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What do you do when you are at crossroads of life? What is the secret formula for success?

Catch up with Mr. JJ a renowed game master & Team building expert as he unfolds his breakout experience and shares his secret formula (# 3G) for success!

Remember this formula (# 3G) is simple, doable and best part is it’s WORKABLE! JJ is a renowned Corporate Game Master & a team building expert, with more than 20 Years of experience and have done 4000+ Shows impacting millions of people and spreading happiness with games & Activities. He has hosted 200 episodes for Khushi Ki Duniya on Sony Entertainment and Holds 2 Limca Book of Records and one India Book of records to his credit. He is also the winner of Best Game Master consistently since two years from TCEI (Telangana Chamber of Events Industry) This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

thank you yes
that’s my exams movies pranks anything
that is this bling I don’t until the age
of 20 I play because every time I join
my friends to play they picked up a bat
okay my intention is first ball six mana
okay but then the moment when I pick up
first of all that extra player just
snacks serving the ball and snack
selling water and is passed by and I
remain that extra layer just looking at
myself from the perspective of how
people looked at me okay someone said
you’re useless I used to look at myself
as okay I’m useless okay if you are not
weird this I should take it literally
take that and saying means to someone
was a big no-no for me I always wanted
to impress them so whatever they say
even if I like it don’t like it you know
just go ahead and start doing it my
father says they took it down and I was
a good boy okay but within I didn’t have
that stand you know I was living a life
someone else I was living that life all
through I just made a cocoon of myself
and I’m trying to you know smile be
happy but women it’s all hollow yeah I’m
during that time I think it was in a
year 2000 I was working as a small-time
promoter for a online poker it is a huge
carnival about 3,000 people 2,000 3,000
people and it we had one single stall
and the objective was need to get nine
simple people to my stall yeah
and there was nothing attracting me mr.
also no one turned up and that job is
very important for me and during that
day holiday was sitting
no one was turning up and evening I have
to show some result in my bus and that
whole day I was thinking what am i doing
is this I’m going to continue all
through my life since then life throws a
challenge at you it also throws a choice
a choice whether you take it or fight it
back on that day I thought that was a
breaking point for me breakout point for
me on that day randomly I just prayed in
my heart god help me
I picked up the chair and a few gifts
were lying there I just picked up went
right into the crowd in the midst of
three thousand two thousand people put
the chair there stood on it and just had
a look and shouted let’s play in my game
show everyone wins
here we go and I did my game show in ten
minutes the entire crowd was in front of
me that day be amazed I said man you are
a crowd pillar and from then on that is
no looking back friends in that game
show that I did I saw strangers becoming
I saw parents becoming kids
I saw people laughing at their own Fame
to me that was amazing that’s the spirit
of a game I heard my calling I heard my
colleague and from then on there is no
looking back
from that day till date we done more
than 2000 shows with on 3000 shows 4000
shows the journey has been amazing but
in this journey there are few things
that I’ve learned and that exactly only
share this morning friends each one of
you I see everyone wants to grow in life
correct of course yes but growth without
a purpose is not growth have you ever
seen a mountaineer climbing the mountain
without a purpose he has a purpose and
he does this each and every single day
your purpose and my purpose is right on
the top of the mountain there and we can
work on it
each and every single day for some the
purpose in life could be making money
for some it could be building
relationships for some it could be
coming up with great technology whatever
could be our purpose but your purpose
and my purpose is all about people
adding value to people adding smiles on
people’s face and that’s and that’s
that’s the that’s the key whatever
business that you’re into whatever is
your purpose it’s all about adding value
and bringing smile on people’s face
let’s have a larger picture money is all
about the byproduct of it but it’s all
about serving people it’s all about
helping people
if the secret of success is if you can
figure out how to add value to people
whatever business that you’re into
you’re successful
has been very very amazing but there are
three things that I’ve learned and
that’s exactly what I will share I see
your happy faces here every happy face
that is a story of hardships experiences
I have my share of hardships I have the
success that I’ve seen these three
choices really help you choice in the
one every day every day every single day
have a time of court every single day
let’s make prayer a priority let’s make
every single day friends with all the
knowledge all the technology in space
everything that we have we are we as
individuals are still limited we have
our own limitations but if you addition
if you ever go into you know limitless
situation if you want to build have make
prayer your priority then you good
example and say how many seeds are there
in this Apple
but the same have been gotten cut open
and say in each seed how many apples are
there a box a respective difference that
I’m talking about
so each day let’s spend some time let’s
me prayer a priority Jim nice to
Battambang work on your gifting each one
of you here is blessed with an amazing
gift what you guys
I can have really a simple prototype
oily mess it up
that’s because that’s not my calling you
guys what talent you have is exceptional
different than person sitting next to
each and every day you need to figure
out what’s a talent and each and every
day need to work on it but just in case
if you’re still trying to figure out how
do I know this is my gift thing this
apply just a simple things you will be
good at it number two you will love it
and most important one opportunities
will come your way
that’s a gifting gratitude friends we’ve
done about 4,000 shells we MIT we do it
we don’t even have a business card we
don’t even have a business card
we perform they like it they tell you
someone else they get the business it’s
all about that it’s all about
relationships it’s all about relational
marketing it’s all about banking let’s
make gratitude not attitude of thanking
people your parents your teachers
everyone around your friends we
generally take it for granted
let’s make gratitude you are teaching
these three choices really helped me
from where I was to where I am today
before I close I just want to leave you
with the start after hearing this talk
even you can save this in your heart or
again just simply delete it because at
the end of the day
choices yes not very much in the
facility thank you

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