SMOKE A LOT RADIO Ep.18 | Tekashi 69, 2PAC, Micheal Jackson Debate gets HEATED + More!!


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takbeer Bigelow get smoked a lot radio
we go in Arlen whole dog in smoking luck
baby yeah we gonna win Holly the squat
making sure we alway fuckin lock radio
we can run Harlan
Sylla I’m the host with the most smoke
rollin up the most soon Cato got the
most oh come on Taylor keep it sexy for
the grown folks I’m og tone low Felton
over go smoke smoke be the number one
podcaster mother shows all traps and
boroughs Oh broadcasting live from the
coast see committee but the jokes come
and get your phone you nigga review my
bow show up on the niggas niggas cause
I’m gonna kinga one – y’all got what the
fuck steps up on the sea we got a haters
the center only bosses on the set you up
the niggas ass men
oh you’re back for interviews nigga boss
up your bills nigga fuck yo coming
through with the black report the real
spill cuz niggas know without report
about to give you what you’re waiting
for some okay tow about the tectum
now we back like we never left the radio
show they didn’t put up on the show
every time we step out you know be fresh
to death rates it ain’t nothing left
your bets
hey hey come back they go get smoked a
lot what they follow 17
hey tapping again log is smoke a lot
ready are we going all in
hey it’s the host with the motherfucking
most could smoke your motherfucking
mouth and the building with the most
beautifulest Co house in the illest
nigga Nebraska no phone yo yo get money
I’ll take third guessing with us today
make you know we just had a dope ass
interview with Tate 13 here to stay
buddy we rock it mate so mo me how the
fuck would you weekend baby blur yeah
it’s a blur it was a dull weekend fast
too but hey no a man let’s talk about
the many joints there’s no way I can pay
you back
my plan is to show you that I understand
I wouldn’t appreciate I step up with a
shot your ass and with a bum who shot
your Bob baby why he was shooting you
niggas why in the god green fuck which
you know was magnificent nigga gave us
the most miniature joints and fucking
life to me yeah we gonna toast the pot
one two three here no no buzz that bitch
plug both spark plug but man no what’s
that bitch open form no let’s see what
did he like then shut the fuck I’m just
gonna say – goddamn the crusher the
crisis bigger than the joint wait sure I
got a good seal to something like Chow
pool sitting around a childproof on the
shot of bud
look I gotta bite it off my god but
medicine medicine when he gave you I
thought my alternator and went out he
and I needed a spark plug when he gave
me oh shut the ganga fucks like
blizzardy oh my god though no oh damn I
am I
get how many alone me CDs you listen to
this was all put the shit up man 4 I get
arrested for impersonating make the shit
up with a pump fake you’re going on I’m
talking about
no cool to party it was a joke when I
said I felt like I felt when they
replace new dog with dog Oh uncle q-ball
don’t show Snoop this no hello will be
on hello
beyond that we go to some fuck no cuz I
did the bus down test that shit is black
tar I never seen black we and this is
some of that black Rob whoa
instead black Bravo bus that bitch down
that’s just black shit pieces I don’t
know that shit is like potpourri
but even greener shit was all dark and
or not may be tea juice I mean II on
steroids I got my power it’s called
little kV vanilla beginners now you just
gave me this shit regular no one gives a
fuck when you put it after the legend
Makaveli to down a nigga brought the
blunts to the west coast it’s very
disrespectful weed in there though those
stands the water and podcast some Titan
some least you could have had you know
I’m saying a moon rocking this
dick you expecting more people so he
planted out handing out of thousands of
the motherfucker so we handed out a
100,000 dumb bitches then you know you
get fruit gotta start throwing parties
at venues that sell later
goddamn nobody want they throw busted
wide open like that on Wednesday night
man Bishop down why I came through that
motherfucker burn it down though 50
Hennessey bless the building yeah yeah
Yoda Don Juan had to come and bless the
establishment a church that’s how you do
the magic you go
you want to snort smoke your nose
wouldn’t be nothing much we’d obviously
woke it up man cuz everybody was smoking
in the back and shit right here in this
period so he bought the bottles of shit
niggas had to go
Street to a bar a drink cause it was no
drinking situations we have to do the og
shampoo motherfucker
that’s why sometime I mad I missed my
fantôme girls cuz I’ll be needing a
