My Generation Had “Wonder Woman” , This Generation Wonder If Its A Woman 🤦‍♂️

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My generation had Wonder Woman
But this generation is wondering if it’s a woman

Nowadays these shows promote a lifestyle , an agenda for women to take advantage of men

The tv shows we grew up on was based around family whether it was struggling like Good Times or rich like Fresh prince

The structure was the same
Family , love , foundation and order

It wasn’t no hoe shit
It wasn’t about drama
It wasn’t about sex

It was about a father and a mother raising kids or Even Sanford and Son displayed the power of a single father raising his son off a family business

Shows like Mamas Family , gilligans island and showed the white people perspective

Martin showed love and friendship

The Jeffersons was a classic
The Cosby’s was a classic

Different strokes and Family Matters was classic sitcoms

But all these shows influenced us as people to love our woman , Raise our family and earn a honest living

In the show episode where there were characters who were either trying to skip school , sell drugs or cheat on their significant other

There was someone like Uncle Phil on Fresh prince Or Tommy on Martin or Aunt Ester Or Grady to talk to

But in this era
You got love and hip hop
Basketball wives
And all these other shows just all based around drama and division

So let’s say a woman listening to Prostitution music in her car
and watching Prostitution tv shows on tv

That’s gonna pollute her mind and change her idea of what a relationship should be based on

These people that wear suits and ties and that are labeled decision makers know that our culture is determined by tv and music

Stop polluting your mind with that bull crap and start following the people who promote the things you want out of life

Black people are experimental creatures and don’t even know it

They randomly pick a celebrity and give him or her some money and the people automatically follow them in praise

But what don’t know is
u got a puppet master that’s a different skin color pullin his strings

Know the difference between enjoying your youth and destroying your future

If u call being a junkie on all these drugs
or going against what u were raised on
Living your best life

Then I guess I’ll remain a boring real n!gga

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