Maurice Clarett: My Family’s House Got Shot Up Over My Older Brother’s Beef (Part 1)

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Part 2:

Maurice Clarett sat down with Coach PR, where he opened up about growing up in Youngstown, Ohio and finding himself getting intro trouble with the law early on in life. He recounted stealing a car at 12 and then getting put into juvenile detention for a fight, and the judge telling him that he was going to give him harsher punishment if he came in again. Maurice explained that he turned to sports to redirect the trauma in his life with the help of a mentor, who was the corrections officer in juvenile detention. 

The conversation then turned to Maurice’s house being shot up as a result of his brother’s beef. He detailed the incident and his mother screaming for everyone in the house to get down as he heard shots coming from all angles of the house. To hear more, including being one of the top football players in the country when he was in high school, hit the above clip.

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