motherfucking bitches when I come to the
club even you know I got the pilot penis
looking top so I could you star just
stuff up some stuff oh man take a
veteran to the liquor locker so you say
when the bottle Johnny oh no she said it
was debris on the pussy I mean on a from
a pussy on the bottle when she took it
out so it would have been like a lot of
cottage cheese and milk of magnesia and
drops on the ground and busted or on the
glass she was coming up
now you can just upload a squabble email
we gotta talk about him and the
he just got shot II actually went into
jail he actually took like a G he was in
crying no see when you got sentence
actually pick it up you take it down
until you get due process know what I
what I think it was crying over I think
there’s like and I think what people
confusing crying over he’s not really
crying over himself he’s crying to the
boy like he’d had to do this cuz even
the lorry came out like he didn’t have
to snitch but a lot of people to know
that the boy went to the fence the day
after he got caught he was already
snitch in the day after you got caught
he just held it down a couple months
they said the boys chronic of the family
getting fucked up right and you in the
face how fucked up the county is LA
dressing out maybe sitting on a bitch
put my pants on getting dress they’re
gonna put my pants on the bitch ain’t
the type of nigga let’s stop playing
okay if you like Daniel stupid shit mate
Daniel was on the stand man like this
hey man you know the parking meter that
was on the block the parking meter lady
yes she was on there her name is little
girls was outside jump-roping man it was
there too they named a name is bull the
motherfucking a five man he was walking
down the street with a dog man he was it
that didn’t a piece of man he bought the
pieces for the video is shit man so he
was there too and then it sound was guy
when I went to the shopman it yeah he
was there that nigga named everybody
that one indicates nigga about these
so-called solid gangbangers that were
condoning and running around with this
nigger from
yeah yeah that’s a real that’s the name
I say when I’m on my bullshit but my
mother but fucking Lexus sound system
let’s get that right you know like for
example Casanova from New York oh okay
my thing is niggas knew he was a fuckin
clown from day one niggas new niggas was
still parading around trying to get
clown off of 6-9 these academics Audis
knees I knew he was a clown my thing is
he was backed by real niggas so it
wasn’t no clown suit at that time that’s
why they got a fucking Rico and their
indictment it ain’t no clown shit he him
him personally
Danny Roscoe ain’t real but the nigga
that was around him was about that shit
so yeah let’s not you know I mean
academics claiming weird images a clown
a nigga Z you know the media niggas he
would his clowns but them niggas he
around with real gangsters would have
known no he was a clown dumb niggas know
that he was a cash cow that means so
they using him he didn’t even initiate
that’s when they aspiring rapper type
niggas to he was a niche it got in the
game when he filmed that video and he
wanted all the official gangbangers
there and they start doing this stuff
then they pressed up home they linked on
a nigga man hey did a shoulder length on
the nigga and next thing you know you
got straight way you got this thing a
manager and you got this nigga down in
the dirt but before that just nigga
first time doing gangsta rap was one
month before that he was doing some more
rock and roll before that from 2014 to
I wouldn’t upon him until you start
doing the antics i watch all question
though and this is kind of its deep
don’t does this remind you of any type
of way of Makaveli besides this nation
not the snitchin but I’m talking about
when him getting picked up by a gang
representing the gang and running with
it does this remind you of Machiavelli
well when Makaveli not it’s a run with a
gang it was running with some actual
factual’s but them right there that he
was getting physically actually involved
in their shape money we’ve seen money in
the video jumping doing Vegas just like
we’ve seen six nine on the airport
getting to the fight now obviously he
Makaveli we’re not gonna compare him to
Mecca Valley but I’m saying doesn’t this
kind of remind you that besides the
snitching just somebody getting picked
up by a gang and make you go through a
whole lane that she never was supposed
to be in it’s a very good point
is that you talking about was a busboy
he was so I was blessed to be alive when
Machiavelli was alive yeah when he went
through the little situation when he
