Karrine Steffans: I'll Never Stop Seeing Lil Wayne for Anyone (Flashback)


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In this flashback, Karrine Steffans opens up about her relationship with Lil Wayne, and she revealed that she’s kept going back to him despite being married or with a boyfriend. Karrine explained that she and Wayne have an understanding that when he calls, she goes to him, whether she’s in a relationship with someone else or not. She went on to address that they aren’t in an exclusive relationship and that Wayne has been engaged and had kids with other women while she’s been seeing him. To hear more, including Karrine having a friendship with Baby before meeting Lil Wayne, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

when did you initially meet Wayne I
can’t even talk about Wayne without um
I’m Matt Wayne in 2007 through a mutual
my pusher just a friend you said you’re
pushing he’s everybody’s pushing
everybody’s pushing okay yeah in 2007
at what point did you to actually start
being romantic we we talked for I think
was like three weeks just on the phone
and texting and stuff we talked every
day be five minutes of every day and
some time had gone past I want to say it
was three weeks maybe a little more and
eventually I just got tired of texting
and I I booked a flight and I texted him
from the airport and I said listen I’m
on this flight coming in at this time
I’ll see you in six hours and he said
what no one ever does that I always have
the book flights I say well I have my
own money and booking my own flight
you flew yourself up yeah okay yeah and
he had his driver meet me and take me
take me to his house you described Wayne
as the love of your life mm-hmm you have
a tattoo mm-hmm I do oh my god I do have
a tattoo I forgot I even had the tattoo
okay and what is it it’s the number 56
56 cuz is that Wayne type no no but
that’s so how signifies something to do
with way yes can you share what that
isn’t it um everybody wants to know if
it’s not his height it’s not anything
like that it’s based on something he
said to me on his bus um back in 2007
while he was getting his uh his dreads
done and it’s just something that’s ours
but it’s not based on
anything that people think it’s based on
it’s just something that he made up and
it’s it’s stuck with us for all these
years a tattoo is one back here next on
the back of my neck Ingrid okay
now with Wayne sort of being kind of a
constant presence in your relationship
how was it dealing with other men and
having Wayne still sort of be around do
you know that I’ve never really had
anyone ask me questions about Wayne
people are always talking about us but
no one’s ever really asked me and I
didn’t realize I’d be emotional um Wayne
has been around since before my first
husband right um so he’s always been
part of my relationship so when I get
into a relationship he’s the only thing
they ask about because they know well
what about Wayne will you stop seeing me
I hear it I’ve heard it and the answer
is always no you either get over it or
you leave those are your options because
I’m not getting rid of him initially
people and again I’ve never hidden in
him like Wayne will call the house at
three four o’clock in the morning and I
will answer and if he says I’m at the
skate park or I’m here I will get up and
I will go that’s what’s going to happen
and you got to be okay with that and it
has happened you know so basically you’d
be in bed with your husband mm-hmm Wayne
would call in the middle of the night
hmm and you can go see Wayne yes and I’d
be gone for days we’d be gone for days
absolutely um we you enter into a
relationship with me that comes with it
and you have the choice not enter into
the relationship you always have that
choice you can always say this is
too much for me I can’t this is crazy
but that’s not what people say people
say that’s not a big deal I can deal
with that I don’t know why he won’t even
think they could deal with that like why
would you why would I wouldn’t deal with
that I wouldn’t have never put up with
this you’re stupid to put up with this
but when I find out is that men want to
be associated with greater men so if you
have the girl that Wayne has and maybe
you’re as good as Wayne you soon find
out that you’re not because you can’t
fucking take it and when he calls my
phone he has a ringtone and you know
it’s him because it’s his voice rapping
or singing about me and that’s the tone
and he goes off at four o’clock in the
morning and I jump up and I get dressed
and I leave you stop being able to take
it after a while and so you know at
first everyone’s always cool with it and
then they ask me to stop seeing him it
always happens I wait for it to happen
and the answer will always be no I mean
Wayne has had children while you guys
have been together yes – two kids three
I think he has three kids three kids so
obviously that the relationship is not
exclusive yeah either one of you guys
and that’s I guess the rhythm do you
guys have set up it works um my my
relationship with Wayne has always
worked because I don’t want what other
