s getting whack
right it’s counted out like a man out
Arizona yeah we had to show Ice Cube
blue face corrupt Oh over there well
yeah yeah he was there but one day
artist one day artist was gay yeah yep
so shout out them yeah but yeah we did
it this weekend real big and shit man
but back to God man
so y’all known for doing interviews on
valera TV right okay okay now ball first
oh that’s your own shit yeah I’m some
bubble add now we ain’t got we all don’t
have nothing against belay okay
but I gotta ask you this question man
how do you feel about the last tweet
about reparations did you hear about
that when he said that we should only
did a kind of situation free consulation
for reparations yeah see that what he
did yeah now that’s facts fucking was
blood and doing these interviews with
him my interviews help me with him right
because he put it out there my story
right now he can fuck that off like this
in a tweet so if he if he down playing
black people then stop fucking with him
at home right but is that way yet do it
when you read it you said you ready now
I’m going off your opinion how did you
feel about um I understand where you
know our people other people white folks
how they feel they they feel like okay
we done did enough for you guys we’re
gonna did all of this you know in this
great country you’re doing all of this
and let’s give us let’s give away some
free college or some free education so
y’all come start down and move up
it’s how they think I’m not saying write
they write at all understand
so what where do we do what do we do do
we line up everybody and say here’s
$50,000 here’s a heart attack yeah
doesn’t ever come the question where you
ask yourself who is he to even speak on
it whatever the fuck just like kind of
like not also do but on subject forests
uncredentialed people being asked
questions that are very heavy he’s
weeded they tweeted that blue is
reparation talk right now nobody was on
his mind
it was between whatever reason okay I
think meet my opinion I think like you
said he should stay out of dealing with
all these blacks he’s in the hip-hop I
said but he’s making a lot of money off
of us and here now you go Pam let me
tell you what I think
Yashin haters are think about Josh you
have some college give me my money it’s
like this man the mother fucking Jewish
get pay for the Holocaust and that
should happen in over there so when they
get paid over here bra periods and all
of them they just say how do we give
them how do we give them fifty thousand
each they say that they just did it how
hard a motherfucker to get paid by
fingers Indians to India hey they got
reservation issues we know they say
every quarter that’s a habit
they have problems because they although
lost but they all got day reparations
though why not us that’s the form of
reparations that the fucking are those
and the reservations they give them the
Jewish Holocaust victims get paid in
America and it didn’t happen in America
slavery happened in America why
shouldn’t we get paid yeah
relax that’s a valid question not you
yeah that’s a valid question for you
because I mean this first I heard of it
and I’m feeling a certain kind of way
well I just think that’s missing
misinformed and I still don’t you mean
misunderstood because information is
right to go to the bottom well tweet so
it’s where do we do I don’t even know
sitting here and say what do we do no
it’s not not only what do we do about us
leading or one reparations what do we do
about people that eat up off the culture
who do what he said just when if you
like take a pop shot when that’s the
major part of his content is our ups and
downs in an entertainment game and
sports game in a celebrity game so for
him to just have a voluntary opinion and
he wasn’t acting he was axed out of five
it was a question as I felt yeah respect
that but when it’s voluntary into spaces
different where it come from is what I’m
saying student you know now the college
degree does no no not now that’s a trade
I’m like this man if he can voluntary
system shit like that I’m not a big fan
of his anymore I don’t mean
you can look we gotta take accountable
for the shit that we do and the shit
that is said about us howdy if we don’t
do that we’re still walking into lala
land and they pay attention but we click
the criticize ourselves and big joke
shit right what about when other people
do it they got to be accountable for it
and they got to hear our voice how we
feel about it
then he might want him and nobody else
to do that shit again right you know we
got love for him because he is part of
the culture he came from being a DJ
doing mix tapes DVDs and shit really
hands on with a lot of artists so we
respect him for that and deal with a lot
of us in the industry but it’s
interviews and shit but this like the
second or third time you know got out of
pocket with that shit like I think that
he really have a couple issues like he
was saying that dr. say B never invented
a cure for AIDS it’s never been proven
well he was in court and had like 75
patients come and proved that you know
from from how they got diagnosed at the
doctor and at least they started doing
treatment with him and went back to the
same doctor didn’t happen no more and
they had notes and letters certified
shit so high wasn’t proven he beat the
case defendant has Southwind speculation
yes so like you know that agrees with
the motherfucker that’s doing you wrong
all right and he slide through the loop
like that because it’s three focus in
here not liking that shit right and then
you find somebody to say man is Lupo
between he really don’t mean that
bullshit bullshit that’s like coming to
my motherfucking house
my mother why she’s so dark I mean well
you know your mom not your business it’s
