Freeway Ricky on Managing a Billion Dollar Drug Operation (Part 12)


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In this clip, Freeway Ricky recounted responded to reports that his drug operation raked in a billion overtime. Freeway Ricky said that he’s sure to have touched a billion over the course of his career in the dope game, but that he himself didn’t have a billion dollars. He also spoke about the importance of believing that achieving one’s goals are possible and that money will pour in once you do something you’re passionate about. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

they say that you ran close to a billion
dollar drug operation
is that accurate I didn’t make a million
dollars myself I touched the iPod touch
the billion dollars but it wasn’t mine
you know I made a good living for myself
you know I was in a position where I
could spend a hundred thousand dollars
every day if I wanted to you know
wouldn’t hurt me you know I was making a
million dollars a day sometimes three
you know sometimes two and I did that
for about two years
what were you buying the motel my tire
shop the Eider speedboat oh you had a
speedboat I bought it for my boy for his
okay I never bought him a present so he
bought it with speedboat yeah so I was
out one day and me and my partner and he
had like the speedboats on Miami Vice so
we was passing by and we saw these boats
that they were building and he’s pulled
over and we started looking at him and I
was like man I said just buy this for
our for his birthday’s tomorrow
how much was it I think we paid like
hundred grand for it
a hundred grand yeah cash yeah they took
they took cash and the boats was some it
was somebody else’s boat had ordered it
you know I think they got in trouble and
so uh so I bought it well in the
documentary the some of the freeway boys
were talking about how you would
actually show these guys a million
dollars in cash to Inspiral yeah yeah
well you know one of the one of the most
important things is vision without
without vision you can’t you can’t
expire to climb if you don’t think that
you can so it was important for me to to
show them that and you know with me you
can’t tell if I got money or not
you know because I don’t care about
clothes you know I don’t care about none
of the designer outfits and you know how
I look and all that that’s not important
to me what’s important to me is being
able to do whatever I want to do when I
want to do it so you know unless then
they actually see the money they don’t
know that you have money so yeah I have
showed them a million dollars well you
show someone a million dollars and you
say hey if you work hard like me you can
get this but not everyone’s a hard
worker not most people in most people or
not in fact I remember I interviewed
Nick Cannon and we were talking about
money and hustling and he said most
people are not hustlers most people just
want to pay their bills and die I
believe in hustling I believe like okay
look max and everybody doesn’t have and
you know just because some people are
designed and be you weren’t right you
have you have run so gee I had a great
run as a DJ at one point I realized hey
I’m getting too old for this I
can’t I can’t
I’m not gonna keep supporting myself by
doing these Club gigs and so forth it’s
time for me to switch up and do
something completely different
and that’s where the video different
cloth like everybody doesn’t have that
engine noise
I respect hustles I don’t I don’t
respect people but you of the world that
middle class that we were talking about
their employees I feel you like we got
have because you know what if we don’t
have any your employees don’t have any
hustlers right but I try to push people
to aspire for more but everybody don’t
have that in them like some people just
want to be the best employee they can
possibly be
some people just want good jobs with
good benefits some people want to you
know pay bills and die I don’t know if
that’s necessarily true either I think
people have to know that they can make
it but it’s possible that it’s pastas
not rigged because if they don’t think
it’s possible you know if you think
you’re gonna fail then there’s no sense
in you trying yeah but if you think you
can win it’s worth for try and I think
especially in the black community the
young black man has been beat down by
the system so so bad that he looks down
on his self and he has so low
self-esteem for himself and he don’t
think that he can you know most of them
don’t think that they can rise to
Heights that people wouldn’t even
believe like with me I if I started
talking about some of the things I see
myself doing people would think I was
yeah or you’re just bragging or bragging
or crazy dog was bragging I mean I mean
when you we did you ever get to read
that LA magazine article that Jesse
Casti it I did no you know Jesse
literally called me insane about the
things that I told him that I was gonna
be doing one when I got out of prison
first of all he didn’t think I was gonna
ever get out of prison because you know
he was right my bitch with no you got to
read my bitch ooh you know I got to read
my own obituaries
you know what a few people alive and get
got to read the obituary hold on but to
look at this look this up you haven’t
obituaries written about you already
yeah hold on it’s actually out there oh
yes la magazine Los Angeles magazine
that goes
ellee’s most famous dope man was doing
life I was writing his obituary the
actual obituaries not in the article is
it the whole article the whole articles
the whole article but I got to speak on
my bitch UAV AHA because they thought
that you were essentially dead cuz
you’re doing life a prison he said I was
gonna die inside of a prison wall is
what he was saying
I got the message in him and I wasn’t
mad at him for saying that you know but
also in that same article he talks about
me being crazy like I lost my mind and
you know I’m talking to him about boxing
I’m gonna be doing boxing I’m gonna be
doing records I’m gonna have a mixtape
have a book I won’t be telling
politicians what to do you know I’d
already saw these visions had already
came into into my mind now he was
talking about me reading all these books
that had taught me some things that
nobody else had ever taught me before
even an adult game you know I never I
never knew that you could literally
write your future you know like right
now I write my future out in plain sight
of what I’m gonna be doing you know
these are the steps that I’m gonna be
taking oh yeah one of the one of the
important things that I read from
Richard Branson who was the founder of
virgin I know Richard is he said that
when you set your goals let’s say your
goal is to make a hundred thousand this
year set your goal to be a million
dollars you may not hit that million but
you’ll probably get a lot farther than a
hundred thousand hmm because if you set
your goal at a hundred thousand and you
meet that halfway through the year
you’re gonna get lazy for the you know
the other half because you’ve already
met it you could check that off but you
know well you know what I did when I
started selling cocaine my goal was to
make five thousand but along the way I
fell in love with the game yeah so it
stopped being about the money it’s just
turning to being a game so what I found
out is when you’re doing it for the love
of the game and not the money then the
money just comes yeah he starts to pour
in and you don’t even care about it yeah
absolutely absolutely you just want to
keep winning in the game because you
know if you keep winning in the game
then gonna keep off when you bigger

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