SMOKE-A-LOT RADIO EP. 19 | Dame Vs SHAQ, Amber Guyger Verdict, Stacey Dash, Kylie Kardashian & Tyga!


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look takbir Bigelow get smoked a lot
ready are we going all in that big hole
doggie smoking lady yeah we going holy
the squat make it show me your way but
the lock radio we go burn Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke weed a number one
podcast and mother shows all tracks and
burros all ass rock cat’s alive from the
costa committee with the jokes come and
get jazz roll Holly take a fool you
nigga review my foul gonna show up on
the next up the niggas a clown fuck the
nigga scars bullet hole shut up I’m the
king of one – yeah i watch the block
step upon the seat we got the haters the
center only bosses on the set you of the
niggas it’s meant for your best for
interviews nigga boss up your bills
nigga fuck yo crew a nigga coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know i got report about
to give us your waiting for some okay
Tony yeah
I’ll be back like we never left the
radio show they didn’t put up on the
show every time we step out you know
what they vote on it follow 17
hey hey it’s your host with the most
motherfucking motherfucking house on
your back my daughter
oh yes all the grandmas get like glammo
and Jimenez and all its young official
about we back for that shit talking
right now
get it in man alright so besides you
having a grandson man which is grand you
dig some more how the fuck was your
weekend when we took off break
week a week I stay working like Jomon
moon what everybody’s asking about Yalta
concert welcome to the West
oh yeah we’re supposed to beat it I’ve
got a rappers looking forward yeah
living with some owner of my shoes
we won’t supposed to go there no we’re
supposed to go to your father and
fucking Tate third interview yeah yeah
yeah Rock meadow and they crane killed a
whole little crew at a whole like show
with the dang homie with the Chinese a
Mexican hat on and Samoa pass it up I
don’t know why but I was totally zapped
nigga I was at work the next day
yeah I was up all fucking night
recording to like 7:00 in the morning
and then I won’t go to Gatling joint
you’re working a lot of projects a lot
of shit man featured some I cashed out a
need a shit like ASAP and I’ve been you
know pumping my brakes but muddy been an
something my goddamn you got it in for
him get on me woke up just to get child
on the list then went back to sleep and
then you know I mean woke up and called
to make sure yeah I was there got finger
make sure fingers was there yeah I was
that magic I make it in the performance
Co my why I got out of Dini left did the
show in flower spring soon as he got off
stage he so cool gotta clean fingers was
in there networking love a glass and
bless : oh man I was actually pretty
good but I’m gonna tell you there was
too many people in the backstage no not
just regular too many people I’m talking
next level I had a ball knees toe down a
I thought accountant dedication was cool
there yeah I say yo cousin man I show
cousin right go on his cargo net has
something so yet in him niggaz rock the
motherfucking shit some copy supreme
y’all go check out the MB store – enough
J Stone did a solo and he did –
dedication Dom Kennedy that was an mo
fucker so you know saying I did this
shit right quick and him kill to talk
quick and uh sugar-free and icy and
second uh they say always be Jeff could
you be missing a cheap holiday human
does see you know numb the time this
nigga stole he went on a shit about two
in the morning my shoulders he got a
militant crip walk out of anybody’s hell
of million loan then when that nigga do
that skip to the left
this classic thought man if I was crip
walk that ever was invented like the
nigger that nigga watch MacArthur was my
nigga name an OT Genesis do like the new
air crew they do – no one you know there
cuz you know where Chris from the hasn’t
changed little face do they know focused
on the skipping and a joke to see the
real one you know you spelling out like
everything you doing with your legs
meant shit you spelling you over
crossing out enemies you know that was
how the walk was using originated so he
became like more of a dead like you know
during the uh kind of dancing every
January and all that stuff like that so
they got the old a bang quick walka
throw a jump over em with your it’s the
new one just cuz you know a lot of those
brothers like that our knees can’t do
none of that spectacular shit cuz I’m
allowed my age and my needs can get that
spectacular you never know yeah man and
I was putting some other fucking um bio
thermos and shit on my foot when I got
to the house
I see I was limping around that
motherfucker yeah yeah okay okay Toshi
like yeah this should make my legs
oh me know I’ve been out here for hella
long and ain’t never tried to learn that
dance cuz I never was a Crip or a blood
so what the fuck would I be doing that
dancing but everybody in LA know how to
do it I see you like a battle don’t shit
okay like a dance like you know how to
do another mall I see I know you not do
some type of water I see female we’ve
got a whole nother type of thing I don’t
even know how to do it I’m like left out
I don’t want to do it because I’m not in
that but yeah I tell my son you can’t
wait a gangbanger don’t do that little
the fucking blue face shit man you get
fucked up oh yeah yeah keep that shit in
house little theory that’s Latino
demonstrate that say fuck were you doing
the cloud are you doing the heel toe
what this shit called
so you’d be negative faces a cloud dance
and rap I was kind of him before I
started rapping
ah nigga are you some great days before
I saw Brad but we need cardboard days in
my life house illest nigga with a
windbreaker on Intervale the house dance
oh you use the house nigga ah so you got
the house of the break
let me up the excellent exclaim come on
aw shit so what’s the song you hear you
can you just got a break man oh man
anything for B Street the first one
anything for tonight the one when their
nigga was walking on the wall and she oh
