Morris Day on Prince, The Time, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Purple Rain (Full)


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Morris Day stopped by for his first-ever interview with VladTV, where he spoke about meeting Prince in high school and joining his band. From there, Prince and Morris formed a friendship and later recorded the first Morris Day and The Time album with just the two of them before forming “The Time.” Morris went on to speak about Prince and Micahel Jackson’s competitive relationship and how Prince went to Michael to squash their beef. Elsewhere in the interview, Morris spoke about filming Purple Rain and how Rick James hated Prince, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

all right here we go we have funk
royalty in the building
Morris day lead singer of Morris Day in
the time with classic hits like jungle
love and jerk out the bird gigolos get
lonely two years right and last but not
least musical collaborator with the one
and only prince rest in peace
well you have a new book out which I got
to read awesome in the name of the book
is on time that’s right a princely life
in funk right and I think what I like
about the book is that you kind of have
conversations with Prince throughout the
book in his own voice which is kind of
dope yeah I thought that concept was the
last thing that I wanted to do was do a
book and just straight tell the story
you know I wanted it to be different and
have a little different you know edge
angle whatever you like to it and I
think we came up with it
very cool there’s gonna be a link under
all these videos awesome can actually go
and purchase the book nice nice ah so
definitely check it out well there’s
your first time here so I want to get
into your whole story yeah so you grew
up in well you were born in Springfield
Illinois that’s right where did you
actually grow up grew up in Minneapolis
my mom got us up out of Springfield when
I was about eight years old went up to
Minneapolis as the story go was stopped
to visit a sick aunt
and we were supposed to be on our way to
California ended up staying in
Minneapolis for the next 20 years and
your mom I just get got married at 16
yeah something like that
yeah yeah yeah was your dad around no he
wasn’t around
yeah he was uh in the service and over
in Germany which I probably have some
siblings over there that I don’t know
about but anyways so he was doing this
thing and you know they just you know
party Wednesday yeah
you definitely missed out okay so here
you are growing up in Minneapolis and I
guess Prince lived at his mom’s house
and down the street from you I didn’t
know that yeah I grew up we first moved
to South Side Minneapolis then we moved
over Northside to my aunt and uncle had
a I think you call them bungalows where
the same house but they split into two
side-by-side we lived on one side and I
didn’t even really you know Prince had a
nice house you know this nice dog you
know when them big poodles and shit you
know and you know he lived right down
and I see him in tyka you know out plan
and I met him really years later but for
that time I lived right around the
corner from him okay and you guys met in
high school yeah and you were already a
drummer yeah and I guess
you joined a band that he was already in
he had a band called Grand Central him
and Andre Simone and Andre and I got
kind of tight because I went to see
these guys that I saw in the book by the
way but you know he lifted bits and I
went to see them at a lunch room after
school Friday night concert or dance I
guess it was and I was just mesmerized
by these guys man they were like 14 15
years old
principals playing like Carlos Santana
solos and Hendrix and just I mean
flawlessly you know not trying to chop
his way through and the band was super
tight and I was just like in awe and got
to know Andre from that we start hanging
out you know smoke a little weed
together one day we skip school went
over in my house smoke some weed you
know and I had my drums upstairs you
know so I had this big speaker behind my
drums and you know blast some tower
power I started you know knocking out
some what is hip and some soul
vaccinations you know and just because I
was really into David Garibaldi and
tower power at the time I mean among
others but I was just something about
the way Garibaldi played that intrigued
me and I patterned myself in a funkier
way behind Dave and so anyway I got done
hitting these songs madness you know
turn my turntable off and Andre sitting
there with his jaw drop he’s just
staring mass like what’s up me he’s like
dude I didn’t know you could play like
that and he’s like man it just so
happens that our drummer were having
problems with them who was Charles Smith
we caught him Chas and that was Prince’s
cousin so he said you should bring your
drums by and try us out man you know you
know check you know
audition and so I did a couple days
later and my drums never left well I
guess when you first met the band
everyone was really friendly except for
Prince yeah he was not like standoffish
yeah very much
Prince was always in the cut and true to
form he’s never changed but he he was
just sort of I guess checking me out you
know and and and and you know he was
real cautious we only talked music
arrangements this and that songs and
stuff like that and you know aside from
that you know he was in the cut you know
just kind of looking and now finally you
know maybe a month went by we started
talked a little bit you know sort of
broke the ice and you know eventually
through it all we became really good
buddies well I guess back then in high
school he had an afro yeah a turtleneck
bell-bottoms and pink girl gloves the
fingers cut off yeah there wasn’t even
you know finger there was big mittens
the big girl mittens and he always had
this kind of metrosexual vibe to him
even back in high school
absolutely even before I knew what this
metrosexual you know I you know come to
know that word but before I knew what
that shit was yeah he was he was on that
tip right and I guess he took a lot of
his style from like hairdressers and
like feminine you know like ways and so
forth but he really knew how to kind of
he also keep it macho with the same he
got a kick out of yeah the the gay
hairstylist and stuff and the way they
talked the stuff they laughed at it you
know and he incorporated and some of
that and the way the the the Grace and
all of that
and and you know he just got a kick out
of this stuff okay but you said that he
was always straight as a gate as far as
I know you know as far as I know he was
into the girls alright because he really
pushed it at one point I remember I
think it really came to the extremes
when he had like the pants with like
with the butt cheeks hanging out the
dirty that and the dirty mind album you
know that the leg warmers in the hot
pants and the you know all of that that
was that even you know all of you know
the you know the guys in the band and me
and everybody was just kind of sitting
back now where is this going and where
is it coming from right I look at the
dirty mind cover right now yeah I mean
that’s that’s kind of different but not
