Nick Cannon Regrets Working with R Kelly After Seeing 'Surviving R Kelly' (Flashback)


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In this VladTV Flashback from 2019, Nick Cannon spoke on R. Kelly, saying he wouldn’t have worked with the singer if he knew what was depicted in the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

boy are Kelly hahaha I love with deal he
came out saying baby how can we still
listen to our Kelly’s music in the same
way y’all can still listen to the
national anthem that’s a good segue
guests on the show one of my favorite
people all that dude is brilliant um
well you actually came out and said that
you now regret working with our Kelly
now that I’m just I didn’t know all that
dead-ass and as I was talking to daily
you look like no I didn’t know to the
extent and that’s why I said I I blame
myself and many others of turning a
blind eye because if I probably would
have looked deeper I’d be like yo this
some fucked up shit right there were
there any girls in the studio and you
guys working together but not that I’m
not like this was the weird thing
because then I couldn’t stump the way
his studio was set up it was quarantine
different studios like there was times
where he’d be gone and I would have fuck
is it do that okay like I’d be in a
studio like this by myself for like 12
hours and like that’s how I wrote gigolo
like I wrote that record in he was one
of them times Ron a word fuck you was I
was in Chicago I’m like I’m tired like
just sitting around and I used to say
shit like man in deep yeah if if people
really want these hits
I’ll make him sit around and wait to see
how bad they want it they gotta wait for
me really that was it like I’m sitting
in a studio like this life was really
gonna make me sit around here and wait
cuz he was dead on fire he’s writing me
hit after hit for everybody so any play
he he it was just beat and I was like
you know what I’m just write something
to this beat I don’t care if he in there
or not and I’m jumping on a plane I’m
going back to New York and and it was
funny because I had just wrote like at
the time that labor was trying to dumb
me down
make me sound like you know a
Nickelodeon rapper and only shit and I
was like man I’m gonna just talk about
the shit I really go through I don’t
care I’m gonna be cussing I’ll be
talking about bitches hoping you’re
right like I was just frustrated like
pimp bones in my body rocking out
talking all that shit
you called me the Scarecrow I’m looking
for some brain I got house he saying all
of the like you wrote all your own
verses all my own verses a whole s what
the hook he did yeah like I just I left
the studio and then I get a call from
the head of the label I know there’s
gigolo record is amazing
make no record call gigolo and then he
said did – he was like yo Rob must have
heard my verses in winning earrings kilt
the hook killed the hook and the rest is
history so I would but to say all of
that it would I never saw it like when
you go to a stew you don’t see anybody
else but it’s a big ass building so I’m
pretty sure you know who it was people
around but I never you know but that’s
what a thing like if I would have saw
some little girl in the studio tonight
I’m out you know public announcement
right you know who worked with them very
closely and that’s why I think is you
know it’s hard for people to understand
because they thinking like where you
guys are there you’ve never seen nothing
but if you know him you’re not gonna see
nothing if you know who he is cuz he
keeps everything under control everybody
that’s there I don’t care what capacity
you work in you’re not gonna you’re only
gonna do what he wants you to do and
you’re only gonna be involved in things
that you need to be involved in so there
was a lot of separation you know we were
always separated from everybody else
because we’d be in the studio working on
whatever it is that we were working on
and next two studios down it could be
somebody else working on an album it
could be but all under his camp but it
wasn’t oh let me go over and say hi to
change it faces oh let me go over and
say hi to you no no it wasn’t that we’re
going to do a job and they he had
bedrooms in the studio and kind of weird
like sectioned off these areas and it
goes back to us say that access to
where you can just do whatever you want
no one tells you no but even once I once
I started to see like I’d say like the
one that broke my heart man when I saw
the documentary and I didn’t want to
watch it but when I finally watch it and
I saw the young lady who like on
Mother’s Day when the mom went to go get
her daughter and she wanted to go like I
was like like that girl did not want to
be there like she wanted to escape any
like but but there was some there was a
video that surfaced from that same girl
who basically said that you know that