not your business
am I wrong you game played you plan and
just beat a shit just be what you
actually are instead of planning the
message you don’t we we know some of
this shit that you put on our channel
you don’t really be rocking with some of
that shit you saying all right man I
want to know ready man this is the mob
would you around death row when Pop was
there I was still fucking with everyone
getting the chicken death row right
Martin to part kickin and hanging out
love I dig it like that but your brother
was buncha yeah recipes Bunch
okay you was around right correct okay
now because I loved him brought him to
the studio we got to go into some shit
that the security was talking about that
night Park security that I rest in peace
he was saying some shit that that night
that it was told security not to have a
gun and park not to wear a vest nobody
where was that truth no well pockets
ones were nervous epochal do whatever
you want right but it was 110 degrees in
Las Vegas right so who’s gonna we’re
going we’re right in Vegas at night at
night fuck do whatever the fuck you want
right hey don’t do that don’t wear that
so that’s the stupid shit all right as
far as the guns the guns statement was
made for the people that we had two
security details alright people that was
working at closed 6×2 right and then we
have people that were doing bodyguard
work right even than the guy that said
his day was freaked out and said it was
Alex something he put in his book that
he wrote the reason why I didn’t have my
gun on me
is because at the last minute Park asked
me to drive car Donna’s car with the
outlaws in it because none
my driver license Dan strap in the car
with them he said but he left no no but
his gun was within his car and so at the
last minute talk to him do it he didn’t
want to hold up her entourage and go
grab and go grab his gun that was over
in self parking and all of that but then
when he go and get with the white boy
the old white man don’t sound right that
ain’t gonna sell the book that ain’t
gonna sell the DVD oh I did hear
something about security not supposed to
have guns that night they were told not
to okay let’s say Reggie right got some
Intel and told people not to carry gun
for whatever reason that’s right
she had two guns in his car bun tree we
know he had guns in this car cuz he
fired at the motherfuckers and shut up
their car so bungee cord got shot butchy
and the person that was in the car with
him shut up keep you damn car keep you
need this told y’all we took the car and
got painted you right and all of us 66
to happen and we was already ready for
them there yes Frank man is trying to
sell a DVD in a fucking book and Reggie
right nobody was talking here come on
Frank who was talking to 2013 about day
to day and you know or 2014 responding
at all this shit talk back in the day
right I said this and said that but I
don’t know all of this bullshit was out
here on the Internet everything to come
out how came out for him to be pointing
the finger at chow and show the whole
DVD inside like they had set it up yes
the lead came from Reggie and shook set
apart right
so Reggie and Sarita set apart to ready
and little half there
14:15 baby roll and but people just
can’t believe it it and listen and and
falling it and all of that but if you
really listen and break this it wait a
minute don’t make it don’t mix it and
these are old as white man that’s
pushing this shit money to push it right
and when you got a nigger like Reggie a
send it back or sure they said back
defending it and easy targets
yes well y’all understand that don’t
make sense well shoot me sitting in the
car while he still hit on the negative
honest okay we’re sorry about that
apologize no that don’t make sense
there’s no more no sugar huh
so ready sir reason want to take over
Devereaux are you set up children pop oh
okay but I know I’m gonna get there oh I
knew I was gonna be I was security then
so I know I will have as much juice that
I eventually got in death row
in 1995 or 1996 don’t understand when
Tupac passed I mean it was still artists
on that road still making money right
but when Tupac passed a lot of shit
changed a lot of shit change a lot of
the guys that was there it was moving
this way back up at home
I went through that man he’s one of
90,000 former really follow me I went
through their old cars all types
Isis way off the lake use Nexus when you
follow the air Alexis you know he got
away you’ll make it this move bring your
car up here I want and I’m making sure
hey could I go up and down this would to
speak in fact yeah so one just random
motherfuckers you know we grew up
listening all kind of rules piss
drinking on top of craziness stones so
that was just a pick and choose wasn’t
just nigga has music in the parking lot
he copping out the car shit damn movie
you know movie like the hottest that
nigga you know nigga don’t talk to me
like that
my homies right so if Dre would have
walked in there and sax about and suck
somebody drink wouldn’t even walk down
today when a man once both okay be all
y’all fire just like just like dad said
he beat up sug and rich you had to do
this in aunt Cass don’t forget cast yeah
at the same time you don’t but number
one you ain’t been at all she look just
tossing the niggas strong dads we’re in
the 90 days wait a hundred and seventy
if that look at the pictures of that in
the 90s yeah but this just what you got
no right you know what I’m saying I mean
she was out there especially at that
time is straight bully right right a
straight bully you got all these guys
and then here you got a guy like Jake
come in and and slapping it try you two
got beat up to me the guy like Johnny
yeah I like on the movie they had dr.
