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We received a comment saying that there’s no point to accumulate wealth because we’re all going to die broke anyways. In this video, we’ll analyze how true that is.
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I Will Die Broke
0:12 – Why I love Mondays
0:25 – The comment about how everyone dies broke
1:07 – Saying money doesn’t matter is selfish
1:39 – What is money
2:53 – Should you worry about money or making the world a better place
3:55 – What happens to your money after you die
5:00 – How a dead person funded medical research
5:43 – The goal in life is to be happy not rich
6:18 – How money plays a part in your life
6:55 – How I grew up learning about money
7:53 – Make money while giving back to the world

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Video host: Jaspreet Singh <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up everybody I am just petit
Singh and welcome to the minority but I
say a happy Monday morning I don’t know
about you but I love Mondays I mean I
love every day of the week but I
especially love Mondays because Mondays
I get to start my week by talking with
you and if you agree with me hit that
thumbs up button just recently we got
this comment on our YouTube channel I’m
gonna put this on the screen here it’s
from then X millennia and the comment
says everyone dies broke no matter how
much you accumulate by wasting your life
chasing numbers and colored paper you
can’t take it with you to give me some
context this comment was left on one of
our videos where I talk about how to
create a budget so you don’t die broke
the sentiment that this youtuber had
saying that everybody dies broke so you
shouldn’t worry about making money or
trying to build wealth or anything like
that it’s a pretty common sentiment and
I think it comes from a lack of really
understanding what money is what it can
do and how it really works and how it
affects our lives saying that everybody
dies broke so you shouldn’t waste your
life chasing paper or trying to build
wealth it’s actually a very selfish
thing to say because it assumes that the
only reason you’re making money is for
your own selfish purposes no there’s
nothing wrong with making money to enjoy
it but saying that you shouldn’t make
money or shouldn’t build wealth or
shouldn’t try to do things that help
build your wealth because you’re gonna
die broke and focuses only on you and
your money has a lot more power than
that money itself is just paper that
allows you to buy other things right
like if you wanted to go and buy a nice
car you walk into the Jaguar you walk
into the Mercedes dealership and you say
hey I really want to buy this car but I
don’t have the money to buy it
can you just give it to me because I’m a
really nice guy and I have a lot of love
for you and I’ll give you a big hug I
think we both know how that’s gonna work
you’re gonna walk out with two cars but
if we take one step back and look at
what money really is and how it affects
our lives money is more like paper fuel
because if you are a car collector or if
you really like cars now this money
allows you to amplify what you like
doing like if you really like cars
having more money will allow you to buy
more carbs likewise if you want to take
care of your family and you want to take
care of your kids and you want to take
care of parents or you want to take care
of a community having more money will
allow you to send your parents on a
vacation you’ve been thinking about
having more money will allow you to fund
your children’s college fund so they
don’t have to go into hundreds of
thousands of dollars with the student
debt to go into college and having money
will allow you to feed more hungry
people in your community it costs money
to eat and it costs money to feed other
people right if you really want to feed
hundreds or thousands or millions of
people you need money to do that that’s
why I always find it funny when people
say oh you shouldn’t worry about making
money or he shouldn’t worry about trying
to build your loft or invest you should
just be worried about trying to make the
world a better place and trying to help
somebody else now there’s nothing wrong
we’re trying to help the world or trying
to help other people that’s actually
something that you should do and
something that I think everybody
encourages I mean who in the right mind
would say oh you shouldn’t try to make
the world a better place and you
shouldn’t try to help other people but
remember money is like fuel if you want
to really make a change in the world
having money will allow you to fuel your
change if you really want to help other
people yeah you could go and do that but
when you’re one person with no money or
no backing how much can you really do
you can go out and you can use your
physical labor to help people and you
can use a hundred bucks to feed two
three five people ten people maybe but
if you have a hundred thousand bucks
that you can give away
now you can fuel your efforts to help
other people and to give back and to
make the world a better place
money is fuel that allows you to amplify
whatever it is you want to do and to the
point that everybody dies broke yeah you
can’t take your money with you but that
doesn’t mean that your money cannot
continue to help other people even after
you’re gone I’ll show you what I mean do
you know who started and funded the
largest charitable organization in the
Bill Gates along with his wife you can
