King Tone on Leading Latin Kings, Love for King Blood, Getting 13 Years (Full Interview)


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In this VladTV full interview, King Tone spoke about a variety of topics, including being a leader of the Latin Kings. Along with that, he spoke about his time being in a gang and the consequences, agents infiltrating the Latin Kings, and more. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

all right here we go
we have activist and former leader of
the Latin Kings King tone in the
building yeah yeah what’s up what’s up
yeah well uh pleasure to have you cuz I
remember growing up I saw the
documentary that they did on you in HBO
years ago this was in the 90s I believe
right yes yes 91 he started Norden he
started like 95 96 they came out 2003
okay there we go
there we go just a very powerful
documentary as someone that was living
on the west coast at the time that
really didn’t know about the Latin Kings
at all this was before the internet and
everything else like that it was very uh
just a very eye-opening documentary and
it really showed kind of the complex
nature of who you are in your position
in their organization yeah you know in
any time when you’re coming through and
uh you make enough to be part of
something that’s a part revolutionary
but Portnoy’s because through the
historical attacks of getting labeled as
a gang from being a social club or group
in the days that when we started we had
to fight that war so you’re
automatically criminal is what I’m
trying to say when if you took that
label or the responsibility to recreate
it so you know that that’s it’s a
challenge right it’s you know especially
when you join something you know that’s
already has its history
sure so let’s go ahead and get into the
whole history of the Latin Kings
so the Latin Kings were originally
formed in Chicago in Humboldt Park
around 1950 no I don’t I’m not sure if
that’s that late but it they started
around the 60s when the Black Power
movement was going and when they already
had in Chicago the college kids going in
the street and in power that’s where
young Lords was born out of and the rest
of the power groups were forming there
the Hoover’s the Larry’s we were all and
the kids were coming up at that time so
I say it’s the sixties really late 60
after the Vietnam War
they came back in these were their power
groups they started forming to coexist
in the nearest neighborhood you know
that they you know being Latino was a
tough situation
so that’s really when they started just
as a social club around there the 60s I
believe well originally it started as a
group to kind of protect Latinos and to
stand up for civil rights but at one
point it kind of started to have a
criminal element to it well you know I
think criminal element in a poor society
so let’s say my for my my example King
tone wasn’t uh didn’t I wasn’t born King
King tone was made and created and one
of the things that created it was East
New York in the 70s and 80s you couldn’t
have a nickname named bocce
so if you bocce in East New York or in
the street and you got four sisters like
you said I might have been coming home
with a little bit of crap black guys so
you stop creating what they do in New
York you create a label you create a
character that like Yoda is a lot
different being called King tone then
Pachi they want to say or tone in the
streets so what I’m saying yeah and I
think that’s the product and that’s in a
poor neighborhood that’s the quickest
way a man that’s been caller speak in my
time that was the word not educated not
empowered you look to these power groups
and you look to these people even though
the element is slinging numbers hustling
the numbers with the Italians run into
the spot if it was you know the guy in
the duck corner slinging dope a lot of
people say but those are criminals
growing up in their eighties in the 70s
in East New York seventy fifth Precinct
Police Officers were selling dope my
guys were selling dope so what’s the
environment I’m learning I’m learning
that’s the product that gives me a
future here and that’s the one they’re
letting into my neighborhood so what I’m
trying to say is a product that I think
yeah you know criminal enterprises of
criminal opportunities are offered to me
and people like me when we’re in those
neighborhoods a lot quicker than a real
opportunity like education equality so
they’re at an element after they killed
are greatly
like Malcolm X and and Martin Luther
King’s they got mad at Chicago man like
they did in the rides in California burn
this motherfucker down ain’t nobody
listening now we’re the bad guys so
that’s what’s key tone is unique I’ve
learned from them and reading is coming
up perception is as good as burning a
building as making the city spend money
watching me if I’m gonna burn it right
so good with it it’s a good way to put
it yeah well at one point the Latin
Kings kind of broke off and there’s a
lot of different sects in Chicago and
then King Gino was the one that started
to unite everybody so that’s the history
of Chicago which a lot of it what is
known is I learned it like you reading
and in learning and that man now is uh
he’s as I’m seeing and I’m hearing he’s
reformed like myself and he’s doing
great and you know to speak about him on
his past but I think a lot of people
don’t understand that a lot of these
power groups like Oscar Lopez who’s just
been pardoned and brought home from
Chicago they were all in Vietnam war
those are people were drafted and it was
the time after when we started screaming
for Rights what I’m trying to say so we
had that element that we went and we
fought a war for someone and for
somebody who didn’t love us who we
fought for and we came back home and we
found out we were still speaks and
everything and they was they still
giving us the opportunity of equality so
when I guess G is done because you know
when you come from Vietnam a lot of them
came with heroin heroin addicts and
stuff so the heroes came back with the
cancer they gave them in the wall so and
you a new God came out more intelligent
more more understanding that those
things heroin those things shouldn’t be
part of us and I guess in Chicago that’s
when they try to reorganize it from
getting lost and trying to find our
identity to walk this wall and give us
you know things that are respectable to
act like men not gangbangers did you
know King G no at all personally no I
never met him you know I know him
through a
he’s a hero he’s uh he’s a man and you
know uh they praise criminals whose
trunk half of this country put a
criminal into an office but then when
there’s a criminal running a criminal
enterprise they get surprised well right
John F Kennedy his father made all his
money through bootlegging which is
essentially drug dealing at the time so
you know these men I think these men in
that time and I think you know you you
about my age I’m saying 60s 70s and 80s
was a tough time for Latinos Puerto
Ricans Cubans cuz you had the black move
in you had the white you know like they
say simple as black and white
goddamn it is not there’s something in
the middle of that they would call
Puerto Ricans they were humans they were
crow Mexicans and we were trying to find
our identity in this city that’s why I
love Zulu nation because you will see
Porto Rican brothers getting contacted
all Cuba libres with their black roots
and it gave us this unity to find but I
mean actually a Puerto Rican like body
or governor or mayor that ran in the 60s
that Puerto Rican pride was injured and
and we got abused and what I’m saying
they fought for that the Geno’s these
these dudes that came back in Chicago
and they see the young lords and all of
them as a people said we’re not taking
this shit no more man but then in that
war finding out after you fight that war
you fight you find out that your
greatest enemy isn’t the black brother
isn’t that the disciples is the system
they won’t let us break this this this
crazy circle we find ourselves in cuz I
try to change it and I fought for it
like they did and you find that my
greatest enemy was Giuliani and the
sister saying a gangbanger can’t change
he don’t supposed to wanna change and
guess what we’re not gonna let him
change so some of us choose to stay in a
stinkin thinkin criminal mind because
come on some of us become American we
come into that part where what we want
is greater than the values and I’m just
saying that who you are is what you got
in this in this country basically a lot
for and poor kids to compete with an
11 and they own the bus and they see
that your son got it he’s slinging it
like it’s nothing and he’s like wow you
know what I’m just saying we got to
compete in the Kings lost a way but I
mean in the lost the way where we
thought that we had to fulfill the role
that the poor community provided us and
sometimes if you explore there like I
did myself you get lost in that world
you know what I’m saying and you got to
find yourself out of there if you want
to you know have a successful future
well King Gino ended up getting 30 to 60
years for murder and then he was
convicted of I guess trying to to run a
drug empire behind bars and they gave
him life after that so at this point
King Gino is gonna serve out the rest of
his days behind bars unfortunately but
as you said I guess he’s reformed his
ways at this point yeah I think if you
guys said this is something like that
for community now like you just said
look what they sent this lord Gino to
right for killing and to and as they’ve
been they accused him of doing and he’s
doing it and he stood up and he’s paying
for what he’s done wrong and he’s gone
through the programs they make they
making him jump through hoops but I
remember when I was in Tara Hut and I
walked the yard with some cats that were
involved in bombing the that the work
the World Trade Center beef for the
first time I know of cats that crossed
the country that were white in new in
America in New York that went in forward
to town brought him out and 20 years is