went to jail the Baltimore I mean soon
as his wares from the elevator and then
when sugar came and got a snitch down
the nigger know but I’m saying though he
never got to live that long either
bless his heart this kind of did remind
me the situation the only was why
there’s because these real niggas picked
up this dude and put him and fun in the
real niggers ain’t gonna let y’all do
mega-bear not first of all first of all
don’t ever get it confused Machiavelli
was a real one Machiavelli was a dime
Machiavelli was a representative and a
real dude so what I’m fine I’m talking
about how this whole story goes down
look I think this reminds me of more of
a bobby schmurder typers well of course
they from New York
yeah Bobby smarter tougher but blues
Mike I celebrate that was Bobby smarter
than half a big AHA me that’s just grab
him you can literally see this boy
wasn’t from now yeah Bobby you see this
boy wasn’t from his hood right and then
they picked him up and he switched his
whole shit this whole thing got switched
up I’m this I’m that and he’s riding the
whole front room when the beef history
hit the land here the first one asked to
it was what’s so Dec what wasn’t
what’s so crazy about what you’re saying
they got me and yet might not sit up
there you got a band
totally take grasp what you’re saying
but you can meet a motherfucker that was
running around
park every single day that was set to
say you know what that is how my homey
kind of acted no I’m not acting like a
know what I’m saying just enlightening
it’s the situation learn and that’s and
that’s last loci were a lot of people my
age are looking at it like damn you know
that’s why pop was but ultimately
definitively like at the end of the day
like partner get to live too for us to
see what he was gonna do you know we
hear stories about him wanting to leave
sugar and sugar and then wanting to do
that here and get the conspiracy shit he
wanted to leave so sure did this scratch
all that I’m just looking at the whole
point of this one person wasn’t this
yesterday but then the next day this is
what was I think got some long but it
was uh incredible like he was saying it
from a perspective of a real gaming not
from Compton he wasn’t really
disrespecting pot what he was doing was
putting it putting the song in the mind
of the person who got jumped by pot
right he’s not really disrespecting
nobody I mean this is real gaming she
this happens every day do you feel the
timing was a little I don’t know I don’t
really timeless selfish neither I felt
what it was was the way put it out with
selfish in light of I think the timing
was a little I think I think the name
was Tupac deserves a died that’s if he
came out with that shit at any other
moment it would have got received in its
artful form I’m not trying to explain
but I don’t think thing had anything to
do with how we perceive that trend say
you know why I say because who’s the
closest thing energy-wise the the
heartfelt isn’t it so at that time
nobody was in the mood for that shit
right now yeah you right warehouse I
don’t know yet I think I think it
literally was just a name could the name
literally was Tupac deserves to die and
like when a person sees that on a tire
you do you see them do interviews with a
s at all I mean yeah that song
Blastoise went on his media run he had s
Golmaal so it’s a little it wasn’t the
time for that shit you’re doing a song
of a martyr basically Nifty became a
mark so he was a martyr that sounds like
a shock on the grip but to the west side
into right now 60 in the game Stevenson
South Side’s and 60 I think it was like
that hat remind you and Missy and the
song remind you or not crunch our
district well from when I’m looking
after his promo run we seen him with a
60 head on to us Tupac in his sixties
where but glasses is not from looking at
the politic like it just went on the
song and idea was dope to me for us the
artistic part in the title hey I’m
saying right now I think is literally
decided because he’s wearing a hat I
think what the reason why he’s wearing a
hat is because when he’s speaking in a
song he’s speaking from a South Side
perspective yeah but the world don’t
know that were the world the world all a
know that and people that know they from
say no they just looking at him saying
wise and tell you the world no no no
he’s gonna talk about what la no no that
they never have but but the world they
just look at him with a pass plan you
want a hat got a little more worldwide
just got to watch it nas perform he had
a role he had a Seattle Mariners
hey guys you can kill this every nigger
that comes to the city know what hats to