not like the the open but chic pants
yeah that was a step further you know it
is all out there you know out of my lane
for me so you know right that’s one of
the things that no one really copied it
was like when he wore those pants well
he pretty much was the the one of one of
that the thing about prints and that’s
an that’s a testament to his genius that
he’s such an incredible musician
entertainer that you know guys who
normally wouldn’t even like by
somebody’s record who dressed like that
he got a Hall Pass because he was such
an incredible entertainer right you said
in the book that he was a different
breed like you were a serious drummer
but he didn’t just play music he was
absolutely lived it 24/7 you know I
always turn the lights out you know at
some point and you know the only time
Prince would is just as just to maybe
feel in time when he couldn’t be doing
music but you know I’ve never been a
workaholic so you know that’s kind of
where we clash a little bit because uh I
couldn’t you know when I moved out to
the suburbs I couldn’t even go to the
grocery store without running into this
dude and I’d be like trying to take the
evening off you know go out to a club do
a little something in here but I come by
my house tonight we’re recording oh just
this dude never stop man so one point he
left Grand Central and went solo yeah
was that like a big blow to the group
the group it was sort of it was a blow
because you know that trying to find
somebody to fill that spot never
happened you know we found guitar
players and and we we carried on if you
know but it just wasn’t the same
it tried to replace prints that wanted
ads looking for a prints replacement
exactly exactly
so he went solo yeah and he got signed
yeah and then one day you’re hanging out
in Minneapolis and you heard soft and
wet on the radio actually I was hanging
out in Maryland I lived in Gaithersburg
Maryland my mom moved us there and I was
working at a car rental counter and
believe was called Montgomery Ward’s and
they had a little car rental counter in
there and I was working there now I’m
standing up one day and soft and wet
comes on the radio and that was pretty
incredible for me because that was
almost like me hearing my own music
because you know we grew up together so
you know I’m standing there and I’m
telling random people that’s my buddy on
the radio right now and they’re looking
at me like yeah whatever but yeah that’s
how I went okay so he moved to well you
moved away yeah he formed his own band
the revolution that’s right and the
revolution already had a drummer but at
one point you came back and you hooked
up with him again
yeah but like I said the Revolution
already had a drummer and I was coming
back to town to get that job – that was
my slot so you know I’m thinking you
know I can play better than Bob easy so
this should be a no-brainer so you know
principles blunt you know he’s always
you know he never you know he always
give T straight he’s like nah I already
have a drummer okay he said but you know
you can come hang out and videotape the
shows which was a little bit of a slap
in the face but I was like you know what
I’m gonna do it right it became his
cameraman bass oh yeah yeah yeah
okay and he went on tour with Rick James
yeah he opened up for Rick James
actually and Rick James was on fire oh
yeah at this point yeah this was one
super freak was out yeah I think so yeah
right around there oh yeah so was that
the first tour you went on yeah I
believe so I think it was the I don’t I
think it might have been after that
because it was actually the the dirty
mine tour and I don’t think he was
opening for Rick at that time but I
could be wrong local time ago all right
but at one point he did go on tour with
Rick James yeah yeah and I remember
reading Rick’s biography and Rick just
hated Prince I don’t think yeah I think
he hated him I think it was a pressure
thing you know I think I think it was
more threatened by than hate if I had to
you know because you know Prince coming
on strong man you know he’s he’s gaining
momentum you know probably kicking
Rick’s ass some nights you know and and
so I think it was probably more
threatened you know by Prince than
anything okay and what exactly was
happening on the tour between Prince and
Rick James man you know I don’t really
know what was going on you know with
them you know because my thing was the
cameras I wasn’t doing much hanging out
back then I was just camera room you
know and so you know I hadn’t I hadn’t
turned into MD yet okay and Prince even
back then was wearing the the
metrosexual type stuff he was wearing
like the the bikini underwear and the
trench coat and how would the crowds
dealing with him back then opening up
for Rick James you know he was he was
holding his own you know and like I said
you know because you know once they saw
his musicianship and his ability to
entertain and you know he got that Hall
Pass you know the women they they don’t
really care about that kind of thing
anyway but guys especially you know gave
him that hall pass because he’s such a
dude oh yeah absolutely and then at the
end of that tour he really didn’t need
Rick James anymore he was on fire his
own exactly well and then he started
opening up for the Rolling Stones
were you on that tour I was at one show
and it was a it was like a Woodstock
Coachella kind of thing out in the
middle of nowhere and I could kind of
see it coming on man because we we get
out here and you see all of these these
dudes man hardcore biker looking dudes
you know beards and motorcycles and
tattoos and you know and then here comes
Prince I’m out at the sound board you
know and I’m seeing all this developed
man and here he comes out you know
trench coat back legs out and stuff man
and he still they wasn’t having it man
next thing I know I start seeing beer
bottles flying up on stage and I was
like I’ll shit it’s time to go so I had
a bee line get backstage and catch him
coming off we were straight into the car
to the airport
and back to Minneapolis right away well
right I interviewed Stokely Williams
mint-condition who worked with Prince
later on and he said he told me about a
conversation him and Prince had about
that and he said that that that show was
so bad and because guys were literally
throwing beer bottles everybody and
really was like you know calling him gay
and everything like that yeah the whole
tone just oh yeah that he actually
wanted to quit at that point completely
and Mick Jagger how to talk him like off
the ledge talked about when he he’s like
I’m Stokely when I first went on my
first tour like that Rolling Stones
thing that first toured with maybe it
was and if someone here I got booed and
I was just like and I didn’t want to
come back and he said Mick Jagger’s the
one who actually called him back because
he quit you didn’t want to go back when
he got booed is like I said what you
doing sighs walked offstage what could I
and he said Mick is the one actually
called them back you can’t quit man come
back and you know so I guess he finished
the tour
you see that could be I didn’t I didn’t
catch that because the part that I
caught was once I made it back he was on
