Never Outshine The Master , They Wont Help You 👀

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To be a great leader
U will have to be an excellent follower

To be a leader
U just have to be willing to go 1st

To be a boss
U just have to have money and a entitlement

Leaders are different from bosses

Leaders believe in working in the field with their followers to help them become leaders

Bosses believe sitting lonely at the top
Because they make them feel validated

A boss is one who throws his power around to feel powerful

A boss is one who feels good that he’s the only rich person at his table

A boss feels good telling people what to do

There’s no security in having a boss

He don’t care about nobody but himself

A leader is the total opposite of a boss

He empowers his people to take it further than he took it

A leader is humble
Though he knows he rich
He knows he successful
He knows he’s well off

That don’t move him

He’s only interested in creating more people like him

He’s only interested in helping people

He’s only interested in passing the knowledge he obtained on

Though he went through hell to learn
Though he went through tough times to get what he got

Though he went through it to get to it

He still will teach the people around him how to not go through what he had too

To sum it all up
A leader empowers
A egoist is looking for power

The only way to lose a relay race is to drop the baton

Not one man wins a relay race
The team does

But even the fastest runner has to past the baton to the next runner

But the problem with the relay race we running is most runners don’t wanna pass the baton to the next runner

They wanna keep the money
They wanna keep the game
They wanna keep the fame
They want to keep everything they got
Instead of passing the baton

They don’t even wanna pass it to their own kids

The richest place in the world is the graveyard

So many people died with ideas and gifts that they never delivered to the world

So many runners died with the baton in their hands

So many have died with knowledge that would have spared their family fools

So many died with things that they wanted to keep all because
They wanted to die the boss

Whatever u call me
Please don’t call me a boss

That’s an insult of my character

Ima leader and that is why I pass on this knowledge that took years for me to learn for free

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