Reading Hate Comments & Eating Sweet Potato Pie


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If you try to do anything big, you will be hated. In this video, I’m going to read some hate comments while eating sweet potato pie to show you how to deal with negativity.
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Reading Hate Comments & Eating Sweet Potato Pie
0:11 – When you’re on YouTube you get to see some very interesting comments
1:05 – When you have the Minority Mindset of thinking different than the majority of people, you will be hated and face negativity
2:26 – My background on why I look the way I look
3:49 – My thoughts on sweet potato pie
4:00 – No matter what you do, you will encounter people who who don’t support your dreams you have to keep moving forward
5:25 – Our videos teach financial education, watch them to learn

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #GetMoneySmart


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This Video:

Video host: Jaspreet Singh <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up everybody I am just but it’s
singing and welcome to the minority
mindset and welcome back to make it
happen Monday when you are on YouTube
you get to see some very interesting
comments this guy went from making bombs
to making money actually I still
remember how to make a bomb sweet potato
pie I’m just kidding it I don’t know how
to make a sweet potato pie or a pie I
suck at cooking in general but when you
are on YouTube you get to see some very
interesting people but all due respect
if Indians were so smart why is India
still a third world country I mean if it
wasn’t for the Western education you
received you’d still be hunting rats in
Mumbai wouldn’t you sir just my humble
opinion I’m glad you brought that up
because last week I actually found a
mouse in my basement that I’ve been
trying to catch so if you have some
special tips on how to catch a mouse
with your special education could you
please let me know today I want to do
something a little bit different because
when you have the minority mindset of
thinking different than the majority of
people you want to be the best at
whatever you do whether it’s your job
we’re investing or starting a business
and over the last few years of me being
on YouTube I had received tons and tons
and tons of support and love and
appreciation from you telling me and us
our brand how we have changed your lives
and affected you positively and I love
that but if you decided to something
different you are gonna be met with your
share of unsupportive people I like this
channel but is run by Isis so by Isis
Isis Isis Isis terrorist financial
advisor what’s next the bank of Isis yes
so today we’re gonna have a little bit
of fun we are going to eat some sweet
potato pie while reading hate comments
because why not but before we get into
it hit that thumbs up button below
because if you hit that thumbs up button
YouTube will show our video to more
people and that means more people will
be triggered if you took that thing off
your head you’d be able to hear this
thing so much better and you wouldn’t
have to yell everything you say why I
can’t hear you
am i doing why do you have to dress like
a terrorist
you do realize that since 9/11 2001 your
look hasn’t been that popular at all
thanks for the fashion tip Matt for
those of you who don’t know I am a
member of the Sikh religion which is why
I keep a turban and a beard when the
Sikh religion was founded in a state
which is now located in India called
Punjab and the Sikh religion was created
during a time of a lot of conflict there
was a lot of wars and there was a lot of
conflict between people of different
castes and classes and so the Sikh
religion was created to kind of create
an equality and people wear a turban and
keep a beard because 1/6 don’t cut their
hair and to almost like a uniform
because if you needed help you needed
someone to go to you can go to a Sikh
because six are warriors and second to
create a kind of unity because anybody
who is a Sikh doesn’t matter if you’re
poor rich or what caste or class you are
everybody is equal which was unheard of
at the time
so that turban was the equalizer meaning
that everybody’s equal no matter what
background or what kind of family or
whatever you come from every person is
equal and that’s what the turban
symbolizes nowadays especially the
people on the internet people get the
turban confused for something else
because of what’s happened in the Middle
East and so you see comments from people
like terrible terrorists
please don’t bomb my country mr.
terrorist man everybody what turbines
are working for Osama Rucker he’s very
knowledgeable for a terrorist myth Thank
You bleep potato pie isn’t that good I
love sweet potatoes I can eat sweet
potatoes with anything or anytime a day
but sweet potatoes in the park mm-hmm
not so much you know the reason I made
this video today is because no matter
what you do even if you make three
videos on YouTube people will hate you
for what you do
no matter what whether it’s for the way
you look Oh since when did I start doing
economy terrorism videos more for your
beliefs or your dreams or whatever I
mean it’s just what people do they hate
don’t take it personally I mean just
think of how miserable a person has to
be to hate you for following
your dreams and doing something that
makes you happy and taking care of your
family when it doesn’t affect them at
all uh does this guy work for Isis nope
I work for YouTube YouTube it makes me
almost feel bad for these people because
I mean think about it
you go and take a risk and you follow
your dreams and you go out of your way
to start a YouTube channel where you
have no idea if you’re gonna see any
success or not and then people can watch
it and leave with the click of a button
like if somebody doesn’t like what you
say or the way you look or whatever just
click the X button and leave but instead
of leaving they have to go out of their
way and spend time thinking of a
negative and hateful comment to let you
know that they don’t like you I mean I
think shows you how sad these people
really are there’s guy needs to use the
rag on his head to wash my car
oh this right I got this up Amazon for
just a few bucks if you watch our videos
you’ll be able to afford it in no time
but I want you to remember is that if
you try to do anything especially if we
try to do something big you are going to
be met with hate and that kind of
negativity is an expression of that
person’s character it’s not an
expression of what’s possible for you so
to all of my minority mindset family out
there hustling working hard trying to do
big things
let the people hate and meet them with a
big smile lose the rag weirdo okay fine
there it goes but let them hate give
them a big smile and as always keep

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