his way out car airport I know he was
humiliated and you know but he wasn’t
talking like quitting I think that’s a
bit extreme for Prince you know that was
that that was part of his being you know
I mean how did he feel about that whole
experience that sounds pretty brutal now
it was it was crazy he was humiliated
but you know what
I think I think it motivated him you
know so because you know we got right
back he was right back in the studio you
know didn’t miss a beat and you know I
just think that that somehow fueled his
tank you know in a positive way well
Prince had a deal with Warner Brothers
and in that deal it allowed him to bring
other groups and artists under his deal
and one of those groups was the time
that’s right
so when Prince first approached you and
said hey I want to produce you guys and
and so forth how did you feel well first
of all there was no time it was just me
and kind of around that time that we got
back from from the whole Rolling Stones
ordeal you know he said if you want to
use the studio because I would stay at
his house when he you know go on some
shows or go do stuff
la I’d stay at his house and he’s like
you want to get in the studio and cut
some stuff you know you know have at it
and I was like great so the first song I
really cut ended up being party up so he
heard the song and he liked him so he
was like you know I want your song he
said oh I’ll give you money you know 10
15 20 grand whatever he said and he said
or I’ll help you get a deal put a band
together I said that’s what I’m talking
about so that’s what we did we started
cutting we basically cut the whole album
he and I and you know a few background
singers and fill in stuff like but we
cut the album right there at a studio a
few songs in we had finished up get it
he took that out to LA to Warner
Brothers mo Austin and the crew heard it
and they signed us sight unseen so then
we went back and we had like two weeks
to finish the album completely and we
finished it so basically we put the band
together after the album was done okay
and the group kind of I mean more stay
in the time came out of a group called
flight time most of the members were in
flight time and that was Terry Lewis and
Jimmy jams group super talented guys you
know Prince didn’t really want them he
wanted some other musicians that I had
been working with used to come out to
some of our shows and I was in a band
called enterprise band a pleasure and
there’s a guy on base Jeffery McRaven
you really wanted Jeffery in and he was
kind of going in a different direction
and I told him that I wanted Jimmy and
Terry because I had heard stuff that
they a cut on a what’s-her-name you know
you know I’m Tom I’ll leave cedar fuck
yeah yeah at least sing I not name
somebody I’d heard some production ISM
Cynthia Johnson Cynthia Johnson I’d
heard some productions they had done on
with Cynthia stuff they had written and
produced on her and I was like these
guys are really good you know so I
really wanted them in the band plus they
were super solid players and
entertainers so we ended up using most
of them because Monty was in their group
jelly bean wasn’t gonna be in the band
because I was supposed to be the drummer
and that’s what I wanted to do I never
wanted to be a lead singer but I’m I’m
glad that it happened that way because
drummers phased out after that you know
back in the day you should be able to go
from Studio to studio you know and you
know make a thousand dollars a session
and you could just do that all week long
but that’s a drum machine start getting
popular which they were starting to get
popular then you couldn’t do that
so you know I wanted to be the drummer
and we had different people Alexander
O’Neal was gonna be the lead singer at
one point ah and he wanted more money
and we didn’t have it so we passed on
him we checked out a few girls to maybe
be the lead and you know after we
exhausted all of
our options principals like you do it
like I don’t know how to lead up a band
and he’s like well just be cool you know
put your hand in your pocket so if you
watch the cool video you’ll notice my
right hand never comes out of my pocket
the whole video so I was following you
know his advice through that and then
from there just kind of mushroomed and
you know I learned how to be a lead guy
but yeah that wasn’t my plan and by me
being a lead singer I was happy because
then jelly bean was kind of sidelined we
were able to pull him into the band and
so it felt complete well here you are in
a band with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
who went on to become the biggest
producers ever they did all the Janet
Jackson stuff I mean new addition hello
everybody at some point but with Prince
being Prince he played every instrument
on that first album yeah and every
instrument and even your vocals
he laid him out and you had to do him
note by note pretty much how does a
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis really just
sit back and say okay I guess we’re not
going to contribute at all it was like
it was you know what it was all of us
because you know we had Jesse Johnson
Terry and Jimi myself we were all
busting at the seams creatively and
really wanting to do our own music or to
have you know some control over our
music somehow you know we were getting
offers from at one point
Evelyn Champaign Kings people came and
wanted me to produce a single on them
they offered me good money but I
couldn’t do it because he wasn’t
allowing it right and actually Prince
was producing everything under Jamie
Starr correct a fake name as I guess he
didn’t want people to know that he was
doing everything I think I think he more
than anything he wanted to create that
mystery so there’d be tidbits tidbits
out there is Jamie star Prince so he
liked that mystery you know
so he wasn’t really hiding behind it but
you know it was just it made it
controversial okay so you drop your
debut album the time 1981 then you guys
go on tour on the controversy tour and
the two bands kind of started a beef
during this tour how bad did it get
it got bad principal was like he he
wants to play jokes and he wants to fuck
around and you know he wanted you know
and mess with you when you’re on stage
but he’ll tell you don’t do that when up
on stage so we’re up here you know doing
our show and all sudden eggs start
flying by our heads you know and and
hitting some of the guys and stuff and
he’s always just laughing having to
offstage just laugh and having a good
time we’re on stage you know at an arena
you know what thousands of people kind
of watching this unfold so we get done
and a couple of guys were really pissed
off I was pissed because I was like why
are you gonna mess with our show like
that man so he said yeah you know but
you guys can’t do that to me when I’m on
stage and we’re like okay so everybody
suited up you know Jimmy Jimmy Jam had a
big garbage bag over him taped on you
know and we had eggs we we start firing
up we start firing them up with the eggs
and right in the middle of his show and
he got super pissed so it just turned
into a big I mean Jesse Johnson they
took him handcuffed him to a coat rack