she told the backstory of that situation
and she was saying how her mother only
started coming around when she stopped
giving her money and her mother said
that she had cancer which wasn’t true
and and like you know like listen I mean
she stood with her mom today’s date all
right bottom line they all go back to
our Kelly after do they are Kelly’s
letting you back into the circle after
when you see that type of stuff and I
mean I know you interviewed the young
lady you Isabel
hey well even it happened like that’s it
like well okay to be fair I interviewed
public announcement right and they said
that based on everything they’ve seen
because one of them was interviewed for
surviving are Kelly right and it wasn’t
used because there wasn’t any sort of
stuff that they wanted you know like
right yeah no salacious information so
they did have not even using this stuff
but when I asked them do you feel that
surviving our Kelly was accurate or very
I would say that it was pretty pretty
accurate pretty accurate and I must say
that in terms of most of the women that
that spoke those survivors they you know
I believe they were telling the truth I
mean even the two ladies in the Gayle
King interview late there were 21 and
been with him for however so and you can
tell like the way they carried them said
like they were trying to be mature like
they was playing playing house but I was
like you know these are little girls as
well like they reminded me of little
girls trying to act grown he even said
he said you know I don’t look you know
so dude date with me I don’t look for
close to my age I look for the legal I’m
older man that loves all the women
everything light-skinned dark-skinned
I’m older man all that that whole
interview will be chopped up and used
for years actually released it like a
flat TV interview yeah it was sad though
man just see white cuz again I saw the
the confusion the pain the the mental
illness like even amazed like you know I
need help I need to talk to somebody
like we’ve as fans as the public as the
people close around him
we got to take responsibility for
letting this man that was super talented
operate in a way that was just inhumane
at times like what the fact that because
we were I didn’t see the tape when we
were you know when it was actually going
on but now like even in that documentary
the stuff that they show from the tape
late like standing over a
fourteen-year-old urinating on her like
we thought that
we joked dave chappelle was making jokes
about that yeah lay as a father with a
daughter now late there’s nothing funny
about a grown man urinating on a little
girl like hey well there’s nothing funny
about sexual relations of any sort yeah
but that’s what I’m sure nation or
otherwise right you know I mean but at
the time because it was all speculation
and that wasn’t speculation as I saw
that tape when it first came out it was
why did we let it happen
well we didn’t let it happen I mean I
but like why didn’t we ring him Wayne
like we went to trial right it went to
try in terview Lisa Van Alen who was in
the trial right she was she took the
stand against our Kelly now the trial
begins and you actually are involved in
the trial me okay so what did they you
know what is your involvement in that
trial pretty much I just had to identify
the people on the tape I was able to
identify them because I’ve had a
threesome with the both of them so that
was pretty much my my role she had a
threesome with that little girl she said
she didn’t know that she didn’t know he
said that it was like a neighbor right
oh and and she found out afterwards
during the trial but she said something
very interesting I don’t know if you saw
this part or not but the father were the
parents of that girl and the tape had to
be brought into you know the police
station right so the father had to sit
there and watch that tape he lied under
oath because he said it wasn’t her but
while he was saying it wasn’t her he was
that’s what prosecution told me well
you’re watching the tape of your
daughter getting peed on and you’re
crying and you’re saying it’s not her
but you’re crying keep in mind that the
father played bass on our Kelly’s albums
before the incident and after the
incident continued to work with our
Kelly after the incident and on the week
of the trial that whole family you know
the parents and the daughter were on a
Kruse so so they couldn’t be pulled into
the courtroom the whole thing was a
calculated is that going to jail you
know can you imagine how do you sleep in
doing business with the man that is
molested and pissed on your daughter
like like what money is just an evil
fucking thing man hey I ain’t enough
money in the world in the world late ah
that’s it that’s that rubs me the wrong
way as we sit here like

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