Freeway Ricky on His Plug Becoming an Informant After Getting Caught with $1B in Coke (Part 15)


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In this clip, Freeway Ricky speaks about Danillo Blandón facing four life sentences after being caught with $1 billion in cocaine. He explained that Blandón was released days after him so that he could help set up Ricky to be arrested by the feds. Freeway Ricky went on to speak about Blandón setting up a fake deal for investigators to catch him, which you can hear more about above. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well at one point bland own got arrested
and he was facing life for lives for
life sentences you have four life
sentences I think if I said the way my
lawyer said that the prosecutor said is
that if Danilo Blandon wanted to make a
deal he was going to bring the moon was
he caught with ten thousand kilos ten
thousand kilos okay I didn’t know that
I’m gonna do some math here
ten thousand kilos a kilo was going for
how much back then retail fifteen
thousand one hundred and fifty million
dollars worth of cocaine which you know
after you rock it up when it goes to the
end users probably half a billion
dollars turn into a billion dollars to
go to the end user you know who gets in
he sells a ten dollar rock on the street
you know so you know cocaine it has a
way of generating all the way down the
chain cuz you know one guy he’ll he’ll
get here by kilos and he’ll sell ounces
then the guy was held on says he’ll
cells from eights and then the guy who
sell aids he might sell a gram and the
guy buys the ground might smoke a piece
and sell a few pieces right and it’s
getting cut along the way all the way
and then the guy by ten dollar piece he
might take a hit of that five dollars
and sell another five so you know it’s
just okay so he had about a billion
dollars worth of drugs essentially if
you if you look at it all the way down
the line waiter the government would
have looked at it for life sentences
they let him out like a right at the
same time that you get out yeah I think
he got out
four or five days Anthony with the
purpose of setting you up and they never
said that but that was our theory that
the only purpose well the only person
who name on the letter that that they
took to the judge was my name we felt
they misled the judge in the letter the
letter went something like we want to
let mr. Blandon out so he can
reestablish his relationship with mr.
Ross who was a large crack cocaine
dealer in the Los Angeles area there was
there was part of the documentary where
the head of the CIA was speaking to the
community yeah and one of one of your
guys I guess was being sentenced right
around the same time a client Chico
Chico was saying how Blandon was paid a
hundred sixty six thousand yeah was that
will they get my reward like if you an
informant if you didn’t for me they’ll
pay you not only to once you once you
out of trouble you know you know work
your way you’re not doing no jail time
now they put you on a payroll so they’ll
start to pay you by how big of a person
you bring in and apparently they said it
was big enough for him where he could
get a hundred and seventy seven thousand
or something like that okay he gets out
and you’re out as well yeah and he
starts to call you up and he told me
before he got out their first phone call
he was at the DEA office okay
when he called me so he’s calling you up
and say hey I got a hundred kilos for
you for ten thousand a kilo we didn’t
started ten thousand oh what it started
he started at 17 I think it was but you
got him down to ten yeah I guess you
could say I guess you could say ten ten
hit my button okay and this went on for
months it’s not like he called you up
with a six months yeah now you had just
walked to walked away from from beating
case you doesn’t yeah I just I didn’t
really I did time but the sheriff’s had
got me a short time how long were you
did you did you do five and a half years
okay here you are five and a half years
that you just did you’re free you got
some money not a lot of money but you
have some money no I was broke
well you’re a billion community center
no I had the center left over from from
you know when I got out it was still
there that was one thing that I held on
to well there’s gone okay so I didn’t
have the money to finish it I was I was
in foreclosure thirty thousand dollars
in foreclosure I had also tricked myself
into believing that this theater was me
almost like I did at one time about
cocaine rugs your body theater huh you
were in the process of buying a theater
and you owed a little more money on it
yeah I bought the theater at all three
hundred thousand on it but most more
important not not they don’t even matter
but it’s the mental attachment you know
like I’ve been in the newspaper talking
about this building I’ve been on TV
talking about this building you know all
the rappers came down and they supposed
to help me with this building you know
this is gonna be this is gonna be the
hub for hip hop in LA you know this this
building is gonna be where every rapper
in this country’s gonna want to get on
this stage and and I had made that my my
almost like my everything you know like
this this is the the most important
thing to me in almost in the world you
know oh no this is what’s going back to
jail for you know it where I started to
feel like I’m going to take a chance
even if it’s gonna cost me a life

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