Karrine Steffans on Her Volatile Relationship with Darius McCrary (Flashback)


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In this VladTV flashback from 2015, Karrine Steffans spoke on her relationship with ex-husband Darius McCrary, and also spoke on the ‘Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff’ documentary that McCrary appeared in, and ultimately spoke down on her. Watch above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

movie came out I wrote about you called
kissing tale which I was one of the
producers mm-hmm
you were unhappy about the movie mm-hmm
what was your biggest issue with the
well Vlad Corinne when you guys
interviewed me it was supposed to be for
Russell Simmons true that was originally
what we used it for a global grind or
something right or something was a
global grind is for a hip hop on demand
okay cool um but that’s not where it
ended up well it was broadcast on that
okay and then you used it for this thing
right as well as our first interview as
well okay great didn’t know that this
thing existed no one mentioned anything
to me didn’t know it existed so you have
an interview from me that I was told was
to be used for one thing and it ends up
being used for another correct okay my
husband was with me when I interviewed
he was in the room okay then you guys
interviewed him separately and he gave
his scathing interview and then came
back home to my house ate up my food
drove my Mercedes so he was still with
you when he yes those interviews yeah
okay wasn’t aware that yes I was I was a
producer on that I wasn’t the actual
director man had gotten kicked out the
house for two days
probably for doing something you
shouldn’t have done okay okay
went and did that came back into the
house and never mentioned a word okay
okay okay so now what however long goes
past a year whatever here’s this
unauthorized duck and by the way you
guys interviewed people that I don’t
even know people I’ve never even met or
if I met them I met them once never saw
them again people I don’t even I can
give you a list of people I know and you
can go talk to them about me all day but
you gotta practice
fags don’t even know me somebody I might
have high-fived at a party I don’t know
what this person is okay okay so I’m
looking at first of all I came in watch
it and it was just it was his bullshit
it was absolute fucking bullshit
and then I’m sitting next to my husband
okay and it comes on and I’m looking at
him like wait wait so you let you guys
were actually hanging out when he came
on TV we weren’t married and living like
any normal married couple we’re together
I hear that this thing is coming on okay
I’ll see you knew about it before it
actually came on someone told me it was
on Showtime I think exactly so I click
it on here’s this jerkface doing this
anyway I’m looking at him like are you
comfortable do you need something to eat
huh which card you would have drive
today sweetie the SLD the range what do
you want to drive cuz you’re sitting
here eating up my shit and driving my
cards and I’m taking care of your son
and I’m paying for everything and look
who’s saying that I am a leech and
whatever else he said he said you were a
bad mother I’m a bad mother meanwhile he
just lost custody of his son I still
have mine
okay so at the end of the day it was
bullshit and it was produced by people
who including you were full of shit
okay you guys it was just bad it was
just bad but it’s all good it’s all good
I didn’t raise a stink about it because
it was already done it’s done and it’s
done and that’s what’s up and you move
on you know in the this is this is
information I got from you know someone
involved in the actual project as well
and I had heard that after Darius McCrae
did the interview he actually wanted to
go back and tell us not to use it but it
by that time it was already shot and you
know all the release forms have been
signed and so forth but yeah yeah that’s
what I heard yeah he because he was
still living with me we were
we were married and from what I
understand he did it during a time he
and he had done that to me a couple of
times where they’d be interviews I’d
kick him out because that’s what happens
when you act up and I it’s my house and
then he’d go do something scathing and
then come back and not saying anything
to me and then I had I’ve had magazines
call me and say so do you want to give a
you know statement to what your husband
said and meanwhile he’s eaten up all the
chicken and driving the bench job anyway
I think he called you a scorpion
remember that part listen you don’t
remember anything I I’m not going to say
that I’m not a scorpion well he did the
story about the there’s a frog and
scorpions story oh but he’s the Frog