you mean breaking no B Street there’s
one beast I know break they’ll say okay
the to break it when they’re going that
oh yeah turbo little shrimping uh-oh
what’s it a driving in the scene that
move and then the other one that uh that
one nigga when they breaking on B Street
whole outfits together Oh use on your
shit you’re like tec-9 and shit when you
came in a game no tec-9 what a booger
loo like a motherfucking paint his face
all that krump there so shut out a crazy
mob but let’s get into the shit no no
breakdancing first things first
just recently Damian Lillard is doing an
interview about some shit but he
mentions Shaquille O’Neal
he says Shaquille O’Neal woulda never
got a ring if it wasn’t for Kobe whoa he
goes off to say he raps better than
shaggy but Damian Lillard is a dope ass
rapper though don’t get that’s cool but
to say these things about first of all
what do you guys see do you think that
Shaq played an intricate part in the
Lakers do you think that if it wasn’t
for Kobe you wouldn’t got a ring what do
you guys think imma let Elena girl and
first you know I wonder why instead of
one you cannot sit up there and say
anything about any player that got
average 36 and 15 motherfuck season okay
fuck it is dem was his motherfucking
rings Kobe went and got his rings then
let down on a pacer series might be you
know what they a team
like was 3615 so we can’t even you know
Sam live Damian liver is a dope-ass
rapper but the particular um he just
wasn’t enough he wasn’t he wasn’t in the
best position in this type of war for
the simple fact it’s a basketball rapper
he probably eat a real rapper up but he
rapped my Shaq Shaq got more power and
more bored because the rap was better
but Shaq brush lines was was beasting on
that nigga he’s told that nigga to do
Trevor Ariza line alone had me fucked up
if game without Ali he say no he say
don’t wait to write your reps
ha wait don’t be in a hurry or some
bullshit you ain’t even Westbrook and
Steph Curry oh you’re saying they can be
as basic as fuck but see if Dame went
had his facts right with the
championship for cuz that’s why we can
always play and you should have picked a
better track like you know y’all saying
but I think he could have got him a
little bit but they gonna keep going
like this man platinum so he’s the most
successful athlean be a rapper here you
know he ended up playing in after he
started was already he’s already Master
P when he play in the league I’m talking
about real basketball basketball player
you gonna pull off that nigga dr1 like
two months in the league about a month
warm up quick like how long was the
shadow did that nigga last on that team
man let’s be serious
I think our Kelly made the Bulls the
year he was a diet he was a diamond we
all bet what we saw about this thing got
Hardware on the wall yes niggers that
the most successful in be a rapper not
talking about no nigga that was in the
NBA / – biggie I’m talking about a real
shit and I mean at the
shit amen this nigga got how many rings
shut got four rings phone rings my nigga
three but Kobe and one in my hand away
yeah yes so at the other day he said he
need Kobe nigga got one without Kobe so
it shut is Shaq I got to the finals and
no no Jordan as a rookie who the fuck
was breaking rims nigga oh I’m so mouth
shut like you see rims get broke like in
the 70s and shit like back in the day oh
talking shit right but I’m talking about
real like our era yeah break it
Wow motherfucking who broke a glass boss
it’s like right now like LeBron toppled
in the motherfucker broke one in the
back Boston oh shit this nigga busting
down boy talking about Lily
now little it from the town you know I
mean so I didn’t really want to speak on
this you know I mean cuz that’s my home
yes it’s a his father from my
neighborhood you know I mean to Bill you
know I mean so we got a lot of love for
dang dang from Brookfield but at the end
of the day man you’re talking nonsense
damn I got the other day man talk that
shit to like some new niggas you know I
mean talk that too late
like if Dame cachet was a BA Alonzo ball
them niggas that’s trying to rap people
going tangent to discuss another person
something happened we might not know
what happened or maybe he found out Shaq
with speaking on him privately and you
just wanted a to interview like boom
boom boom boom boom sometimes I have it
so personally Damian Lillard is not as
successful as Shaq has been with the
music but he’s dumper Dan Shak with the
music as far as
what Dame Louis own do we got on the
real weirdo here they don’t know but
there’s no way we can hear Dame unless
we go here dang dang gotta come give us
the money we ain’t but we got to hear
about that so that’s allegedly that’s
allegedly what radio station is playing
damn right now like when Shaq came out
he is played another personal records
played everywhere he was signed to a
major record label he was put up with
the biggest artists he was doing this
nobody’s saying that I just said that no
he’s a better rapper than shit oh
definitely yes but there’s no way we can
get to his music for us to get that
content so people already have a bias
about I laugh unless you just can
somebody say hey you know damn you
little rap ain’t like well fuck that I
like shit that day I mean we are not a
garage video we all know what nigga we
know Kobe Corral Cleveland and now he
would have the nigga man with sharp
Shepard sharper so Shepard rap rap rap
just as good as fucking gay was going on
but he should have left lay was going at
it once awesome look let me live let me
I think Lily got a problem with at
basketball rappers because he went at
the nigga either nigga Shepard he win I
should he went at that shit a battle he
went a dead nigger he would have he’ll
know they was going at it I think it was
trade boys they was trying blowing my
point down nothing hey this nigga go no
look look dang when it’s promo run and I
fuck with day in this town been his
healings promo run and they keep
bringing up Shaq Shaq how you album
compared to Zack oh so he keep getting
asked about Stannis interview second oh
you successfully goat of what they’re