home he went out he fought against us
and because his father had money he went
there 20 years in the feds and they
didn’t put him in ADX
Danny bury that cat that’s patriotic
when you take a cat like that and you
show him you never cross us and you bury
him no a black leader Italian leader of
a gang they deserve ADX they deserve to
get 250 years 24 hours lockdown
but cuz in their own neighborhood
growing up or there’s a story to
everything all of that and if you look
at the walls all I’m saying to you is
look at the harsh punishments you get
because you call Lord Gino or your
caulking blood but you don’t cut you
don’t get it for the for the Sammy the
Bulls you don’t get it for them they get
their deals they get their breaks so
yeah so like I said again I don’t know
his case I’m younger than him he’s he’s
you know what he’s I think he’s like me
you know as a leader you you take the
good with the bad and you take what you
didn’t you don’t and you shut up and you
carry your cross because you fought for
your people and then you repent for the
things you did wrong and you do what
he’s doing you face the world and you
get better he’s loving his people his
kids so I you know who he was isn’t the
man I see today I see who you you’re not
your greatest mistake I could bet you
know if I take a picture your whole life
after you commit a stupid crime I could
find shit say yo dude that was some
stupid shit you did so what I’m saying
some do bigger mistakes to another but I
don’t know if what they he did or they
confused them is is true but I know this
is true today that he’s a he’s a man
doing what he’s supposed to live in his
life and I just I wish him the best
because you know you know he deserves to
walk around breve and have opportunities
to love on people well the the Chicago
faction of the Latin Kings was known as
the Lord you know from New York right
yeah absolutely
I’m just saying I just but I just think
that the Chicago history of the of the
Latin Kings cuz it leads into the New
York story Oh Cassie what she said I
know what were the well the Latin Kings
in general a rumor to have 50,000
members and the Chicago faction was
considered the largest Hispanic street
gang in the United States the largest
expel the large is expected yeah now is
the ms-13 right over 18 then it was the
Crips right then who was the blood they
took my 50
and they gave it to the Bloods then it’s
a does 50,000 that gave it to thick you
see because a gang problem is as good as
only if it’s the problem they’re gonna
say they’re gonna attack and claim a war
against before I was a war on drugs
today is the war on gang
tomorrow is what was the war but they
never took a war on poverty they never
got the balls to come out here and say
what’s making you create these things
that you don’t come to us who is calling
you ourselves the government and the
providers on your worst day you could
come to us and we could give you a
better way than the dope dealer you
don’t get my point
shit to walk through a welfare building
and get coupons
give me a package sucker let’s go you
know I’ve interviewed a lot of uh you
know a lot of gang members over the
years I’ve interviews Crips Bloods gd’s
biddies so forth and so forth and the
one thing that seems to be very
different about the Latin Kings is the
structure of what you guys laid out you
have Cruz crip Cruz will be a shock
collar and og and maybe a couple of his
homies same thing with the Bloods gd’s
have you know their block but no one’s
ever answering to a higher entity
there’s no hierarchy but the one thing
that that’s completely different it
seems about the Latin Kings is you guys
actually set up an organization where
there are heads at the top and people
knew what their position was and people
had to answer and so forth can you
describe how that organization came
together from your point of view I
thought you would describe in Washington
or the White House I don’t know is that
it like to say that but uh when Martin
Luther King marched he marched with
structure and with people who knew what
was a non-violent march you D just woke
up in the church say are we gonna be
nonviolent you have to teach him not to
be nonviolent that takes people in
leaders to be called and to teach people
how to do things like when hands up
don’t shoot
I said before where we were training
when you create these leaders that
started movements to look like King tone
to again speaking that they got a say
we’ve seen this structure before we seen
the successes could create so all they
did was duplicate the enemy structure
that they used against them to decide
but used it to govern themselves to say
if they’re gonna say with this
we got morals we should do this we
should have the right to to speak out we
you know what’s funny is people think
that we’re some illiterate or we is a
bikers club the Hells Angels other
groups I’m just saying is so it’s so
weird when is the gang is black or
Mexican or something like I structures
different from the other ones that
that’s been existent what’s different
from ours is that we there’s people who
have structures that’s following there’s
not there’s traditions that are believed
and I think when you take culture and
you say the Black Panthers you see a
picture in your mind you see that that’s
power behind that name so when you
protect and you build structures really
there was places that we’ve organized to
say this
there’s Latin Kings here you’re not
gonna come with your little baton and
your little badge and beat the fuck out
of us we’re gonna fight back here you’re
not gonna have us in the jail lockdown
23-7 you don’t give us nothing no
pencils no nothing you don’t beat on us
the good guy hits back oh here gangster
now he hit back now oh he’s a gangster
he don’t want to get beaten no more he’s
a gangster I’m just saying so structure
was the structure for like I said before
any social club respect your elders
listen to the traditions like imagine
now with with all those things
imaginative all those indictments our
elders that knew what they knew before
us like the young Lords went through Co
imagine if Martin Luther King and all
them left us guys a roadmap of these
things and these these trap artists and
gang with doing for that you get what
I’m saying falling into the image that’s
pertain to you but yeah we had structure
because structures was demanded in any
community absolutely well fast forward
to the early eighties there was a Latin
King from Chicago named Louis Philippe
aka King blood you know so I guess
you’ve gotten some trouble in Chicago
and he moved to New York and then once
he got to New York he was convicted of
killing his girlfriend prison uh-huh uh
he had a case he had a murder case
forget a murder case yes so he ended up
in New York and at that point he
actually created a new set of the Latin
Kings can you talk about that no I I
what I could talk about I think you
mentioned in Louis Philippe who’s uh he
was another man that uh he’s from Cuba
is Amari Leto his mother father never
knew them and when cute Cuba closes
Gaynor Fidel Castro send everybody over
he landed like you know for most of the
kids if you see Scarface it was those
times and he went to Chicago not like
George II know I don’t know his Chicago
roots or what he’s done in Chicago that
but I when I when I’ve heard of Louis
Philippe King blood he was already a
gentleman during that time that big and
like I said before and i teaching grow
up grout that later we’ll talk about you
are not your greatest mistake all of
these men you mention what they’ve been
charged or what they ran into dealing
with life in a property state or or she
and nobody makes excuses for things we
do because none of those many of you go
to their case or disrespectful or nine
they were remorseful and they took what
they had coming
now once again what you’re not saying
for lucid louis-philippe imagine sitting
in the courtroom judge Martin is sitting
there yeah Billy the Kid did it all
these Western good or Bonnie and Clyde
there was gangsters in America before
the Latin King folks you make movies
about them cats you honor them you
played them so Louis Philippe cuz he’s a
lanky he ain’t got the bodies none of
these cats had a hundred and forty five
years forty five years no human contact
forty five years no phone call forty to
five years no male 45 years that’s not a
draconian sentence when I’m once again
you don’t treat traitors like that what
is the signal you sending to black and
Latino Americans and gangs right this is
what I’m saying
so if he did wrong and I was down to
trying I looked in his eyes and he took
his and he apologized but they left no
room for repentance they left no room
for growth then come on what you faking
you get so what I’m just telling you
luís Filipe at this some mistakes and
you leave is the story where you know
what I teach my youngsters who are
walking and getting involved in these
power groups when you’re trying to find
out who you are cuz you’re already in
and you touched everything and you want
to make him be somebody big and you go
into the graveyard to find out about
dead men’s bones and talk about the King
tones the Lord Gino’s and all them don’t
disturb the fucking bones cuz you didn’t
live through it you don’t know why who
told who killed who didn’t all you know
is what they tell you in the police
report and what the DA stories saying
the stories usually told by the victor
not the loser so I
wanted to tell his story I wanted to say
he is a man he loved on me he loved like
other Mannie he did nobody knew his
circumstance do I get mad when he make
mistake hell yeah like my mom got mad at
me but I know that if they give him the
chance to have someone to educate and
real of them and rebuild them through
this process and that he’s never coming
home how does saying in that cell what
was the signal what what did judge
Martin the DA the DA versed I didn’t
even ask for that judge Martin said no I
did so I’m just telling you that imagine
the signal is sent to all the people I
brought to see that that day to hearing