see over here that they’re named the
most generous philanthropists in America
because of the amount of money they’ve
been able to fund through the foundation
according to this Business Insider
article they have donated more than 36
billion dollars to charitable causes and
I just read an article actually saying
that there found a
has an endowment worth over 45 billion
dollars these people so Bill Gates his
wife and the foundation are funding
global health education and poverty so
even after Bill Gates dies and his wife
passes away his foundation will still
exist and this money that he couldn’t
take with him will continue to help
people in education and poverty and
global health because he has created
this foundation and he wanted to leave a
legacy and he’s gonna do that by helping
people through his foundation there’s
another one so I think this is
pronounced the Wellcome Trust this is
one of the largest foundations and the
world as well and it started by somebody
who is now dead this Wellcome Trust
focuses on medical research and let me
show you this right here their
organization started by a guy named
Henry welcome was actually the reason
that people were able to find the first
effective treatment for leukemia this
organization funded a research
organization which was able to find the
first effective treatment for leukemia
and this is funded by somebody who is
now dead so going back to the first
point that you can’t take it money with
you when you died you were absolutely
100% correct but that doesn’t mean that
you can’t make an impact on other
people’s lives and help other people
even after you’re dead if you have this
money in the first place while we’re on
this topic let me make sure that this is
clear the goal in life is to be happy
not rich if you have millions of dollars
in the bank and you are miserable and
you’re depressed what’s the point this
is what I think a lot of people get
confused when it comes to money they
assume that life is binary that you can
either be rich or you could be happy or
you could either be a good person or you
can be wealthy that these two are very
distinct and you can’t be both at the
same time but that’s really not how life
works again the goal is to be happy not
rich but you have to understand how
money plays a part in your life having
money will improve the financial aspect
of your life that’s it it won’t improve
the physical aspect of your life I mean
having money can buy you a better gym
membership and it can buy you better
food but it can’t force you to work out
and be healthy likewise having money
can’t improve your mental state I mean
if you’re miserable on the inside having
more money is just gonna make you more
empty so you have to understand how
money plays a factor in your life but if
you’re physically healthy and you’re
mentally healthy and you feel like you
have a purpose in life this is where
money can really have the most impact
because now you could use money to
improve the financial part of your life
and other people’s lives as well see I
grew up thinking that money’s evil and
that you shouldn’t talk about money that
you shouldn’t think about money because
it’s bad for you and at the same time I
was going down this path I thought I was
gonna be a doctor oh just working
because I wanted to make a big paycheck
so on one side I would say oh you
shouldn’t think about money but at the
same time I was working so I can make
big paychecks so it didn’t really make
much sense in my mind but when I fell
into entrepreneurship and investing
that’s when things really started to
click we make money or we earn money
rather because of the value that we
create and so if you want to make more
money you have to create more unique
value and this is where things get
interesting because if you have a
passion like I’m very passionate about
financial education if you have a
passion you can help deliver your
passion to the world and create more
value and make money while doing that so
if you can give back to the world do
things to benefit the world while
generating income through your passion I
started just by making simple YouTube
videos about money management and what’s
happening in the financial world and now
we have this full financial newsletter
where we talk about what’s happening in
the finance and business world and we
show you how this affects your wallet
this newsletter is free and you can
subscribe by clicking the link in the
description or by clicking the link up
here but now we’ve made partnerships
with other companies and businesses who
pay us so we can continue to put our
content for you so gold maintain the
original YouTube comment yes when you
die you cannot take your money with you
but that doesn’t mean that the wealth or
value that you created cannot continue
to support and help your family your
parents your kids your community and
everybody else around you even after
you’re gone if you put in that work to
build your legacy and build this wealth
today this way you can continue to make
an impact on the world years or even
generations after you’re gone now I want
to hear your thoughts is it selfish to
think oh I’m gonna die broke so there’s
no point for me to accumulate money or
build wealth or is it not let me know
why or why not in the comments below
I’m intern
to see your thoughts me and my team read
every comment that we get thank you for
watching I’ll see you next time and as
always keep hustlin

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