in the dressing room
he tore the coat rack off the wall came
out trying to hit people in his band
with it it just turned into a big a big
fight yeah sounds crazy yeah it was
crazy okay so I guess shortly after that
time Prince drop in 1999 which was like
his biggest song at that point yeah that
was just a monster a monster when you
heard 1999 what you think I mean I knew
what he was going for with it I knew he
wanted to be a pop
star he wanted a big pop record with the
big fat pop hook you know and when I
heard it I said you did it that’s it
I mean I remember what it was about to
turn 2000 that song was played to death
he had people wondering if we was gonna
make it out of here I know right so you
guys go on tour with him again for the
1999 Triple Threat tour and I guess the
band was playing for vanity 6 right at
the time and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
were starting to build themselves up as
producers and they started doing a bunch
of different projects they’re doing the
SOS band they were doing climax and
there was a situation where they
couldn’t make it to a gig you talk about
that yeah we um I mean I knew Terry and
Jimmy were moonlighting in um I was like
awesome because I really wanted to do
the same thing so but and they would
have gotten away with it you know but
this particular show we had in Atlanta
I think or were they in Atlanta anyway
we had a show they got snowed in
somewhere they missed the show and that
was pretty much the beginning of the end
we after that we retreated to want to
say sunset sound or Cherokee sound one
of those Studios right up the road here
on Sunset and uh Terry and Jimmy Prince
called them in for a meeting we were
cutting ice cream castles at the time
and Terry and Jimmy coming I had no idea
what he had in his mind so me and Jesse
Johnson and Prince sitting in a studio
on Terry and Jimmy come in and he’s you
guys are fired just like that
and you know I just kind of dropped my
head because and walked out of the
studio because I never wanted to be in
one of those bands with the revolving
door I was kind of like loyal to my
bands and I always hated to see them
switch members whether it be a guitar
player a lead singer bass player you
know I just kind of liked you know the
bands like
you know I get to know them the way I
you know get to know him and I don’t
like to see that revolving door concept
so that’s when I kind of realized that’s
where my band was heading and I wasn’t I
wasn’t too happy about it right because
uh Vontae Moore also left the group
right around that time yeah and when you
you know fast forward a Purple Reign
that’s the current group no jimmy-jam no
Terry Lewis exactly no Monty right it
was the new band yeah at that point yeah
then new guys okay which leads me into
the next part so then you guys start
working on ice cream castle this is your
third album yeah and you guys have had
some strong records but no huge smashes
yet so you guys you guys start working
on ice cream castle and you put together
jungle love how did that sound come
together that song came together a
bassline submitted from Jesse Johnson
really came came up with the bass line
and Prince just took that ball and ran
with it
okay yeah when you put it when you have
sorry when you first heard jungle of did
you know that was a hit oh yeah okay
yeah yeah and and you know jungle Oh
sounded like a hit to me the bird I was
on the fence with the bird because we
had a studio version of that song that
was supposed to be on the album and the
studio version was just super funky and
just clean and it was hard-hitting and
then Prince said you know what he said
we’re gonna do the song live they said
you guys are going to record the song
live and we’re gonna use that version on
the album which the live version I mean
it was really cool it’s a really a
brilliant idea but I still was kind of
hung up on wanting to put the studio
version out but it gave us bragging
rights because there’s not too many
bands in history who have hit records
that they performed live which was
actual live recording yeah great record
as well yeah yeah but jungle love was my
just keep it a hundred I love jungle
love that’s my my favorite song that you
guys put together : plane and right
around that time that’s when Purple Rain
the movie was coming together right now
so I guess the whole movie the way you
described in your book was born and bred
and shot and chaos pretty much explained
that well the first of all we’re just
doing business as usual recording songs
and and doing shows and all of a sudden
we’re on a break and Prince comes up and
he’s like we’re gonna do a movie okay
I’ve never done a movie before so you
know he you know next thing you know
he’s he’s got us going to doing stupid
shit in my book you know like going to
dance classes and and going to acting
lessons and and all of this stuff you
know and you know it still didn’t seem
like it was gonna be a reality necessary
necessarily because you know we were
just you know doing all this stuff but
then it started to come together you
know then also a director comes to town
and the script shows up and it’s
starting to look like you know we’re
really gonna do this and so it to me you
know people ask me did I no I mean like
that was one of the most honest or
innocent efforts because we didn’t we
didn’t know in my opinion we didn’t know
what we were doing we were just they you
know the director showed us the script
he sat me and Jerome down and line for
line we went through the script and he
said okay this is what the script says
what would you guys say and so we
basically rewrote all of our parts and
the next thing you know we we shoot in a
movie and Apollonia played the love
interest who if she was bad yeah she was
what she was a vanity replacement is
what happened you know
because all the way up until basically
we shot the movie that was supposed to
be vanity her and Prince had a falling
out at the last minute and the next
thing I know here comes Apollonia out of
nowhere I’d never heard of her before
never seen her before but just right
prior to us shooting the movie here she
come very similar look to to a very
simpie anity I think he was going for
the same thing there you know well him
and vanity were they dating he was
hitting everything you couldn’t be in
princess you couldn’t be in his movie on
his record without you know I mean okay
now you actually played the villain in
Purple Rain you’re the one trying to get
Apollonia and yeah you know and you kind
of had a beef with with Prince
throughout the film and I guess that’s
actually based on the reality of you
guys throwing together as it as it turns
out yeah we had an element of that you
know because I’m competitive princess is
super competitive individual so you know
we were always cool until you know we
started touring and once he realized
that he created this Frankenstein
monster we start kicking his ass on
stage and and you know that’s when the
tension came in as far as I’m in the
movie and in real life really happened
on stage I mean we weren’t that
competitive offstage but as far as
performing was we were so I think that
the movie hits on that a little bit but
