Peanut King on Feeling Like He was "Above the Law" at the Height of His Drug Empire (Part 3)


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In this clip, Peanut King speaks about wanting to give back to the youth or anyone else to save them from what he went through. He explained that the youth have been accepting of the advice that he’s been giving, adding that they fact check him to see if he’s legit. He went on to speak about feeling like he was above the law at his height and not being able to be yourself after doing 37 years in prison. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

if you could change something today is
there anything that you want to change I
could use myself as a as a crucible and
somebody crossing paths you may because
then then it comes out the same way so
if I can give you better information
that could really help you to take a
jump from one step to another one you
don’t have to go through what I went
through then I would do that and that’s
the purpose of what I’m doing today I
mean everything I’m trying to do but
rebuilding Baltimore starting with is
about giving up more information to to
you for anybody that needed you try to
give them information they can make
better decision are you fearful that the
young generation will be as receptive
because as I mentioned earlier the the
code of the streets is just I only want
to say it’s gone but it’s almost
non-existent so a lot of times when a
lot of the OGIS trying to talk to the
young people especially in Baltimore you
see where the homicides are we see how
crazy the drug problem is they almost
look at the oh jeez like what does he
know why would I listen to him why would
somebody listen to peanut King don’t any
but I’ve been getting when I’ve been in
the street I mean I go I would not talk
to young people I talk in different
communities about things they can do out
there to make things better and I was a
receive their way that’s probably
because of your status like a fact check
in fact I go to the phone or wherever
they got to go ahead and get information
so they fact check it once a
fact-checker to come back and then we
got a genuine open rapport that’s you
when you were a peanut King did you feel
like you were at that point above the
law absolutely so in your mind at that
moment when peanut King and of course I
think they called you the peanut King
mob did you think you know what it’s no
way they’re gonna take us down because
we’re so smart and we’re spending so
much money with the right people
no I didn’t think that way I’m thinking
like they had a system built that was
good also
so they had to do their investigation
and try to do the best they could with
it and I guess they had to do what they
had to do and I had to do what I had to
do I mean in I respect the other side of
it you mean but I’m all-in whatever
happened happened
and as you see you you you you paid you
did your time and I think one of the
reasons why you’re so respected being
home now and trying to make change for
Baltimore is the fact that you did do
your time a lot of people nowadays like
as I mentioned is that with this whole
and I look at you know one of the
rappers that’s popular right now
Takashi 6-9 and this is a guy who went
to prison and you know they said he was
gang affiliated and things that makes
you but the first thing he did when he
got in prison was he started telling and
he started telling everybody he’s
affiliated with and I remember having a
conversation in the radio saying do you
think this guy will be able to come home
and still be him what I was most
surprised about was how many people were
saying that nowadays in 2019 that’s now
acceptable so without what I mind about
the the gangsters and drug dealers of
the 70s and 80s is that y’all live by a
code that if you do the crime you got a
man up and and I don’t know if I don’t
know how we can get that message across
without sound like you’re still in the
street so that make sense like how do
you tell a young person you know don’t
do this don’t do this but if you do do
this everybody at the door 37 years you
can’t go back and be you right I mean
that’s a little impossible I mean the
whole world and shift you mean so it’s
the same thing if you did ten years you
get back out you just can’t go back out
and be you things I’ve said people can
attempt to but everything shifts but you
had all fearful that you wouldn’t be as
respected as you were when you went in
37 years later because when you went in
you went in as the king and then you
come home as you still do named peanut
king rains but you’re no longer the king
and no one you’re not as feared as you
were in the seventies and eighties by
some people was that was at all at all a
hard transition no because I’ve ever be
understood then feared

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