wear now when they get there la handle
it cuz the Hat game is reeling law
saying but you said but you said I’m
fine right there you get the sing the
world but when you see nas he was
wearing it I’m saying the symbolism is
there but I’m praying isn’t always gonna
be there it’s like nigga what Illuminati
I ain’t gonna tell you what it is but
you gonna see but at the same time no
one’s wrong slow down turbo
let’s go to the next got real shit
that’s the piece of nip to toe but being
in LA I would never me personally I
would never compare it 6 9 and Tupac
let’s move on to the next girl with she
cuz he’s claiming that he knew that it
was being filmed had someone put it out
I don’t know why he would ever do that
easy Mary he’s a big-time comedian
naming the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las
Vegas in the lawsuit is whole part of it
she’s trying to say they knew about it
he knew about it blase blase you know
sometimes these hotels they they do
things to you see the Beverly Hills
hotels hot in our County bitches
yes because in a trump town boy they
never wanted to stay there during the
presidency how do y’all feel about these
women playing victim when they know hey
my thing is this bit
I heard the speech from her lawyer there
first thing lawyer is it we’re not about
no money we want rights injustice Laura
re-declare was she about but since I’m
not about bitch you really about that
exactly why did you make that your first
be anything that came out to about what
we’re not here about no money weird for
them no bitch you’re here for money so
all you niggas complain about giving
bitches $40 but look don’t don’t sleep
on it because you could go through it
like the game the game got sued for like
what ten milli
nothing bill right a little James start
a little bit shit on me he really lost
he got a pay that so you know I mean we
over here like a winter like when you
see a big number like that you got it
kind of understanding we know that six
hundred think when I got busted back
there now to just slid her something on
hurry up this because I got my bitch
saying I got my bitch back baby you’ll
say I got the fuck around and play
family hobby this leaders
anybody see that special surviving you
watch this I could fuck why didn’t you
believe none of it because I was just
thinking about like the situation of the
kids nothing about Michael and I think
about Michael knowing more famous kids
that been at his house yeah and none of
them famous kids spoke about nothing
American so it’s yeah it’s kind of
putting in my perspective like well they
didn’t speak about nothing because they
didn’t happen in the lie about their
shit – no they already I was already
with the business
yeah I feel like his relationships with
children were very inappropriate to be a
34 year old man that have six year old
and 7 year old little boys sleeping in
your bed that is a problem
hold on man so what do you call a coach
you know I mean I take people in
football camp yeah I mean they all the
same but they all the same shit together
you know me saying bunko saying you’re
grown together was asking parents to
leave their children with him for a year
can Danny stay his bed check this out
man check this out man Mike wanted to be
a kid man he want to sleepovers man he
never spent the night at a kid house he
never went to Disneyland that’s why I
had the whole playground in the fucking
he never got a chance on having a child
sleep in your bed in a hotel room in
having the parents hotel room on another
floor hey man kids we got a hotel room
we got have fun we got pillow fights and
shit child not multiple children so what
would you let your son y’all keep on
would an acting coach that says he could
do some for his career fuck no but
anyway That’s not me I’m talking about
these people who do that Michael Jackson
never had a childhood my G never never
been on a roller coaster none of that
shit never hang out with kids that one
so why didn’t he have children here
he is a black man Peter give a sperm
oh you adopted him then again what a
head three she adopted a gang of
motherfucker refugees interview with
motherfucking ah who fucking on one
rapper had to interview about Mike and
he said Mike is reeled in a motherfucker
man I think it was somebody about I
don’t know but it was about a rapper
situations and they need a diverse from
Mike putting new Tito Jackson album what
is god yeah yeah yeah man we love you
moonwalk in heaven betadine you all
right no you definitely inspire me
yep – it’s a shit I need this man jeez I
think I think it was easy I don’t know
it was gz1 he’s rappers they said they
had to do a feature with Mike he’s no