I had to live with you know everybody
thought that was so real so everybody
you know a lot of especially a lot of
girls come up here you so mean two
prints in the movie I’m like it was a
movie well the jungle of music video was
actually from the movie yeah which was
pretty dope it was like you got to see
the music video they come out before the
movie I think it came out no it came out
during right cuz I remember you know
being in you know being a school at the
time and you’re watching MTV and you
music video and you haven’t seen the
movie yet but you’re hyped up to see the
movie because the music video is
basically the movie
I know between the live performance and
all the cutscenes it’s like you get to
really see what the movies about in that
music video and it was also a smash on
top of that and I guess the film costs 7
million to make see I never know that
and it made 70 million at the box office
yeah I just know that um because shortly
after the movie I we did we did where
you call him out we did I forget what
you call him but we did the we shot some
scenes in downtown LA because we were
basically done with the movie and we
just had some fill-in shots to do so
that was it for me I got to LA and you
know like I told you my mom had me in
Minneapolis for 20 years I said so this
is it I’m in LA I’m staying so I was
basically out of the band I was out of
the camp and on People magazine I saw
him you know it said that prints made
17.5 million that year you know and that
was partly off a Purple Rain and you not
told him about it cuz I made 50 grand
and that was it and I had to use that 50
grand to pay my band weekly his dude was
shrewd but uh so I told her I said yeah
see you may you know seventeen and a
half mil last year and he said yeah he
said that’s uh he said that’s a little
bit of an understatement but yeah well I
mean the story goes the prints actually
he had to use his own money to
underwrite the budget because the studio
wasn’t really feeling it initially and
he had a you know basically use his own
money to get this thing going and the
movie made 70 million at the box office
they went on to do better even after
that now what was interesting was that
even though the songs jungle love and
the bird were in the movie they were not
on the soundtrack and the soundtrack
sold 25 million copies
again he nobody knew what he was doing
it’s like I’m not sharing the movie
money with you so he said I’m gonna take
your songs from the movie and put them
on your own record and I will have the
soundtrack out are you pissed off about
I questioned it I can’t say I was pissed
off but I did question it I was like you
know ok just because everything was so
strategic with this dude you know he’s
just always thinking so you know I knew
I knew that it was somehow cutting me
out of something yeah well those songs
ended up on ice cream castles yeah and
that one double platinum yeah so you
couldn’t be that mad and I wasn’t too
mad about it you know so now you
actually have hit songs under your belt
how did that feel I mean it felt great
it was you know what they say is nothing
like you know the first time you know
Lee and and so really that feeling when
we had our first record and the single
was get it up I’m still working clubs in
Minneapolis I get a call from Prince and
he’s like and we still hadn’t really put
our band together yet he’s like you
better start putting your band together
he said you guys he said you have a hit
record and I was like wow you know but
Minneapolis you’re in a bubble you know
there’s no urban stations we had I think
it was kmo J it broadcasts sunup to
sundown and about a three block radius
it was an AM station so you know I
didn’t know and so you know I put the
band together and we’re going out to do
a showcase for Warner Brothers and we
got out of the airport we rented a
station wagon the whole bands piled into
this station wagon and we’re on the 405
and no sooner we got on the 405
boom get it up comes on the radio and
that feeling was incredible we pulled
over and people looking at us like we’re
crazy we dancing and stuff all up on the
car and and that you know that was
amazing I think by the time we got to
the bird and jungle love
you know it was exciting but it wasn’t
as exciting as that first single and
plus jungle love was on her Hill so much
man I think it every every station
you know I turn you know I would hear it
I turned to another station because
maybe I didn’t want here and guess what
it was all I was just the rotation was
incredible well right around that time
and a lot of people don’t realize this
but you know Michael Jackson has always
put on a pedestal but around the Purple
Reign time Prince and Michael Jackson
were kind of neck-and-neck
AB see because you know Michael had
Thriller yeah Prince had Purple Rain and
he had the movie on top of that exact
movie star and Purple Rain the sales
were up there with thriller and I guess
the two of them had a kind of a rivalry
they did but you know I think they kind
of squashed it I I remember Prince told
me that he went and met with Michael at
some point and I guess they talked about
some stuff you know I always thought
that was an interesting comparison I
think that they were on the same level
as artists but I think Michael was he
was straight entertainer well Prince did
it all you know principles the
Entertainer the writer the producer
everything so to me I just thought that
made his worth and not to try and take
anything from Michael don’t get me wrong
one of the greatest that ever walked the
planet but I just thought that Prince as
a rounded I mean was the whole package
right he was a musician a songwriter he
didn’t need anybody to get him from A to
B to C he you know he could do it all
himself yeah Michael needed Quincy Jones
there you go
Michael needed our Kelly Lee yeah you
needed he needed producers yeah he
needed a songwriter yeah yeah yeah my
prints played like a hundred different
instruments yeah yeah did you ever see
the two of them actually get into it cuz
there was like this one video where they
were like like remember Hulk Hogan was
there and the two of them were kind of
kind of battling on stage a little bit
I never I never really was around you
know that was you know like I said you
know I kind of you know we loaded up and
did what we did and then I got out of
there so a lot of that stuff really came
about later and you know Princeton
swandam kind of Katz where you know I
never had his phone number
not after I left Minneapolis so I never
knew how to call him and he always
contacted me at some obscure hour of the
night my phone rings and I I mean I had
it you know or I could count on one hand
I had some crazy cousins who called me
in the middle of night but usually it be
and he’s got some kind of idea something
he wants to do but I could never just
pick up the phone and say hey what’s up
you know or nothing like that he had it
had to be him calling ok so then in 1985
you guys actually split up you walked
away yes more like 84 but yeah no it’s
round 85 you rang
what was like the final straw the final
straw for me was I got creative input
you know I did a lot with the early