or you support him know what I’m showing
my kids is what they do to you when
you’re a king blood in a ketone and you
slit and you mess up what you do is ten
times a sin then a man that walks in
with ak-47 somewhere in the fucking
suburbs and shoots up a fucking Walmart
ain’t nobody saying shit
and nobody’s talking about gun rights
ain’t nobody’s talking who put the gun
and louis-philippe his hands and on
Geno’s hands how the fuck he got there
he got a serial number you could trace
it to the motherfucker who solely those
dudes we don’t talk about cuz like
Johnson and Johnson says in his
commercial we take care of you from the
cradle to the grave
we poisoned you with our powder and then
we gave you motherfucking dope what they
gave them they sued them they get a day
file bankruptcy next you still don’t
dope I mean we got the president say he
gonna find out where is that it’s one of
your lobbyists you dirty motherfucker
the pharmaceutical companies the biggest
dope pusher in the United States of
America and you Barry King blood
little things in life that make you mad
you know who he may met mr. Giuliani the
one over there Russia doing over there
fucking around being a crook huh
well this leads me into your story my
story all right sorry when they talk
about keep blood a sinner that’s still
buried alive I get emotional that’s my
nigga I love him and guess what you want
no son never met him never touch them
isn’t that who Jesus had with a bunch of
killers the prostitutes and
motherfucking no-goods y’all hypocrites
you hate a crook when he’s black and
Puerto Rican you love him when he’s
white and blonde and rich and I’m pissed
off about it you lucky and 20 years ago
I’ll be looking to set something off on
Fifth Avenue and do like the young Louis
truck just load it with garbage but you
see that’s what I’m trying to tell you
for real the Latin Kings too son was a
curse to me save me when I was a
crackhead when I was lost when I gave up
on the game when I was already disgusted
they were my Boy Scouts they with my
Marines and if you don’t understand
you’re not from where I’m from well you
grew up in East New York yes
East New York never around always walk
you know right day by freaking Avenue oh
did you get off on Euclid and you there
I was right on the main strip I’m a
strip kid I’m the Avenue God I mean for
those that don’t know East New York is a
very rough area you know home of Mike
Tyson and a lot of other so jay-z was
the other side we’ll call these New York
you have bisaya tilde projects you have
you have you know you have Cypress Hills
that was right down my block that you
got all that you know that the avenues
is there that was a tough neighborhood
tough place to live oh yeah I just
interviewed Brian glaze Gibbs who came
out of
same area and he has quite a quite a
serious story as well but you had a very
religious mother she was a born-again
Christian yes to this day and Jesus I
guess your dad your dad wrote for a
bakery yes
pala Gonia is the best style but is a
whole block bakery it’s pretty amazing
back in the days when the Italians were
Italians right yep well I you went to
school but I guess you didn’t actually
know how to spell your own name until
you were in high school yeah so so you
just weren’t oh sorry go ahead in those
days you know they used to push us
forward but in third grade I already
went through something with a certain
teacher that to this shit mr. Chodesh I
know his name
see that people have impressions in a
young man’s life before they know it he
became a great teacher I think in a
principal but when he was with me he
looked like he was still learning cuz he
was pretty much an asshole and he used
to call me names he wasn’t supposed to
he was a bully at some sort and one day
I said fuck you I could be a drug dealer
instead of being here be embarrassed by
your white ass you don’t even know me
and some days I talk like that because
that’s how they used to talk speak why
and you got these teachers from the lyla
coming and don’t want to talk to us and
cheaters mistreat us
so I third grade already was my mother
thought I was in school but you know if
you have 56 days on count you could pass
those days so 9th grade
I’ll teach hacks me that’s when you
needed your little homeroom card and I
was on PCP I was in I was already all
laying in the streets at that age and
she noticed there’s a problem here the
first person who ever cared enough tax
me yo what’s up you got a problem so I
ran and that’s when high school I
stopped you’re not saying
so yeah so I started high school and
John first my one was John J up on 7th
Avenue down in Red Hook the high school
I was in the CJ program they kicked me
out and then I ended up in Franklin K
Lane East New York and that’s where
basically already know you know I was
already in the streets after third grade
I was exploring you know exploring what
makes the world turn in my neighborhood
well you mentioned the PCP you were also
doing crack around that time right no no
so when I was younger
crack crack was after the agent when I
was younger I was pretty much out there
slinging like most of us you know we
wanted I walk this way the adidas the
gazelle is the sheepskin so we were you
know we weren’t a little marijuana you
know we made our money and and at the
end what really happened was we were
selling right by our parents and we
transformed our whole lives transformed
and as much money as I made I couldn’t
get over that guilt my father told me
values are more than money I’d rather
sell bread then be out there like you
looking like that you’re getting
disowned you get it and trying to coach
me in but I was too already gone so I
lost my values so in that Miss
conscience when I had it all the most I
felt the emptiest
I said let me see what it is to be the
other side of this discord the crackhead
in the matter the one that disappears
the one nobody talks to no one I was the
dealer now let me be the crack here
right and I wanted cuz you you you let
your family down you let everybody done
you know Spanish community and how they
were they were tight-knit it and when
you fall into that it would it really
hurt their pride their Latino pride so I
used drugs to drown out all those things
that sling in and all that brings that
world brings nothing but sad and sorrow
death so I’ve made a choice to smoke and
then crack was no joke it was based then
you call it crack now because it’s the
familiar name us ballers used to base as
you know the stink of kids used to base
the cops used to base the room was the
room was further one and all because
that time everybody was dirty in East
New York well as you’re dealing and
with that came the prison time so at
what point did you start getting
arrested and going jail and juvenile and
and so forth well I believe in our 89-86
I have what you call coz I don’t call
bears just when I started like staying a
little while but I’ve been being picked
up brought to the island let go over our
from Brooklyn Court but you know as you
keep getting them and you get more
severe then you find yourself in Rikers
Island and busts in you get a glimpse of
oh this is what it looked like and by
then usually if you’re a normal person
that shit’s just scared the fuck out of
you and you don’t want to go back over
that bridge but when you’re me and
you’re that kid that already tasted it
and you say oh that’s the next level to
make them believe how mad I am and I’m
ready I’m hard I’m ready to go I’m
scared of what’s on the other side of
the fence so in about 80
I think 87 88 I went in already a couple
of a crackhead bus small shit cuz I
already did my big thing already did the
money got my you know my paper felony
now I had like four cases bullshit cases
slinging out there doing the bullshit
cuz I’m drugged I’m in the bullpens in
Rakas island and you see who’s weak
who’s strong you know the story and
there was just Latin Kings around
already then and you know of course like
I tell my kids trying to act like what I
thought you’re supposed to act when
you’re in a place like that I know
school king bumi decides it I seen you
you prove you fire it but you’re stupid
you really don’t know what you want
right he knew read this and when I
couldn’t really say that’s why you mad
cuz you stupid and I never heard of
somebody tell it to me like that you
just mad cuz you stupid but you then he
gave me the food you come from great
people like Lolita LeBron ox ago he told
me what Puerto Rico was but my mother
and father never took the time because
they were so
I found an identity in not the Kings in
the history of my being told by a Latin
King who learned it that way
some people joined these groups because
they lost and they want to be found some
join for protection because they scanned
the jail some join whatever I joined
because it was what made me fear I read
the Bible hundred times I was it on I
was in Teen Challenge all that shit none
of that touch me like that man’s
gracious love when I was in my Lords
point and taught me how to read in five
days I memorized something never did
that in my life he didn’t hit me he
didn’t beat me he was patient he taught
me how to do it in rhythm come on black
is the knowing of the ancient passing
foot huh baby season got no fucking
rhythm when you match the song to what
really sound a makes when you learn to
spell we learn different from that and
he took the time to find out how to make
me interested in being smart reading
books and it sounds like a movie right
it sounds like Malcolm X and all of them
if you run into the right character like
everywhere else mr. Cho dish could have
been him in third grade but that sucker
was mad at somebody right he probably
would want to be the next creative son
Brayden ended up being a teacher third
grade with Speaks
so he was mad at me so yeah man in the
island they took me in they clean me up
my man Sambo who’s a doctor now who
later works with us
in Brooklyn Navy Yard nobody knows what
Brooklyn Navy you always like people
talk about Broca’s Island Brooklyn Navy