doing at F we shake is oh the do some
type of world he feels some type of way
that’s why he’s been speaking Oh Shaq
because the interviews that got their
Shaq Shaq Shaq Shaq he’s like nigga my
oh my oh my oh my fuck Shaq you didn’t
it’s like fucked up I got to me Shaq’s
nigga fuck that
tired of helm was cold you can’t stop
the rain so this was rain rain go away
that was dope
I think his beat selection wouldn’t be
thin but I did wonder giving it but why
yes this bomb was shot came why addition
because the media’s asks you questions
about his ratify you know you do not
invade oh you coming in the game mmm a
mofo gosh you like me how you feel about
dr. Dre easy and wets crumble sama
prayers even fighting my brother
what you gonna do meet you knowing it
well brother you fucking rap that’s how
that shit sell you dig like give it up
to the mall fuck who made that lane it
ain’t like you dummy I hope you can say
pity me if you say it I hope my shit
sell as much as he is
yeah yo y’all come check my shit out you
know I’m carrying a torch I’m keeping
the torch lit for niggas like us NBA
niggas to show that we can’t make music
and that music isn’t an egg that was
bullshit on a promo first album and it
kid said that for the promo man I blame
his shit on Joe button a new mate the
goddamn Joe Budden a master nigga bout
it like man I kick it but shit but won’t
the same should we say me like nod there
next thing you know that’s gonna sharpen
them up man right yeah big dog had to
get his little brother in line man right
next I want to definitely get into this
amber Geiger situation are should be
Caucasian woman who fatally shot and
murdered a black man by the name of both
him Jane
uh she lived in an apartment complex in
Dallas Texas she claimed that she
thought that she was going to her
apartment which her apartment I believe
is one floor below on one floor but I
think it’s one floor below she was on
the wrong floor and she thought that it
was her apartment she thought that there
was a man at her apartment so she put
her firearm and shot him she shot him
but she never said he came in or charged
he nice grain nice lady nice can watch a
TV the thing is she trying to shoot him
in the heart they kill him like one shot
killed first of all second of all when
she killed him killed him she didn’t
have no remorse try to read
we were billeted him and then the first
thing she did was called her boyfriend
and said I did some fucked up and I mean
period I messed up real bad not fucked
up but I messed up real bad you know I
mean I verbatim but something like that
why not call 9-1-1 why not try to
resuscitate this do why not you’re
calling your boyfriend and then after
all the – she’s sick
Texans about coming to bang her back out
that whole night as the scene after she
killed this black man like come on man
so she gave a ROG she got a rush out of
that shoot yeah she was mad she was not
she was not the 10 years in a possible
photo not possible she’s gonna get up to
five years probation no she only got ten
year old she only got ten you yeah she
gonna be out just enough in time for the
victim’s brother y’all get out of my way
he was hugging it you seen how the
victim’s brother was talking about that
I think that with this case it was
definitely a lot of people trained on
what to say and what to do to make her
to not look as guilty like for example
the officer brushing her hair her
fingers mom basically I heard that the
crime scene was also contaminated are
you like yes it was supposedly
contaminated oh yeah yeah you know I
just feel like oh like she got a little
rough I’m over here bro
I feel like even the brother saying he
forgave her for killing his brother like
come on how do you forgive someone
abroad want some pussy my nigga period
away hug bro hug I was a lo see that one
on the shoulder that was a low hug look
how low we on the bad damn they’re right
back by the ass like why you go across
the shoulder there get right on it like
fuck that do you want to fuck period I
think I got all oh you want to fuck up
soon as you get out of jail man thank
you marry her so she get it okay
basically said let’s make light of this
situation we want to see average Dallas
embrace this movie don’t fuck with Texas
right but I knew that if in Dallas and I
mean they knew that it would have been
like a oj situation people probably
would have told that muhfucka yeah
period you know I mean so you gotta look
in like she was going at the end of the
day get a manslaughter you know I mean
2-year charge but they bumped it up to
five you’re not me just to make
everybody happy but she’s gonna do two
years for manslaughter she got five now
she ain’t doing the whole ten she
probably get out we go through caps
children was over three years old
goodness would go right back to the
fourth she should do a private
investigator she could be a lot of shit
danger named ain’t taking their Lobby
who like that she 31 she’d be back
before she followed are you trippin man
she could do the same shit goddamn Joy’s
ever been doing simulations I’ll just
sell the gun make money see your ox in
the gun all that shit man all that shit
man Oxana vests that she wore to camera
everything that’s actually the belt all
that shit man it’s it’s gonna become a
money grab
period straight up the book oh that shit
man you know it’s coming all the books
and all the interviews with people and
shit and homeboy whenever I can waiting
oh that’s coming soon should get out all
that’s coming to blow your go fund me
Oprah coming to it everybody Nick Wendy
Williams nigga what’s the name what to
do it ain’t gonna even go there man a
white chick though that be like dressing
up Ellen yeah okay say though I know
that shit Donahue if he’s still poppin
we need to guard the many bodyguards
just reading shit up oh oh yeah that’s
the toughest rapper bodyguard duo in the
rap game is the new junkyard North
Carolina boy it’s coming headliner
Bulldogs money
maybe they were putting the whammies on
female what let me just talk about what
just transpired Omo man that’s our
emails bro baby had an event in New
Orleans I’m still crying from that other