biggie it was big big gotta do a feature
with Mike big went on there with he
loved it I feel you you know my man
wasn’t right on a lot of levels it’s
wrong foot hanging out with Lou as young
kids but if you’re old as dude that
never had your childhood you understand
that why he’s doing it that’s all I’m
saying more to think about what you
saying back then common man I stand by
this I don’t have a fuck man I can’t
break them kids Mike going away from
kids because if he did he would have
been under the jail so they wanna hold
on hold on hold on man let me let me
give you the noun that I want to talk
all this stupid shit this nigga owned
everything at Sony they had to kill this
nigga to get him out of here they
couldn’t take him out with no child
molester know that shit you know all
these fake-ass scam just going down with
people that’s on the top they get them
out of here nigga and you fall for the
banana in the tailpipe let’s be real now
we could joke around and all that shit
Mike was a top of the nigga on the BT on
half of Sony publisher nigga he on
Beyonce destiny to all that shit all
they published a nigga the whole Sony
you owned that shit half of it negative
period nigga before you went out it was
more about
that getting them a black man that
figured this shit out out the game nigga
and what they gonna do they’re gonna
tarnish your name we’re gonna slather
the shit throw up all these cases and
all this shit look at Bill Cosby even
though he was wrong they put up some
shit for 50 years ago my nigga come on
my nigga to convict them I just have to
get the nigga what honey Phil but money
that’s pressing the line on these only
big industry motherfuckers this you know
I mean to go by the motherfucking CBS
NBC or whatever trying to press the line
you know I mean get to but my nigga mati
I just wish it was actual evidence of
Mike having a father fuck Diana Ross
party was started to show you see Quincy
are you soon why when you have a kid
with him he wanted a white nigga he was
he the first black nigga to take Brooke
Shields on a fucking date taking black
man’s body for the next what them kids
look like so you don’t think he didn’t
like Brooke Shields at the time she’s
from his loins I’m gonna say why would
he go out with Brooke Shields if you
like keys first of all motherfuckers
he’s a baddest bitch in the game then we
got personally the baddest bitch in a
gang gate so Prince gay to know cuz
princess documented that he has
beautiful bitch he’s even gotten women
pregnant Chris is gated because they
dress the same no
yeah judging him while he talk and Haley
judging off his lifestyle and facts you
ain’t with kids nigga oh you it oh come
on yeah yeah
why not that’s not your blood that’s not
your fans my family okay cool okay I get
that but Mike is a different nigga
period we’re going to know and I ain’t
gonna go there that’s nothing Mike on to
the next wait to the next man understand
me i disrespected the kingdom of fucking
poppy here y’all being black my nigga on
some real shit and never was proven they
wanted to get himself in a blind eye and
he was too powerful my nigga now if you
believe that Oprah shit that ass the
neverland shit that nobody dad was never
proven that they all got settlements and
shit and then came back and then start
top you have to agree with the fact that
those motherfucking victims to know that
he was inappropriate and certainly the
the catering to the children is
inappropriate that style in the way he
did it was inappropriate so that leaves
open for this dialogue he lived so open
for dialogue I’m not saying okay what
about the famous children what about a
manual what about to do from home alone
what about all the famous children I was
hanging out was not a folk broken wooden
was not an intensifier on his behalf no
no but Carly said it was all good never
had what about wait what about number
one choreographers in the world
choreographer guy glad that got mad
because he was an owner shit yeah I come
on man that’s the nigga I sent a
documentary come on man I’m not basing
on my shit off the documentary though
I’m fuckin wine and sleeping sleep over
why was it never little girls how do you
know girls I don’t need no little girl
you got bookshelves now you got
motherfucker man fuck you need a little
girl for he wanted to hang with his
little homies go hang with his little
Oh smoke allowed radio no way down with
the bullshit he said Mike said I’m gonna
hang with my little niggas go roll ride
with you what no niggas right little
white kids whatever why he never took
little kids from Africa I brought him
here and show them Neverland ya know mo
Jesus no Jesus juice I tried to take the