I was crazy
so I got a guy that when I walked in and
my man heard it just to show you I was
cracked up awaiting my seventh arrest
they sent me to 5j cuz I always fought
in Ireland so they sent me there and
Sambo is dances
I’m gonna use that’s my man cop diesel
and he looked at me say yo you’re not
gonna stay around here like that you
want to get a haircut then there was an
empty buck next and I said this too is
trying me man
see you’re asleep here power rank
understanding of the environment he’s
pulling me in he’s saying you’re Puerto
Rican you belong here if you go there
you’re gonna get hurt
look you look a little fucked up let’s
clean you up let’s get you ready for
what you’re in the gods wasn’t gonna
teach me nobody was gonna you get my
these are men who made an influence on
who I was going to become in Rakas
Island a greater criminal or a man that
finds himself in an identity to come out
and Sambo King mafia these are great
people that had an opportunity to hurt
me but help me in my weakest point so
yeah that’s where I found it I seen it I
I studied it I ain’t I embrace it to
this day I love it
I care for it I’m relevant I don’t want
to be involved I won’t be like you I
want a million young kids and power
groups so here King tone said you could
grow up out of that they grow up out of
the Boy Scouts they grow up out of
college they grow up out of their gangs
grow up out of yours it’s alright to
grow up out of it and then let’s help
those that are going to go through that
process but you as a land King and an
elder or blood elder your true G you
still then you go home come here son you
walk in the wrong road cuz we still
there to teach like it was supposed to
happen in a healthy community we educate
us real heed us like the Nipsey Hussle
‘s were trying to do like these men that
find salvation try to do in the
communities that’s what I found I didn’t
want the Kings to be a criminal
enterprise I wanted them to be a
well you join the Latin Kings in prison
mmm at what point did you and King blood
start to connect cuz you mentioned you
never met him in person so but you do
you do have some sort of relationship
with him yeah
we have a relationship but later on at
that point I really didn’t connect and
it was just we knew that why he he was
there and why we United and the
oppression that was growing more than
impression jail powwow because I want to
re-educate the power groups with this
opportunity to in jail it ain’t are
suppressing each other for the phones or
that that’s a sad excuse for the reality
of is the power the CEO doesn’t do his
job he gives the phone book to us he
gives everything to us to run while he
sits his ass there and he lets us fight
for why he’s supposed to take care of so
my point to is if we racial profile each
other in these institutions as Bloods
Kings Puerto Ricans black that’s why one
of them suckers could run a unit of a
hundred and fifty of us and we’re the
baddest of the baddest all of a sudden
we become good citizens for them why we
chop each other up and when I go into
those cages and see that that’s not what
made me tick
Maya made me tick why are we fighting
and why can’t the weak eat with the
strong why can’t we make house gangs
that support have you been here the
longest you get on the phone when it’s
your turn and as big as you are when you
walk in this unit you wait til it’s your
turn to have seniority if not ain’t one
of us gonna fight you all twelve of us
is gonna beat the blood out your ass and
get out of here cuz you’re not gonna
take from a weak person that’s what
Latin Kings about that’s what Bloods was
created for that’s what all this was
created for but we find comfort in
hurting something that’s easier to
attack than the people who’s oppressing
us into those places and our decisions
so that’s what I’m saying there in the
island and all that that’s what’s going
on really man you know what I’m saying
it’s a Miseducation of why we existed or
why we fought each other shit ain’t
important no more the purpose that I’m
trying to teach you is if we won’t wait
for racial profile each other in the
street on there you
know the difference we can make maybe in
two or three years on the next election
by doing safe spaces for power groups
doing safe safe passage for the voters
whatever hood you from whatever color
you from you could well go vote you get
my point that’s what I want to see in
our power groups so I just want to touch
on king blood you know before we move on
so in New York the Latin Kings started
to grow as an organization more and more
members they started to swell and then
right around 1993 an internal war
started a break out in the Latin Kings
and I guess seven people seven nine
Kings members were killed and there was
one murder in particular where a guy was
decapitated set on fire and his Latin
King tattoo was carved off of his body
and his head was never actually been
found again King blood was blamed for
ordering some of these hits and he got
the most severe sentence since World War
two he was sentenced to 250 years in
well then Donald and the first 45 years
were to be served in solitary
confinement and then 39 other Latin King
members got about 20 years each do you
remember that time vaguely cuz you know
I was on probation coming home and
working at that time I was blessed to
have the stars blessed me with good
leaders when I came home that were
running my neighborhood that was a that
was well educated and what it did and
and understood the situation while I was
in with being homeless coming back from
jail not being able to come to my
mother’s house when I came home they
gave me the space I needed to uh to
progress and and and staying home you
know what I’m saying so no like most to
I picked up the paper in the morning and
you see that and you see people you love
and you care for like what the
Christians call for them the coming of
the Messiah that was the coming of
operation you know king blood and and
taking so it’s like you go and you come
and you see people missing wives asleep
in 3:00 in the morning or when she
turned around he you know he’s not there
and I know you’re seeing it as all
they’re getting indicted in the crib but
I’m saying the human part of what
happens when these indictment comes in
these accusation but once again people
must understand and this is where I’m
going and I don’t is an oyster but I’m
gonna make sure people understand this
he was in Attica in a cell with his
letters and phone calls be monitored in
their prison like they killed that rape
I mean like that rapist killed himself
in MCC by mistake and they left alone he
was in a Cell there were people copying
his letters that means there was people
copying keeping and being accessory to
because if they called one of them
suckers and I don’t mean as them suckers
because they were the victim or the one
committing the crime but both of them
were suckers to the game because they
already made a copy of the letter that’s
what they accused them right so my point
Sheila I just want to see everybody
takes out the the other player in the
game so what they did let’s save the
first thing happened right what they did
oh wow these guys are real let’s see if
it happens again but if it was a 16 year
old white girl that got put in that
situation who ever done where they’ve
ever been another victim where they’d
ever been I’m just saying I think they
say tional eyes that guy’s murder which
God rest his soul man and you know that
almighty got him we don’t you know sorry
I don’t know him I just like in the
papers or anybody you talk in you hood
he’s a king or whatever you call a
friend or foe like we say like an
indictment we don’t wish that on nobody
that’s why we say that could be in and
that’s why we question justice and was
it then who was it really King so what
I’m saying a man that was in a Cell got
to get accused for seven murders
so that means seven people they saying
he had to send right that’s what they
accusing them of so the sender’s that
came in brought him and tickled the
tongue of a fucked up man in a similar
situation and came out all they make
deals with the DA so that made it
righteous confusing confusing shit for a
lot of Latin Kings and plus when these
things happen and that’s what confused
me when I heard the case and that’s why
I fought and I wanted and I wanted to
pursue justice to see if they were
dealing with him fairly
and it was blind not if I supported or
did support that’s none of your fuckin
business that’s like voting so you could
judge me if I support and redemption and
making him want to get again oh then you
can’t be that good cuz you you believe
you get what I’m saying so yeah I think
he blooded it to end it there
the sentence is draconian man he made a
mistake he apologized
he’s been there how long 98
ya know but remember in 89 he was in
Attica that’s you so he’s been in a shoe
a solid test since 89
okay he’s been through the programs he’s
doing everything I don’t know what’s
happening to him but this I know I was
in the fence there’s a cycle but he’s
not getting a release so I just have a
humanity again right and let’s see where
he’s at let’s
a pastor let somebody touch him let him
love on him let him give him a hug kiss
his fuckin head cuz if it was your child
you’d be wishing somebody get up in
there with him regardless what he done
that’s how I see him you get it and I
never met him again so when he started
making contacting me is like everybody
so when I see you what’s up you doing
good I hear you getting shocked
I hear you change your life you got it
not every letter was a letter to
somebody about like they make a scene
ignorance hate that’s not the key blood
I knew well the story goes was that
while he was on trial he gave the
blessings for you to be the next leader
of the Latin Kings nice just you’re
right is that true it’s on the court
minutes right you know about court
ministers and all that yeah a lot of
questions we asked I answered and I’m
not talking to you I’m talking for
many moons ago yeah I think that’s what