Dre oh God we looked at Dre as a
ain’t nobody ever mess with them in the
hood right you know they was doing the
Westside right you know what I’m saying
so you know what number Bloods going
through that in right easy even when
when Reverend crip and after performing
up there he’s not much if at the dark
and all that shit like that
so do those yeah Dre was was was just
escaped man now death Road here this
show car I got your car what you gonna
do you ain’t did nothing but he up he
old TV beaten up blood
yeah I’ve seen a guy took your car you
said shit so come get your shit off my
yo down what the Lolo that was in the
video the gee thanks oh yeah right after
the video you like that’s my shooting
apartment I didn’t get a check and put a
lock on my gate go in my yard
let me ride which was a hydraulic
shopping confidence anyway we’re got the
car from go no no I’ll just tell me why
well no why he had cars and connections
to the car but what I’m saying is you
know you got to do that that’s like this
but then they put them on TV
just they what’s the name of that movie
straight out of Kaka was bullshit a lot
of people say that totally bullshit LT
just did a money grab he got a boy that
was fun LT to pop one I’m sorry because
I heard about Ice Cube you know I mean I
he was having to go to Taff you know I
mean buddy it wasn’t no no school bus
coming from where but the flood warning
right those those dudes no they wouldn’t
game bangers anyway right you know what
I’m saying but it is what I call them
see before they made a lot of money they
made a lot of money but they made a lot
of money all right
you know just that thug life right you
know what I’m saying so if you if you
put a movie out man let at least be
halfway 100 let me say this about Q and
Snoop – oh my favorite orders we’re
still going watch them perform today to
this day but this day I went to took my
son to his first one who’s 15 16 years
old Lake Elsinore
mr. took him stood in the crowd myself
on the baseball diamond and watched him
and uh that that cancer a little smoker
I got contact oh really drop it like is
that I love all the that’s the one I
whenever I think of it with no crown
joint dope ooh the relative reality
video on it
what’s your favorite soundtrack well
what rim was beast recipes Nate Dogg man
yeah my mom would you act that goddamn
golf course when it went down
you wouldn’t go nobody from different
ones oh they’ll carry guys no Club and
so that would be make one no you may
hang on don’t foul niggas in their heart
bixie style tradie nato i ain’t taking
that away from well jay-z know some
though but those three i will never take
anything with and later all some
negative the devils hang a little shit
yeah pierre you straight up well we
ain’t gonna keep you out here all night
definitely man y’all gave us some great
information on always want to know about
the body guard situation that was yeah
appreciate y’all y’all know anybody in
the federal prison no check out gangster
Chronicles ptomaine the hottest shit on
the internet right there hi – it on the
internet right now
you know I’d be safe my brother’s a may
smoke without radio
a tepee niggas all games smoke a lot
ready are we going our lid man we just
have Reggie White gonna be chilly and
this motherfucking shit my James in this
bitch man oh man it was a dope interview
man they cleared up a lot of shake head
up a lot of shit bro a lot of shit I
wanted to know about man don’t you like
the way I handled that dope oh yeah that
was really oh you didn’t even know I was
coming out the well when I came out yeah
yeah you had a chicken down how about it
man you’re the kind of man I put it down
man shit Q corrupt a male ace will fit
to your old motherfucker hey cube and
dub was out there doing it once ooh that
kid was out there like he was brand new
here’s a little something buddy nigger
like me when I did yeah oh he took us
back man so yeah we had a boat this
weekend man it was a lot of wild shit
going on man a lot of wild dress wow man
see what I posted man with the bitch
would alter glow the glow stick shit on
her shoe man and what about the what
about the fighting bitches at the you
know that was a real fight it goes oh my
god I just reported that from something
that happened right in front of me
oh wow only posted like a high second
and I broke them bitches up I got out
the world saw shit I was like whoa what
am i doing man let me break these
bitches oh we got a real squad yeah I
broke them bitches up man that’s why you
only feel so short so I was no good up
my love oh I may put this phone y’all
better stop it you know I mean broke
that shit not a noble of you man yeah
man definitely broke that shit was so
busy jumping a white shake man cuz I
guess he sideswiped a car trying to
bitch stand in there like
everywhere got hella active down some
real bacon whammies on that business
okay that was a faux hair shuffles Beast
anyway ban was a wild weekend man shit
got back man uh fucked around man why
she’s got their beats here war it’s very
oh man shit let me go do a recap of that
man you wanna do a recap right now let’s
recast we cap the BG’s man let’s beat
you know I mean before we get into this
black before man BG recap man what you
think was the dopest of the night like
who had the best performance us
performance has to be the baby because
he perform for five monthly matter Nick
it was awesome but when you’re riding
with a no Lil Kim killed it to me I’m
