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How living E-A-S-Y allowed Robin to realize her dream of becoming a medical doctor. Dr. Robin Beverly Faumuina is the daughter of High Chief Faumuina Taufete’e John Faumuina and Akenese Faumuina of Leloaloa, Nu’uuli, and Pava’ia’i. She received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Ross University School of Medicine and is a practicing physician with the Department of Veterans Affairs at the Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Tafuna. She is an Assistant Clinical Faculty Member with the John A. Burns School of Medicine at UH-Manoa, Chairwoman for the Board of the American Samoa Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

less are more a movie on lava and some
100 far too Oh tell Emma it’s all to Tal
I am dr. Robin from weena and I’m here
to share with you a successful strategy
that I call e a sy eazy-e a is why
happens when you believe accept and move
BAM but before I go on I would like to
mention that I do not own the rights to
the songs used as part of my talk I do
give special credit to a Samoan sister
Aggie sua Houston of the Ovilus a more
song and give credit to all the other
artists as well for their inspirational
music e a sy has made me execute my plan
has made me a acknowledge my setbacks
barriers and failures has made me s sell
it and has made me why yearn enough you
know what this successful strategy I was
able to become this young female Simone
MD a strategy that may become useful
during your journey to success and if
you’re already successful it might serve
to refresh and enhance or even open up
an opportunity a strategy that may
hopefully spark interest in someone to
become a medical doctor to help meet the
demands of the eminent physician
shortage that we are now facing in the
nation and here in sawa you know I’ve
never met anybody or come across anyone
who has ever said I pray to live a hard
life or even say I hope to have a hard
day today or say please give me a hard
time I’m sure for most of us we would
rather true
and live easy that’s me
I choose easy I live easy like Sunday
morning yeah
e and EAS Y is to execute your plan by
believing that your plan will work make
sure that your plan is simple and clear
that it has a deadline for me I kept
writing out my plan I kept it simple and
I would write I want to be a medical
doctor I will be a medical doctor and I
am a medical doctor and even practiced
signing my name with the initials MD
simple and clear I pictured myself in a
white coat with my stethoscope around my
neck making rounds in a hospital
somewhere in the United States and I
kept telling myself I’m going to do this
and I will be done by my 30th birthday
this was my deadline I believed in it so
much visualize this so clearly that for
the most part it became true as in true
la la la I love it when you call me doc
Femina it’s true lalala here’s what’s
true so execute your plan you must
accept these truths early in your
journey you must accept that it will
require a lot of time from start to end
it will require a lot of time before you
will actually get paid and why is this
important because many will not even
attempt challenging journeys like this
to become medical doctors because it
requires too much time many of us would
say I don’t have time Oh trust me you’ve
got time this is why it is key to map
out your plan early and really see how
much time it will require to accomplish
your goals
my mapped out to be about 13 years it
would take 13 years of my life to stay
focused stay committed and even miss out
on major life events to become a medical
doctor but the moment you process that
and allow your
mind to accept it it becomes easy
because now your mind will block out 13
years of your life and allow you to
easily focus on the mission ahead and be
able to execute your plan except that it
will take a lot of time before you get
paid many of us love instant
gratification nowadays it’s as simple as
a swipe and app and a click but if you
truly want to fulfill becoming a medical
doctor accept this thought doctors are
consistently employed professionals so
although not instant where you can just
get paid by the click of a button it is
a stable long-term profession and while
you wish everyone was cheering you on
throughout this long path here’s another
truth execute your plan knowing and
accepting that many will doubt you many
will doubt that you will succeed why is
this even worth mentioning well it’s
because it is the doubters negative
energy that will cause many to not even
attempt to try to take up these
challenging journeys it is the doubters
negative energy that cause many to even
fail the journey wastes no time on the
doubters give those who doubt you zero
attention focus all your energy on
executing your plan and remember it is
not their plan it’s yours and your plan
was designed specifically for you
because every moment that you will
experience along your journey will
create and influence the person you will
become my plan was designed to take the
non-traditional pathway to pursue
medicine many have asked why I answered
why not because if I didn’t take this
path I would not have become an
international medical graduate where now
I can network with many friends
throughout the world who are practicing
medicine and who keep my medical
perspective global if I did not take
this path I would not appreciate
I respect the different cultures and
their ways of practicing medicine which
made me more culturally sensitive in my
practice and if I didn’t take this path
I wouldn’t be so confident that at least
I challenged myself against so many
international medical graduates who are
now practicing medicine in the United
States and if I didn’t take this path I