records you know I always was in on the
jam sessions and did the drum parts and
play the drums on even a lot of his
stuff but I wanted to produce my own
record and write for myself and I asked
him and you know he had a Steve Cavallo
come up to my place and Santa Monica
there and you know we talked it through
and and Steve’s like so you know because
I had already threatened to leave and
Steve’s like so you’re telling me you
want to produce and write and be in
charge of your own project and I say
yeah that’s what I want and he said ok
he said so I talked to Prince about this
and Prince said that’s fine
he said as long as he can be the
executive producer and in my mind I knew
what that meant that meant the same shit
different days so I was like ok I get it
it’s time
for me to move on so basically that was
the straw that broke the camel’s back
well in your book you said Prince needed
to control everything and everyone
around him including religion and he
believed that the Jehovah’s Witness way
of living was the way to live and that
he would no Prince had this rant amorous
you would call a sermon and I guess the
sermon came in two parts
he said Princeton like confusion he
enjoyed clarity and feeling secure even
with the religion wiped out confusion he
wanted everyone on that same Accord so
was the religion kind of a breaking
well the religion came later I was long
gone you know that had nothing to do
with me leaving but it did have to do
with later on he’s you know he came and
he’s like you know you come to our shows
and he always loved the shows and he
yeah and then he said that after we did
a show inevitably a day or two later he
would call I got some songs you know I
want you to come out I want you to do
this so I was living in a in Atlanta at
the time he calls me I fly out to
Minneapolis I’m ready to cut songs you
know I’m there to work I show up and
he’s like we’re in the studio he said
let’s you know go in my office you know
before we start recording you know and
so he saw he’s like you know what what
what’s really gonna help me do this and
for us to work together again as he said
us being brothers we have to be on the
same page and he said I can’t do this
unless I can bring you into the religion
unless we can pray together and believe
have the same beliefs and all it is
saying now at that point you know even
though my arms are probably like this
but my arms are crossed because I’m like
you know I’m not trying to to do that
I’ve never I’ve never understood
Jehovah’s Witness enough to you know
subscribe to it you know and then after
that he had him like coming to my door
in Atlanta like twice a week you know oh
he would send your whole witnesses to
your door you know because that’s part
of their thing in order to be a
Jehovah’s Witness you
to spread the word so you got to go
knocking door-to-door and I guess he
considered himself doing it through his
musical circle but yeah he he stopped
the tape and I said you know I don’t
think I can do that and he said well you
go home and think about it and he’s like
you let me know he said once you you
know I’ll come to terms with it if you
do we can cut if not you know I
and so I jetted back home and and that
was that I hadn’t I didn’t see him for a
few years after that well you felt that
Prince was haunted by his dad and I
guess right like a few weeks after his
dad had passed he ended up bulldozing
his dad’s house what was that about yeah
I don’t know and you know I never some
things you just don’t ask people you
know and I never really you know had
that on my brain number one and number
two even if it was obviously it was a
sensitive issue for him you know if he
volunteered that information I would
have you know talked with him about it
but he never brought that up and I heard
about it which I thought was interesting
but I never talked to him about it
well one of the most famous prints
moments actually came on the Chappelle
show where they did the whole basketball
game thing and I actually interviewed
Mickey free from Shalimar who was down
with Prince during that time and it was
actually there at the basketball game
all down and yeah he said it went
exactly like that
he actually said the Prince played like
Michael Jordan we’re in our street
clothes bro remember we just came from
the club
okay so we’re in our street clothes so
for instead give me the ball back and I
swear to you guys listening wherever
you’re gonna be Prince took the ball it
was like Michael Jordan after that shot
after shot like nothing but net and I
looked at Eddie and I was like oh yeah
you know and after we were done true
story Prince’s cook at the time her name
was Randy cooked us pancakes blouses was
principally that good at basketball
he was good man he was a good basketball
player yeah you know little agile really
quick had decent jump shot yeah
okay so you leave princess camp and you
started dropping solo albums
you did a daydreaming yeah in 1987 yeah
how did that do it did okay the first
one was color success and that one you
know what went platinum ah yeah yeah and
uh daydreaming
uh it’s it’s it might got gold you know
something like that but okay I mean
solid numbers yeah solid numbers yeah
but you ended up actually coming back to
princess camp and doing pandemonium yeah
why well it’s what happened again now
this was before the religion thing
because the religion thing happened
later on but he wants me to come to
Paisley Park so we’re gonna cut a record
but first of all I weed
me and freeze my bass player Ricky
freeze we write a lot together we had
submitted some songs to Prince to listen
to and he dug one of them and so he took
it rewrote it layered it and called a
corporate world and so we ended up he
wanted to do a whole record and call the
out the project corporate world so we
did that so we finished a record Jerome
was in on it
me and Prince again and so we finish and
then all of a sudden the movie graffiti
bridge comes into the pictures now we’re
gonna do another movie this is half way
through the corporate world album and
Jimmy and Terry decided they wanted to
be involved so we pretty much scratched
the whole corporate world album and
started new with Jimmy and Terry and
that’s how we went into jerk out and all
of that stuff right and what’s
interesting about the pandamonium album
is that there’s a song called Donald
Trump a black version yeah which tells
listen to on the way here it’s a cool
song no you know in 2009 gets lost in
translation a little later
like this I’ll Trump was just a baller
back though guy that’s how people were
the money yes the money man yeah right
yeah so you guys come back and you do
you do the pandemonium and then jerk out
was the big single off of that yeah and
you do the whole mirror thing in the
music video once again you originally
did it in jungle of yeah and then I
guess is Jerome yeah what was holding
the mirror yeah before you yeah how did
that thing even come together well that
that came together the song cool
somebody bring me a mirror we had
already been on tour we were back
rehearsing again revamping the show at
this little rehearsal hall in south
Minneapolis called the yasm and I forget
what that was something backwards I’m
