Nuri Muhammad on Malcolm X's Daughter Charged with Trying to Kill Louis Farrakhan (Part 7)


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In this clip, Nuri Muhammad discussed the exoneration of Ilyasah Shabazz, Malcolm X’s daughter and the subsequent reconciliation with the Nation of Islam. Brother Nuri also explained why Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were both killed prior to turning 40-years-old. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well I interviewed Malcolm X’s daughter
Ilyas Ilyas ax and we spoke about what
her mother had said about the Nation of
Islam and the death of her husband I
remember your mother had done an
interview where she said that you know
before the actual assassination that
there were three different attempts on
your father’s life that was that
accurate if that’s what she said that
was accurate okay if that’s what she
said you know again the attempts it
wasn’t because of something you know
that was it that was going on between
the nation it was because he had because
he had gained the support of 33 heads of
Africans you know States and their their
agenda was to bring the issue of human
rights violations to the Supreme Court
at the United Nations and so he was
killed shortly after now your sister uh
how do you pronounce it yeah you Billa
she was actually charged with conspiracy
to kill Louis Farrakhan she didn’t go to
jail she didn’t conspire to kill
Farrakhan you know she went to the
United Nations International School
there was another young man who went to
school with her Kirk Fitzpatrick Kirk
Fitzpatrick appeared out of nowhere they
were friends when they were in school
and he discussed it and and it was
supposed to be a joke and I think he
must have been filming it or he was
recording what he was saying to my
sister and and you know there you had
that you know all of that happened it
was really unfortunate because my sister
her name means mother nature she
wouldn’t kill a flea you know she was
the one who had the turtles the the you
know all the little insects and cocoons
you know that would become butterflies
when we were children you know she would
have all these you know that all these
things of nature in her room
we also spoke about how her sister at
one point was indicted for trying to
assassinate Minister Farrakhan which she
said was really overblown and right
ultimately the charges were dropped but
because of those charges against her
sister from what I understand the Nation
of Islam and Farrakhan actually took
that opportunity to bring together
Malcolm X’s family that’s for Han
Farrakhan and they had a big big I guess
a big meeting or a presentation where
the two of them actually stood together
that’s right at the hollow and it
actually promoted healing between those
two sides which I think was very very
much needed it sound like you saying all
things work for the good I don’t know if
that’s what you say but but so that is
what happened but what it shows so you
can always tell the amount of Jesus that
is in a person by the kind of love that
they extend whenever someone has done
something to offend you this was a
testimony Vlad of the amount of Christ
consciousness and the high percentage of
Jesus that’s in the Honorable Minister
Louis Farrakhan here’s a man that
someone allegedly is getting ready to
attempt to assassinate him and he
doesn’t run and hide nor fight back he
comes and embraces and financially
supports and creates a platform for
healing what manner of man is this so
this is something that we refused under
the guidance of the minister to allow to
be used as a weapon to create a deeper
divided between the Shabazz family and
the nation of islam or the Shabazz
family and the Farrakhan family and I
think you did a good service cuz she was
exonerated charges were abandoned she’s
a free person now
and as ill easá has said in the
interview with you and has stayed
consistent with it
she said the nation
not the ones that had anything to do
with trying to kill my father the nation
wasn’t in Mecca following him the CIA
was the nation couldn’t have made a call
to the France government and told the
France government to not let Malcolm X
get off the plane because they didn’t
want him killed on French soil the
Nation of Islam couldn’t have went in
and put a fire bomb or Molotov cocktail
inside the bedrooms of his children
after a fire somebody else was
responsible for that and she believed as
many of those that have done the proband
for themselves and research for
themselves and abandoned being a lazy
learner and went and dug it up for
she found in her deep research that more
than likely my father was assassinated
because he had the support of 33 African
nations and they were prepared to go
before the UN and the Supreme Court to
charge America and England with crimes
against humanity for the kidnapping and
the murder of hundreds of millions of
Africans over over the years so it’s
something like D have you did you know
that know that Malcolm X and Martin
Luther King both were killed at the age
of 39 mmm do you know that a male
matures at the age of 40 why did they
make sure that Malcolm was gone at
before he got to 40 and that dr. King
why did why they going before 40 it’s
because if they were given this much
trouble to the wickedness of this world
and they hadn’t even matured yet what
kind of soldiers would they have been
had they been allowed to continue to
live their life Malcolm X in a latter
part of his life had made a decision and
asked could he come back to the nation
he was working his way back the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad told him he
said yes but she please you have to go
out and put out some of the fires that
you have started and who knows on
February 21st 1965 at the Audubon
Ballroom maybe he was getting ready to
put out some fire
but before he could put out the fire
somebody opened fire on him not the FOI
the FBI killed Malcolm X

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