people want which is I don’t want
anything like don’t pay for any of my
shit don’t do anything for me I do not I
don’t I don’t want you I don’t want your
I don’t want your children
I don’t want your rings everybody gets a
baby everybody gets the ring everybody
gets a you know you’ll get a ring you’ll
get a baby you’ll get a ring your baby
like because he’s been engaged I think
three times since I’ve known him right
you know means right because it seems
like you know for example like in this
last book as you’re having money
problems it’s never I hit up Wayne and
Wayne help me out as always I’ve hit up
who’s the guy that was giving you
a thousand each time oh um I forgot what
I named him in a book okay okay so they
always changed okay so that was a fake
name it’s okay but you would ask him
you’d ask ex-boyfriends you stay with
friends this that the third but never
I’d never saw you know and Wayne wired
me some money or Wayne had one of his
people bring me or nothing like that you
no matter how how bad you are you never
asked quaint no matter how bad it’s
gotten I’ve never asked why you for
anything there’s Wayne ever offered so
hey you know yes and you’ve always said
no I don’t need anything I’m good okay
um money changes things and people
equate money with power of course and
when a man takes care of or does things
or he knows it you think that you rely
on him it changes the dynamic of the
relationship I never wanted my dynamic
with Wayne to change I didn’t want him
to see me that way I didn’t want him to
talk to me the way he talks to other
people he takes care of I don’t want to
treat me the way he treats other people
um I didn’t want to be a minion I didn’t
want to be on payroll I don’t want to be
any of those things I want you to be
with me and for me to be with you
because we want to be here you know not
because you paid me to be here or or I’m
depending on you or you’re depending on
me it’s it’s never I just I’d never
wanted to muddy that relationship all
right how do you feel about what’s
happening with weighing a baby right now
well so um I you know I met baby before
I met Wayne baby used to fly me around
and we would talk for hours I guy I
liked him you know he was always a good
person never tried anything with me I
saw it and I spoke to baby we
about twenty twenty twelve and at the
YMCMB Grammy party its first time seeing
him in a long time once I once I once
wait and I started talking and seeing
each other of course I stopped even
talking today me just because it was
just I didn’t want things to be
misconstrued either way so um I know I
know a lot slipping around both of them
for a long time I know how Wayne feels
he’s expressed to me how things are set
up and how he feels about the way things
are set up he’s expressed to me his
discontent his frustration as an artist
I think it’s been stifling his work for
a very long time I think that we can see
the stifling you know in his last in his
last works last albums which pale in
comparison to some of his earlier work I
prefer listening to the earlier work and
I still do knowing how things are set up
and knowing what he’s making and what
he’s not making I have showed him and
told him that I support him and in him
as an artist the worst thing is to be
stifled and to be run by a machine and
to not be getting paid what you’re worth
or you know it happened to me as a
writer being you know signed to larger
companies and and being paid you know
less than I think I should or you know
whatever so I support him moving on we
all have to move on we all deserve to
move on we nobody wants to be in the
same position 10 15 20 years doing the
same thing we were like that’s
so like anyone else he should be allowed
to move on and I’m just I’m saddened by
the breakdown of the relationship and in
a way if it is being broken down but
then again some relationships need to be
broken down you know I don’t I don’t
think that we need to
with the same people our whole lives in
any capacity most of the time I think
that people grow apart they grow
different speeds they go in different
directions and whether it’s a marriage
or a business relationship you know or
even with family sometimes we just have
to move on from people
well you had a sweatshirt on YMCMB
sweatshirt with the CMB crossed out
mm-hmm you do that yourself where do
they actually know that that shirt was
designed that that’s what shirt was
designed for me oh really yeah
buy-in yeah i was designed for me it was
it was my idea
okay and so I just had this idea you
know okay and it was designed for me and
people are buying them I heard oh really
yeah there there been for sale I think
this whole time YMCMB with the CMV
crossness yeah yeah I think the site the
company is called just this one I think
they are just selling that one thing
they said this all one thing at a time
so that’s and they’ve had that up for a
while now so I think they’re still
selling them okay I know they did really
well at first so I don’t know what
they’re doing now I love that so I shirt
by the way I wear it like all the time

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