would not have learned to be resilience
where I am able to adapt and positively
respond in the face of change be proud
of the plan designed for you and as long
as it needs your goals and your plans
that’s all it matters it’s for you and
execute your plan by making the move
even if you literally have to move
outside of the country so make it happen
move your plans that’s top priority and
keep moving forward regardless of
situation and as long as you believed
accept it and made the move BAM your
plan will be executed easy a and EAS Y
and knowledge early that there will be
setbacks barriers and failures along
your journey you must believe that you
can and will overcome it accept this
thought early in your journey so when it
comes time it will be easy to digest and
face acknowledge and accept that change
is necessary in the face of failure I
had to change I had to change my way of
thinking I had to change my attitude and
started replacing my negative thoughts
and negative attitudes with positive
ones I had to change my language and
moved away from saying that things were
impossible to saying that things were
possible moved away from saying that
things were hard and started to say that
everything will be easy the change had
to start with me I started with the
woman in
mirror I’ve asked her to change her ways
and no message could have been any
clearer if I want to make the world a
better place take a look at myself and
make the change and once these changes
happened I was able to acknowledge and
fine-tune what was really causing the
setback my barrier for me in my journey
it was standardized test I had poor
standardized test taking skills I had to
acknowledge this it was my weakness and
recognized that I needed help because to
survive in the pursuits of a medical
degree and a medical license you need to
pass a multitude of standardized tests
from the MCATs to the cops or the
national board exams to the USMLE steps
one two and three this led me to take
another non-traditional path of learning
I had to take tests prep courses like
the Kaplan the Princeton Review and the
past program to learn and sharpen my
test taking skills and overcome this
barrier and during this challenging
journey you will notice that there will
be fewer and fewer people that was still
around to support you I acknowledge them
I acknowledge your support system and
thank them each and every day because at
your lowest moments all you may have
left is their energy to push you through
now that you’ve acknowledged your
weakness don’t dwell on it you’ve
recognized that you’ve made the
necessary changes now move and make your
weakness your strength because once you
do you’ll want to sing with me I’m a
survivor I’m gonna make it I’m a
survivor and I’ll keep on surviving now
I’m not the expert test taker but I can
at least
say I’ve practiced and learned enough
about these standardized tests that’s no
longer my weakness of mine setbacks and
barriers acknowledged by believing
accepting and making the necessary move
BAM easy now you have two s an e a sy
sell it if you’ve not noticed life is
full of competitions in this phase of
your journey you should be able to
answer this key question why you why
shall we pick you over the hundreds of
applicants why shall we give you this
spots to be a student of our medical
school so be a resident physician in our
residency program let alone be the chief
of our program or even hire you on as
one of our MDS in our practice why sell
tell them that you believe in yourself
and sing your praises and I sing because
I’m happy and I sing because I’m free
yes I am sell it by accepting the
opportunity to point out all your good
qualities by saying why you are special
don’t be afraid to say all the good
things about you because no one else
will people usually see your praises at
your funeral
say it now this is your moments own it
sell it by moving and making it all
about you selfish sounding yes I know
but guess what this is how most
successful people operate they know
enough about themselves they know their
qualities and they sell it they bring it
all they own it when they asked me why
me and why am i worthy I had to sell it
to them there’s some Lofa to hotel
it’s uh what to Robin
what does that even mean for us it means
I have a fearless heart always willing
to take up challenges it’s all olat so I
have a humble heart that is full of
respect for others if mo not know for
seein a lot so I have a heart that is
passionate to serve tirelessly all in
lots of fear tell to up and our hearts
that fights for truth all in lot o Fe no
Molly I’m your son sold sold they said
you believed it you accepted it and you
moved on BAM easy and now that you’ve
proven your worthiness you have to why
an e a sy yearn enough to make it to the
end you’ve got to want your plan all the
time and not just some time yearn and
believe that it will be granted get down
on your knees and pray for it so a tool
e-mart italian longer fists or sore knee
yearn and accept the blessings to flow
right through you and as long as you
yearn enough it will make you move to
the end and meet your deadline you’ve
earned enough you’ve believed enough
you’ve accepted enough and you’ve moved
enough to make it to the end
BAM easy choosing easy EA sy has allowed
me opportunities and has gifted me with
success choose and think easy all the
time I hope this successful strategy
will help you along your journey I hope
it will spark interest and produce more
medical doctors don’t forget once you
reach your success pay it forward and
always remember where you started
Oh unless are more it a movie a love uh
there’s some although far too Oh tell me
more it’s or two

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