sorry man she hey hey she bought the
Julius nigga out I’m enjoying you my
feet hurt kill two men is good to see
them back together it’s good to see kill
finally get over war she is up here like
damn I’ve always wanted to be at evil
war like I got laid in the beginning oh
yeah you like this little fake-ass hey
you like my auntie told me y’all shit
shit Lenin thank you that ain’t a real
woman ain’t a real wall but this one is
still a bt award Kim but you know shots
up to the UH that one move her and her
dancers dude I appreciate that
turbo that’s what she got oh yeah little
bend down tackler yes all Twila but what
I yes my we don’t Holly I was yeah this
the first time she look like a old
Chinese lady man she actually had a
shoot looking cool down out too good
makeup makeup a great camera work saying
great waited she probably got right upon
right wig work great wig worked wiggling
it was a great wig words we man yeah man
I like that I fuck with her um who
surprised me um the whole night was a
rasp rasp rasp any recipe oh shit
Rhapsody did the whole breakdown with
all the female rappers Lashon oh yo
snacks all did she was female black
darkness man yeah it’s better watch out
for these females men a gassy they run
in a game right now a gastric god shit
literally yeah man I got one nigger
that’s hanging with job man that’s the
well there it is all females just
running shit women in our bars
mm-hmm hey men shout out to the females
it’s been a hot girl year fucking summer
an AFOL period
yeah I was just glad the city boys
finally got the ass off stage here
taking his photos it’s a boy a little
ball in his crew them niggas man local I
didn’t keep having the balls
irritating period man I’m sorry I can’t
no huh that nigga look like a my nigga
out here human bobblehead my Beaty
hip-hop Awards I never this way cuz of
people change um
no chain control no I think they won’t
just have something out that way because
everything is mainly in California you
know I mean so yeah we do his own okay
oh we get all the shit man it was both
the hip-hop and hip-hop ain’t never been
out here dough has always been in 1180
hip-hop need to hit me
man one year New York one year Miami I
say I am young boy I am I’m hit Miami
Atlanta but you don’t had a little break
a little air little minica it’s starting
to get kind of dry and didn’t sell an
award show I hate to say it but every
time I watch it it’s the hip-hop Atlanta
Awards because 90% of the fucking
artists that get Awards is from alone
you know down south you rarely see a
west coast East Coast muhfucka it really
get it or get to perform either you know
I mean like unless they own the song
features my body if see dedication just
saw something dedicated to nipsey from
it was it know Lipsy daddy wouldn’t
under one name and this is the hip-hop
wasn’t no homeboy know this does what no
all money is right and I was that was
questionable foot as far as the energy
and I felt that shit remember uh
presented some sort of waiting right
because they just happened this is the
first one that would have been is
marathon they did a big format the
Beatty Wars but this the hip-hop did it
for the hip-hop though two duffle yeah
that’s fucked up with me at because I
should have missed something for the
King you know to God that has risen
should I had some complication because
you know what haven’t been a year
self-serving kind of lazy to lay back on
some of the dancing in the whole block
and the bullshit and gave man little
I’ll send a minute moment ten minute
moment of something you know you wanna
do it they not to cut it up I made to me
some fresh I could have took the battle
rap out and did a did an FC dedication
with all that time inside or out oh they
had a comedy sighs rapping you know it
wasn’t a time if you have to compare and
you know way with what you could have
did own FC dedication on one who got
their free styles that you had with them
people who so many of them I say one but
it was that
like it was about 10:00 in the movies
like different ones about DNA gas and Oh
gassing them dukes
yeah it should only be like one round I
don’t think we should have had three
different episodes and they coming back
with more different I do more two niggas
and yeah three rounds I was one dude
that lost he wasn’t battling he just was
spitting bars gonna go at him yeah the
last battle DNA went right at him
oh no his classics down my other man
just kind of just said you’re gonna like
a nigga from the front row to the third
row I mean he gonna put offset on top of
somebody but yeah Castle you gotta go
back to record as we better stop pulling
the motherfuckin up bag heists on these
rap leagues man this thing of getting
over man
yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s why I was
smiling I’ve seen a nigga clearly lose
he all smiling yo sad cheese it from
cheek did she go Saturday honey don’t
just understand my boss saying I said
this when I said he had the brakeman if
the nigga got break down his bars you
got it say remember that movie no nigga
don’t remember I didn’t get the body you
gotta hit him with the disclaimer and in
remembrance of me bars
you just tryin to bust down as bars and
shit I’m not you clearly lost man
you can’t be busting now your bars and
shit like man did you hear what I said I
would have said like oh you know me
because I got it if I say no oh I and
didn’t get it nigga what you breaking
that shit down for me for I heard what
you said the first time nigga just a
