Peanut King: Nobody Loved the Drug Game as Much as I Did (Part 4)


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In this clip, Peanut King explained to DJ Quicksilva his mission in Baltimore to rebuild the city and bring the community together again. He explained that he’s already working with people in D.C. to spark change, and he also spoke about doing the groundwork himself to help people in the community. To hear more, including why Peanut King believes the murder rate has sparked in Baltimore, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what is your mission statement right now
of course you’re home now you’re a free
man what is what is the goal right now
completely for peanut king if he can say
something to Baltimore and the world is
listening and watching like that right
now from individual perspective in terms
of the goals that I’m working on right
now is to rebuild Baltimore that’s what
I’m going to start at and I’m working
with some people in DC so we’re looking
at the MDV d.c Baltimore Virginia and
try to implement things that with
information and giving people
opportunities that can make change what
do you think Baltimore needs right now
to become a better City to get rid of
the separation and everybody come
together I’m out like two times a week
we do a march through the city and this
everybody is Christians capitalist
nation Islam Sunni you mean leaders from
the street everybody get together and
walk and walk through the communities
and try to give resources to people that
need whatever they need jobs or housing
or rehab or whatever situation is you
try to get in the resources and let’s we
know that you’re there for them and
that’s what the city needs why do you
think right now if you can answer this
why do you think the the murder rate is
so crazy in Baltimore right now right
now the numbers are just at a number
that we haven’t seen in almost ever why
don’t you come up in the earth there’s
another I came up with I guess it was
more about making money and then it
changed as a shift a little and seem
like this is more with violence overall
and it’s like lifestyle and you got away
from the things of money or taking care
of your family taking care of your
community you may you saw thinking more
from an individual perspective instead
of community perspective is it anything
you think that the oh geez like yourself
can do to really help with the violence
that’s happening right now
Baltimore yes I’m doing it you from
doing daily
getting somebody to put that gun down
yeah I think as I talk to them they go
through it and let them know that I’m
real and I’m there yes I think that
happens they don’t happen overnight but
good yeah I salute you for that I salute
you for that in so many ways because
being somebody that’s born and raised
and e-sports more where you started at
as one of the kings of East Baltimore
from everything to now being Who I am I
think a lot of times people when they
hear the name peanut came where they
hated Baltimore period they
automatically think hurling dope
violence and when people find out that
I’m from Baltimore they’ve like
Quicksilver no way and I’m like yeah
they like when I think about some I
think of people just the only way you
make it is either you play sports or you
still don’t were hurt women
does it feel like openly that I don’t
think nobody out there could love the
game more than I did
mmm-hmm you mean I loved it coming
completely at for a good period of time
but as time changed and information
gathering is other ways to get there my
thing is to help my family help the
community to do the best I could I did
with what I knew how to do a whip but
now with other information you could do
something different if that’s something
that you want and I can share that with
you I’m hoping people though willing to
listen because we need it right now in
the city band

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