Michael Jai White: A Black Man Named Damo Brought Kung Fu & Buddhism to China (Part 11)


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Part 10: https://youtu.be/NRInFpqeQ9U
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Jqi-TMXLhoU
In this clip, Michael Jai White spoke about being in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and later appearing in Mortal Kombat: Reboot. He went on to speak about his scenes being cut from Kill Bill after Quentin Tarantino decided to change the script. Michael detailed his experience working with Tarantino and doing another flashback for the film that didn’t make it into the final cut. To hear more about his experience, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well you were in mortal combat legacy
which was I guess the prequel to the
videogame yes that anyone’s familiar
with you were supposed to be the first
one I was supposed to be in the first
and second mortal yeah but I guess you
were doing spawn at the time and you won
I was did to Mike Tyson story that’s
shot at the same time so I ended up
doing the Mike Tyson story and then the
second time and second one spawn was
shooting had to write at the same time
okay so you’re doing mortal combat
legacy in 2011 can you play jacks Briggs
yeah so kind of a superhero film in a
way yeah in a way I guess something like
that comic book very you know very cool
character mm-hmm
you know someone who grew up with the
the video game right these are very
important characters yeah how many of
these films do they make all together
was it just three I think they made two
Mortal Kombat films and the third one is
in the works I guess okay yeah are you
in the next one – no no okay now you
were in Kill Bill one and two but you
didn’t actually make the final cut yeah
I was supposed to be in a large segment
of Kill Bill it was a whole segment
you know how he’ll start you know it’ll
name a segment there was a segment
called the house of blue leaves and I
was supposed to be a Hattori Hanzo sword
wielding guy who’s running running a
and it was so cool he’s wears this white
tux and he’s got a sword and it was
gonna be the entrance to Bill’s
character is his this whole story that
happens at this casino that ends up in
this big fight Quentin Wow in China put
movie together had the idea of scrapping
that in doing this the massacre at the
church as Bill’s entrance to the movie
which I didn’t disagree with I thought
it was a great idea but it meant that he
was gonna scrap the house of belief
stuff you know Quentin at the time was
you know we were very friendly I mean I
considered him a friend actually I was
back in the day I was contemplating the
whole black dynamite thing with him hmm
I could see there and so on right
because he did a Jackie Brown
yeah man which is kind of saying we’re
both nerds in that song and in fact in
fact pulp fiction was really based on
blaxploitation films mm-hmm that’s why
the dialogue is a certain type of way
yeah well Quentin Quentin is like
there’s a lot of his influences that I
know cuz I wasn’t I was kind of a nerd
with that that kind of stuff too but man
that dude his musical knowledge is
ridiculous that’s that supersedes
everything else to me he’s got an
encyclopedic musical date
you can’t stump him too much with music
all kinds of music but anyway well no I
you know I I we were friendly I agreed
with his decision but he called and said
hey I still want you to do the fight
scene I’m like how’s that gonna work and
so you know he wanted to do this thing
where I’m leaning these Chinese guys and
I’m kind of not too damn oh damn oh was
man that looked like me who came to
China and brought Buddhism he’s the
father of Buddhism he brought Buddhism
to China and he brought martial arts
pork tongue clue
and so Quentin thought that was
interesting to have this black man
leading a team of kung-fu guys but he
plays it as like a flashback it didn’t
ultimately didn’t work in the movie
you know it was like animals and also
when we when we showed up to shoot the
scene he came up with handwritten
dialogue on the back of it cuz Quinton
and I always joke around and we do those
Chinese voices like I’m like hey I’ll
kill you
who’s your teacher you know we be doing
that all the time yeah you know and you
know we do that we’re doing all that and
so he comes with his handwritten stuff
he says we’re gonna do that I’m like are
you serious
usually I want you to do that voice you
know hey you bastard you’re doing it
doing that thing I was like yeah I’m not
surprised that it back that was on an
additional footage but you know hey I
came to China we you know we had fun and
then I got to hang out with a Gordon Liu
master killer all that and you know it
is what it is
well Quinton is one of these massive
talents like he just has never really
had a bad film and the films that he
does are so left field and they still
work yeah like you look at Pulp Fiction
right which was a big hit when it when
he came out but then you look at like
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that just
came out have you seen it yeah this year
great film
yeah not my favorite that’s your
favorite no it’s not likely
I liked it then you see that the hateful
eight which really goes left it like and
then you know Django mm-hmm
you know like and you have these I feel
like you these films that he has have
these like iconic characters yeah
to this day like whenever like if you
want to insult a black person all you
gotta do is put up that like meme of
like Samuel Jackson hug
up on Leonardo DiCaprio you know what
I’m talking about like I think like Nick
Nick Cannon 50 cent were beefing
recently and he like when 50 cent was
like standing up for mmm like Nick it
will put up the Django that’s too bad
that you weren’t in it it’s very I think
Kill Bill is a very good project good
film another one of his great

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