hearing he’d bring him in some fanfare
cuz he collecting that been AK oh yeah
he got the satchel did you get it on the
bag he got a satchel man saw me up if
niggas getting a hunter K battle nigga
I’ll come here for huh no yuck I get
cooked 400 K go up there AG right Jill
bug give me the mic
stop rapping home to Micah said it about
fucking microphone that be plugged up
right give me the mic I’m gonna rip it
rip it
oh cool see what they did the fat man
Fabri freestyle came he
do it I don’t think nobody beauty Wars
don’t you know I mean but like you said
I had not one piece of West Coast is a
minute not even under the youngsters
nothing else is not one not one West
Coast month no I’m Kennedy in this and
they said Oh goddamn I know why G when
you know they not gonna know GE z GZA
like on some post Malone shit but out
this way but not like that but you know
many you know diet you know I mean low
sodium post below little sodium so long
yeah but still he up there though period
so I think should have been him I all
the motherfuckers out here man rowdy
rich he got nominated Brown Deer is
gonna flatten I’m here him and nipped at
that joint went platinum to so that’s a
nips first platinum joint for y’all to
do know that first platinum single yeah
that’s next Clinton so we uh shots off
for that don’t get your cousin up here
menu over your stone with me man you
know real family over there yeah cream
we need y’all smoking like mmmm and put
the disclaimer out there man we’re gonna
let you do a tap and oh that got wrecked
leave a shoe store y’all go check it out
you don’t say potato
you know Sam that radio powered by smoke
a lot
motherfucking radio you mean say what
about the day we had a good video shoot
potato and a pyrex pyromaniac hundred
man just shot a video with a sick with
slim pho hundred and meat for sick with
his shit car you don’t know me bitch you
don’t know ya all y’all motherfuckers
want to fill in that 69 slot yes we got
65 you know Sam a man’s got
and we got the we got we got some like
sick wooded thank you for having us
y’all keep a real with the what about
the fire donors and the smoke smoke
niggas I think I still gotta hurry I’m
lonely I’m usually more height nigga I
got a headache still nigga them fumes
yeah we got gas things and shit you know
motherfuckers and died and garages for
letting the engine this run nigga with
the gas finger so that shit gonna fuck
you up for where you gave me a lawnmower
type of flavor in the center fuck do it
you know I came that bitch – that should
call me all the way down like niggas on
ritalin it was smokin dumb gas can’t say
dumb ass simple bucks super woods you
know super motherfucking royal bunch you
filming shameless plug shameless look
super super royal blood uh hipper ellos
you know don’t be getting it in man but
it was a good one man that video about
the drop now speaking like Takashi I
make a double dragon nigga me and uh me
and got damn Gatlin ya our video
dropping it who raised you niggas that’s
about the drop this weekend nigga you
can’t beat it to cash but we got it
Takashi oh we got one boy y’all got
cocky now got the key she is to keep the
Kishi Bashi see one now they got
it’s the key she won not because she
better look out for the visuals we got
coming over here milk going on this
there’s more in the podcast over here
playing they’re definitely my G
definitely man we travelin man this
weekend um I forgot how to West was one
where Ice Cube Snoop Dogg Warren G –
short baloney so short you know many
or you know more Rena’s you know more
rain is no chicken circuit oh yeah let
them know you let them know nigga
stadiums I’ll be seeing up a 4-minute oh
yeah you really want someone we don’t
want man we was in the step so I’m
talking about over ten fifteen twenty
thousand motherfuckers out there
standing up lighters up the
motherfucking I’m telling you the mascot
got bitches wake home and the condom man
condom and got the hold waiting on the
light let them know oh my god I was
sitting on an egg first rap group with a
mascot now everybody got a mask hey man
the first niggas with a mascot man West
Coast rap group with a mascot with low
human masks like like the Clippers got a
mascot skating around on skate like shit
oh yeah but my gumball when the
president was the big ears be racing
yeah and he had a mouse man yeah and the
motherfucker you don’t say yeah kind of
man mascot and shout out to all the
other people who got a mascot all of a
sudden I thought man keep some flies
sneakers off oh yeah you know so 95 yeah
yeah gotta be flat you gotta had a shit
from our heaven we came out is that oh
yeah we gonna be in a by Sacramento like
I was like Atlanta something Wheatland
woodlands or some shit like that
but it’s at the motherfucking uh was it
Toyota what is it what this is the
Toyota have it there Toyota amphitheater
yes in Chino the city of Chino
not Chino over off the 909 northern
she’s 6:05 in the teen with the prison
chanting you don’t say breezy mind oh
well let’s get loose no man we got a
couple of things a man I look man Simone
Taylor ain’t in the building there’s
y’all come motherfucking seed man you
know we’re gonna do to my report what
about Damon you gonna do the mob before
my report you know citizens – we mob it
so we don’t do the mile before she does
the black before so we gonna do the mine
before tomorrow okay first up on the
mile before what you gonna do you don’t
throw me no how do you I want to throw
you that you thought you push him in the