yeah let’s go this is what I understand
I know some venues don’t have back doors
right I know sometimes you just got one
way in one way out right look just
imagine yeah I know you probably been
through this before being at an event
and the only way out is one way out you
got to go through the crowd to go
through all this so maybe had to go
through the crowd to get out you know
his bodyguards probably like six seven
six I don’t know all right big Brawley
and you know people just grabbing the
baby but what I see is he only has one
bodyguard I feel like for a situation
like that you need to have four men you
need to have them around on the back
he’s putting too much stress on that one
man and that one man been fucking up and
having him in the media even beating
people up yeah so this is what happened
cuz I watched the video of the bodyguard
again he basically said that a man hid
the baby in the back of the head they
said a female here no no no this is what
he said a man hit him and then he turned
around the male is gone and then he said
when they was walking he said that the
female was trying to grab the baby but
accidentally attempted to hit him with
like her fist
so the bodyguard turned around and like
he didn’t know whether it was a female
or male this is what he said he didn’t
know whether it was a female or male he
just turned around and did his job now
this is this is what I want to talk to
you guys the offenses what is the
difference between it being a male or a
female you’re there to protect your
artists who’s paying you to protect them
whether it’s the man or woman what is
the difference you’re right yeah
absolutely right I gotta agree what is
the president they don’t care if it’s a
man or a woman you’re right women seek
your motherfucking hands to your guy
keep your hands to yourself baby girl
but um II like brutally beat up bodies
are you supposed to have that vision
where we supposed to have that visual
and know who your target is you’re not
just like if you had a gun you supposed
to have that visual
you’re targeted you know just turn mom
just go boom welcome round whatever your
ginger is can you get punched out okay
so that’s good collateral damage you
know you don’t saying for like muffled
like you know it nigga buddy coffee with
that bullshit no bitch hold up you know
some bitches me with my thing is I don’t
fucking with the baby
he studied fucking with this nigga man
like lead abuelo I’m still off to get
into the lowest or trousers but a credit
for but from sources I heard the
bodyguard okay the bodyguard slide women
and men out they try this my nigga
saying the same he’s very some these
altercations might be set up just to get
the baby’s image to be that they’re of
this guy that can just have that
situation yes in particular do you think
so how would you beat on this random
women women though like come on I’m
talking about with the guy at this store
as far as the women um I think that when
you’re on stage under influence of
alcohol who says who knows alcohol
you’re not you know I’m saying you just
I’m here to get this money bitch don’t
touch me boom like you’re not thinking
you’re in atmosphere to where like I
feel like The Bodyguard doesn’t step in
when he should he steps in when he the
baby needs more security you’re right
the baby need a better security how
about that I know everybody sawing
people are brain I know people so on
they gotta be swimming I know you got
lawsuits like a monkey now you don’t you
you don’t woman song like a motherfucker
man how you know like you said that I
touched you you just turned around and
punched me record me so she could sue
for you know I mean but she wants your
bodyguard to be active but you don’t
want them to be a liability
I got niggas a liability man it’s like
fire the bodyguard oh yeah it’s why
having a rowdy assholes load and
watching other bodyguards but it’s like
mom he’d been loyal yeah fuck that man
get him out of here man keeping his
record clean you cost me a lot of money
money anyway we could imagine if he had
a gun gonna get he could have been just
imagine I’m a nerd a man label why are
we talking about his security being over
aggressive man we lost nipsey and we
wish his security was there being over
aggressive so you know I mean it’s like
we talked what we want to talk and we
yet I mean like it fuck it if he got
that security fuck it I’m gonna good I
mean period you know so at least he’s
protecting that man life if he got it
fuck everybody a lot of these artists
like like what I just said man our
Father nigga cuz he a liability but like
you say loyal watch over to squaw
you know do your name what happening to
him is just media news which also been
helping the baby without all that toilet
press but he been you know I’m shit no
women no Fame that would make me want to
bring some niggas around him if I’m
around him get our line okay so let me
give you our example right to parking
shock jihad the security that that was a
security first man ain’t gonna say his
name but this motherfucker was the
buffest karate martial art eight build
90 bail black belt nigga it was in life
nigga period part like you some train
with this nigga ain’t no moves and shit
together but anyway a nigga grab don’t
shot G collar
same shit pushing Shakti through the
crowd trying to get them through that
boy had I when I’m comfy chai broke then
they gone okay kung fu chop pop real
quick well fast buff as Rambo Baba one
shot and hit him with the dim sum
meaning in the bodyguards they’re
allowed to just well that bodyguard got
away with it that won’t be touching on
the artist Pirie broke you shit out his
I guess people you gotta answer to to
area st. using physical moves handle
your candle my nigga you’ve been going
through life being aggressive niggas is
what you do the art of fuckin niggas up
hey nigga paint
now what if it what if we in this
situation the situation that we is in we
had shock G&M bodyguard POC bodyguard
out in Germany right so no I’m says some
five shit on stage you know I mean and
we didn’t fucking I don’t know where we
are but he said something about Turkish
