“Money Is A Reward For Hard Work, Right?” WRONG

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Money doesn’t reward you for working hard – if money rewarded hard work the highest paid people would be the hardest workers. Here’s what money does reward..
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Money Does NOT Reward You For Working Hard
0:10 – Who does money reward
0:30 – Money doesn’t reward hard work – two hypotheticals
1:24 – If money rewarded hard work who would be the highest paid people
1:49 – How to make the most money according to the minority of people
2:10 – What do the richest people in the world have in common
2:58 – Worker harder with he Jeff Bezos example
3:53 – What does money actually reward work hard vs work smart
5:10 – Money rewards the amount of unique value you create – and how hard work plays a part in this
6:05 – How to work hard the right way
7:12 – The power of unique value when it comes to earning more money
8:00 – How to use your extra efforts to make the most money
9:00 – Why financial education is so important to take charge of your financial situation

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #ThinkMinority

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