bushes I go in their pockets that’s a
all right they’re fucking baked listen
that was my what the fuck no but fuck
you make Dave dollar burger shack poor
to make a brown motherfucker to make how
you feel about it man who you think won
my nigga I think I need to go let it go
and get ready for the season
we know you got the lyrical suppose I
brew listo go from state to state but at
the same time you getting boxed out in
the paint right now you know so it but
it was good entertainment for I can pre
season shit
but get right dang try to get you a free
agent over there cuz we want to see you
win on this motherfucking platform and
not in the round with battling Shaq
that’s case you know saying battle my
jumper that’s the kindest you don’t want
to see I want I want to see but he was
battling her mind I was the first game I
can get it back in cuz I was just on the
time I’m on a day no oh fucking shock
right now but I think part two he did
spit better than part one oh yeah
motherfucker lyrical miracle
yeah you know I’m Sam’s like yo is a
different gear Saul good but no let’s
get right to season let’s prime a
motherfucking over there to you on that
team and get y’all a little better
Shaq one I said Shaq’s a sitting on the
best he said I’m sitting at the table
watching you get kicked out the playoffs
oh yeah ideas being table watch you get
kicked out the playoff watching know
swept off the player he said watch you
getting swept off the playoffs we want
to see you weighing down but it probably
won’t be a big game had more lyrics but
Shaq had more truth and punchlines by
his shit was like Motown say what rapper
rapper rapper he’s more talented than
Shaq do it’s more accomplished still
hasn’t been proven man cuz we still got
I think it’s shopping the links down
there you don’t know hey man don’t don’t
forget about
Katie he make beats in rap yeah I just
say heard his rap skills Kevin to read
well I rap because he used to fuck with
David up in there so yeah I got about KD
nigga so that’s yet to be proven yet but
he’s definitely the top one right now
until somebody gets jump out right now
to spit him some balls cuz he ain’t
gonna planning the next year the dank
dollar from the town man so anything he
do I got his back nigga so I think he
worn Brown – but Shaq just out steam I
out Ali Ali oh my neck
tell him and do one wow he’s tracking
you doin off on mechanics track in his
own we need to make a classic yeah Shaq
make that clock for LA right so James
deign to make a classic for the bait
yeah man
that’s what the thing is like no party
on the west side no shadow hell yeah
didn’t have many girls a quick produced
it oh why did you come on man so damned
if he make one and get him this out his
Bey government and make something let’s
hear some of that I’ve got a couple
videos out nobody want him a new one new
now we wrote the fucking song come on
y’all forgot he was a foolish Nagin he
was a fuckin fool we ain’t got nothing
to prove not smooth tongue twister was
another spiced up man gun he was a
tongue twister shag been through every
air air rap niggas like the fuckin oh
man so you call 40th to sort of Ice Cube
Arab experience I was ball played out of
the ball players uh-huh hey it was it
was entertaining man Shaq is hella funny
man funny as well he says hey Toby Kobe
had a my ass
so Jack been battling he body bill put
attention man that nigga one for life
say good night you know they extend the
rain koey tell my mother fuck me tell me
about what about ok ok show turning your
mob report okay I don’t want to I got
another one
you gotta leave me one yeah I got a
nigga’s bullshit 50 rapper Alissa’s who
all these people need
big rapper list he’s a rapper a rapper
list mother flower yeah man that listen
bzzz not leaving knockout and one that T
I posted all CI poses were crazy didn’t
even hacker up on me
Wow alright so me you’re gonna do our
top 10 on be in top 10 no just do your
top tier RB first and then do your top
10 hip-hop do Lex okay arm be mine is no
particular okay so let me do let’s do
top 5 10 is a lot I got my ready you
ready yeah let’s go through the arm be
more no top five top five we gonna do
top five top five man I with the RB shit
we got Mike Prince
we got a Marvin Gaye we got a shit you
guys say James Brown in there somewhere
and then you got to put at the last
motherfucker for the singers man it gots
to be Bob Marley man it gots to be man
period that’s my five singers Five
Fingers five singers but Bob Marley
thought I’d take my money I’ll be like a
Jamaican gonna go Mike James Prince
Bootsy Collins I was gonna say
boutique okay you know saying that I’m
Bootsy Collins for show in my fifth one
arm B I know it’s gonna be a lot of
controversy of I got to give Chris Brown
him a spot man I’m sorry Chris Brown get
him spot on my arm be less control taper
alright my top five Rapids man big J
nice and then Wayne you know I mean
little Wayne because I put Wayne in the
hole like category is Nicki and raking
one cuz he keep that that branch off his
tree you dig so Wayne P ran from coming
in as
in this you know still doing this thing
he had the most longevity out of any
rapper in this shit coming in at 13
years old to doing it right now
longevity nigga Dwayne gas guy
hey what’s up with you pop rock Kim nice
cube motherfucking c8 I didn’t know that
but MCA is the best and in five a
motherfucking spice one in my I think my
fire baby would be uh Richie Rich
because you’ve got a name um even if I