people because there was being like real
mad you know I mean like real angry they
were saying some stupid shit in the
fuck the loonies like one person you
know I mean but everybody else sharing
his shitty he’s like fuck these Turkish
niggas you know that whole shit nigga
all the music color shoes like the
motherfuckers rested stage the whole
crowd we didn’t know the whole crowd
Turkish that nigga it was 5,000 people
in there in that building rushing the
fucking stage bro we rushed out to the
fucking and sprinted a sprinters back in
under 90 is the old-school shit that we
doing right now been in because Mercedes
is a giant axis Benz is they fans
everything’s with Sprint as the shit
things gonna hit hey ass Brenna’s back
in the 90s so we in a fucking band
he’s motherfucking surrounding sprinter
rocking that bitch trying to tilt that
bitch over fuck that lonely don’t want
shit at the windows and shit we got to
bump a security in there
now what our security suppose due to the
driver driver like I’m not gonna drive I
can run people over I’m not gonna do it
you can see Beauty why this motherfucker
niggas over time to see got the fuck
home that’s security guy
try us motherfucker nigger fuck you
nigga so what if your security got that
predicament where you got is the gutter
like beat the goddamn driver to get the
driver to drive cuz the drivers got you
there is the fucking this trap and
everybody’s about to break in the
vehicle and fuck y’all up you got like
2,000 feet to fuck around with the fuck
around why you get around you get this
shit out there boy a flag motherfucker
we didn’t lose that motherfucking
sprinter kept going to the next show
take in the next city period nah nigga
who’s another one in situations need to
know when their security is a liability
but that’s its Italians and nipsey a lot
of these artists they feel it
untouchable to like I don’t need four
bodyguards I just need my one we walking
together I don’t need you at all like
you know I would hear respecting a
blessing yeah I was here sometimes if
she will pull up to the Louisiana
chicken a trader by himself that’s just
a person that he will know she can taste
like that one old man you’ll Rishel like
some of that dead bread
oh I anytime anytime look check this out
anytime I’m in the hood anytime I’m past
and he doesn’t it’s all that shit nigga
I’m going in Louisiana come on man that
motherfucker don’t give a fuck she’s
Asian whoever back there making that
shit I want some tonight
it’s killing it nigger that’s better
than Roscoe’s to me computer give me two
extra minutes on my breast
yeah let’s don’t go back to golden bird
nigga gonna burn with the bitches with
the business nigga you lying off Western
may be closer to her just for know
everybody know
Louisiana fuck yes I’m a hell ain’t la
red onion baby gets to get some new
security yeah it’s a lot more security
more security ninjas keep bending in the
Sprinter wait yeah the rappers quit
thinking that uh everybody loved you man
cuz there’s some things that don’t you
know I mean period a lot of niggas that
don’t ya
you heard niggas dead they’re fake like
you they like you that don’t your
bodyguards I tell everybody oh shit
that’s all it’ll talk pillow talking is
at all-time high right now man come on
man hello talking me especially when a
nigga lay up with the right bitch that
he ain’t never had before in his life
nigga got the first good though he wish
he could be meaning if it went for me
I’m wop nigga what woman he went to the
bus in the hood
all right I don’t hurt some crazy shit
to where niggas day ones they wouldn’t
even fuck what a method oh shit oh shit
should be called pillow talk when you do
yes being arrested you bitch
Trump Malcolm shit you bitch my back but
she petitioned a domestic battery charge
she had a situation with her husband hmm
and he kind of let her sit in jail and
then the next day or maybe two days
after he bailed her out
I should have no money to give any money
you know and they know you’re gonna turn
him either to our seed I just had a
t-shirt over like no panties and nut no
like and not only that the officers
March her racist white no she she marked
her racist one no that’s so that’s only
an armed fucking uh acting roles that
wasn’t an arrest was it yes Stacy dies
out of never even extra her brace and
they just put her as a light one that
might have been helping her yeah bro you
gonna be Blacky gonna be white and you
getting checked off by them and they
looking now for they looked out for they
tried to slaughter some privilege I’m
gonna keep it a button if I want to get
privileged and drinking awesome
privilege yellow anyway man the bitch
came out there my asshole naked come on
the t-shirt on my nigga put some pants
on man you know the police was there to
do some hey bitch girl night I didn’t
work nigga never shaved she’s not white
she’s half black and mixing his beige
okay she’s Mexican no way she’s big yeah
it’s just interesting to see her why she
put whammies own niggers madness the
second time we talked about her Lewis
I’m an outside slide that in fuck
i trapped all the clueless joking anyway
I bit just keep putting their hands on a
man like ya beat up this week man I
don’t put my hands on men
oh no you did that time y’all oh yeah
yeah we should as you should man that
nigga when it was chasing you around the
room you had to throw the elbows and
sometimes you just got to put the bitch
in a place like hit me with all the
nails and all the rings I bought it I
mean means you have to protect yourself
but you already to ask me if I got beat
up by a WNBA bitch whatever what I do
I’m have to take what you do with some
Sweet Chin Music
man go get the singing Shawn Michaels me
hey brother man I hope it ain’t being
filmed man that’s okay man I might have
taken a dip off this figured my sisters
in him on to my sis man cuz the hit list
my cousins in there Marty I’m in my
little homegirls I can’t do that Tom I
gotta put in
how do you feel about disciplining
female children as a father the dump
goes all the way until the mouth it
should work no sorry I should have to
