Michael Jai White Wishes He Didn't Say He Could Beat Up Bruce Lee (Part 14)


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In this clip, Michael Jai White talked about his somewhat controversial take on Bruce Lee during his last VladTV interview. Michael essentially doubled down on his claim that Bruce Lee wasn’t a professional fighter and comparing him to pros makes for a false comparison. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well in our last interview the biggest
clip that reacted which is that almost 2
million views was the part about you
talking about Bruce Lee hmm
it’s kind of ironic also died just
thought about this how in you know your
friend Quentin Tarantino yeah once the
files have in Hollywood
there was a scene where you see Brad
Pitt the Brad Pitt’s character basically
beating up Bruce Lee like kicking him
into a car yeah
her Bruce Lee’s family was pretty upset
over that yeah I can see yeah if they’re
painting them to be an asshole yeah you
know and then that’s an issue I had with
that movie because what to me spoke loud
was that what I heard was that Quentin
was gonna use either Bruce Lee or Jim
Brown for that character to beat up if
that was Jim Brown that would have been
realistic Jim Brown would have beaten up
a Brad Pitt I’d be pretty damn pissed
off about you know you know Jim Jim
stone I don’t know yeah I got my issues
with that whole Bruce Lee or Jim Brown
thing why really why you know right
because in the movie Bruce Lee said that
he could beat Muhammad Ali and that’s
when that was written I’m saying that
well that was in the movie you know but
I mean I mean I can’t imagine that how
would I leave was what six to 250 here’s
my argument my argument I’m sorry that’s
you know but we had a professional
fighter on top of there when you’re
talking to people who I Bruce Lee’s my
eye I idolized Bruce Lee yeah I analyzed
Bruce Lee to like but still there’s just
reality there’s real fighters who bleed
and feed their families
I’m not gonna say Bruce Lee is on a
level of a real fighter like II that’s
not what he does did Bruce Lee ever
fight like in tournaments actual you
know actual events where someone is
trying to hurt you as opposed to movies
no or it’s all basically when you don’t
if you’re if you’re your skill set is
not fighting you’re you’re a
professional fighter can be rusty right
it reflexes if you’ve never done it and
you’re fighting a professional fighter
you you’re way out of your depth
it’s just it’s just but to try to
explain that to people who are non
fighters and just you know sycophants
and it’s like you’re wasting your time
but never in the emmy in the history ok
movies are made up of little guys
beating up big guys but that’s this in a
movie in a movie there’s no guy that’s a
hundred pounds lighter Bruce Lee being a
130 to 135 beating a guy that’s 220
pounds who is a professional assassin
that’s ridiculous even if you got a guy
at 135 and finding a guy that’s 160 that
is a massive massive imbalance that
almost never happens that’s unfair
that’s why we have weight weight classes
that’s unfair
yeah and so 100 pounds more is insane
yeah remember when MMA first start when
UFC first started there was no weight
classes right and it was like a shit
exactly exactly but yeah and but it but
you know it was a little manipulated
yeah the UFC stuff this is manipulated
you got a guy with aggi who can use it
as you know he could choke someone and
then the people that he was fighting
over then we’re not the top-of-the-line
fighters right but I mean in our last
interview you said that you could be
Bruce Lee just because of the weight
difference and and so forth and everyone
a lot of saying wish I didn’t say that
this is you know there’s silly immediate
I mean that’s my that’s my that’s my
hero as well yeah yeah
it’s like come on he’s 132 stop you know
it’s it’s kind of like I shouldn’t have
said that I should have said loosely
it’ll been hard for him to be anybody
over 150 because when you you know 132
violent person it’s hard for them name
and hurt somebody 150 well okay if you
take away the weight class mmm the the
weight difference you being a
professional fighter yeah and you have
black belts and what eight different
mm-hmm eight different martial arts you
have Championships
yeah the US Open and everything else
like that when you look at Bruce Lee on
camera and you see him doing his fight
moves and everything else like that
would you say that Bruce Lee is a strong
fighter if you were to put him into an
actual match or is it all theatrics I
would say he would look great I mean
he’s the best physically like there’s
nobody near him in films but if he were
to fight a fighter equal weight in size
it’d be hard for him to do that because
that’s not his skill set fighters get
hit in the face by other you know guys
that are 130 and under you don’t you
really see knockouts very much it’s
because ever their skulls can can
withstand another 130 power hitting them
it’s the heavyweights that can’t take
too many blows from each other but so
two guys equal weight the training blows
it’s very difficult for a non fighter to
defeat a fighter a fighter who’s used to
getting hit in the face and walking
through it it’s not beauty you know it’s
not a beauty contest
it’s is being effective so you know if
I’m talking about professional fighting
yeah it’d be it would be amazing if
someone like Bruce Lee who’s there
radically fought fought a actual fighter
and beat them that would be the mourner
most amazing things that would be that
would be the mourner most magazine that
would ever have happened because that’s
never happened

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