king and ain’t working man you haven’t
built the whole case on that nigga like
Takashi no new country for you but you
gotta heal the world make it a better
did you notice how now you can’t get him
on this land did you do with the
inappropriateness the slander is trying
to get his career out of here so they
did a slander it did stop his career now
what now you are good dig deep into the
rabbit hole I’m not gonna make you
change and come up with him with the
slander it didn’t work no matter what
you say in town Jay and Tyreke couldn’t
go see some surrounds and some bubble
bubbles in there my nigga he had a
fucking fucking uh Emmanuel Lewis there
but anyway dressed just like I’m like a
yeah and he had my nigga my nigga uh
come on my nigga ty was in uh he still
had man don’t bring my own is man
morning how’s my nigga man Mike and you
talking about no black he was the only
nigga dad was able to imitate Mike as a
little nigga so and barrel and afonso so
what we doing with this stupid shit
y’all talking stupid shit against your
own race man I ain’t like that I don’t
like that money you could tell you could
go deep on thank you you going hard why
you let’s talk about Elvis 13:14 talking
about Chinese girl that he adopted while
we’re talking about weirdo Michael
Jackson for some shit that we don’t know
that never happy but it was that
inappropriate but the Elvis had a
younger wife is fat that the nigger what
people call it at a younger wife it’s a
fact we got Trump got a younger wife
come on man we got and we can look at
her titties on my bullshit
my thing is this they were to take this
nigga out of here first of all from the
rib if you could get that nigga from the
sexual shit they would’ve been guarding
they couldn’t do it cuz he had too much
money he was paying so so so what about
families also what about Bill Cosby so
what about Harvey Weinstein he was too
so what about what about that I got over
here that got caught up with the with
the child collars shit only got 14 days
what about everybody else that got money
I mean we could talk about the white
motherfuckers if that’s what you want to
do they got shitload of money they
couldn’t escape it
so what ran out it’s someone that
there’s no black woman I went to jail
for five years for you there’s someone
else’s address to get her out into
college I’m
I mean we could talk about that but it’s
not really like you know not going so
hard to make like he got proven prove it
these are all allegations this is what
you imagine that’s what you imagine boys
in his bed and he did that was a fact
that he did he fuckin do that man so
have not not numerous boys in your bed
one boy so sleeping in your bed he never
had like come on so late ooh
the dude I said dude
well fucking Mary Mother disco nigger 40
because he got fired
Nicky was a dance choreographer he was a
creep he was fuckin own area by trying
to fuckin anybody harassing a by
sexually harassing everybody got fired
and start going hard on Michael Jackson
you got to go deep into the motherfucker
rabbit oh my nigga
now when you heard motherfucking oh
you’re a Quincy Jones who did he out out
he said Marlon man doing what was
kissing each other he never said shit
about Mike listen to Quincy Jones my
nigga it’s coming from the old G hold on
hold on what he said all that Rando who
did he say was kissing each other
Marlon Brando and who else I want to
move okay then so Marlon Brando and what
about my sexuality I asked that I asked
why Quincy ain’t say nothin about Mike
he was putting everybody on blessed
Christmas talked about anybody
hmm so are the mother niggas my family
listen the big boys didn’t say what he
did I just said what was inappropriate
anyway we don’t get up
are you really going crazy man yeah it’s
anyway mate jay printz not filling that
right nation deal with that on the
docket let’s talk about verse Candice
always motherfucking put them both in a
I’ll kill him I shut their CTI giggling
like a motherfucker
towards Candice owns anyone aggressive
towards killer Michael was telling them
that he was out oppressor just because
you use those big words don’t mean you
cool you know that’s expeditiously
that’s dope as fuck but man came with
facts answered motherfucking mirror
he brought a mirror to Candace and Ti at
the same time right
but ti really enough to know he got
enlightened donut because I didn’t think
killer was gonna come on that angle for
my phone at my phone first of all okay
boom that shit turned around others a
lot of people feel like ti is not really
in a place to speak on anything
adulterer I mean yeah man but see wanted
since then put your shit on the back