keep continuously dumped I should do
like average one thump every three
months or something I’ll stop at him to
make sure you roll out um about eight
okay the thump okay then after eight
look okay go ahead you should have to
aim I should expect by now I shouldn’t
have to do nothing physical because the
raisin of the kids ain’t like old school
with all day and then you can’t get away
with it anyway but by this time she
ain’t got no fucked up track record so
you ain’t just for the kitchen ass whoop
right so it’s like chick getting taken
away stay nestled sin but I’m confident
in thumps was working at Bob there’s a
knot leading up to shit let me live me
having a wife at the time she discipline
up you know I mean so she could be – I’m
daddy ain’t doing her dad as feared by
just yelling and screaming and just
bossing up and sticking my chest I ain’t
got another touching period I’m feared
to this day I’m trying to teach you how
to drive shoot she’s scared like him he
makes me nervous
period so just don’t call child
because I’m on my thumb oh yeah
nothing is my dad never touched me like
that so I don’t want it my mom used to
be my ass though I got beat with toys
nigga like like talking wasn’t blessed
fuck that how about your mama made you
take a bath you think it’s all good you
get ready for bed and pull out that
extension cord or your ass and go to
work or you got all types of shit you
look like fucking a fucking leper she
don’t make it get you ass we try to
catch a tiger don’t try to catch it
oh you gotta catch my nigga oh that’s a
wrap so yeah so no ruining it my dad
never whupped me my mom beat the shit
out of us so I left you know I mean my
wife handle that you know shit you know
Mia I’m you know it forced the
protection and the fear and sometime
when they get out of pocket you know I
mean so I don’t think abusing them is
gonna hurt because if you lose anybody
they don’t saw it deals and they kids
they don’t think that’s the way to go
right yeah I mean so my dad taught me
when he didn’t touch me like I’m not
gonna touch my kids paper my mom whipped
the shit out of him but how my dad never
gave me a woman
I’ll get punishment like you said a
little thump on the phone none of that
man baby’s got an oasis of bottom line
somewhere in his household nigga and
that’s kind of like the message you give
him but my dad was so real was my dad
told me that he was running from nigga
the Colombians Nagata Asia ate my dad
kept in the hunted with me that was my
best friend my nigga he told me real
shit that he was involved in at the age
of 8 I couldn’t do number perspective I
think you’d like and I mean so me trying
to disrespect that uh you know I mean go
against that and when he being so real
with me was like out of this you know I
mean world
like this nigga came to pick me up from
my mama when she was drunk you know I
mean and we damn near homeless and the
veil you know I mean yo you want to live
with me or you want to stay here you
know I mean I’m going through this data
turn what do you want to do it
hell yeah he gave me the option he told
me everything he was facing mm-hmm you
know I mean do you want to rock with it
this is what its gonna be at the age of
oh my god let’s go period so he kept it
real for me from the fucking read you
know I mean so I never disrespect him
and he never disrespected me so yeah
well talking about children and kids
wanting to know into Snoop Dogg’s oh
yeah losing his child
snoops grandson he lost the child ten
days after he was born
that’s fucking crazy man it is to see
the child devasting bro you know that’s
fucking death and and embrace the child
and spend time with the child you know
the child probably was still in the
hospital yes still in hospital gonna be
at the house after ten days yeah you
know our condolences to the loss of his
grant Isis Oh discern or the youngest
the oldest was it what I think it was um
the one I was playing football son okay
so Donis is the snow yeah nigga that uh
the Sun that they had the baby man he I
know he’d going through it man prayers
for him you got a chain like I don’t
lost my parents and that’s devastating I
ain’t never lost a child that would be
out of this world man like yeah snow
press but a whole family man his only
son don’t coordinator that was know he
has a daughter
so that was the second down second
shadow first song a woman because it’s
like you you don’t want to get into the
realm of trying to create another one
it’s like it’s that fear like does this
a second child yes their second child so
they had two daughter first yes but you
know everything happens for a reason
it’s all in God’s hands so you gotta
trust him you know what I’m saying other
than that I want to tap into third cuz I
only seen the daughter so nice oh yeah
okay it’s third child research yes
receipt demondo skies the baby that died
my boy pulled out up real quick yeah so
what are the children’s names cuz
Suraiya is the girl and Kai’s the one
that passed rise the partner anyway
prayers well that’s devastating man
that’s fucked up news man in the wake of
we got Reggie whiting them coming on
next week man to talk about it man and
you know I mean because you know typing
into that I want to talk about too short
having his first baby why niggas can
still do this stuff a man he gonna be 63
when it shatters to 73 when a child is
2083 one a child’s third my figures this
bad this is when you live your life
through your child you dig your life
like it’s gold my thing is this oh how
many old school like your grandparents
how many grandparents get their
grandchild and lived a life through
their grandchild are you happy
all the fucking time when you get at
that age you know I mean so it keeps
them alive like that’s energy that’s
gonna keep him alive like well you ain’t
got no love and no like reason to live
man come on just party in the door shows
and shit that’s gonna be three the child
he’s gonna to show is gonna grow to be a
hundred and some years old with a kid
right now cuz it’s gonna keep him
wanting to be alive like when you get
older man I don’t seen people die from
just being lonely like they they husband
