Free Fight: Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone | UFC 238, 2019


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Two fan favorites collided in a Fight of the Night at UFC 238 when Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson faced off with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone last year in Chicago.

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they most certainly all right now Donald
Cerrone Tony Ferguson in less than 10
seconds Tony Ferguson just pushed the
cameraman away so we can get a better
look at Donald I mean they got the pool
made of it treatment tooth and they
should go to the middle everybody
understands what cut the fight we’re in
store for right now all right this bike
lock brought to you by Modelo groove for
those with a fighting spirit ferguson
and black cowboy Cerrone and blue
if there is going to plow right away
Tony with a kick
so he lands the jab working off of that
weapon early
good right hand to the body by Tony
Donald trying to find that rhythm good
inside leg kick by Tony
this is the thing about Ferguson you
could be hitting him but he’s gonna be
right there the whole time
he’s not going anywhere he’s gonna stay
in your face he’s gonna keep engaging
you in just that ugly fight and then you
got to start watching out for the elbows
because when they start landing that
you’re really in trouble both guys are
exchanging jabs hard jabs Ferguson
lifelong wrestler two-time all-american
at Grand Valley State called it his
platform to gain mental toughness few
better platforms to do that and here he
gets weird on you and when he gets weird
like that’s very difficult to gauge what
he’s gonna do is incredibly creative
nice inside leg kick by cowboy there you
don’t be turning you back on Donald
Cerrone though
starting with that left hand
Tony’s pulling back with his head
straight up in the air way up in the air
and cowboy is teeing off on me when the
exchange is written is Cowboys the one
that’s landing at the end of
Ferguson’s training habits truly the
stuff of legend the consummate workhorse
both guys with strong leg kicks right
Oh elbow by Tony
those are the ones I mean he landed one
against Josh Thompson that really
changed the path of the fight it was
competitive additionally then after that
Big L will cut Josh totally ran away
with the fight so you cannot take those
Anthony Prentiss every guy that fights
him they end up sold bloody the batter
the other thing that’s unbelievable
about Tony is his ability to push a pace
nice left hand there by Tony his
endurance is legendary
Furguson another guy who’s been buoyed
by the birth of his son Armand who’s
going to be three years old soon not as
well publicized but huge source of
motivation for him good left hand there
by Ferguson they Tony’s pace is just
crazy it’s crazy and very few people can
keep up with him he just constantly
touch it Donald right down
Donald’s landing but it just can’t stop
Tony from pursuing it
good front kick to the body by Tony
as many of you know Cerrone went a full
25 minute main event with Alli Quinta 34
days ago
but for Donald that might be good
because one of the things he loves most
is being active there’s some blood on
Tony’s face it’s hard to see where it’s
coming from looks like a cut in the
cheek right over the eye it’s right over
the right eye he got cut and you got a
thick cowboy 4:25 a couple weeks ago
maybe get peace keep this high pace for
15 you know it statement yes it all
depends on what kind of damage you took
in that site
good kick to the body there by Ferguson
under a minute now to go round one back
and forth offense as expected
sir oh nice jab has been on point
tonight as his Tony’s there’s two in a
row for Tony
Donald in the body Tony with a front
kick Ferguson rolls with that left hand
from Cerrone 20 seconds to go in the
good left hand by dog he heard him at
five minutes
look at this beautiful elbow by Ferguson
turns his back on Donald which is very
very strange
couple of good jabs there by Tony in the
right hand as well
Furguson landed 64% of insignificant
strike attempts unofficially Enron wanna
go to hurt him a little bit
Japanese cowboy sitting to share a
little bit
he hurt him with the left hand again I
mean his wife told these punches are
starting to take an effect no Donald
that’s the thing about fighting Tony
Ferguson is like you can fight a good
round but you gotta be able to sustain
that for 15 25 minutes because he will
not stop right and you got to sustain it
in his pace he does not let you rest he
does not let you dictate the pace nice
