Freeway Ricky on One of His Freeway Boys Saying He Sold to 10-Year-Old (Part 14)


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In this clip, Freeway Ricky addresses one of the Freeway Boys saying that he sold to a 10-year-old boy, which Freeway Ricky said he never experienced. He added that the youngest person that ever worked for him was 14, adding that the 14-year-olds that he was around were more like grown men after seeing a lot in their short lives. He went on to speak about people being greatly affected by the stories told by one of the Freeway Boys whose daughter was born with serious health issues. To hear more, including how the anti-drug abuse act of 1986 unfairly targeted the Black community, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

one of your guys is in the documentary
one of the freeway boys and he was
talking about a particular incident when
he was using twelve and
thirteen-year-olds to sell crack and
some of the people they were selling to
were like 10 years old and he talked
about a particular instance when someone
knocked on his door and at first he
thought no one was there and then when
he finally figured out that there was
someone there and he opened the door it
was a ten year old at his door wanting
to buy some crack because he was already
addicted I mean you you had to have seen
some of this not not that young the
youngest guy had working for me it was
about fourteen still very young
yeah young but not really these guys are
men though they are fourteen year old
men I’m talking about these guys have
saw so much and been through so much
that they are not your average everyday
fourteen-year-old these are the kind of
guys that you don’t play with them they
grow min and they don’t play they
serious so I saw that young but never
never never ten years old
well the buyers were ten years old is
what he was saying in your own
documentary yeah I heard him say that
and and he was young and you know he was
a little younger than I was you know he
was about seventeen itself so maybe he
saw you know some younger things than
what I did but I’ve never saw a
ten-year-old in in LA involved with
cocaine well in that same documentary he
talked about how his daughter was born
essentially a crack baby and because I
guess he said he never did crack himself
because he was around it and he was
handling cocaine so much and end up
somehow getting into the bloodstream
yeah I agree with that if you cook
enough cocaine you gonna get I yeah and
his daughter I mean not only
she unbelievably premature and so like
you know she fit like in his hand but
her bladder was actually outside of her
body when when she was born she made it
she made it through but he talked about
how he’s unsure like whether she could
have children and she still has a scar
and it was you know I teared up watching
it you know I watched a documentary
again this morning that was like wow
like to see your yeah a lot of people a
lot of people was affected by by those
words I don’t know you know how that
happened if it was going from him but
you do get high if you cook enough I
mean myself you know I found myself
being up for days after cook you know
like can’t sleep you know we cook it
three or four o’clock in the morning and
and I don’t go to sleep you know I’ll
just continue today from four o’clock
starts my day you know and what I
eventually equated it to was being
around so much cocaine and then evening
we got masked we got the gas masks where
we started wearing gas masks but I don’t
think that did the trick either but
definitely if you cook enough you would
definitely be getting high well at one
point there was the anti-drug Abuse Act
of 1986 and the law is just went haywire
it completely changed after that was the
biggest significance of that of that act
well in my personal opinion I think it
was racially motivated the 100 to one
the 100 to one refers to one hundred to
one for power to versus crack if you got
caught with ounce of cocaine and one
person got caught with ounce of crack
cocaine he would get a hundred times
worse sentence then the person who got
caught with a counsel powder save and so
you could get caught with
almost five kilos of cocaine and your
your sentence max sentence will be five
years and probably could plead out to a
year year and a half you know so if you
got caught with five keys of crack
cocaine you get life without the
possibility of parole
hmm yeah and that just devastated the
black community absolutely man you know
matter of fact I don’t know if you know
Richie Rich but Richie Rich was the
first person sentence under the three
strike crack law well he got caught with
two ounces and he was 19 years old and
they gave him a life sentence without
the possibility roll he’s out he’s out
now what happened with that when Obama
when Obama administration redid the laws
they made him I think there’s only like
nine and one now eight to one a seven to
one or something like that so that lord
has sent us enough to where he was
immediately release him little Tommy’s
out now but you know same thing I think
Tom you got caught with four four kilos
of crack and he got his life sentence oh
so those dollars helped a lot of people

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