Michael Jai White: Jean-Claude Van Damme is an Actor, Not a Fighter (Part 15)


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Part 14: https://youtu.be/e3BpuuoVBBg
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Jqi-TMXLhoU
In this clip, Michael Jai White discussed professional fighters making the transition to film and named his favorite example. He also spoke at length about the immense respect he has for professional fighters and why he could never give an actor pretending to be a fighter the same accolades as someone literally fighting to pay their bills. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

right because there’s been a number of
professional fighters that transitioned
into movies hmm let me think if you
start early on
I mean Van Damme he’s not a pervert
venom was never a professional for a dad
was their professional fight no no he
just could his little he no no no I’m
it was never a fighter no he was never a
fighter no oh okay my bad sorry
he’s far you got you guys doing Sparkle
yeah he and I sparred on the on the set
of a Universal Soldier the first soldier
yeah yeah but no he’s not a you know he
no no there’s there are some people that
the number one guy the number one guy
that is transitioned from actual
fighting and actually made one of the
greatest fight scenes in movie history
is Benny or Keita’s there’s nobody in
his sphere Ben your kid has with the
fight or Meals on Wheels with with
Jackie Chan Benitez is an undefeated
kickboxer real fighter and did one of
the greatest movie movie fights ever
this I don’t know anybody who could top
that and bidding your kids is also one
of my instructors
let me Randy Couture he did some acting
yeah yeah he’s a real fighter
yeah but you know but I mean I’m talking
about that’s yeah you know gone you know
Randy’s a friend and he just I just
directed him in the movie I just you
know he’s not a a regular actor he’s
done some acting no he’s a real thing
he’s a real ass fighter of course
fighting him was an actor no no he’s an
actor now he’s he’s done a bunch of
films are red he’s probably been in 15
movies I would think okay yeah
bye now yeah yeah well after our
interview I interviewed tamaak who was
the lead actor The Last Dragon and I
brought up the whole Bruce Lee Michael
Jai White thing yeah and he has sort of
an interesting answer
I don’t care about weight you know you
guys seen cats that are different weight
classes like that knock out big guys you
know so that has nothing to do with the
weight that has nothing to do with it
you know you know if you get a trust me
there’s some guys five six or 140 pounds
kick you in your nuts good night yeah
he’s supposed to answer that way you
know I’ll go ahead and play it now yeah
and he basically I guess didn’t like
your answer all that much he should I
don’t like my answer dude I don’t like
my answer that’s the thing I should have
shut the hell up I shouldn’t have said
that hey you know it’s like I’m saying
I’m I’m talking shit about my own hero
but I’m talking but the way I’m speaking
about it is because of my respect for
real fighters I’m sorry I have too much
respect for real fighters right real
fighters who put bread on their table
bleeding and fighting and making that
sacrifice then to call even myself or
another actor to give them those same
accolades I’m not a professional fighter
I can fight I get in a ring with anybody
that’s the truth there’s no professional
fighter that I won’t get in the ring
with right but you do not pay your bills
through fighting
I do not pay my bills through fighting
so I can’t call myself you pay your
bills but acting like you’re fighting
exactly I was pretty I pay my bills
acting like I’m not an insult yeah it’s
a couple of it yeah but you know your
jobs a whole lot better than theirs and
also to be honest we’ve completely odds
with myself
dude I was born with a gift okay I don’t
know many fighters there are
heavyweights that as fat as fast as me
if if people hit me the way I’ve hit
people I don’t know if I would stay a
stand for that you know what I mean I
don’t know how much heart I would have
that you know this I give my mom my
heart goes out to people who get their
ass kicked
rise get the ass kicked right and keep
going I don’t know if I would have had
like John Jones like like like Conor
McGregor I’ve had physical gifts that I
used to my advantage
you know who’s in Conor I mean I have
all the respect for that dude in the
world because he you fight get beat and
come back you know he has physical gifts
there are some people were just gifted a
little faster than other people like say
Anderson Silva when that started to
dissipate and you don’t see him you know
you saw that he you know what maybe
wasn’t willing to trade very much right
I don’t know if I would be of that
variety to where I’m you know my
physical gifts are slowing down and I’m
gonna still keep with it you know I mean
so but my heart goes out to people who
fight who really fighting and I can’t
give an actor the same accolades as
people who fight for a living

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