I'm An Attorney & I Don't Do My Own Legal Work


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I am an attorney but I never do my legal work myself. Many people say – “but you can save so much money if you act as your own attorney” but there’s a reason why I don’t…
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I’m An Attorney & I Don’t Do My Own Legal Work
0:09 – Lawyers suck
0:26 – Lawyers are expensive
1:06 – I don’t do any of my own legal work
1:50 – Me doing my own legal work will cost me something more than money
2:33 – Why I hire experts who are smarter than me to work
2:58 – I don’t do my own legal work because I need someone to blame
3:36 – The consequences are huge if I mess up my legal work
4:21 – When I hire someone smarter than me I get my time back and I also get someone to blame when things go wrong

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Video host: Jaspreet Singh <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up everybody
I am bust but it’s Singh and welcome to
the minority mindset wanna know who
sucks people who still drink out of
straws oh no lawyers trust me I should
know I mean I am a lawyer
or should I say lie I don’t why but
seriously lawyers are expensive like an
entry-level lawyer will easily cost you
$250 an hour just to look at a contract
that’ll be two thousand dollars please
if you own a business or you plan on
doing a business transaction or you plan
on investing in real estate or a bunch
of other things you wanna have a lawyer
on your side so you don’t get screwed
lucky for me I am an attorney so I just
saved a ton of money on my car insurance
by switching to Geico wait wrong script
lucky for me I am an attorney so I can
keep the 250 or $300 an hour and legal
piece in my pocket huh liars or at least
that’s what you think I don’t do any my
own legal work and I’ll explain why but
before I get into it make sure you hit
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new videos every week when I invest in
real estate my goal is to be an investor
we now work on our business my goal is
to grow my business notice how neither
of these goals are to work as an
attorney but just be you could save so
much money by just reviewing your
contracts yourself yes you are right I
could save money by doing my legal work
I mean I’m qualified and I’m certified
to do that but me doing my legal work
myself will cost me something is it your
good looks know what my time let me put
it this way so you see me right now in
front of the screen right and for me to
be on your screen I had to first stand
here in front of this camera I know you
can’t see the camera but there’s a
camera right there and then I had to say
my lines and once I was done recording
this video this video had to be edited
had to be uploaded to YouTube I know how
to edit videos although I can’t make
cool animations like this one be cool
but I’m not the best video editor by any
means so I hired a video editor who
loves editing and now he gets to do
something he enjoys while expressing his
creativity while getting paid in
exchange I have to pay a fee but it buys
me time so I can make more videos like
this one right here how you’re doing if
I can hire an expert video editor or a
lawyer who spends nine hours of his day
every single day reading real estate
contracts and staying up to date on real
estate law then I can get better quality
work by hiring this video editing expert
or lawyer to do my lawyer stuff yes
lawyer stuff is a technical term but
there’s one more big reason why I don’t
do any of my own legal work I need
somebody to blame if things go wrong if
my YouTube videos come out looking like
a 1970s sitcom I can go to my editor and
say what the heck is this okay guys
today we’re going to be talking about
what are we oh we’re gonna be talking
about money management and the financial
education but with legal work the
consequences are a whole lot bigger if I
put out a bad video then you might hit
that thumbs down button and I’ll hold
myself together just fine why don’t they
like me no I’m not okay but if I mess up
on my legal work now the consequences
can be really expensive I could lock
myself up into something that I don’t
want to be involved in I could get
screwed over on a deal or I could get
screwed over on a real estate property I
hire smarter lawyers than me this way
they make sure I don’t make these
mistakes and if we do screw up now I can
go after that lawyer wait till I get my
hands on you well not like that if your
lawyer makes a big time mistake that
they should have caught and they
shouldn’t have made well then they have
to make a big time repair somebody get
the duct tape you hire a lawyer to make
sure that you don’t get screwed over but
if your lawyer is the reason that you
get screwed over well now you can go
after this lawyer to get unscrewed over
it is your attorneys job to look out for
your best interest
and to make sure you don’t get screwed
over and to make sure that they
understand the laws and so if I do my
own legal work not only am i losing my
time but now I have no protection if I
screw up but if I hire a lawyer to do my
legal work now not only do I have my
time back but it’s their duty to pay
attention to the laws and make sure that
I don’t get screwed over and if they’re
the reason I get screwed over well
they’re liable to me and while we’re on
the topic of lawyers I want to hear your
thoughts on lawyers have you ever hired
an attorney before if so why and how was
that experience and if not why not let
me know in the comments below thank you
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