didn’t but you know Richie Rich cuz you
know I feel about but that’s a cos my
father because you get my want no oh man
you gotta go with careless one nigga
fucking uh and oh man reign supreme
NWA god damn ghetto boy goddamn table
okay let’s give what MCS had the best
delivery give me three of them just
delivery fucking like they come off
update Chuck D from Public Enemy pace
how low can you go
yes roll was another no what’s the kid
back is the incredible Scarface free
love seen Amanda
DMX tell me what these bitches well from
another dude three niggas that make you
feel it in your soul like magnetize me
no more cuz this fighting no my day
Rakim is one okay Big Daddy
motherfucking came out for voices by
strong like that delivery like name all
right cool well job done work number
three number three number three I got to
make my number three count I know it’s
gonna fuck with a lot of y’all man but
it’s gonna have to be Slick Rick my boy
swag like strong voices no no we think
relatable oh delivers right oh yeah but
just yet delivery is what I say yeah
okay still powerful delivery
I like the Slick Rick because the
motherfucking cadence
mmm-hmm that has something to do a
delivery that’s the cats lyrics it one
judge don’t hits or not I said it was
just like when you first I was like rock
camp like a creek and was a big Daddy
Kane and Big Daddy yeah okay cool I got
it and I’d like the OC shit deal seed
shit with dope – he was a now because no
guy energetic he wasn’t cousin Clym ball
that Texas brine ball was coming out so
yeah that’s a little motel formula you
ever had an old-school nigga with to a
change niggas a coed with the highs the
mids of tweets nigut and a drop-top
nigga pulling up to junior high school
nigga and your uncle is somebody you’re
kind of pulling up nigga pick you up
there in front of all the kids nigga
high energy cuz I can’t let you pick the
whole truck rap other than the loonies
give me your top three groups no order
definitely more people Yeah right right
talk read three groups to me Outkast
wu-tang outcasts wu-tang and I want to
say Run DMC man oh ok ok ok play it out
cares will tell you run DMC to me I’m
coming Tribe Called Quest oh yeah damn
doing dog pound EPMD was your customer
that out well my own brie like a save to
allowances up for that motherfucker that
when you go on the ground about 10 more
minutes back when you gonna brand at
that warehouse you see the big paintings
of everybody that’s when you knew what
I’ll negate write about a jungle the
jungle you look to the left like grandpa
gotta get whatever pain
make a whole album cover pasted up
painted on the front of the shit
okay we’ll end it off with top two three
female rappers not ended off put on the
rap section on the rap session okay boom
top females in the game man gotta give
it up to Kim gotta give up the Fox
boogie God give up the Lauryn Hill
during my three man period has that okay
yeah yeah well you got I’m going to
Brett say I’m going to bring foxy and oh
that last will get hard cuz I want to go
I want to go Kim but I miss Eve so
you’re saying it okay
no I Eve when she with a pit bull in a
skirt catch like MC like okay it’s like
a test like ramen understand me yeah
yeah women I mean light is up there
early Eve is is pretty dope
why don’t show this though man don’t be
like early Eva shit change don’t it’s a
fucking Hasbro Gator turn them up on the
Serena Williams owners say you got your
own answer yeah she’s old to be been ok
man what the next question will we own
their top three comedians my top three
so many there’s so many but for show
little do people know Bill Cosby facts
you know I’m saying John Ritter who
would Jack Tripper on Three’s Company oh
and um Tommy Davidson Tommy Davis but
Martin is the is the influence of the
when I start going into like characters
and changing voice and fucking with
sheet ask Martin because the anime
animation part so yeah but John Ritter
so far as the so you need a top-25 is
doing top five okay okay so John Ritter
top five and uh Robin Williams and then
you said Martin sue Martin yeah yeah
yeah yeah you gotta go on boy
you said Robin Williams on the ass okay
bout that but I yeah
red fox of motherfucking a Richard Pryor
for Kenny goddamn Damon the whole Wayans
man all them niggas man all the Wayans
them niggas do you have a woman to the
group I’m all of them they’re all of
them they get the moon way is even a
dyke one who dies with him and I want
all the light Wayne this everybody who
was on in living color nigga doubt that
walk and there’s no Hollywood shuffle
negative rocket don’t stop it do that
Jerry catch all that nigga
that nigga okay boom that’s folk and
then I said boom boom boom boom the
greatest right now fuckin Dave Chappelle
Perry Dave Dave Dave Oh Christopher I
want to go influences over you know I’m
saying far as like success in whose top
five now you seem like you wanted
champion oh now give it to his finger so
out of you to Chris Rock okay Dave
Chappelle okay that’s to George Karl
Carly Carly
Eddie Murphy mmm-hmm for sure and one
more Oh Tracy Morgan Tracy well oh yes
yes oh yeah
no but for you I got one for you too
right nose monster no okay go ahead no
no I wanted today my name woman comedian
what’s up with my guys the funniest
nigga ever man my the way home he meant
I’d be doing all the assisting a name
man when I got the black wife no maybe
Ike the long guys face and he’d be doing
this today man he got a little short