he did in uh I never shied away from
that responsibility because if there’s a
thousand people outside and then the man
that they believed them and they loved
and they will go anywhere for just
disappeared the Christians took him and
he named me leader but I was supposed to
do had to go down there fucking leave my
community I had to suck it up where I
was the loss and didn’t know what I was
gonna do I went down I prayed and I said
wherever you go we’re gonna love you
we’re gonna remember you we don’t have
to do as you did America got a pass to
you know I mean I finally forefathers
should be you could have said to some of
them motherfuckers to 145 years in a
Cell in them days they were treasonous
to against the king I’m just saying they
healthy and delicious people in America
and I’m not trying to get off group is
that they make it seem like because the
land Kings had a past we can’t have a
future America had a past and they got a
future they calling the people who own
this land immigrants and getting away
with it
so I’m just saying the King’s been
labeled we know that we know we’ve made
the real Kings have tooken it apologize
dinner bitch came home and trying to
teach our youth
hey remember why we really were put into
existence it was not to send you to jail
was to take you out it wasn’t to make
quick money it was to give the right to
make money and that’s what we tried and
that’s the rebranding I try to teach
well 1995 you can come I’m sorry you
stay on course oh yeah of course of
so it’s 1995 and you become the leader
of the Latin Kings in New York how old
were you at the time
well my 30s mid 30s that was 90 okay and
you notice that Inca that’s a title some
that people use you know we so what we
so I like to educate cuz you throwing
words around Incas was a dynasty they
were one of the strong as it delicious
peoples so we just that’s what I was
teaching rename yourself rebrand
yourself learn who they were learn what
true traditions who were their gods what
did they do but in that sense that
that’s why they used that name for us it
was a prideful name to say he’s you know
he’s gonna help lead us but there was
always more people that I felt as a
community if you learn my movement was
to bring other people on board like
National National Congress of Puerto
Rican rights and preachy Perez the new
Panther Black Panther movement the
Nation of Islam National Action Network
the Zulu Nation
donita’s that’s what the fuck I was
about and not that he wasn’t about his
sacrifice just gave me a door in the
perfect opportunity enlightenment where
had an opportunity to lead and to see if
we could practice right where we preach
what we want what we really wanted to
say and that’s what I think we that was
yeah that’s what I was trying when I
when I had the power to lead the nation
or to give my ultimate advice or the
route we should take for a better
tomorrow well when you started as leader
of the Latin Kings you wanted to move
the organization away from violence and
crime yeah everybody does that’s every
other immigrant and every gang in
America like you seen the gangs of them
the gangs of New York when they were top
hats in bowtie it started criminal
enterprise then you find your way in
America and you get legal and you start
learning to live and you make so I’m
just saying every every every community
and immigrant goes through that
evolution the last law usually is
written by the first man who broke it
I’ve never heard that term before the
last law is usually written by the first
man who broke it yeah no guns well well
you talked about how being the leader of
the Latin Kings and announcing that you
want the organization to move away from
crime and violence actually became
somewhat dangerous for yourself you said
now even some of my own people want me
out of the way they think I’ve gotten
soft and when I’m not worrying about
them I’m worried about Giuliani’s damn
police they’re trying to do anything to
send me back to prison so what kind of
pushback did you get from the
organization with their stance what it
wasn’t much because like everything once
you are once you say what the reach
appear as Widow with the people who knew
about this thing they started teaching
me to watch those around you that become
your enemy all of a sudden because they
usually Cohen tells those other signs of
would have been infiltrated a court that
did something wrong and now are in the
process of dealing with they need to
give information to take of course like
every organization we thought that
evolving and moving on to moving from
that would not let us to support those
that usually in jail in everything think
that’s the only economy that somebody
they believe only a crook or take care
of crook you don’t get my point
when it’s really the opposite because if
you usually find out and you acts every
King who gets indicted or arrested the
ones who take care of them are their
friends and their family who wasn’t in
the nation not as bad but the nation
carries on so it isn’t the crooks and
the things that take care you usually
after you fall is the legit person in
your life that always been there
so my point I was telling Majan if the
Kings becomes that legit person so that
means we could care for you more in a
way in there than us doing it was
thinking thinking and these are the
steps and the painful steps we will have
to take to get there and something is
growing pain like you learn like you
said it’s saying things you should have
said or being too vibrant too colorful
caused anything now you know there was a
street interrupters cure violence all
this except it’s a Facebook the gram I
was new I was different the message was
Church big loud proud fuck with us we’ll
make you mad you got my point so that’s
that’s really where where I was heading
with it right and I think right around
that time is when the documentary was
starting to get filmed on you the one
for HBO so here you are you’re the
leader of the Latin Kings in New York
you have a little girl who was look like
she was about four or five at the time
yeah and you’re having these these
meetings I think in a church where you
have all the Latin Kings and they’re
doing you know you’re talking about
civil rights and you’re talking about
Latino pride and
one is is doing the award order a you
know it was really just a very powerful
scene that you actually developed there
but at the same time you were being
charged with conspiracy conspiracy to
sell and distribute heroin yes and you
watched the documentary and you’re
originally on house arrest and the
charges are you know the trial is coming
up and so forth and then at one point
they show a video tape where undercover
cop is recording you secretly basically
in the middle of a drug deal and at that
point your lawyer said well that that’s
it we have to take a plea deal this is
there’s no wind with a videotape Ron
Kuby is the name of my lawyer good
lawyer real master with me to the end
always helped me make the best choices
that was best to do what justice was
gonna try to do to to do the best what
we could do with what justice that
planned for me well here you are
you have this large large organization
and you’re preaching you know no
violence no drug dealing let’s turn this
organization around but you yourself are
actually drug dealing during that time
how do you explain that well I’m not
gonna explain much but I’m gonna say
this that that answers your question the
way so kids will learn because they
gotta learn right there’s a story behind
everything the tape you seen and when
you filmed and you all saw that I used
to work on five twenty Ron Kuby was on
the seventh floor I was on the ninth for
brian ting before that if you know it
years ago I worked for MTV I’ve worked
what I’m saying why I was being indicted
I had jobs and as I started getting more
involved with the mothers against police
brutality and getting really political
but losing all those things I gained on
parole once I was announced the leader I
lost my apartment my mother-in-law threw
me out you get it who was the next man
on the totem pole living with them
around him around my own children I was
powerless folks listen still didn’t have
a license couldn’t drive a car couldn’t
vote was on paper what I’m trying to
show you is look at the box I I got in I
was poor King tone with all those kids
you see screaming and willing to die for
me as much as the movement and anybody
else that’s their brother now cuz I’m
King tone they only died for me but in
the movement go forward I’m trying to
point I’d rather be broke and do what I
always knew to take care of myself
then send one of them to rob a bank to a
Trap House to ruin them that’s like I
told the judge Reggie in front of her
what I learned was like many of veterans
that maybe they again a roadmap our
great messengers that sometimes the
message is bigger than the messenger and
the message ain’t the bad thing is the
man and sometimes the man’s need
selfishly or really needs him but he
still does a bad decision cuz if you act
me if I wouldn’t make the choice then
that I did today to save my daughters
and them to have a place to live
I would have done 15 years in the
shelter with them but my mind at that
time there’s real king tone acting
somebody for fucking money to help me
pay the rent see there’s the side of the
gangster you don’t want to know
yeah I don’t want to betray the broke
one the ones trying to fight thousands
of followers but yet he broke he ain’t
got a caddy
he ain’t wearing chains he’s taking the
train yeah I mean that was one of the
things that I really noticed that
documentary is that here you are
supposedly this huge gang leader and
when you when you look at gang leaders
are usually like the Tony Montana’s
the you know the Frank Lucas is and and
they have minks on and mansions and
Rolls Royces but you were in a really
small dingy apartment with your girl and
your daughter
and it’s I couldn’t really understand it
at the time so it did start like that I
was on the investigation for three years
they just the feds everywhere I went