died and they family not here no more
their kids and died and they just died
okay homie the first shot is a girl so
if you got to show with a child he’s
getting older he’s gonna want to stay
alive you dig and take care of that
shout out and meet with the child it
gives you meaning to stay alive you know
I mean when you ain’t got nothing you
ain’t never had no child just by
ourselves you me alone of me wanna die
by yourself nobody at the ain’t nobody
you could be a playboy all your life
being that rap artist and having that
Lee are you gonna change it’s a girl yes
a girl
our pimps have a girl so is it gonna
change them the concept is music you
know no Mary don’t know nigga don’t know
shit this is entertainment you did I
don’t think too sure where no stop doing
that ISM that he doing on the microphone
period okay man yeah never listen to him
and the baby mama definitely break up
with Travis Scott oh boy Travis go fast
fast and then
oh it’s being reported that she’s been
seen with Tigers over them sound effects
the rapture is the rack city artist
known for exiting whatever the new shit
is hey that was one of his biggest songs
right Sega’s Travis Scott is way bigger
than Tigers like far as industry one oh
shit Tiger has a bigger D oh you know I
know what no Frank goes from the jump
that baby is this nigger baby oh go back
tiger you think it’s baby hey hey they
did say that now that they together
that’s gotta be that nigga baby like no
Travis Kyle let’s be real maybe that’s
why they has distinctive features don’t
look right changing you see the Asian
you don’t see Asian in her baby though
fuck you don’t look like Travis know
anybody with Travis man that shit look
like who she was dating before Homer
couple middle late Tuesday night after
Kylie and her friends Stasi and Kelsey
enjoyed a late-night bite at Hollywood’s
hot spot Delilah Delilah wanted to have
girls night out last night and Stasi
thought it would be best to get her out
of the house in her mind off the news a
source explained oh shit he was with a
few of their mutual friends at the
Sunset Marquis and invited Kylie and her
girlfriends to come out of it man that’s
a whole shit and then hang out me let’s
fuck hey LEM doesn’t let me get a shot
at that billionaire ass shit hangout
shit y’all late
hangout tackle oh stop it
it does not tiger
mommies Asian like full-blown Asian that
child has no Asian features that lips
this is iam live this boy autumn lips
have you better damn right right now I
go baby
Thai go over there spread them stripes
give a target giving Kylie them stripes
man what I notice about a car – about
what I know is about the Kardashians
they fuck with whoever winning at
whoever on top and that boy he was gonna
top like a few months ago now there’s a
good triangle pop we just mentioned
about the child abuse or whatever
whatever okay you know the Kardashians
had an episode where a Christian or the
mother boyfriend the black guy it’s
intuitive Kourtney Kardashian about
disciplining her child her children our
children is scratching the nanny than
hitting them and throwing shit on the
floor it you know Corey which is Chris’s
boyfriend he’s like he was like yo
Chinese they ass worked and he’s like if
your child scratched me I’m popping them
on the butt they go get they ass who’s
that the kris Jenner’s boyfriend says
that to Kourtney
so recently yes so Kourtney’s like what
my child’s not gonna be around you ever
if you’re gonna put your and there Scott
gets into it with you like oh man slow
down turbo
so this nigga Kris Jenner I mean I
Cristiano Bruce Jenner
no Christian Oh Christian is boyfriend
yes whoop some ass he said if your child
scratch me I whoop her ass I’m popping
on the butt
educational father where’s the father
where you choke this the guy who are you
whooping fuck step there whereas I see
them in the step dude get out of hand
your stepdaddy’s out of here for real
okay okay
the nanny quit due to daughter’s bad
behavior Scott and Corey has a heated
discussion about it times oh yeah
so we definitely got to talk about this
shit let’s get it in like he’s like yes
your child needs to be popped on the
boot a Whooper motherfucker hey man a
nigga bet not period okay here it is I
said whooping ass nigga our B gon
oh wow all right enough of that
wait no cuz they bout to get into it yes
God not whip your ass too no no indeed
buzz machine no mo nope he buzzed down
to hush down shut up come on it was
wrong photos LM wrong the Scott wasn’t a
real nigger like that anyone with the
shit it’s the culture he was wrong he
has not in the family like that to be
putting his hands on no fucking body but
Chris so listen
right that’s ya say my thing is this
motor story Scott don’t have your kids
around this nigga that’s what the red
flags are your kids around a nigger
that’s what I take from me he ain’t
gonna board won’t in the past boom you
know I mean coming how your business
because you can you know were you at but
what do you feel like the parents should
discipline the child not everybody but I
remembered when I live with certain
relatives mm-hmm I got my as well
because I live with them audience to not
just a random or not no I’m talking
about the Guardian my 80 of my grandma
you know I mean that dinner Guardian my
sister dater Guardian legal guardian so
they got the right to check when I’m out
of pocket not no stranger right he’s the
boyfriend he has no right even
boyfriends I never said shit to me
period never try to do nothing when I
was out of pocket my sister handled that
serious so I don’t think the thing
nobody’s children I don’t think is they
yeah I don’t think it’s daytime abu-bakr
I don’t think they should be able to do
pig-boy story I agree I definitely want
to talk about DJ drama biting and
fighting his girlfriend fight by T by
fight go hit her what she is a lot of
violent women reports today Flintstones
yeah allegedly but at the end of the day
they may have a relationship for how
long so you know people don’t like you
know a relationship that you and your
negative gotta take a light out of bitch
goodbye me get shot that’s it ain’t no
ain’t no way around that
