Freeway Ricky on 50 Dirty Cops Forming the "Freeway Task Force" (Part 13)


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In this clip, Freeway Ricky opened up about moving out of L.A. after being targeted and harassed by the “Freeway Task Force,” a group of at least 50 officers that came together to go after him. He explained that he would rather go to prison in another state for actually doing something rather than being arrested in L.A. for something he didn’t do. Freeway Ricky went on to explain how he set up in other states and building up his plugs until he got to Danillo Blandón. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well as you’re building up your drug
empire la just becomes too hot the cops
are after you give you a task force for
you a task force sir do you have this
real gangsters how big was a freeway
task force and there was at least 35 got
they probably was even bigger than that
it’s like 50 deep at least you know what
they did is they took two cops from the
most to e22 mostly least cops from each
police station that I was supposed to be
dealing in and they formed the freeway
task force and that’s how they put them
together well it got so hot for you in
LA that you started going to other
states yeah we’ve been going to other
states already but at one point you just
moved out of LA come please yeah yeah
well I felt you know I would rather go
to jail in a place that was tougher than
LA I’m crying for something I did and I
go to prison in LA for something I
didn’t do got it well being in LA you’re
born and rate what you were born to live
did you erase it I was raised in LA
three years old yeah you’re there since
a little kid you know people you know
families if someone approaches you to
buy quantity you can make some phone
calls and figure out who this person is
affiliated with and connect the dots and
decide whether or not you want to take
the risk
yeah I raised my I raised my guys though
the freeway boys yeah I didn’t need
outside people but you still have to
deal with outside people to a certain
degree well as your operation grows I
really didn’t because I have my own
uh-huh oh and you came to me if you came
to me you was my guy and you say man I
got somebody want to buy 20 kilos I
could literally say here take the 20
kilos and go serving I didn’t have to go
with you okay how do you set up shop in
a whole new area if you go to like a
Cincinnati or some of these other places
you’re going to
how do you touchdown in a totally new
city and accept the risk that you’re
taking at that point well it’s pretty
easy I mean and you know I told you in
the book yeah I know you’ve read the
book so you already see how I do it
well basically what I did is I asked uh
my mother-in-law does she know anybody
to smoke cocaine and she said yeah I do
so she took me over to his house I went
in his house we talked we shook hands
and I pulled out a rock about this big
it’s an ounce of cocaine and he was a
dick and I said if you get me ten people
over here you guys can smoke this rock
right now and he got on the phone and
literally his door store going like this
here I have my little brother stand in
the air and he gave everybody a phone
number this one you can get the same
thing and that was the beginning right
but all the areas at that point already
had drug dealers they had some list of
drug trade yeah probably so and when
you’ve cornered the market in a
particular city and an outsider comes in
and someone like yourself who’s doing
quantity has much cheaper prices
probably has better products it’s not
stepped on and diluted people feel some
type of way about that well when I would
go to I wouldn’t try to dominate the
market like that I wouldn’t go and drop
the price you know cuz I get it for ten
and everybody else’s selling it for
forty I ain’t from the start selling it
for twenty I’m gonna go a dollar under
what they charging but I’ll probably get
more service you know be more kind to
him cuz I’m killing the game you know
you were literally killing the game
every time you sell one but I wouldn’t
just go in and kill the market and I
also would try to befriend him once I
find out about him and because I will
find out about him before he would find
out about me
and try to start selling him how often
do people get upset and try to retaliate
I’ve never had a happy never yeah
okay because you’re not trying to just
just move him out of business completely
no I don’t want all the money it’s
merely where I’m not doing this for
money not about money with me it’s about
can you win the game well when you
originally started you started at the
very bottom and you slowly built up your
plugs until you got to Danilo Blandon
who became your biggest supplier and
Blandon would actually call you and tell
you when your crack houses were about to
get raided that was in yeah at the end
was he already working with the feds at
that point no no they never told us when
he started working and when he quit okay
do you know what his stuff was a lot of
redacted and blacked out and sensitive
so so that was one of the reasons that I
felt that my case should have been
totally reversed under Brady versus
Maryland because any time that there’s
exculpatory evidence that the government
don’t turn over to you is a reversible
error and I mean there was so much stuff
like his green card was illegal that
wasn’t that wasn’t favorable to my
defense you know where we could have
told the jury hey you know he’s not
supposed to be sitting in this witness
stand testifying so when you’re dealing
with somebody on such a high profile as
Danilo Blandon it kind of like changes
the scenario a little bit you know it’s
not the same scenario as his everyday
case well at one point bland own his
house gets raided and they find just a
little bit of cocaine or something like
that and they end up letting him go and
then he gets made a u.s. resident or
something of that sort afterwards no no
he didn’t get he didn’t get to be a u.s.
resident that’s the time that they
forged his green card
the high NS Agent forged his green card
okay so he got to be a u.s. resident
after he got caught with ten thousand
okay but early on got raided he did it
but he didn’t get a green card Dean okay
but early on and he was getting raided
and then the police would be approached
by the feds and the feds would say you
know you go yeah let him go
you’re not supposed to be here yeah they
came and took all the evidence from the
police station or something like that I
believe now that part of the stuff you
know I don’t really know just what I
read you know and heard so I don’t
really know the whole details on how
that went but I heard that they raided
his house they took him to jail but it
was a small amount they wound up giving
him back all of his property and so
forth and whatever the police had
confiscated the feds came to the police
station and took it that’s what uh
what’s his name Juarez says in in my

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