Nuri Muhammad: The NOI Would Admit to Killing Malcolm X if We Did It (Part 6)


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In this clip, Brother Nuri Muhammad spoke about Malcolm X breaking code with the NOI when he spoke ill of former leader Elijah Muhammad. Brother Nuri spoke about Elijah Muhammad being a messenger of God, along with current leader Louis Farrakhan. He went on to state that there has been no person that could contend with Farrakhan in 65 years, so they have to put Malcolm against him from the grave. To hear more, including how the NOI would admit to Malcolm X’s death if they did it, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well I interviewed uh Wesley Mohammed
from the Nation of Islam yes sir and I
spoke to him about the Malcolm X
situation and he said that Balcom X was
in grave violation of black god protocol
we assess brother Malcolm’s good we
assess his errors we try to learn from
his good and we try to learn from his
and see that’s black God protocol like
our protocol is the way that God’s the
black gods interact with each other and
brother Malcolm at a point was in grave
violation of black God protocol can you
explain what that means your was well he
probably could explain that better than
I can
but of course to say that you have
pledged that my prayer my sacrifice my
life and my death is all for Allah God
and to bear witness that there is no god
but Allah and that the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad is His Messenger and then to
come out and speak ill of and vilify the
messenger of God that within and of
itself is considered to be a violation
of a code so the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad wrote in his monumental and
illuminating book our Savior has arrived
as on page 145 he talks about the mind
of a messenger he said when God chooses
a messenger he takes over his mind his
heart and his brain so the wheel of that
messenger becomes the wheel of God and
the tools will become one and the same
so if you believe that then you know
that the messenger of God is not
in an error or a mistake so for him to
say that brother Wesley I believe he’s
speaking to the fact that to give your
word to make a pledge to say with your
hand on your Quran to pledge your life
that this is God and this is God’s man
and then to flip from that and go out in
the public in a very far away and go to
the very enemies of not just the most
honorable elijah muhammad but the very
enemies of malcom-x
and all of the other ones that have
fought for our freedom and and and used
their platform to be able to vilify the
man that saved your life
is a violation of a protocol well
Farrakhan was asked about Malcolm X and
his response was did you teach Malcolm
did you make Malcolm did you clean up
Malcolm did you put Malcolm out before
the world was Malcolm your traitor or
was he ours and if we dealt with him
like a nation deals with traitors what
the hell business is it of yours that’s
right so and and and what the minister
is saying to the world is that any
independent nation that ever existed has
always had something called treason that
you deal with in a court with your law
so he’s saying get out of our business
and out of our affairs if we did it I
always say it a little different I said
look you know we ain’t no punks if we
killed him we tell you we killed him and
ask you what you’re gonna do about it
but the reality is we did not murder
Malcolm X it was blamed on us so that it
could demagnetize at the time the
affinity that we had for the Nation of
Islam in the most honorable elijah
muhammad and it’s been recycled over and
over the years
why because right now the Honorable
Minister Louis Farrakhan is hands down
the last man standing there is no other
figure among our people that is a
greater spiritual teacher that has the
ability to organize mobilizing get
he’s done like the minister so they
haven’t been able to find over the 65
years that the minister has been
laboring any living black or white
person that they can put to contend with
him so they had to resurrect Malcolm
from the grave to try to put him against
the minister but we read in the Quran
that the devil plans and Allah plans and
allows the best of planner so the
Autobiography of Malcolm X was written
with the hopes to turn people away but
the autobiography of malcolm x has
brought thousands of people to the
Nation of Islam they’re telling the
world that we killed Malcolm was
designed to keep people from wanting to
be a part of the nation but I can tell
you this black Malcolm X has brought
more people to the Nation of Islam dead
than most of us that are in the nation
have done alive so it’s all back fine
and we all appreciate the fact that God
already told us that all things work for
the good for those who love the Lord and
are called according to his purpose and
we’re trying to be that kind of group

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