"I'm 21 Making $120k A Year" – We Hit 500,000 SUBSCRIBERS!


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On 11/11/2019 the Minority Mindset YouTube Channel passed 500,000 subscribers! Wow, thank you so much for your continued support. We wouldn’t be here without you.
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“I’m 21 Making $120k A Year” – We Hit 500,000 SUBSCRIBERS!
0:16 – Why the last 100k subscribers was tough on YouTube
1:30 – People we’ve upset with Minority Mindset
1:51 – Reading positive comments – Victor making 120k as a 21 year old
2:52 – Sheiko is teaching their children financial education
3:27 – Daniel quit their job at 40 years old
4:07 – Fracis is now saving for the future
4:39 – Kwanelletary is now getting paid everyday
5:00 – Mike is thinking about all the money he is wasting over the years
5:27 – Pedro landed his first contract for his new company

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #GetMoneySmart

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Video host: Jaspreet Singh <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up everybody
I am deaf but in saying I’ll welcome to
the minority mindset l welcome to the
500-thousand club this last 100,000 was
tough because every time you feel like
you understand how YouTube works YouTube
comes and slaps you in the face by
changing the algorithm and all of a
sudden nothing you know is right but
even more importantly than our channel
somehow making it halfway to a million
subscribers with my corny jokes
what do one streetlights say to the
other streetlight don’t look now I’m
changing is the impact that our channel
and our brand has been able to make
because I started minority mindset
literally with my cell phone in front of
a white wall and that was it over just
the last 12 months I went from just
making videos on YouTube to create a
financial education courses to put in
together a team to creating a financial
education curriculum for schools and
students K through 12 and we have
distributed this curriculum to thousands
of teachers parents principals and
superintendents all over the world and
now we have a for financial newsletter
which we released Monday through Friday
with the top finance and business news
where we not only break down the top
finance and business news but we show
you how the news affects your wallet
this way you can be money smart if you
are interested in our newsletter or our
K through 12 curriculum I’ll put the
links to where you can get them and
subscribe in the description below
they’re both free since the beginning of
minority mindset we’ve helped out a lot
of people but we’ve also upset a lot of
people we’ve upset the majority minded
people because we tell the truth about
money that most people are too scared to
tell you we’ve upset banks people upset
racists but I want to focus in on the
impact the positive impact we’ve made in
this video and I want to read some
comments that you guys are shared with
me I first want to give a shout out to
Victor I’m gonna try to summarize this
so I don’t have to read every word to
you but he says I really hope you see
this comment just beneath I’m seeing it
you honestly played a big role in
changing my life and I can never thank
you enough around this time last year I
was a broke college kid working a home
depot which I hated then it’s totally
down a little bit
I saw your video on Shopify and starting
an e-commerce store and I really liked
the idea so I decided to do it myself
scrolling down a little bit more he says
a lot of my friends called me crazy for
dropping out but a majority of them
won’t graduate any time soon or already
struggling to find a job while I’m in
the process of establishing my own
company and I’m currently making about
$120,000 a year and just 21 years old
that’s enough thanks Victor doing it
yourself hustling and he says I owe it
all to you and your videos they gave me
the extra push Victor you can’t give
yourself I love it I love that you found
something that you like I love that you
created success with it and I love that
you’re out there hustling mi/h making it
happen next I want to give a shout-out
to psycho I hope that’s how you say your
name he says thank you so much how sweet
my son and I watch your YouTube channel
every morning on our way to school and
work he’s 10 and I’m 38 the way you
explained the real world is not only
mind-blowing Lee understood by him but
it’s also entirely entertaining please
don’t stop the excellent work thank you
so much spreading financial education to
people at a young age see I mean I wish
the things I talked about this channel I
would have learned when I was growing up
thank you for spreading the knowledge
thank you for watching and thank you for
supporting Shai go Daniel sending this
message saying hey just breathe without
taking too much of your time I just want
to be another one of those people who
says thank you I am finally starting to
rev up my fitness nutrition business and
clientele so I can finally transition
out of my nine-to-five job and live my
dream life at 40 it’s never too late
it’s never too early you’re at prime
time I’m also sending my daughter off to
college later this summer and I’m
passing along the tools your stair
shearing so she may get a head start on
doing things her way that is awesome
congratulations on building your own
business and getting your daughter
started right in college hopefully she
won’t have to come up with a lot of
college debt because she knows how to
manage her money smartly Francis says
hey just breathe I just want to let you
know that ever since I started watching
your videos my life has changed for the
I now track my expenses and have already
started investing yes and now I’m so
much happier I just realized that living
below my means my hurt right now but I’m
saving for the future that’s what I’m
talking about I really am
she ate it so keep please keep giving us
are useful and informative content
smiley face I love it I love it
I’m going to mess up the pronunciation
on this one so I apologize in advance
Quan L Quon le Terry Walker said beer
Just Breathe Singh I owe you my life I
have learned a lot on this channel and
now I’m getting paid on the internet
every single day whoo
Mike says just breathe your videos make
me sick to the stomach they’re just so
good for the first time I started to
think about how much money I have wasted
over the years it’s crazy isn’t it
and how much money I could be saving
right now and it just makes me nauseous
but I no longer want to be the majority
welcome to the minority mindset so I
have started to make changes and I
shared your videos shared your videos
with my friends too the best thank you
as a referral thank you Mike for sharing
my videos and thank you okay
congratulations on making your way to
the minority mindset Pedro says minority
mindset hey Josh please I want to thank
you for your motivational and
informative videos they have lit a fire
under me and got me to realize that I
too have a broke mindset you never know
until you know right started my own
construction company and still work full
time but I landed my first job last week
twelve hours of working and I’ve been
more on my own than I do at my job
getting paid bi-weekly with an average
of 30 hours of overtime thanks again and
thanks for another great video no thank
you for going out and hustling to Emma H
make it happen I love hearing these type
of success stories the best thank you
actually there’s two kinds the best
thank you to can give me one is going
out and Emma H making it happen yourself
and sharing your success with me and
then two is referring a friend many of
us myself included grew up thinking that
there’s only one way to live life and
there’s only one path you could take if
you want to become successful but that’s
just not true
and I hope I hope that a channel can
continue to inspire and kind of open up
minds because it’s crazy the amount of
opportunity and possibilities out there
if one you
have the right mindset you think as
possible and then to you go out and mah
make it happen
if you are crazy enough to believe you
can do something and you put in the work
you will surprise yourself I what’s
possible but you have to first believe
you can do it then second you have to go
and hustle and make it happen
thank you so much for getting us to
500,000 subscribers I mean this is
absolutely mind-blowing ly astoundingly
another big word League crazy it was
when we first got this award when we hit
a hundred thousand subscribers and now
we’ve already 5x that I mean it’s crazy
I’ve already said that like five times
in big words I don’t even understand but
it is actually crazy because seeing the
impact and the change that we’re making
it it is crazy I know I’ve said that so
many times but I don’t know how else to
describe it it is amazing thank you for
all of your love your support your
comments and your hustle I cannot thank
you enough man let us go
next step a million and as always keep

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