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Startups are becoming the most important growth factor for many European cities. Together with Brexit, Europe lost the only city that could compete with world leaders like Silicon Valley. Startup Hansa follows in the footsteps of the 14th century organisation, whose success resulted from the use of data. By integrating the main innovation hubs, it creates a sustainable startup ecosystem. Since childhood in IT, entrepreneur for 14 years, founder of Neoteric – a 90-person company producing software for startups and corporations, cooperating mainly with clients from the United States. The originator of start-ups:, SkillHunt and SaaS Manager, which as spin-offs from Neoteric collected over 2M PLN in investment. As Head of Strategy, he is responsible for the strategy and program of TechSeed accelerator, which offers business founders of software startups from abroad an acceleration program in Poland focused on software development and not business. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I believe that entrepreneurship is about
dreams it’s about understanding that
dreams do not come true but you can make
them and when I was a kid
my first dream job was to drive a
tractor it was so cool I was like 10 or
11 and my uncle who had a farm he would
let me actually sit in a seat take a
wheel and drive something and as most
little boys maybe not that little but I
loved cars and it was so cool because I
could drive but then I decided that you
know my age is serious and I have to
grow up so when I was 12 I I said that I
want to make business and and that this
will be my next dream job so before I
give you an advice that is more obvious
that whatever you ever heard from Gary
let us talk a little bit about time
technology has changed time and this is
true that if you want to inspire a
change it’s best to to do it instantly
so people jump from one reality to the
other and for that you have to move fast
and I know that it’s improbable but I’m
actually not best at running and that’s
why I love tech because thanks to Dec I
can move fast and stay to eat a lot of
steaks so it took 50 million users for
the airlines it took 64 years to get to
50 million users
for Facebook only four and for a weird
game that forced people to actually run
in the forest it was just 19 days
and that’s one thing that technology
does it the Benz time Einstein would
love it but the other thing is the
exponential scale even the famous girl
can carry more boots than the strongest
man if she uses Kindle and the third
thing a Facebook didn’t really ruin
democrasy and didn’t really bring faith
in faithless but what it did it it has
slightly more readers than London
conspiracy daily and it’s harder to
believe generic message then when
someone knows you better than yourself
uses the friends you trust to convince
you that something is the way they want
you to believe and technology gives
entrepreneurs a tremendous opportunity
and those who use technology as a
leverage that brings this exponential
factor to your business we call that
they are doing a start-up and everyone
laughs today reading government has
funded 500 startups and only seven of
them exist today what a waste
and I would say that this is not true
and I will explain exactly why it isn’t
but before that we need to agree what a
start-up is because today every website
is a start-up and it’s not because
startup is when you have not access to a
traditional funding you cannot take a
loan to build a startup you can take a
loan to build a factory of cans and you
know nothing I mean you do something
weird no one ever did it that way and
your odds are you know being blind
shooting arrows is kind of hard and you
need to have this factor of exponential
growth a possibility to do the
impossible thing and very very quick and
you notice called my beer thing I did a
lot of stupid things in my life started
from hold my beer but this approach is
actually something that it makes you
fearless and and you just have to do it
and when I was a kid and I was saying
that I’m gonna make business I’m gonna
build a company it was mid-90s in Poland
and the reaction from my my my my
father’s friends it was yeah right so
your your daddy knows no one is really
important you will not have a business
go to school but what I heard is ok so
if my daddy had contacts I would have
done business so maybe I can make my own
contacts and that’s the attitude that
lets you be an entrepreneur you just
don’t take no for an answer and you know
big players have a lot of advantage but
they also have some flaws they cannot
lose and they have to protect what they
have and you can really risk and win big
if you risk a lot those who don’t risk
don’t drink champagne right so sometimes
people are crazy and they go all-in they
bet on one thing but if this thing is 10
times better than whatever else you can
use for something the magic happens and
suddenly instead of waiting in a queue
to the bank you can do your daily toilet
and still be at the bank which I would
say is 10 times better
and this this is what happens so the big
record companies were selling more than
half a billion records in the USA only
and right now they sell less than the
number of users of Spotify and they’re
you know I have a feeling that every
time someone smart does something
someone else’s makes more money than
they actually talented person right so
instead of world
these are venture capitalists so these
guys they don’t really know how to do
something spectacular but they have
smart friends so they’re thinking I will
find those smart friends and give them
money so they have the money that they
cannot get and they will have a
spectacular success and I will have a
part of it but betting everything on one
horse it’s not really that smart so they
also have very rich friends and they do
it like that so they go to a very rich
friend and they say so
Johnny boy I know how to make you more
money than you’re making I know that
you’re a billionaire and I only have my
first million but I will make you
another one because I have smart friends
and you know if you have a few billions
probably spending some money on a risky
thing is you know kind of exciting so he
