Peanut King on Getting 50 Years for Drug Dealing, Feels it was All Worth It (Part 2)


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Part 3:
Part 1:

In this clip, Peanut King spoke on getting arrested in 1992 for conspiracy, handgun violations, distribution, and more. He ultimately ended up being sentence to 45 years in prison. He described his time in prison and noted the breakdown in his street connections as the years went by.

Peanut King also spoke on how snitching was looked at one way before he went to prison, and how things shifted because of what he says is a change in guidelines. Peanut King also noted that he found freedom in prison, saying he became more aware of who he is as a person, and also said he became more aware of the system. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

now that’s fast-forward you of course
you were arrested in 1982 for those who
might not know like it that’s to say
somebody watching they’re not from
Baltimore they don’t know who the hell
Marvis peanut king is and they haven’t
done that the resource of Google you you
were actually charged or what Navy to
was that what did they charge you when
they arrested you hang on violation
conspiracy continuing criminal
enterprise distribution attempt
distribution and the couple of drug
sales right and they said you to how
many years in prison
the figure years no parole in forty five
years with parole and you did thirty
seven of those forty five years you know
when I was in prison for the first seven
years I put another case and I got
thirty more years so I actually done
about fifty years in 2013 I was finished
but after that I had to close out
another sentence which lasted two to
thirty seven years what was prison like
being peanut king who’s super respected
and feared in Baltimore because of the
rep that yourself and the people you
roll with what was prison like when you
first went in verse after you were there
for some years first going in it’s like
the first year going into prison you
still connected to the streets and you
think that things going to be okay and
you stay connected after three years you
start to lose grip and will remain
relationships with people that you
thought it might have been key after
seven years you seemed like at that
point you understand that a lot of
things that happened was your fault you
mean because you had to decision you got
to take one hundred respond on percent
responsibility for the choices that you
make so you you start looking at it from
a more realistic perspective that seven
years when I look at some of these
drug dealers rappers gangsters because
nowadays is almost like you put them all
in one category
the new thing is everybody snitching
everybody snitch they trying to you know
get time served if they tell and your
generation coming up was snitching ever
acceptable I would say like and that are
it would be ninety percent men and maybe
ten percent of the people would work
with the government or something like
informants why do you think right now is
so acceptable for these guys were
turning there for months and now they
back out on the streets like they’re the
king like when did that become
acceptable you think I don’t know I
guess you use now you’re dealing with
moral values again you mean so I guess
when I went enters it was looked at one
way when they get you the 80s and the
90s things seem to shift I was a little
out of it
you mean because of my situation in
prison but things start to shift in
terms of cities across the country
and I think the main reason why things
happen was to change the guidelines
it was non-parole we had to do 85% of
your sentence so and that was a fact
once again being peanut king in prison
for all those years what do you think
the the main thing you learned while
being in prison prison really after even
though I was in prison I found freedom
in prison I was free way before I got
out and one of the things I learned that
most of the things I want I could do it
another way you mean from a positive
perspective and you didn’t have to sell
drugs but it’s based on what you know
that’s all you know you do the best you
can you said you felt like you were free
before you afraid explain that would you
anybody you feel free before you well
once you get information and you
understand where you had who you are and
what’s around you how the system works
you mean you can really free yourself
from a lot of things so you have a way
better understanding of it got you
looking back at what you know now
versus what she knew in the 60s or 70s
when you became a drug dealer then end
up being peanut King was it all worth it
yes it was I mean without the past it
couldn’t be I couldn’t be the present
you mean it’s something that I had to
evolve into and there ain’t nothing that
I’m proud of this a lot of scars I mean
I carry a lot of scars but it’s
something that I was that I had to do I
mean I walk there walk

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