hair he playing all the little rose lips
you know I’m talking about
and I tell man I think he ain’t playing
dumb and dumber
anyway we’d be all day talking about
this think I probably not Jim Carrey
that’s a good one too but the other dude
man he’s like more of nowaday the autumn
little movies and shit with he’d be
getting fucked up he be getting fucked
over my G period like he did when he had
the one with the dad it was him and a
dad it’s called I didn’t like it was
acting like him was it why him that dude
no you know I’m talking about the bench
not that I think it’s been still that
they want not the one to fucked up and I
think it’s been stupid I want the long
face was they wanted to stepmothers
whenever when that was angry when he’s
angry wounded Pharaoh
oh yeah see that’s the movie could mean
that the best movie cuz they don’t do
stand-up like that yeah okay we’re gonna
go more up-to-date
who’s your top three favorite internet
comedians right now Instagram comedians
oh man Instagram like for sign of the
shit oh the answer grandpa son is a
deathly egg is in yo the boomerang my
nigga you got to go with a Berber got
there but from a brother from wildin out
this one equine this skinny nigut o DC
DC man this is the head of the class me
DC um you got to go with DC you got to
go with uh who was a new no you gotta go
to Jessel arias cuz she’s she killing
them to Jessel arias
she killing straight Tiffany Haddish you
talking about IG
yeah but with just a lot sicker c IG
comedian before that all of these came
from IG brother okay and then you gotta
go with the little Asian do that beyond
uh that being wild now I don’t know his
name but he’s hella popped a little
Asian dude he used to rap little flat I
don’t know what’s his name but he poppin
he’s lit I’ll go to this little shitty
getting like five million views every
time he post shit you put a little shit
like fried rice
how did a new internet motherfuckers on
for show it did a runner up man gotta
give it up to my nigga hot hot Davis man
but yeah my other nigga too man with the
fucked up teeth man I’d be kappa
donating do decide pigeon you talking
about niggas outfits he like man welcome
to the barbecue
that nigga huh I fuck with motherfucking
spice Adams you fuck with spice Adams
you get acting like the old niggy
playful Chicago motherfucker bear heavy
said nigga okay he funny as fuck those
skid wise okay and you know I’m gonna
get my hood skidding motherfucking nigga
100 watts on Mequon cuz he got like they
he know how to sound like eat Foley dude
once it sound like nip he sound like
were fucking yg then he can turn around
and do the other little hook comedies
like when you’re stuck in the wrong yeah
yeah yeah that’s the best that don’t you
any may Wilin out oh he did he’s on
wildin out so you know my new uh my new
wave Awards you know we might have a
smoke about Radio Awards man we might
give you motherfuckers a black man but
we gotta get the fuck up out of here
right quick so I’m gonna do my what the
fuck I got to what the fuck man let’s go
what the fuck is up with a little piece
momma is suing motherfucker his stuff I
she sorta management man forgiving
little Pete drugs my nigga come on
anybody catch me so ludicrous you
probably assumed I would connect oh yeah
that’s crazy but that’s what the fuck
man mom shut your ass up and sit the
fuck down down my shaco what the fuck
man what’s up with that what’s your LB
nigga you lebar ball nigga man shooter
kids like that was telling him glasses I
see where he got it from he got a jell-o
jell-o put your daddy stealing from his
son’s shoes fucked his ankles up you’re
saying he need to cross motherfucking
sue for the shoes fucking his feet up
fucking up his like her she
I hope you don’t fuck up the Angelo’s oh
yeah dropped all types of shit him come
on man
totally nigga don’t worry about it
embezzler my fault no I’m better than
2.5 out the nigga and told his son what
you worried about it folk
Oh what did you worry about a folk but
at first they was putting it off on a
business partner remember now his son
now the business partners old world body
shut your motherfucking ass up I being
in a minute what he called he said you
damaged goods shoes fucked his ankles up
for like cases you got nigga to play
bass for the iPhone case hey man I get
to do the gas in the trash 90 and get to
listen to the baby shit cuz we’ve been
shooting videos all day did you listen
yeah I listened to a fat woman it was
all gasp so you know I’m saying yes yeah
and nothing way and you like say you
understand on the beats the cadence to
banging shit because I actually
understand this nigga word for word
ain’t no mum but the dubidouxs he know
radio hit from an album filler when you
record so shout out the baby did clean
up house he did do was Kendrick Lamar
and take every fucking award and before
come on now’s the time for you get
motherfucking like purple rain to the
EBT award another we can smoke a lot
radio 20th episode baby episode number
20 out of me what’s your host with the
most curse smoke young motherfucker
mouth with my co-host Cato phone yeah
get your vitamin C prayers
ancient vitamins what you gonna do young
mouth when the Collado smoke burns on
you pass
Oh vodka spoke of that ready old man
young mouth TV we out this bitch
yeah and it’s ammo mate yeah and I don’t
know what the fuck you’re doing sleep
but wake it up somebody live wake it up
yeah bye-bye now

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