there they were and everywhere they were
we were and wherever we were we were
thrown doubt and who’s the one getting
thrown doubt really you don’t get it
so I had my apartment I had my tea but
as you have to move every six months and
five cases miscellaneous cases bullshit
cases to build a case to get me out the
way but my point is it exhausted me and
the judge said it best this had nothing
to do with the Kings is what you knew
what to do when you were broke it what
you did and you went back to your habit
and that’s what I’m sentencing you for
which leads me to other things like
Kings don’t make nobody do nothing
motherfuckers joined a gang when all the
scent of gang made me do it
that’s the first thing I wanted my just
understand this had nothing to do with
these cats none with the messages she
said I commend you I see you really
would live in their life but you you
trying to eat the wrong way you should
have asked you could you know all the
choices she said I could have had so
yeah I made a bad choice damn it
and I stood in front of there and I’ve
other people they’ve raided and all the
money they spent they got me on a
conspiracy to be a look by entre drugs
because they know I wasn’t out there not
because I’m better than nobody but I
learned from Bloods mistakes and other
mistakes so we evolved we grew raucous
Island lost our power because we were
more in the street than we were on the
island that’s a good
I’m proud of that fuck I want my gang to
run to Rikers Island where we could run
the we could be in the streets getting
entrepreneurs barbershops haircuts that
to machines do they’ll repeat though the
register newspaper we had it all popping
empowering the people getting involved
with the mothers against bullying so
that’s what you know I always go back to
us cuz that’s the original me you get it
and that’s why I was but when you make a
choice and you put in a tight spot and
you know people who had choices there
always thinks there is choices sometimes
you put in that moment where you got to
decide now and like I said before
welfares money to save my family from
getting victim take six months I regret
a lot of people are I don’t regret I’m
again she made me who has no I regret
those moments I’m just proud that I
learned from them I will regret if I
didn’t learn from my mistakes you get
what I’m saying so that was a mistake I
would do it at that moment if I needed
that to say what I was trying to say I
would have made a better choice well you
got sentenced to 13 years yeah and you
know I actually cried watching your
mother cry when she saw the videotape
and the lawyer told her that he’s gonna
have to do this time and then I watched
a little girl walk out of the building
crying that seems like probably the
hardest part
they came with us I guess it was a plea
deal at that point yeah
Miku B we plead we took thirteen and a
half to 151 and I waited to all my
co-defendants were finished so I sat in
MCC New York extra in the hole so nobody
could say my plea would affect their
their cases I’m an old-timer to this
shit my naming 6-9 they’re saying a face
this ain’t something you play and you
don’t got to look to be a gangster you
don’t have to look what you portrays a
gangster that’s the first thing you got
fucked up we’re gonna be look at me i’m
pigeon-toed flat feet after these dudes
kick my ass on one on one
well in the documentary I remember when
you were speaking in front of a Latin
Kings crowd you said that they offer for
you to tell against your enemies and
they would carve up your time you know
they’re like you don’t have to tell us
your friends but if you tell against
your enemies will will make your time go
away and you said no I’m not doing that
so lesson number two my power groups out
there this ain’t new to them they’ve
been doing this since the 60s they’re
professional the FBI will only go in and
the doors you open for them a choice you
make that’s a little choice – you could
hurt you later why I’m saying this is
the FBI operates different they come at
you with an investigation that you don’t
understand conspiracy wasn’t made for
Spanish and black kids hustling they’re
really not organized
Shelagh like you couldn’t get on time
and a place and way to tell them you
don’t get it they make it organized to
fit the RICO Act but we were why they
never mentioned money 130 of us and all
that they caught why they never because
we were poor they didn’t want they
wanted people to have still the glamour
they powerful they scary they got a lot
of money it’s not the image men and and
if Power Group started understanding to
stop living up to the hype let’s step
back a moment let’s teach these
youngsters that’s why I streets are a
little wild right now we suffering from
this gunplay elders like me haven’t
stepped up to the bat and say it’s okay
to squash some of this shit from the 60s
some of their hurts that I left you
behind I fucked up I did a drug dealer I
hurt the movement
I heard the mothers against brutality I
heard Richie Perez
I heard all my friends with that choice
I did three years inside to confinement
thinking about that day my whole three
years the greatest thing I could tell
him is I learned from it and I came in
here and I and I mastered and found out
to really be on point and situations
shouldn’t dictate the choice that you
make to be the same one
you know where it’s gonna lead so drug
dealing doesn’t enter my mind no more
you get it it’s not an option when a
motherfucker like you bumps me in the
Walmart and doesn’t recognize that I had
a hard day and I’m King Kong and I want
to smash your ass I remember myself
freedom is not overrated dig that shit
excuse me so sorry you got it I’ve
learned that well you were sent to
Leavenworth federal penitentiary yeah
there’s a nice place comfy and for the
first three years you’re in solitary
what does three years in solitary do to
a human being you did all interview
someone explained he was saying he went
crazy he cried you do all that you know
yeah I think Michael Michael Franzese I
spent eight years in prison 29 months
and seven days in the hole I was in
solitary for almost three years Wow yeah
they kept me in lockdown and I got to
tell you that’s not easy you know
regardless when anybody says we weren’t
meant to be solo career we meant to be
social yeah we were we did a little
research because I really never watched
none yet
so my man land there was like your toe
listen to one of them rows and now then
I’m gonna feel like I know dude
but anyway I see I heard that one in it
he described what happens see that I
already was in the state I’m a king I’m
King Kong right and now they put you in
there right so the mirror is in there
your toilets in there and you fucking
so you one day just as much as you go
shit you’re gonna have to look in that
mirror sucker you could sleep for six
days thirty two days one day because
they’re not open the doors you’re gonna
go over the sink and look in the mirror
and you’re gonna say are you still King
tone are you still that nigga and a lot
of dudes never practice doing nothing do
we keep you talking shit doing it in the
move in the street then you kick that
whole thing you know what
kicking I was kicking TV radio sex life
power officer smalls vulpes co-defendant
that they just let loose in New York if
you know the case the Louima case where
they put the plunger and MCC New York I
used to watch him pace crying there he
was gonna hang himself New York City
finest get caught with down the way down
now you pacing and gonna kill yourself
why ain’t you the same guy you was in
the bathroom sucker that’s where you
meet cowards
cuz the judge or turn a man into wanted
to be homosexual the judgement is the
hammer he’ll change a king tone into a
lawyer when he is the hammer he’ll turn
a young man into a gangster cuz when you
walk into a living Worth
you better know who you are and you
better know what you did and you better
know who you did it to so my poor when I
walked in and they put me in the shoe I
already knew I was King tone I just
didn’t know what I was gonna do with him
and solitude could could make you fall
apart each own feces take a light bulb
rake it shove it in your eye and pull it
out there’s nothing like it could make
officers drop a bomb in your cell
because you put toilet paper they can’t
count you a sound grenade bomb in a 6 by
12 then it blows up it blows you you
don’t know what is you don’t know what
force-feeding is Americans worried about
waterboarding across the ocean when
that’s more than 50 men every night in
federal pension engine penitentiary is
being tortured in the chute but that
side they gangsters they deserve that
treatment so I’m just living where
showed me that and it didn’t break me it
like I this Latin so living work was
exciting they put me the dog pound the
table pound is 60 is high by 40 deep Oh
school jail to bunkies and
get off the bed the bunk either you know
you know what’s the first thing really
vas King tone as a veteran that I’ve
been to some bids that I told myself
what the fuck did you do to be here you
remember I supposed to be here yeah I
remember when I interviewed Danny Trejo
the actor and this may be the interview
that you’re talking about but he said
you know and he was a career criminal in
and out of prison and so forth and he
said he ended up in solitary confinement
at one point for I guess attempted
murder of a CEO during a riot and he
said when he ended up in there inside of
the his solitary confinement cell it
said God is shit in feces on the wall
and he said at that point that’s when he
just looked at his whole life he looked
to the mirror and he said okay what am I
doing with my life to end up in this
room right now well in solid ad there
was a riot yeah that happened that was
the changing my life well you ended up
stabbing a guard I know I know it was
alleged that I threw a rock and and
Lieutenant he Givens got hit in the head
and raped by check or hit kicked he
socked a free person gas chamber
Henry Kahala kicked a coach gasps Tamra
