My Identity Was STOLEN & I Lost $4,500

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I had my identity stolen and it was a game of cat and mouse until the hackers got smart and found a way to steal $4,500 from me
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How I Survived: Identity Theft
0:32 – I had my identity stolen because someone stole my social security number
1:39 – My call to Chase bank when I learned that my identity was stolen
3:36 – Calling credit agencies and that’s when I saw that someone stole my identity
4:54 – Freezing my social security number to protect my identity and credit score
5:45 – The story doesn’t end – how this hacker tried to steal my credit cards
7:49 – And now, the hackers get even SMARTER to hack my different credit card to steal $4,500
9:30 – The hackers don’t give up and stole $4,500 to run Facebook ads
10:30 – How my identity got stolen in the first place
11:20 – Equifax data breach settlement
13:00 – How I got $250 for this identity theft through Equifax
14:05 – The truth about credit monitoring

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #ThinkMinority #IdentityTheft

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