Michael Jai White Addresses Rumors of Another Spawn Movie (Part 10)


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Part 9: https://youtu.be/Phk_FgT18wI
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Jqi-TMXLhoU

In this clip, Michael Jai White spoke about his role as the Bronze Tiger in ‘Arrow’ and his history, in general, with the superhero genre. Surprisingly, Michael revealed that he was never really into comic books growing up and wasn’t even aware who “Bronze Tiger” was before his wife informed him.
Later, Michael Jai White and Vlad remember John Witherspoon who passed away in late 2019. Michael went on to clarify where he stands as talks of a “Spawn” reboot are surfacing. He said there’s a bit of confusion as to whether the comic’s creator, Todd McFarland, would be directing the film and expressed his concerns with the proposed direction of the title character. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

we talked about spawn last time which
was well the first superhero movie yeah
well the first for his black superhero
movie yeah for his blankly Superman came
up but then you were also bronze Tiger
on arrow good series been on for a long
time yeah arrow was a was a fun series I
love those folks man yeah I mean it’s
weird I’m in the superhero genre but I
never was a never was a big fan of the
superhero thing
but people people really assume that I
am because I’m in it
you know I’m grateful but like it you
know it’s a great opportunity and I
wouldn’t mind doing it again
but yeah it’s the genre is I mean it’s a
huge of course since the biggest jar
well I think they’re talking about
incorporating the arrow into the DC
Universe mmm you know cuz now there’s
more DC movies you know Aquaman was a
hit mm you know Batman has always been a
hit but now you have like was the
Justice League you know Wonder Woman was
you know solid a solid movie and I had
heard rumors of the arrow getting
incorporated in future movies yeah yeah
for me man it’s like I’m going like this
one like I don’t okay yeah it’s even
when I was younger I just wasn’t in the
whole comic book thing too much yeah so
you know yeah my wife had to tell me
what bronze Tiger was when they offered
me the role she had to tell me you know
I was yeah I don’t
yeah well you were in a couple episodes
The Boondocks yeah yeah you were you
played Bushido brown yeah which I was
doing an impression of Jim Kelly right
yeah I was in one episode of the
boondocks oh yeah oh you were you yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
and of course John Witherspoon played
pops in that series
I saw a picture of the two of you
together but you guys actually know each
other no no we were at the the roast of
Tommy Davidson I believe I was that what
it was yeah yeah Tommy Davidson that’s
that’s that’s a that’s a brother of mine
we have the same birthday and we used to
throw parties together
I was always deep I was the DJ of the
parties that we do you DJ yeah yeah yeah
I was a DJ yes DJ in New York for a
what we’re getting common now yeah I
interviewed him last year mmm and I was
such a fan I was just you know like
boomerang was probably my second
favorite Eddie Murphy movie ever yeah
and Friday was one of my all-time
favorite movies and I was such a huge
fan of the boondocks really sad the he
passed away but at 78 years old he was
still working up until the very end
yeah I think he did it his way yeah I
mean you know John Witherspoon was back
he’s like he and David Letterman being
that tight that’s a very interesting
kind of you you wouldn’t have put that
together but it does make a lot of damn
sense both comedians yeah yeah let him
nice do stand-up yeah yeah I remember
Letterman from man remember him doing
stand-up at the University of
Connecticut mmm okay it’s memory of that
guy he he oh he opened up for Angela
bull fill at college yeah man but yeah
he was a you know and I asked her I said
look at 77 he died at 78 by cenna77 why
are you still working I mean you have
money you’ve made millions of dollars
you know well you know I could sit
around my house and look at my waterfall
all day but I’ll probably die a lot
quicker if that’s that’s what happened
what keeps you going all these years
because most most most seventy six year
olds would probably be retired by now
I like that cash keep you alive if I had
to get up not I mean forget doing the
interview and I did if I’ll be sitting
home by my waterfall mmm
if I didn’t come come and do this and
now tomorrow I got a drive to Oxnard I’m
working in Oxnard Oxnard improv Friday
Saturday no Thursday Friday Saturday
so that’s Ennis to cash and and and stay
alive you know and he had a crazy
touring schedule yeah like he was
literally I think on his way to a show
when he had a heart attack and died
you’re like packing or something I was
surprised I know he kept physically fit
he was running I mean I know some years
ago that dude was like doing some
serious running yeah he was still good
shape like he would uh he had this show
called cooking for poor people
yeah on YouTube and he filmed it I guess
he had this other house that he would
film at and he would do the show like
his shirt off like doing this thing at
the end
um very sad rest in peace yes and I
think they’re supposed to do a new
boondocks reboot and I’m just wondering
whether whether that’s gonna happen they
hit you about that at all no hit me yeah
I don’t know too bad these reboots are
well there was a talk of a spawn reboot
and I guess you would talk to Todd
McFarlane about it and he said that he
wants to do it and then what well okay
there’s a lot of things I don’t
completely understand first of all Tom
McFarlane I’ve never known him to direct
anything I know I know the fans don’t
know any better they go oh yeah Todd
McFarlane is doing another spawn he
never did a first spawn well he was he
was the writer and artist creating the
comic book yes it’s a whole different
skill set when you’re directing it’s
something completely different you’re
that to direct the movie I mean like
Stan Lee did not direct any of the movie
right okay but I mean so it was he
involved in the script at all who Todd
McFarlane not that I know of
oh okay because then it would be
screenplay by Todd McFarlane it knows it
know it was Allen McElroy so they
basically just licensed it from him
did their own thing that’s what happens
that’s how that works I mean it’s like
isn’t you don’t see a script bicycle
they were like one of the Marvel movies
by Stan Lee you don’t see that see it’s
I mean I don’t expect the public to know
the difference but but they you know
like they’ll say Oh Todd McFarlane’s
coming out with another spawn
interesting I mean so somebody’s giving
him like a hundred million dollars or
fifty fifty or three million dollars to
do a movie with you this guy he doesn’t
direct I’ve never known of them to
direct the movie but what he does he
mind the publicity know whether he does
and directs a new spawn starring Jamie
Foxx great I mean all power to him but
I’m you know I’m a little dubious I’m
going that does that sound like
something like a talking point just to
keep relevant or is it really going to
happen all right there’s been like a
year and a half already you would think
somebody would have broken ground
all right well we’ll see we’ll see yeah
okay I mean it’s fine either way that’s
cool cuz I mean he told he told me his
concept about the spawn movie he wants
to do can you see what that is and it
was something about you spawn being a
character that you don’t see he’s just
some mist oh and all of a sudden people
are jacked up hmm like good work yeah
all power to you good luck with that I
don’t understand it but I’m not supposed
to a.m. it’s not even my John Rizzo it’s
like cool that’s your character that
yeah yeah you know you do your thing man
all power to you

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