Rock gasps Tina so we were sitting in
the hole and kind of kind of feeling
that were done and somebody had gotten a
shit and smeared it on the on the wall
and he put God sucks in the in a hole
and I’m looking at this and I’m sit in
this hole and I remember thinking this
is what my life has has come to yeah but
I have to completely change my life you
know they’re just so you know so what
made me get through it
you know I I learned to one make a
schedule but the mirror has to be a
daily event talk to myself remind myself
what I wanted to do and that’s where I
started creating in my mind so with Dave
Brotherton from John Jay College and
Lewis bodies who were part of that
church movement they said why don’t you
do so an interesting tone you ready why
don’t you start studying the shoe and
telling us what it’s like and what it
looks like
well then you start figuring out what
you want to do when you get out you see
feeding me that hope and those three
years I articulated my program grow up
grow out safe spaces for power groups
forms and formalities that when I got in
the street that I could remarket myself
and sell myself to the community I let
down and apologize and maybe find a
voice and a place for us returning
citizens at the table to maybe correct
some of our wrongs with intervention so
the shoe really build me and I don’t
look chuckles I could have done that
home I could have done it in the closet
I could’ve did it in the altar with some
pasta with his hand on my head the Holy
Spirit I could have done it anywhere but
for me it took that shake-up and and for
conspiracy to be a lookout to a drug
sale Tony you know you didn’t really he
wasn’t a drug dealer you needed money
one shot you blew they sold you out
and all power groups we’ve got to
remember usually the ones that are in
the court telling on you ain’t the ones
you were shooting at usually your
friends well you end up doing three
years in solitary and then they let you
into general population how much time
did you end up doing all together I did
I think 9 and 18 months so I did live in
worth so what really happens to make a
shot from living where they kept flying
me every 3 to 4 months I went to Tara
hood I went to Lewisburg I’ve been to
Oklahoma I’ve been to a stell
so they flew me and they kept me up I
done stops and met people but in 2003 I
finally made a compound in USP Pola
in Louisiana and I got the opportunity
to walk the yard and and now practice
after three years being human again
learning what what you know what it
feels like to be around people and
in 2003 2000 I think six or seven date
they finally gave me the permission to
go down to an FCI Estelle which mean
lower security and I breathed because 12
and a half years in a penitentiary with
1500 men 78 percent of them got life
sentences and I got a date and I’m the
leader so call of a gang ain’t none
scarier than that
so although I live it you got a date and
you’re in working the pin and you you an
idol and your reverence and you got
juice and you trying to go home with 12
years you better be getting real
articulate and know who you are if
you’re gonna make it to that door
so I started strategizing those three
years that I planned my safe space
problems I started doing it in prison
yards and the water used to get Mac says
how the fuck you find the spot I stand
in and know what’s going on and you keep
it safe you get it cuz I knew what
everybody in the yard was looking for
and I was the guy they trusted where I
could have treaties with them and make
the best decision for the whole yard
instead of a dope bag on deal or this
where we could we could fix it and to
show you humanity in a USB if somebody
cares to be the Reverend to go outside
and really talk to him say hey why don’t
we run things this way how did it feel
to walk out of that cell and into the
real world
it was fucking funny so what you mean
the outside wall of the shoe to regular
pop know when you finally finish your
prison sentence saddest day of my life
one of them I got my parents alive you
know and everybody I loved thank
honorary clothes so I don’t know what
that experience is but it’s the moment
leaving there so you do 13 years and you
meet people with 30 years 40 years
people would hope old-timers that when
they hear you got a date
stop filling your body with hope and
dreams and what they would do if they
were going sometimes it get exhausting a
good time but they they you know what I
mean your dream you’re going home so
what I’m saying through those years the
people that helped me Oscar
Oprah’s when I was in Tara Hut and they
won and I was in beef he stood by my
side and these ain’t Kings did with
people from the community who saw the
video and said resize where’s GD
whatever yeah I fuckin with tall he a
peacemaker you get it he’s about what he
says this time and they sent me home
from Ohio and Ohio I walked out and I
remember about 200 people on the fence
and they hold it tight and they made me
want to come back ain’t that some shit I
was ready to tell freedom fuckin I can’t
leave them behind there’s some good
people that done they bid deserve to be
home that communities have forgotten
about and I feel guilty for leaving
because as a gangster as a leader as
King tone as Bochy some things I
shouldn’t be here for that’s not your
business the DA’s biz nobody’s business
but some of them guys deserve to be home
with me so at the end of the day that’s
how it feels it feels like you want to
be free but you want to stay loyal and
you want to stay with the people who
loved you while your family your friends
everybody else forgot you so King Kong
with 7,000 followers came home without a
toothbrush without sneakers without a
bag without the movies version of a
Cadillac and 1215 Kings in the front
screaming with the Hennessy that shit
didn’t go down son I had a wife who I
never knew who believed in me picked me
up and said your new beginning has
started today and I understand today so
the first day was unique I left my best
friends behind and I came to the new
world and I accepted it for what it is
and I used my my experience and the last
look of my buddies who told me tone if
anybody who came through this
stuff ain’t coming back it better be you
I took the warning real seriously
so I’m trying real hard to today with
friends like Clayton Lacey and the
people who surround me today I’ve been
pretty blessed to be free till today
since 2009 okay so you get out and you
actually focus your life on helping
people who are still incarcerated and
coming out of the system from your
position and from your experience how’s
that whole experience like it’s amazing
itself so real quickly I I now have a
for-profit called Rob growl and what we
believe what I learned through my walk
in this life was oppression leads to
aggression that leads to violence and
everybody used to try to help tone
either when he was oppressed or he
already was violent so I had to come up
with an equation a vaccine of how I
could penetrate and heal so real quickly
I found out if you listen to the
oppression self-inflicted imaginary sick
or just criminal thinking once you
listen you find out the person you
trying to help
aggression goes down he’s been listened
to he’s been heard and when the
aggression goes down I believe is the
only teaching moment to avoid violence
so there you become a prevention of
violence or give information and choices
that if he does son it would be
something less than violent make sense
because we’re dealing with the
oppression so I put that into practice
in New York when I 2009 I convinced my
wife at 2013 when I got off parole I’ve
been on parole since 86 2013 I signed
and it was the first time that Antonio
Fernandez was ever free from a system my
wife who’s held me down got a great job
I said we got to go to New York she said
why I said Virginia won’t even let me
work in Walmart these people want to put
me in a
program trust to impress and me teach me
how to dress and I did 13 years I’m not
a dress stupid you get my point
that was really not waiting for me but
her love but nobody would hire me so I
left to New York with her and we moved
to New Jersey and I went and I started a
program in the corner of Pennsylvania
and Atlantic right where I was raising I
caused the most harm I did it for a year
then I started a program called hot spot
in Newark New Jersey and I did that for
nine months then I came back to DC where
someone that I heard of a new about
nuclear lady that works for the youth
department for youth and rehabilitation
services Glen Lacey who got this
credible message of story and I got safe
space and we put it together and now I
work in a youth facility two of them I
got seven returning citizens from 8:00
in the morning to 3:30 in the morning in
the jail walking with keys and they open
doors and when that kid feels depression
thinks he gotta kill himself hurt
himself there’s a credible messenger
with a credible messenger to tell him
that too will pass homie don’t worry you
could finish these twenty we did it and
don’t believe telling is gonna heal you
don’t believe this what’s gonna heal you
is you and pathetic you take charge of
what you did you make amends with
yourself and God and let’s go face this
together and we do that in our you
facility with 36 kids and 16 are charged
as adults we’ve got all our girls in the
community and that’s what I do now I
open prison doors for our young adults
to not be persecuted and treated
mistreated because they’re young until
we tear down every youth facility in
this country but we got to start from
the inside we got a real education
system we heal it with the credible
messenger so we could come to an
understanding with the community the
only way we heal this gun problem is
with the community now with the justice
system through restorative justice and
with guys like me who come home to fix
shit we broke I interview a lot of
people on vlad TV and one of the most I
think shocking things that I ever heard
when interviewing former gang members
came from when I first interviewed mr.