sure but anyway we’re doing cool and I’m
like somebody bringing me a mirror and
Jerome just you know hopped up ran into
the bathroom snatched the mirror off the
wall and then next thing I know he’s
standing around me with the mirror and
hotter guys were just kind of looking at
each other like just shits pretty cool
man so Jerome went from being at that
time he was like our valet you know he
did all the luggage and all that stuff
so that was his introduction to the
stage and he was he was in after that
well around that time Prince had just
done the Batman soundtrack and he was
messing with Kim Basinger who was like
the hottest girl at the time and I guess
because the whole Batman thing the jerk
out video had some interesting cameos
Jack Nicholson was actually in the music
video Quincy Jones was in the video you
end up taking his girl right right Sugar
Ray Leonard was in the video is pretty
stars star studded video that was and
you know jerk out was actually even
though it’s not our most popular song
was actually our highest charting song
yeah yeah well in the song you said you
ain’t got to go but you got to get the
hell up out of here was that the first
time that was said
well first time on record yeah you know
you you know you keep hearing that over
the year yeah you coined that phrase I
guess on that record no I didn’t you
know as a matter of fact I’ll tell you
we used to do clubs and we used to do
this club called the Riverside and
there’s a MC I forget his name
and he would say that at the end of the
night he’s like you know after the
band’s you’re done playing and he’s
wrapping it up and he’s like you ain’t
got to go home but you got to get the
hell out of here
and you know it just came back you know
we that was one of them lines that we
just you know we’re gonna use this at
some point in time yeah and it worked
for that right yeah well the time got
back together did the album and then
things fell apart again group broke up
once again well the group you know the
group never stood a chance at that at
that point because everybody it used to
be where we had some kind of leadership
and some direction but once once we got
back together to do that record Jesse
Johnson he already you know I had some
solo success Terry and Jimmy were off
the charts they were through the roof so
it went from having maybe a chief and a
co chief and then some Indians to having
a roomful of Chiefs oh we couldn’t get
nothing done because everybody’s opinion
counted or you know took precedence over
you know so it was just hard we couldn’t
get nothing done you know based on the
book things started to go kind of
downhill for you after that your
marriage wasn’t going well marriage
wasn’t going well you know I was I don’t
know I was in a funk you know I couldn’t
I couldn’t think and I think that it was
my way of saying I’m gonna take a break
they even though I didn’t consider
myself taking a break I just looked up
one day and I went from you know my
house in the hills to sleeping on my
sister’s living room floor and I
couldn’t figure it out
and I didn’t really have the ambition to
figure it out at the time now there have
been times in my life where I early on
had a serious drug problem and that I
got passed got through it kept going but
this thing wasn’t drugs alcohol nothing
like that I just I just didn’t have it
and so I looked up and I was all my
sisters uh sleeping on the floor and one
day I’m sitting up in her little dark
studio apartment we didn’t get much
sunlight and buddy of mine around Sweeny
call me and he’s like what you doing I
was like I don’t know he’s like well why
don’t you put the band back together and
just like that a light went off in my
head and you know next thing I know the
guys I got the guys back together we put
the show together and never look back
you know the phone’s been ringing off
the hook ever since right because I
guess nine years passed until you saw
Prince again yeah that’s a long time
yeah and I guess you’re supposed to open
up for him and it didn’t work out you
know if you’re talking about the target
arena show yeah he uh he had us fly to
town you know a good faith I fly my band
in first of all he’s got us at this
little rustic like wood cabin Hotel out
in the middle of oh and I’m like I’m not
staying here so I went and got you know
the nice little you know five-star right
across the street from the Target Center
I’m posted up and it’s about maybe an
hour before the show and I we get a
phone call
Prince changed his mind he doesn’t want
you guys to open for you him tonight
like okay I’m like so I said okay so I
get that I said so can he give me some
money just to reimburse me for my
out-of-pocket you know I got my guys
here you know I pay him I pay them per
diem I pay them uh whatever you know if
I bring them out I pay them and I said
and plus my airfare I say can I get and
like prince said no so I said okay this
is some bullshit so anyway he ended up
giving me yeah we went two rounds and I
end up giving me enough money to
reimburse me for the airfare and I got
the guys home and I said you know what
that’s it you know I said no more calls
because he had done this several times
and changed his mind I said no more
calls I said I’m not leaving the house
for this dude unless he pays me 100% up
yeah princess is interesting sort of you
know generous cheap thing I know has
went on the whole time cuz I remember I
interviewed Kurtis Blow at one point and
they were doing a music video as a
tribute to Martin Luther King and back
then music videos were expensive yeah I
couldn’t just pick up a video camera an
iphone and shoot a music video exactly
and he said that they didn’t know where
they were gonna get the money for the
music video and they went to Prince and
they need like 50,000 Prince just wrote
him a check without any credit or
anything and he was like yo man thank
you so much and Prince was like hey man
smile at the king
don’t even mention it yeah and he was
like literally just throw off 50,000
like that but then when it comes to
reimbursing your airfare right right
look seventeen and a half million at
your house like thinking now I helped
make that movie I’m like what if you’re
gonna do write me a little check you
know but that never happened well you
guys continued to uh you know to play
you guys were in the Jay and Silent Bob
strikes back movie and I guess you you
called yourself the original seven at
one point that was when we got together
and decided as the time that we were
going to do a record Terry and Jimmy
wanted to do a record and of course
Prince said no you can’t use the name so
oh we had will hold on hold on Prince
really had a problem with you guys using
the name that far later you know what
this do is was such a control freak that
I thought that you know because I
renamed the
it used to be the time when I started
touring I changed it to more today in
the time I thought I said wow I’ve been
doing you know doing this for years now
and I said I haven’t had any problems
with prints that’s like you know the
dude you know he’s finally coming around
you know he’s not trying to squash me
but then I later found out that legally
