John Salley: Shaq Loaned Me $70K When I was Broke & Didn't Want it Back (Flashback)


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In this flashback, John Salley spoke about rumors that Kobe threw Shaq under the bus during his scandal by telling the officers that he should just pay off women like his “teammate.” John addressed the rumor by saying that Shaq didn’t pay women to quiet them, he was paying them to leave. He went on to speak about Shaq making investments in business over the years, and John revealed that Shaq gave him $70,000 when he needed it. John added that Shaq never wanted the money back, and he spoke about his greatest moment with Shaq, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well there was also that the whole thing
when remember Kobe had the whole
cheating scandal situation and he end up
throwing Shaq under the bus
it wasn’t shocked he talking about could
he throw under the bus he didn’t have a
said it was shut so people just assumed
he was talking yeah because it was all I
said you know my teammate right which
I’d never heard Kobe say this is rumor
ah right and if he said it right
supposedly this is what he said to the
officers right in talking court
supposedly this is what he says in
office but now we hear out of all the
things he said were here this no if he
he was like my teammates dis this and
he’s not saying if it was shocked he
would have said Shaq boom he wouldn’t
accept one of my teammates yeah pays off
I should just do what they do just pay
off the girls right he wouldn’t he
wouldn’t he would have said shad he
didn’t but everybody assumed the Shaq
was paid Shaq doesn’t pay off girls he
does it he doesn’t give him money to
have sex he pays him to leave like you
know I’m saying that when it went shot
if you if Shaq what to tell you how he I
remember this I remember this and this
is a story I never forgot I’m playing on
the Lakers they give us like per diem
nine nine hundred and thirty dollars or
whatever they still got to give Shaq one
Shaq has not cast any his NBA checks to
this day so they gonna give Jack a
yellow envelope with $930 got mixed we
had a thousand dollars per game at this
yeah so this girl was talking I’m now is
doing best damn sports show she was a
shoe well I said get that money for them
all Amy I had shackled Shaq one time
that’s right I kicked it what I’m
kicking and I look and I’m not saying
anything and everybody gets quiet and I
go oh you kicked through sack
she said yeah he said I tell you right
now boom came up to me he’s you know he
didn’t give me a G he like he go $900
boom boom boom gave it to me go shop it
so what the girl is saying and I go $930
she goes yeah it was 9:30 bitch he gave
you per diem he gave you Laker pedir
money giving out his Lakers per diem to
he gave like absolutely you cannot go up
and say he probably just was like yeah
yeah I think it was a stripper chick
bragging about that she got a G no you
got 932 38 he cares nothing about it
well shot a Shaq man I think you know me
and have been in contact recently
actually and I think what he’s done is
phenomenal on the business level being a
board member on Papa John’s he is a
minority owner on the Suns mmm I believe
he had like a 150 Five Guys burger
joints that he sold I believe that’s
what he mentioned right for you you know
a bunch of different investments a bunch
of different businesses absolutely
incredible what he’s doing off the coin
when I needed cash he said how much oh
really he he gave you some cash we
needed to this day how much II give you
seventy seventy thousand one thousand
and anyway just deal I went back to Sam
he said no we’re good
he knew fun it back and I was like and
then sometimes again people oh you you
still found I was to this day which I’m
gonna say on the show because the
cannabis business is becoming very very
good for us I got him in my brain as an
investor you understand what I’m saying
so when I kick back it’s how many years
ago was that at this percentage if you
would have put it in a bank would have
given you this yeah well I’m gonna give
you this and this and you do whatever
you want with when he was with hoops
hoops is one of my favorite people on
the planet she told she was like
that’s a real cat and he always knows it
I went to a retirement of his Jersey and
people around him have always gotten
away but I’ve always had a way with big
always when we would shoot five shots on
Sunday when we talk about things when I
always had a way with big we won the
championship we get back home I left
five door he’s in with his feet and I
sitting there in the pool I never forget
that it’s 3 o’clock in the morning two
baby mamas at the house his mother and
he’s at my house and pool sitting around
goes what happen now so I go now you got
to win more we’re just sitting there
with my feet in the pool and we’re now
champions together and to everybody else
they’re thinking about what was your
greatest moment in the NBA my sitting
with my feet in the pool with Shaq
talking about what was going to be next

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