don’t buy some nobody isn’t nobody not a
crime but not Simone – fuck it man but
uh nigga soon be bite we already said
don’t be touching on females with you
know my nigga bit though nigga got bit
she got bit on her finger we reports of
some insubordinate niggas and bitches my
girl summer no summer’s over
I said like a boo bop girl nigga do Bob
and everybody them in a Java domestic
violence awareness fall baby and why are
they ready to get violent domestically I
mean I want to talk about Nicole Murphy
going on the windy Williams show
apologizing for kissing
besides husband and we talking about
that too man
so she finally apologized for the shit
up she claimed he was a friend
no y’all motherfuckers woke up yeah I
was doing something the night before
y’all woke up and he was kissing on him
cuz he gave you that D that’s what went
okay wait for this be kissing no no I
said she made a good point
what happened a beard is basically a
woman who gets into relationships or
marries men who are at work married a or
bisexual oh but they’re using the woman
to upload an image that there are man
and they don’t like other men you know
that’s a beauty the hired a hard
masquerade for a gay man or a bisexual
man Amber Rose yes yes that nigga is a
beard allegedly see I thought that she
she’s a beard I mean but the nigga it
she’s protecting him for being no Murphy
my son okay we talked about the king of
motherfucking economy debate you niggas
are David you do not want to bake this
ain’t going near me ain’t going there I
ain’t about to refute what you talk to
somebody’s a great comedian that’s it
whatever you da man Michael is a great
my what the fuck is up with the the
muhfucka Shawn Porter and Earl Spencer
fight man
why don’t fuck us up with the judges man
what the day I seen it as a tie if
anything I didn’t see bro winning come
buddy they made they should probably
sure but you know they probably do a
rematch but I’m watching the early
rounds when Shawn Porter was getting
loose my Earl Spence was like you know
one – bye-bye bye
you know I mean a couple couple couple
exchanged but shy reported like doing a
thousand punches and I’m watching that
to enter the round and they get me Shawn
Porter like 20 punches and they given
Earl Spencer Oh spits then throw a
hundred of nothing one round they giving
us the guy 150 no no I got this shit I
don’t looked at it I had a shit manner
given us nigga 200 landing program he
didn’t get that busy per round my nigga
they died he just died superior but they
set it up for the rematch period a
rematch gonna be that’s when they gonna
really do the score but that knockdown
really made it edge worthy but I think
he really want land rounds that the
championship rounds he won the
championship rounds which they say to
enter no fighters a championship round
no Spence one knows but the whole rest
of the fight nigga look at that nigga
face look at Shawn Porter face it ice
all I’m gonna say if they didn’t connect
nigga that face ain’t saying that yeah I
ain’t saying that nigga that chin again
that nigga got some some some cheekbones
they’re motherfuckers look like thriller
nigga by Michael Jackson put the shit on
for no no no
oh she was busting out niggas another
nigger was just regular I think he would
have thought is here
he went upside that boy head oh you
think Aerosmith Scotty yeah you think so
elaborate elaborate I think that the
wouldn’t right winter one yeah from the
knockdown or you think he really got
would okay so it’s a unification you got
a definitively win and going on the
cards and the points council of touched
his glove touched it was it a knockdown
did he not come on it does it back at
the cameras at his ass at the campus the
glove hit the canvas my nigga so that
wasn’t really a knock down I was like us
he got stumble earlier they didn’t
consider that a knockdown I stumbled so
that’s to say that somebody got rocked
okay well he got rocked it was like
rocks into when they both fell on the
ground man anyway Michael Jackson moving
right now don’t worry man he beat that
boy ass we match man we match that’s my
what the fuck man what the fuck was up
with them judges eyes nigga why they
didn’t see the punches that distinct it
was throwing a million punches oh he
don’t fight him or the essay on fire in
a ring talking shit oh whoa shit you got
to do the rematch first oh yeah that’s a
year that’s a go out the way wait oh I
see you’re gonna have to wait man but
they definitely doing the rematch that’s
gonna be some got some do finally yeah
we got some new good new fresh bison to
look forward so they saying this was the
fight of the year we’ve been holding
away with him them motherfuckers when
toefl blow them niggas go even though I
say that Earl loss he was holding his
shit but Earl is juicy it aggressive
he’s hurting motherfuckers down with
that jab he’s in there he was backing up
the whole fucking fight bruh
and got his ass whooped and it when the
boy in the inside he had strange when I
went here inside but besides that he did
hang his points he got in touch with his
inner mayweather puppeyface he got a
contact with his inner uh pumping man
Elephant Man after that fight nigga gas
in the trash we got the call this like a
motherfucker man falling rowdy DJ must
man how I feel about our 91 octane we
have this motherfucker 91 octane another
motherfucking gas to the trash at Maggie
wheeler die motherfucker rowdy rich with
DJ mustard baller definitely banging
your dick video all that shit we are do
this man I pitched like a motherfucker
man smoking light radio powered by
motherfucking digital soapbox
spine a flower all that shit vitamin
city fair even violence radio calm
stitch your brother you gotta get an
apple music brother you gotta log on for
my flippers log in what’s gonna to me G
what smokes out radio come from New
Brunswick no small Taylor Tucson ears
arms weekend Cato folio pull up to the
shoulders we came to mentor some a Ice
Cube girl Ortiz made your a little lace
man G yo motherfucker you shout out
almost forgot ba ba ba
you bitch bye-bye now

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