I can’t use the time to record but he
can’t stop me from using the time as a
touring name so legally there was
nothing he could do so I just wonder if
he might have tried to shut me down
because he wasn’t letting us use that
name for the record
real Ron and when he changed his name to
the symbol a couple times I mean I
wasn’t around but I saw him a few times
in it okay
like I told him I said I don’t know what
to call you what do you say he said just
he said don’t call me he said don’t call
me anything just you know just don’t
call me Prince yeah I already had a
problem people actually calling him
Prince at that time yeah okay so you
guys continued to tour and we dropped a
new album in 2011 condensate yeah how
did that one do wow that record didn’t
do well at all
it was sort of doomed in its own way out
of the box because we weren’t able to
use our signature name the time so we
had to be creative the original seven
you can look at it like the original 7
members the original 7 letters the time
but it didn’t catch on partly because I
don’t think we had a good business plan
we tried to do everything internally
Terry Lewis is a very very smart guy but
he also you know kind of wants to do a
lot and so he was kind of being our
music rep you know in the layout liaison
between us and the label and everything
which I think we really needed somebody
to handle all of that for us and have a
plan in place the
for the record came out and we were just
kind of handling things as they happen
instead of having a solid plan in
advance well leading up to 2016 were you
in contact with Prince at all yeah yeah
like I said hit this dude he stayed in
touch with me like I said yeah the most
obscure moments of the day the phone
will ring and yeah you know or else he
come to a show or else we go to his show
he called a Jerome and I to do Coachella
with him one year we we were you know we
and you know you know we did musicology
with him Coachella we went on
unannounced and did the Bernadin jungle
love and so you know through the years
he would keep in touch rude I still
close or just a gig and that’s it no
it’s funny because you know I mean you
know how you can be apart from somebody
and you’d be like ah he’s fucked up you
know idea and then you see people and
and and a lot of times that animosity
just goes away and you’re happy to see
them it was always that kind of thing
where you know we might not talk for a
year or a few years or whatever but it
seemed like every time you know we cross
each other’s paths it was genuine and he
was sitting on a massive amount of music
at the time from what I understand that
he was just working himself to death up
to his his final his final day because
even though he wasn’t putting out albums
he kept making albums he kept making
songs just over and over and over again
yeah even when we were kids you know we
he you know he told me uh he had a
hundred songs in his you know binder
before you know he even got to his first
single so that was his thing went cut
music yeah and I remember one of the
things that he said well the story goes
that because he was a Jehovah’s Witness
he didn’t want like a um like a hologram
of him after the after the fact after he
passed cuz he thought that was demonic
you know anything about that now
we we hologram him up in the book that’s
a we conjured up his voice in the book
you know so that’s how we did but no I
didn’t you know like I said you know I
was um you know there was a time when we
were kids and and early on and would the
music’s break-in a man we talked about
everything but you know once I was out
of the camp that was it I was really out
of the information looping so it just
you know the little bit of time that we
spent creatively trying to do stuff it
was just you know it wasn’t the same so
I didn’t really hear a lot about you
know his beliefs and all that yeah quite
a loss quite a loss what do you think
was your greatest moment with Prince if
you look at all the years you guys spent
together greatest moment if you could
just relive one moment with him right
man I would just say I would say
probably that first record that we cut
together I mean we laughed we partied we
went out we would go out go to the club
go back cut I mean it was just it was
just and and it was coming out magic the
songs are coming out magic and was to
the point where you know the house we
kept a lot of it in the house said he
bulldozed that his father lived in
obviously príncipe there at the time had
a studio there and yeah it was on a lake
and so we you know some nights you know
2 o’clock in the morning the cops are
knocking you guys got to stop you know
the music’s you know reflecting across
the lake and you know the neighbors are
up and so you know just those times man
we were we live in a it was a it was
really enriched musically and friendship
and all of that you know and there’s so
many artists that have come out over the
decades but it seems like Michael
Jackson and Prince are the two that
people really put on a pedestal above
all yeah why do you think that is well I
think the numbers kind of speak to that
you know they touched you know the world
you know with their music
yeah even even to this day yeah and
about a year later at the Grammy Awards
you guys actually did a tribute to
Prince with the original lineup yeah and
then Bruno Mars I think there’s
something after that yeah yeah
was that bittersweet it was cool man
I thought you know I thought it was cool
I’m not gonna say bittersweet I I
enjoyed it I you know I found something
out about Bruno I didn’t know he could
play guitar like that yeah and then you
guys just had a recent performance once
again yeah at the Soul Train Awards yeah
everyone was talking about that it was
awesome man it was awesome because it
was it was nice just to be in the house
to see Jimmy and Terry get honored but
it was also awesome because that band
was incredible so that was only the
second time that I heard my songs played
with a real horn section and they were
firing man I was loving it was like
Christmas time for me and one other time
when we did Coachella when Prince called
us out to do Coachella his band of time
had a horn section and that was the
other time that I’ve heard the song so
it was it was it was incredible
incredible night well Morris day is a
hell of a story a hell of a life and by
the way you look great on the dais
you’re still doing music man yeah I said
you got the new book out and you killed
it at the Soul Train Awards if you ever
miss a step appreciate it man and you
know I’m sorry for your loss with Prince
I know you guys had your ups and downs
over the years but I’m pretty sure you
you’re glad that well you know it’s it’s
you know the thing is we’re all heading
in that direction so we’ll party later
can’t get fast that door man this is
true we’re all gonna end up with
Prince’s right now at some point well
Morris thank you again for coming in
I’ve been a big fan since I was a kid oh
man and you have some classic songs
classic movie scenes
and man just looking forward to what you
have ahead appreciate that man
no doubt until next time all right my
man peace

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