yeah I guess so yeah I guess you know
I’m talking about
no I mean water no I’m not gonna say I’m
not at school I’m not gonna say that I
don’t stink right when I feel right I’m
not gonna say what the story is is that
you know it’s a story I’ve heard for a
long time okay it’s basically like a
scorpion goes up to a frog and says hey
let me get on your back and you know
take me across the river
you both get across the Frog says well
I’m not gonna do that you’re just gonna
sting me
well while I’m taking across the river
he goes that be stupid why would I sting
you they were both gonna die mm-hmm the
Frog goes okay that’s a good point let’s
go so they go you know you know they’re
going down the river and the scorpion
stings the Frog and the Frog says why’d
you do that we’re both gonna die he goes
well I’m a scorpion what do you expect
ya know and you know I guess you were
the scorpion in that yeah basically
saying I knew she was like this before I
got with her and I shouldn’t be
surprised but he spends all my money and
stole my cars and beat me and I carried
him across the fucking River that’s it I
need too many things at home and now you
know that’s that’s the way the story
goes though abusers like to point the
finger at the victim so that no one’s
looking at them and and that’s why I’ve
indicated was so important to me because
like many abuse survivors we never get a
chance to tell our story I just happen
to have a very loud voice so I can
actually tell my story and solidify that
with paperwork and facts and court dates
and all these I mean there’s a stack of
papers this ha you’re naming and have
attorneys go through everything and vet
everything and make sure everything
matches up and so now I get to actually
tell the truth you know about what was
really happening there I took care of
someone who abused all that I gave him
and his child which he stole you know so
like there’s a lot of things that I
could have said at the time and if you
go back I wasn’t saying hardly anything
because I was still in it but the whole
time he was with me he was constantly
berating me publicly and then coming
home and beating me so I had nowhere to
go but nobody would believe me nobody
would help me because here’s this man
saying I’m horrible I’m horrible
you know Corinne so bad then comes home
and beats Koran and there’s a who’s
gonna believe Corinne which he says my
husband’s beating me who’s gonna believe
her that’s what abusers do my mother
used to go to school and tell them I was
on crack crack I was 12 she literally
told him I was on crack so that when I
went to them and said my mother’s
beating me they looked at me and said
you’re on crack so you’re lying you
don’t believe we don’t believe you it’s
the same exact thing so I dealt with
that for all those years and couldn’t
say anything to anyone because anywhere
this meant and this is the thing why was
he with me for so long if I was so bad
well I mean he could see the same thing
right yeah why were you with him for so
listen if he was so bad that man came to
my house that man jumped over my gate
that man stood outside my door he never
had a place to live so I couldn’t chase
him and go find him and go none of that
I never ever went looking once he left I
never went looking for him I would move
on have other relationships and then
he’d come back cuz he’d see me happy
somewhere just like he tried to do in
2013 so when
when it’s done it’s done I never tried
to go back but he would always and I was
just so weak I never got a chance to
heal you know and and be okay so the
last time he tried to come back I had
already healed I’m good and that the old
person doesn’t exist you know and the
book ended with him trying to come back
and you saying I’m good I don’t you know
I don’t want to revisit this and those
at the end of the book
yeah and that was the end because that
was the end of that chapter of my life
and it took me all those years you know
to be okay with not being abused because
it wasn’t even about him it was just
about my language and being able to
change that language you know and I’m
not okay with being abused in any way
shape or form don’t lie to me don’t
cheat on me don’t hit me don’t look at
me crazy don’t even roll your eyes I’m
not okay with any of that and I’m not
okay and it took me a lot to change my
lay took a lot for me to change my
rhetoric my internal rhetoric and he my
ex-husband came back at the end of 2013
right before Christmas
thinking that I was the same person and
he was saying the exact same things he’d
always said because his rhetoric hadn’t
changed well mine had this I wasn’t
interested that would be interested
again not in him Arnon anyone else who
treats me anything less than wonderfully

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