Jesus Christ is Buried In Kashmir

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Did you know there is a shrine with a casket for Jesus Christ in Srinagar, Kashmir – the supposed worlds most dangerous place? Read for yourself what the signs say. Of course if you work for Jesus Christ then one knows right? And the final burial place of Jesus too as I do right?

Jesus is buried in Kashmir, not in or near the Middle East. Israel 🇮🇱 has a flag that is a triangle over a triangle meaning 3 over 3 meaning 33 meaning Satan. Israel worships Satan it says so right on their flag. If you think Jesus is buried in Jerusalem or some other place you got duped by satanists.

i found Jesus Christ’s tomb and know His exact burial location. Just outside Srinagar, India in the Himalayas. Jesus Christ is the only power that exists. All other power is a shadow of power allowed to happen by Jesus Christ to see if you are a coward satanist or one who serves the One true God, Jesus Christ.

This video shows a shrine devoted to Jesus Christ in Srinagar, India with a casket for Jesus Christ inside. But Jesus is actually buried just outside town. That is why Kashmir has to suffer so much, they have the actual body of Jesus Christ there.

i have the only contract that surrenders your soul to Jesus Christ and guarantees your exit from the dome of HellDome🌈🌈❤️.

Praise Jesus Christ

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