who was a sureno gang member and what he
told me is when he was younger his goal
in life was to do life in prison and to
be a kingpin calling the shots from
behind the wall for for me so I mean you
know what I learned at the end of the
day you go to jail you realize like I
mean jelly you know jail as a kid
growing up Jill was like a victory like
you get a prize like I kind of wanted to
be in job like my dreams like it even
sounds crazy as hell but my dreams were
like I want to be doing life in prison
as a 17 year old kid you dreamed I dream
to have life in prison I dream that and
to be like a high ranking member calling
shots from in jail so you’re a kid
I was I was loving violence I was loving
the streets I was loving the power I was
gaining power because I was not just the
average I was actually out there putting
in work so I would see the power and I
was enjoying the power when you hear
this out loud it sounds like absolute
craziness but you’re dealing with kids
who look up to King tone and say my fuck
what you talking about I’m trying to be
what you were I want to have a thousand
people cheering my name and be a
shot-caller and be a you know be a big
boss I don’t care about all this other
bullshit you’re talking about right now
well what do you tell someone like that
and listen I’m not I’m it’s the perfect
example for a moment right when you die
you could be honored
like Nipsey Hussle
on your community you could remember
like 69 now people think I’m comparing
the two cuz when told that’s not why I’m
mad at him I’m mad at him for a long
time he knew who he wasn’t he knew what
he didn’t want to do but the
capitalistic pig in us of wanting and a
lot of likes and a lot of hits I never
talked about the kid so what I’m trying
to tell him is this like I did the lion
Kings when I joined them I joined them I
learned I read I understood it and not
that it gives them the right to abuse me
because I believe if you they say for
you and Islam is king should let you go
pin is go join Islam if you want to be a
Christian you can go the guys let them
go so my point is that that leaves
though if you real about what you say
that one leaves don’t make you weaker
makes you stronger you don’t got to kill
a nigga die want to leave go you say to
me for two real dudes of doing this and
ever so what I’m saying if you’re gonna
get in this life everything a leading
7-thousand everything ain’t in glory
like I said I was broke I couldn’t get
an apartment the fence was always
looking at me don’t ever think they not
even though I was trying to do good so
if you play the role sometimes we play
the role long enough till we become it
so what I’m saying
I wasn’t King tone the idol till I made
them then sometimes the idol becomes
bigger than Antonio Fernandez and then
you got to face your idol in the face
and say I made you and I’m gonna destroy
you not the feds not snitching me and
you handling this one-on-one the Kings
didn’t do it – you told your mother
didn’t do it – you probably didn’t do it
to you you liked it money and you liked
the power and then you’d like to be an
activist so be King Kong and do your
fucking bed take charge of it except
you’re wrong and go and then come home
so you don’t got to hide from your
community your family doesn’t got to get
replaced that’s what I hate
about snitching they confuse snitching
with repentance they’re not the same
thing so the DEA serves to the community
people tell because they changed no
people tell because you make a deal
justice you’re not blind no more you
lifted up the fucking blindfold and you
cut a deal Jesus never cut a deal with
the devil when he told him bow down to
me when he went to him three times so
how the fuck this justice in America
make deals with crooks so that’s my
point and that’s what I tell them when
you get in this you made a choice when
you come back we’ll love you if you end
up like blood unfortunately where we
gotta try to dig them out or you change
your life with a thirty-day big but this
not that the Kings isn’t the life for
you the life for you ain’t the Kings to
the king recognize and find who they are
so when you do come to us our leaders
have moved forward and we know how to as
power group support one each other in
these communities and not fight each
other so we could win back what we’ve
lost our freedoms
well you fast forward to December 6 2019
which is today when you do a search for
the Latin Kings in terms of news
articles huh
62 members of the Latin Kings are facing
charges and the largest takedown in
Boston’s FBI history where they found
automatic weapons tons of cash I think
some missing children were found along
the way the Latin Kings are still being
portrayed and seem to still be involved
as a criminal organization number one do
you yourself still consider yourself a
Latin King yes I do I do today when I’m
ashamed and I’m embarrassed that you got
the right to fucking tell me something
like this it hurts my movement and many
other kings that working hot dog trucks
barber shops babysit like queens when
they choose this economy over and I
ain’t judging them so you wanna know
what I think so just the world know this
is Ketones Facebook and Tony Fernandez
so I heard yesterday and it broke my
heart and I wrote good morning my people
last night I got a call they tell me of
the big sweep in Boston Mass I started
reading my heart was going 100 miles a
minute I was taken back to 1998 raid
done to our nation in New York I tell
the brothers let’s pray that the
Almighty keeps them keeps the misled
from falling into life sentences he said
fuck that tone ain’t praying for people
who were out there to hurt our
traditions and our people I still prayed
I don’t wish this on any of my friends
or foes we must do better than this my
people we must not let our once
overcome our values when we see money
and power over truth and brotherhood it
leads to us hurting the nation’s grow
for years to come out of the group some
will break and help bring other groups
in the feds win now if we learn from the
old saying everything that shines is not
gold tested by fire to see if it’s real
and I learned from my mistakes hope they
learn from there’s a great leader if you
follow the road map shows they were
greater followers never forget a leader
never gets power he takes it by force or
favor if not chosen by the people choose
the way you grow in the crown Almighty
help us grow from all
have a blessed day that’s what I told
5,000 people today cuz if I’m gonna talk
about a dirty cop a killer cop shooting
my kid down I’m gonna talk to the
brothers that are misleading my youth to
think that this is being a lankey that’s
what I got to say to them yeah I mean I
feel when you look at these groups like
the Latin Kings the Crips the Bloods the
Gigi’s the biddies whoever else when you
look at US history the founding fathers
would have been labeled a gang if they
had lost that war those that have been
the criminals those would have been the
the gangsters the ones who got a hundred
years who got hanged in front of a you
know a crowd of cheering you know
cheering people that they’re gone now
and this would be England right now and
I’ve been doing and we replicate them
you see where we came from yeah yeah and
I think that people like yourself that
are trying to take these gangs and move
them into a direction of empowerment a
voting you know for example if you look
at US history the reason why the
stereotypical Police Chief is like
Sargent own alley is because the Irish
at one point were the underclass and
they got together and said you know
we’re tired of this we’re gonna vote
ourselves in that’s why we’re gonna put
ourselves in public office we’re gonna
put ourselves as the chief of police and
the mayors and so forth the Jews then
Irish friends you know everybody found
that place ya know all the laws in New
York City was built by the first gangs
that owned it exactly and I think if
that a lot of these gangs were to listen
to King tone and see the future of what
they can become as opposed to what they
are right now you
have a much different landscape in
America you know my friend Scarface the
gangster rapper the former drug dealer
is now running for public office in
Houston as well as my friend he’s like
yeah me too me too
so it just shows that these former
gangsters could come back and use their
following and use the love of the people
to actually make a difference in the
political climate of America and I just
wish the best for you man
I appreciate the platform and I just
wanted to say this to dr. guys you know
we gotta evolve
we gotta move forward there’s violence
against each other in Chicago in these
main cities the reason they want that
crime is we’re gonna lose them and and
we’ll lose another race and another
opportunity to empower people to go and
let’s get right let’s get our
communities right so you get was a so
I’m against that violence not because
you know what I see humanity I don’t see
Crips Bloods and kings no more I can’t
hurt a cow no more I was killing animals
when I came home and I got on my knees
to say yo God if I’m gonna kill a cow in
a sheep I’ll go find Giuliani that’s
gonna get me out of this I don’t want to
hurt nothing no more you get it so
that’s why I’m mad and I’m not perfect
but I’m a lot better than the kid who
used to sling dope to solve a situation
now the credible messengers that’s why
we call it credible messenger our
messages are now credible we just don’t
got one so thank you for our platform
listen out for that and I hope to god
that those brothers they got picked up
you know that like I said that the Lord
protect them and that they learn from
the situation like everybody will learn
and that they they get home safe well
King tone I appreciate you two sharing
your story was a very powerful story
it’s a story of redemption and it’s a
story of turning yourself around because
statistically you should be in a Cell
right now for the rest of your life but
instead you’re out here actually
spreading a message and changing lives
and I think that’s very important
all right thank you brother good to see
absolutely man absolutely the best of to
you and your family all right thank you

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