gives him the money and then he goes to
his friend and says Jeannie you’re so
I promise Johnny that I will make him a
shitload of money but I know nothing so
here’s a part of it please bring me more
than I have loaned okay and she says ok
and if she succeeds she gives it back
and then he has to pay back a lot of I
love more but he gets a decent part of
it and cities
have seen that more and more companies
if they actually scale so fast then
suddenly in a very short time they hire
more people than the enterprises that
they used to fight so much to acquire
and to invite to their cities and that’s
why and this is the advice I will tell
you exactly what you need to succeed in
any business because it’s super simple
you need cash smart people and people
who buy stuff that’s it ok now you can
be millionaires as well I I wasn’t the
easiest student when I was at school and
I thought oh I’m very pragmatic and I
was always challenging my teachers
especially from biology because you know
actually learning a digestive system
from some ancient animal I was like
seriously when am I going to use it and
I have never used it but understanding
how the ecosystem works you know that
the water circulation thing it helped me
understand how to fix the cities that
are making this that where the business
is conducted so you need smart people
and if they bet all-in they often fail
but it’s not a loss for the city it’s
the loss for this one particular company
and the only difference between failing
on a project within a corporate
structure is that you lose your job and
it used to be terrible 50 years ago but
if you were a software developer
unemployment will be the longest
half-hour of your life
and then you need capital and what a
terrible thing we have paid 100 million
to have some startups emerging and there
are only five of them living but guess
what people took this money and paid
salaries and those salaries paid for
products and hired other people moreover
they have learned something and maybe
they will do less stupid mistakes and
they won’t afford their next time but
the third thing you need is the market
so people who want to buy your stuff and
there’s one other thing I’m not sure if
you will notice it on the next slide one
other thing that everyone is trying to
tell you that it’s not a factor it is a
factor it’s luck and if you’re lucky you
have access to talent capital and market
you can do everything and that’s why
Silicon Valley is such a holy grail for
startups they have everything and the
only city in Europe that has everything
is London and already with London we are
not really the best in the world because
if we measure the success of the startup
ecosystem by the numbers of companies
that are worth more than a billion that
have emerged there when we’re closer to
Africa than to Asia
so the situation used to be like that a
few centuries ago London has been
trading far more than any other harbor
and the city but there were crazy
dreamers in Lubec and they were thinking
okay so I’m buying crops from around the
city and then I’m going to London and
always someone wants to buy crops and
they sell something I can I want to buy
but but when I
when I go to Stockholm sometimes all of
the ships are selling crops and no one
wants to buy my stuff and maybe that’s
why all of the harbours are together are
trading more less than London so what
they started doing is they started kind
of cheating so they were exchanging
information about who takes what and
where and what are the prices and they
stopped going all of them at one place
and it was kind of smart because a few
centuries later small insignificant
harbors like Dynes became one of them
richest cities in Europe and that was
Hanseatic League and this is how small
players that seem to be on a lost
position can win with a big competitor
so I thought that it could be a nice
idea to do the same thing now and
leverage it with TAC and I was started
to talk to people who are much smarter
than me and they told me that the reason
that it doesn’t happen is that we need
to work together and have cross-border
investments and that we need a big
market that’s bigger than only one city
so we have to integrate those market
across different places and the third
thing is really really important
we need immigrants we need free float of
where does Apple come from the USA right
most of us even know that from Cupertino
Cupertino is smaller than Casali please
try to ask people if they know where
Colleen is when you travel to the US so
the idea of bringing start-up Hansa
it’s about creating a data intelligence
platform that will tell you exactly what
all the strengths of any city and what
can you achieve were give you a single
point of contact that will make an
introduction to the right decision maker
that you need but serve as a guard so
that you know no Nigerian prince is
trying to scam you again and thirdly to
have an opportunity to travel and work
and conduct business anywhere and it’s a
huge claim and I don’t blame you for
saying but you’re crazy you will never
do it again but this is the story of my
life and I thought that we can take
small steps so we will mop out the
ecosystem so that everyone knows what
are the strengths and who are the major
players on each market we will open a
start-up Hansa embassy in every major
startup hub so that you have this one
single point of contact and you can
actually call one person to start
talking to the CEO of itea and finally
we will gather very smart people
together to serve as an advisory board
to the city officials to the investors
to the startups to help them and this
way different random cities connected
with data free flow of talent and
capital will unite into one sustainable
startup ecosystem and then every little
dreamer will know that he actually can
do it because we used to say sky’s the
limit but some crazy guy
as disrupted banking created a new brand
of course then created rockets that can
fly to the space and back put his own
car on his own rocket and sent it to
Mars and now he claims that he’s gonna
go there faster so I believe that
everything is possible and his hard work
to make dreams come true but it’s worth
it thank you

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