kick to the body by Tony and again now
you see him talk
now is not the answer
so hard to know what’s coming Tony loves
to work that body with those front kicks
too and it really saps your energy look
at a nice leg kick by Tony this very few
guys put the kind of pressure on you the
phony Tony Ferguson does
and if you’re gonna finish focusing you
got a separated from conscious
put him to sleep cuz he hates oncoming
good right hand by Ferguson in a head
kick look at these guys
nice right hand counter slips rolling
some blood coming out of the nose of
cowboy nice inside leg kick
oh he’s startling with that jab it
doesn’t even seem like Tony’s throwing
very hard but it hurts but Cowboys fight
well and if you fight Donald Cerrone you
back up with that chin in the air when
he store those long combinations kick is
coming he likes to finish his combos
with kicks Oh
left-hander Ferguson stop Cerrone in his
tracks coming up on three minutes now in
round two Donald’s having a problem with
that nose he keeps touching it a lot of
blood coming out of it it’s forcing him
to breathe out of his mouth head keep
block Oh cross the legs by Ferguson
spinning elbow totally furnishes isn’t
bad man that jab is the same they’re
both so long for this weight division
tony has heavy hands – yes look at what
she’s busting down load up and it
doesn’t even look like he’s throwing all
that hard when he’s got big fists yeah
and when he lands it’s got a lot of
weight these boys are going at it but
Tony’s doing a lot of damage in this
round you’re seeing in on Donald’s face
he’s seen swelling on his face he’s seen
in his nose
Ferguson wide-eyed as usual the school
gets taken down here
for this it back to his feet with little
issue look to the body again I mean to
those eyes I mean that tells you to
power that’s why every time guys fight
Tony Ferguson they’re always so beat up
the face is real beat up there’s
bruising there’s cutting that just tells
you the amount of power that he carries
and all the things that he’s doing 51
head strikes and Counting for LT Kui
he has been the far more accurate
striker thus far
Oh head kick by Donald pitoni graze it
off and tagged on the left
he throws two shots at the same time you
kick you and punch you at the same exact
time and it’s so difficult to prepare
for and I think what people don’t they
underestimate is the ability to roll
punches that Tony Ferguson doing he’s
not taking strikes pleat even that head
kick he wrote that head kick
his Jabba’s continuously Baxter only up
tonight under a minute here round two
is that linking by Donald but Tony just
never stops and he’s not even breathing
heavy that’s what’s crazy he can keep
this pace and very few people getting in
there with him there’s no point of
comparison for Ferguson oh no who you
told that elbow no bull he’s busting
donald up hit him with that right hand
and he’s feeling loose now competitive
first round not so much second round his
second rounds of Tony Ferguson show
Donald’s in trouble both his eyes are
swollen shut look at that
and after the whole that’s terrible
let’s see how Dan Mowgli otter chooses
to proceed as Rob Monroe attends no bill
you heard the dog over the break
though usually a doll you can’t hold
your dog huh
and now Danberg Leon is gonna call in
the doctor and
you can’t blow your nose whatever your
nose is broken or anything like that I
mean maybe chefs see this fight is going
to be over right here
if I’m strikes before that but can you
watch the replay see that last blow
after the bellhorn’s blows
the fight is over because they’re asking
for the replay if they’re asking for the
replay now this fight is over so he
wants to confront whether or not that
late strike landed and in his eye doctor
said you can’t fight look you can’t
fight just time to began finding the
doctors protecting him and it’s for a
good reason
his right eyes completely closed shut
and we’re going to show you where Sir
the fight is over ladies and gentlemen
they’re gonna look at the replays
they’re gonna look at a relay but once
they look at a replay do some fight is
over got it on the other side look like
right right the punch land it looked
like you landed on his nose I mean I
don’t remember though we’re gonna see it
forget no it’s on the nose while the
crowd doesn’t like it sir only doesn’t
like it but when the eye is completely
shot the doctor is on good
this is the correct practices ladies and
gentlemen at the end of round two the
doctor is called a stop to this contest
declaring the winner by TKO Tony

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