Michael Jai White Thinks Michael Jackson was More Famous than Jesus (Part 12)


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Part 13: https://youtu.be/8tiiXi78FnE
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In this clip, Michael Jai White and Vlad debate over whether Michael Jackson was more famous than Jesus Christ. Michael also discussed what it was like working with Janet Jackson on ‘Why Did I Get Married II’ during which time Michael Jackson passed away. He also described his only time meeting Michael Jackson and how he found himself at a loss of words. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hey man it’s like a I again I mean I’m
I’m super loyal friendship wise like I
said I don’t make friends easily
I considered quite a friend and and my
thing is I want I want the best movie
for him me I know I don’t
it’s not about me it’s about the movie
so I thought that was a good decision
and you know when people say man you
know they should have had you in that
you know and that they should included
that scene I’m like I don’t think so I
don’t see her that that scene makes
sense even when I shot it I didn’t think
the scene make sense in the movie so I’m
not surprised at it I’m not about like
just didn’t meet me I’m not I never will
be that way well you were in Tyler
Perry’s why did I get married – yeah and
why did I get married and well both oh
okay about them yeah but Janet Jackson
was in why did I get married – right
both oh she was in both okay yeah which
movie was it when you guys were filming
and then Michael Jackson’s death got
announced yeah that was why did I get
married – okay yeah yeah that’s why I
mentioned that mm-hmm so here you are
you’re filming this movie with Janet
Jackson mm-hmm Michael Jackson is still
the most famous person on earth since
Jesus Christ he’s the most famous person
who ever walked off the planet I don’t
think there’s any argument to that
because you know think about the Muslim
world uh know Jesus Christ and you know
Muslim world have heard of Jesus Christ
I think the most Muslims have heard of
Jesus Christ no yeah well it’s kind of
like from most Jews have heard of Jesus
excellent marketing let me tell you yeah
you know it’s from around the world
no let’s put it like this he’s the most
famous person ever photographed you tell
mom Michael Jackson yeah yeah he’s the
most famous person who’s ever been
photographed well what do you think do
you think about this just for a sake of
everybody from
tu-95 knows who knew who Michael Jackson
was everybody no matter where you work
now are there five-year-olds and other
countries that don’t know who Jesus
Christ is
I casino you know I mean yeah so so so
to me that Michael Jackson was the most
famous person who ever walked the planet
so here you are doing a film with his
sister mm-hmm and out of nowhere let me
just look up how old Michael Jackson was
I think I know I just wanted to check 50
years old very young out of nowhere he
basically overdoses and dies yeah I
don’t know how close the relationship
was between Jenna and Michael mmm
they didn’t collaborate a lot they had
that one song screamed together mm-hmm
Michael seemed like he kind of was off
to himself yeah for a very long time
mm-hmm but that’s still your brother
yeah that’s still the person you grew up
with this is someone who you look up to
admire when the news hit what happened
with Jenna
well no directly would happen with her I
knew because you know Tyler was you know
pretty much fielding things and he was
very sensitive to how she was how she
wanted to proceed and then her decision
was to to work and move on and we were
gonna do it you know well Tyler it was
gonna do everything he could to just
kind of make it as comfortable for we
shot in a kind of more obscure island
setting and tried to keep it quiet that
didn’t necessarily work out did she cry
at all did she I don’t know I’m not
close to Janet but the the you know you
speculate that I mean
in a scene with her where she tears the
room apart which didn’t seem like acting
at all yeah yeah quite a loss mmm quite
a loss yeah too bad Michael was you know
you could say that you can’t get too
famous Michael I think it was just too
famous he could not walk outside he
could not really sort of regular life he
had to base and then once all the the
leaving Neverland type stuff started
coming out he just became a hermit and
off to himself yeah like I met him one
time oh did you yeah and I’m not proud
of myself but he was making a
presentation to the the the President of
Ghana at the time
Jerry Rawlins and so he was seated at my
table and he was gonna be there because
I gave him the entrance point to where
he goes up on a stage whatever so we see
it sitting there right beside me and I
don’t know if there’s a word for this
where you make eye contact and you just
go and you don’t know what to say but
I’d be damned everything I could think
about saying I couldn’t say because it
was just like the wrong shit was all
running through my head you know I
giraffe’s know and so I’m like look like
but I couldn’t think of one it was sad
for me because I think okay here’s
another human being
I don’t know how to say I don’t know
what links us like a the identify you
know I mean it was just this weird thing
and plus I’m like okay if I got in the
saying goes a nun I’m not going to just
but I really wanted he seemed very open
and nice but I feel like there was like
I didn’t know how to relate to the cat

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