swivel on a nigga oh we miss witness
move that nigga man anyway we’re good
swim Oh anyway mate yatta that high feel
about that shit man anyway what we doing
there we saving this one day yeah killer
Mike no but that’s what killer Mike do
see I just kind of entered the round and
entertainer he gonna say thing to say
big words to make it seem like yeah yeah
but you really
why didn’t want letting Canada so to
speak it was more but ein because she’s
smart she’s married to a white man and
like she’s on the other side I’m a this
is how they’re viewing but that’s why
her view should have been are good like
you got to get both sides that way it
shouldn’t have been an audience it
should have been recorded in a room it
should add a mediator there did he
should have been the mediator okay I
like that that air because you can’t
know Fagan is shaken when it’s dead
but the nigga was a moderator but a
nigga use that address swaysway was not
no but he cut his dress off what number
our city Philly a there wasn’t a real no
change summit type Nick I think that Big
Mike shut them down like I said shut the
whole kill em I’ll kill em I hope I keep
saying big killer Mike shut it down but
at the same time nigga nigga nigga hold
up there go there’s a lot of niggas
going down a lot of my said nigga he
crawl your any G you out and we were
Kings he thought that he spelled it out
he did but you know a way to use the
word mouth but in a day man all of them
was custom like cousin Jeff it was
cousin Jeff I think it was a big ass
argument you know everybody has some
cool points in it yeah but I think it
was a big ass argument and everybody
trying to over prove a point
yeah instead of like coming to a
understanding a conclusion that’s why I
think doing that we here old girl
because sometimes people be looking up
the street they’ll know I look down the
block I just commend her for even going
to that just don’t even attempting to
say something but that’s the one that
that that put Kanye on that die right
home Reverend Kanye know this new church
shit man I gonna go Kanye the one with
the hatch
you don’t wanna got a moment what about
this new Kanye let’s switch lanes what
about this new kindness Church nigga
that’s been running around the town
singing Ginuwine and Gospels so angered
meet mid 11:30 I hope this ain’t dirty
alright so I feel like that nigga is on
some bullshit right now just the other
day he was talking kissing truck hold up
hold up Kanye West Steve Harvey
everybody jumped out now that nigga’s a
no Jones nigga now say you know Lo and
place pop-up churches when they got
pop-up churches like nipsey clothing
shops when they start doing that you
sound like me about we said Kanye’s with
the bullshit
that’s what I’m saying okay the new car
Franklin can you frankly definitely show
your Franken in the building melih shout
out the Dipsy pullman situation sold out
everywhere sold out everywhere that’s
the big I hope the new law I got some
fresher colors man I really like the
black and really it was rushed
I like the black already you don’t think
of certain colors and certain little
flair and I just felt like y’all better
now if you ever was a human he can make
mistakes and everything gonna be dope
have you ever watched what he said like
far as the colors he use yes and bi was
why was this cover read written like the
goddamn shoe red and black which is cool
it was over meet me know we do the stop
light was red that’s the most
eye-catching color so we red and black
in my negative period that’s the first
issue you seen the map Inc shit on all
types of other shit on you know I mean
you got all the type of designs coming
out think I want them to diversify the
colors in there I think there’s a Sam
you want a lot of counter you wanted a
blue he could be powder blue and red
would have been a fresh afternoon you
know certain little other blends that
other shoes just don’t have shit Oh
okay we want to go the baby the baby
went in with that with that ongoing flow
and the baby’s actual words ain’t no
mumbling all bores I’m fucking with to
the exes we got two gases which is cool
there’s no video I was gonna do that one
to that no video I was gonna do that but
I wanted to get y’all like the fact that
J Cole made it work you know Sam but I
think our nigger like a black dog I
think black thought would have been
better than baby that was that type of
live to me black dog you can that track
I think it was a you know you just put
too much motherfucker paprika in you
I mean the host with the most grinding
smoke Simone yeah oh mama
he’ll good for what I say about Michael
Jackson again Jana boy

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